The Love Story

By Dark'n'light

April 2010


Description: Roxie is a ranch owner, in San Angelo, Texas, and likes to spend her relaxing time in front of her laptop. That is where she meets Summer from Dallas, Texas, they start writing to each other and one thing leads to another.
So if you're in the mood for something romantic, this would be just the story for you.

Disclaimers: They look like Xena and Gabrielle, but that's about it, everything else is from my imagination.
This story depicts a loving relationship between consenting adult women.

Note: I'm new at this writing so please write to me and tell me what you think of this story. To do that you simply write a mail to
Oh yeah and the name of the dog, Itzel, it means Rainbow Lady.

Sex/ Subtext: No sex, but subtext is close to main text I would think.

Thanks: I would like to thank my beta-readers, Nicole, Kerrie, Ianic and Lee who did a great job correcting all my errors. So thank you all a lot for taking the time to do that for me. 




San Angelo, Texas
April 12, 2010

The winter breeze is blowing through the air, I can hear it through the windows, and the small sounds of whistling are going though all the small cracks in the window frame.
The floor squeaks as I walk over to boot up my laptop.
I walk back to the kitchen to make myself a hot cup of coffee. I couldn't sleep tonight, so I decided to just get up and surf around the web for a while; who knows, maybe I'll find something interesting.
Just as I finish making my coffee, I hear the sound of Windows starting up; my laptop is really old, but I haven't gotten around to buying a new one yet. This one can do everything I need it to, so there hasn't been any reason to buy a new one.

 I decide to go to the ‘board'. I normally write in there a couple times a week. We are having some interesting conversations going on. Then there is Soñdor. We have been writing to each other for a little while now, but we have kept it very anonymous so far. She is the most sympathetic, charming and friendliest person I know, although we have not actually met each other yet.

“You've got mail” the electronic voice of my laptop announced.

I click on my inbox eager to see if it's from her, I am not disappointed.

My dear Tiger-girl ‘yeah I know it's silly, but I had to come up with something, right?'

You asked me what my username meant, and what language it is.
Well, it is Gaellic and means dreamer. Before you ask, no I am not Gaellic. I just took a liking to the word and then used it. My real name is Summer. The story behind that is that when I was born, on a summer day, I came out with golden hair just like the color of the golden summer sun, or at least that is what my parents tell me.

Man, today was really crazy! At work there was this irritating man who kept asking for a refill of his coffee. Now normally that isn't a problem, but the thing is, not only did he feel the need to touch me every time he asked, but he also had to ask while I was serving another customer. Never did he ask when there wasn't anyone around. What's up with that?
Well, the owner finally got tired of him and kicked him out, only to have him standing out there on the pavement yelling and screaming about it being his right to be near his girlfriend. So the boss asked him who his girlfriend was, and guess what, yup he claimed that it was me.
I have never even seen the guy before, then he started to get even noisier and threatening, so we called the police to get some help. When they showed up, and the man saw them, he started running, all the while taking his clothes off. Don't ask me why, but he did. Thing is, he didn't run away, he just kept running in circles. The police finally got hold of him and it turns out that he was a mental patient who had run off earlier today. Boy, what a show it was. You know it was really scary when it happened, but now I feel kind of bad because I can only sit here and laugh about it.

Well how was your day, anything fun happen?
And how did you come across the name Tiger-Girl, is there a story behind that?
Also, I would like it if you could tell me you real name, and how old you are, that is if you don't mind.

Take care,


 “Ha ha, what a laugh…. Summer, I like that name” I said while chuckling a bit.

I sat there with a big goofy smile on my face, while I wrote her back.



Dallas, Texas
April 13, 2010

“Yoaw, morning Itzel”

I was yawning and stretching the stiffness from my body after a good night's sleep.
The sound of my feet thumping down onto the floor got Itzel up from her resting place beside my bed. Her head turned to the side with a playful look in her eyes.

“Oh no, oh no you don't.” Too late! The little black lab had already set off for me. I soon found myself back on my bed, with 35 pounds of happy Labrador puppy on my stomach, licking all over my face, down my neck, and in my ears.

“Oh God, Itzel, get down. Come on you big girl, get down.” Oh how I loved this dog. She was my best companion, always so happy and playful. Yeah, my little girl gave me a lot of joy.

Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to see if there might be a reply from Tiger-Girl. Our conversations had stated to take on a more personal tone, and I really enjoyed writing with her. So, before I went out with Itzel for our morning run, I went over to turn on my laptop…only to hear the tell-tale sounds of small nails on wooden floorboards, no doubt attached to a small dog with a leash in its mouth.

“I'm coming now, Itzel,” I said to the wet nose that kept pushing my leg to get my attention.

After our run, I went straight to the laptop to see if I had received any mail. There was some spam mail and one from a friend that didn't interest me much. Then I saw her email address nestling between the others.
Forgetting the rest I went straight for the one I had been hoping for.

Hi Summer, or should I rather say Dreamer?
What a nice name by the way, it sounds like a nice summer dream...

Oh man, you gave me a good laugh about your day. Oh that poor man, but what a funny story to think back on.
My day hasn't been so spectacular, just working around the ranch, riding my horse, and so on.

It's hard work trying to get the Ranch up and going. I am rebuilding and renovating the whole thing. I started only a few months back but it's already coming along really well.  Only thing I can say is life on the ranch is great, I've got a small stream running on one side of my property, with trees standing along the bank. It is so beautiful there and I just love to take my horse and ride down to that place and just sit and relax and let my thoughts run wild.

Well, my name is Roxanne, but I just go by Roxie. Don't really know how my parents came across that.
Tiger-Girl… um, part of the story is that I really like tigers, and if I have to identify myself with an animal, it would be a tiger. Their wild nature and protectiveness of the ones they love is something many people say about me. The other part… I think we need to be a little closer for me to reveal that. Ha-ha.

So you're a coffee girl? How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

Well, I like to be able to picture who I am writing to, so if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you could describe yourself to me.
Of course, I will start of by telling you about how I look.

Where to begin….
I stand five feet nine with shoulder length raven-black hair.

My eyes are blue, and my body is pretty fit, if I do say so myself. I do a lot of exercise, like riding, running, and some kickboxing on a home base.

Before I got the ranch I was working as a prison guard, a very educating job, which I enjoyed doing a lot.
But now my only job is the ranch which is just as good, I really enjoy my new life.

Well, I'm starting to get tired now, it is around midnight here, so I'm gonna go back to bed.
I hope you will have a good day and that I will hear from you soon.


As I was reading the mail, the time ran off, so when I looked at the clock across the room, I saw that I had to be at work in 15 minutes. Problem is, it takes about 25 minutes to get there.

So gathering my things up, I ran out of the door, forgetting my lunch in the rush.


San Angelo, Texas
April 13, 2010

The day had flown by with lots of work to be done; it was a warm spring day, the birds were singing all day and the sun stood high in the sky.
Evening was approaching now as I was making dinner, my stomach growling after a hard day of work.

“You've got mail,” my laptop told me from across the room, the floor squeaking as I walked over to see who had written to me.

“Gotta make the floor stop squeaking as my next project,” I mumbled along the way.

Clicking my mail open I saw that it was Soñdor who had written to me. The goofy smile was already coming across my lips as I sat down to read what she wrote.

G'day Roxie,
So nice to finally get to put a name on you.
Oh and with your description you sound just like a Dreamer's dream partner.

Well, I have blond hair; It is cut off just under my shoulder blades. My eyes are green and I am five feet four inches tall. As you have guessed, I work at a coffee shop, not my main choice of work but I lost my old job some time back. They needed to cut down on people, and my friend had just started up a coffee house, so he asked me if I was interested in a job there until I found something else. Needless to say, I accepted and have been there ever since. I love to be around people, so I like my job a lot now.

Have you never learned that you are not supposed to ask a lady her age? Hmm… but for you I guess I can reveal that I'm 25 years old, turning 26 in July.

Now you have made me curious about the other part of your username! Are you sure you don't want to share? Please, pretty please!

How come you decided to move to a ranch and even one that sounds like it is run down a bit?
But because of the steam and nature you describe I would love to go there. I love nature. I run every day with my trusty companion. We always have a good time on our runs and she always manages to make me laugh. God, I love that girl.

Well I hope you had a joyful day today.

Take care,

“So she has a girlfriend, huh?”

I wrote back to her and asked her about the girlfriend, and how long they'd been together, only to have a mail returned to me with a big laugh. She explains that her companion was a Labrador puppy by the name of Itzel, but she also did confess that she was a lesbian, and asked me if I would have any problems with that. I told her that I didn't as I also played for that team.
We kept on writing for a month, our relationship was blossoming into a great friendship, and I don't go too far when I say that I depended on her letters to me. They always brought that goofy smile on my face.
Yes, I was falling for a woman I had never even met.


Dallas, Texas
May 21, 2010

It's Friday night, and I have made plans for the weekend, that is to say I am just going to relax and do whatever I want to.
I was out running with Itzel earlier, and now I hear her snores mingled with the voices coming from the TV. Pretty Women was running on one of the channels and I just have it on in the background, while I surf the internet.

“Hey babe,” the message shows up on my screen. It's from Roxie; we started chatting on MSN some weeks ago and we are really taking a liking to each other. The last couple of days she has been asking me about coming to visit her soon, and I really want to, but I am also afraid to ruin my dream about her. What if she's not what I have made her out to be? Right now, I look at her as the perfect mate for me, we can talk about anything, and I find myself confiding to her a lot of times and she to me.

“Hey Sweetie, how are you?” I answer her.

“Fine here. Just sitting thinking about you, wishing you were here. I know we have talked about this before and you said you really want to meet me, so what is holding you back? You can tell me and maybe we can work it out, somehow.”

I can almost feel how much she wants me with her, and I do owe her some kind of reasoning for my hesitation. “Well honestly, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I meet you I will lose you, and I can't do that. You mean so much to me, you have become my best friend, my confidante, and I don't want to lose that.” I typed back to her.

“Oh baby, sweetheart, you won't lose me, you will never lose me. I will always be here for you no matter what happens. We will only gain more by meeting; I have fallen in love with you through your personality. Even though I have never met you, I love you, and I don't know if I can go on much longer without having you in my arms, whispering sweet words in your ear, holding you when you're sad, and just being there for you.”

It was with tears in my eyes that I read what she wrote to me, that confession did me in. “She loves me.” I mumbled in disbelief.

“I want those same things; I think that I'm in love with you to.”

“Thank the Gods above, baby. You don't know how happy you just made me!” Roxie typed back to me.



San Angelo, Texas
June 11, 2010

Running feet could be heard all over the house, music playing loud and trying to override the sound of the vacuum cleaner. I was trying to get everything done before the big arrival.
Today was the day I was going to pick up Summer at the station. Finally, I would get to hold her in my arms, cherish her, and make her see that we where meant to be.

After everything was clean, I went out to pick her up. God, I was so excited.

The train came into the station, and it was only a couple of minutes before I saw the most beautiful green eyes before me. She was an angel among the living, standing there looking for me.

“Hey babe, how was your trip?”

“Roxie? Gods, you are beautiful! Uh… my… it was fine!”

I couldn't resist, I bent down and placed a kiss on her lips, and boy am I glad I did. Needless to say she kissed me back, and what a kiss it was! Her lips were soft as silk, parting for my seeking tongue. In that kiss I gained everything. I knew that I was standing there with the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
As we parted, I heard her words rise to my ears, and never have I heard sweeter words than they.

“Let's go home, Roxie. Let's go home”

She knew it too; my home became our home in less than two months.
It's now been one year since I picked up my angel at the station and never has a day gone by without me thanking God, and whatever other Powers among us, for her.
I love her more than anything in this world, and the best part is she loves me too.

I am writing this story for her, as a gift for our one year anniversary. I have prepared a special evening for her. The hot tub is filled with rose scented water and rose petals. A medley of her favorite foods are prepared and waiting in the kitchen. The dining table is set for two, the candles are ready to be lit, and centered in the middle of the table are three long-stem roses.

The jewel box is hiding under her napkin. It contains a beautiful necklace I have had made just for her, a white gold chain with a heart hanging on it. In the heart is a pair of angel wings holding an R and S, and on the back there is a small inscription: Forever.


The End.

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