By Darkone

written February 1997

All material contained herein are copyright of Darkone [This story takes place between The Quest and A Necessary Evil]


These are Gabrielle's private thoughts on Xena and the events that occurred during the Quest. Darkone presents

WHen did I first feel this way?" I'm not sure.
When did my heart start aching for her?" I'm not sure.
When did I stop looking at her with a bard's vision? I'm not sure.
When did my body start shaking at her smile? I'm not sure.
When did my soul start singing at her touch? I'm not sure.
When did my lips go dry at the thought of kissing her? I'm not sure.
When did she start feeling the same way? I'm not sure.

There are only three questions I know the answer to:

When did I realize she loved me as I her?
When she kissed me.
When did I realize I wanted her in my arms forever?
When she kissed me.
When will I show her my desire,my passion?"
When we get back to the village. I'll show her all I have held in my soul.
I'll tell her over and over how much I want her.
Will she feel the same?
I'm not sure.


It had been a hard day, Xena had possessed both Autolycus and Gabrielle to get back to the one person that mattered to her most. Gabrielle, she looked radiant, being queen made her not only more beautiful, but she had a new inner strength. She had been acting strangely since they returned to Amazonia, however. She had dodged Xena repeatedly.

'Affairs of state.' She would say, then she would disappear. Xena knew why Gabrielle was dodging her, the kiss! She had taken advantage of Gabrielle's greif and used it to her advantage! But, she had to do it. She had to show how much she loved Gabrielle,for if she failed to return, she knew she would spend an eternity in Tartarus without showing her. Gabrielle was afraid of her, afraid of her touch now.

'Damn! Why did I have to think of myself? Now, nothing could be the same!' She walked out of the hut Ephiny led her to earlier and watched Gabrielle go into the strangely adorned hut at the west end of the village. Ephiny saw her and had 2 amazons usher her back to the hut. Xena didn't struggle, she knew that Gabrielle would explain soon. 'Wouldn't she? Damn!'

The evening became dark and Xena was still in the hut,guarded by 4 amazons. Then, they came into the hut, Ephiny at the lead.

"Her majesty, Queen Gabrielle, is ready to give you an audience. Will you come peacefully?" Ephiny was thankful she wore her mask. She knew she was smiling.

"I'll go quietly." Xena offered no resistance. They led her to the strange hut and ushered her inside.

"My Queen, the theif has been brought before you! How may you cast judgement?" Ephiny salutes Gabrielle who was wearing a turquoise colored gown. It was off her shoulders and hugged her body tightly. Xena could see Gabrielle's breasts were erect and firm. The gown was slit up her thighs and Xena could see the muscle tone and tan that 2 years of travelling had given her.

"She's an angel! So beautiful!" Gabrielle looked down at her disdainfully and dismissed the amazons. Ephiny was the last one to leave and she winked at Xena as she closed the door. Xena watched her leave and was puzzled. Gabrielle walked to the door and locked it. She then went to the small shrine to Artemis and lit some candles and some incense that smelled like jasmine. Xena watched her walk around the room,as Gabrielle unrolled a cloth and produced 2 necklaces.

Xena addressed Gabrielle from behind;"Theif? Gabrielle, what's going on?"

Gabrielle turned to her and smiled mischeivously. "Oh, the charges made against you? Well, they're true. You are a theif." Xena starts to speak, but Gabrielle waves her hand to stop her."Yes, you've taken something that was mine. And now? I want to give you what goes with it."

Xena is thoroughly confused,"What have I taken?" She looks pained at the thought of hurting Gabrielle. Gabrielle puts a gloved hand to her cheek and shakes her head. "You've taken my heart, the thing I've wanted to give you forever." Xena looks at Gabrielle and a single tear trails her cheek as she smiles. Gabrielle tries to sound official, but her heart and playfulness shine through her next statement.

"Xena, for the crime you've committed. I sentence you to marry me for the rest of our days. You will wake up in my arms every morning,knowing that I hold no other above you, until the day we share a bed in the Elyssian Feilds. Xena Amphipolis, will you marry me?" Xena looks stunned, and can only nod her head 'Yes.'

Finally, she wraps her arms around the amazon and,"Yes, Gabrielle! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Gabrielle clasps her hands on Xena's cheeks and pulls her to her lips for a kiss. It's long and sweet, Gabrielle then knows that even when Autolycus was kissing her, it was Xena's love, Xena's passion she felt burning into her soul. She finally released her kiss and looked into Xena's eyes. Those eyes! Could there be any shade of blue more devastatingly beautiful? Never! Gabrielle led Xena to the small shrine against the east wall, the 2 necklaces were laid out. Gabrielle looked at them and held one up to Xena and clasped it around her love's neck.

"These are Kamfar, the betrothal necklaces of those joined for life. They are worn until the ceremony, then when the ritual is completed? The Kamfar are siwtched from one wearer to the other. When this is done, a peice of one's soul is transferred to the other, making the marriage complete." Xena leaned down and clasped the other around Gabrielle's throat and kissed the base of her shoulders, watching the muscles twinge at the touch of her lips. Gabrielle lay her head against Xena's breast, bringing her left hand to the back of Xena's head.

"Please. Please don't stop, I want to feel your lips against my body, I want to make love to you until I collapse. Just please be here when I open my eyes." Gabrielle felt tears on her cheeks, but these were tears of love, not sorrow or pain. She turned in the warrior's embrace and opened her eyes, she was still here! Gabrielle thought her heart would explode. This wasn't a dream brought on by her greif. Xena wasn't dead. She was in her arms, making love to her. The memory of the log smashing through Xena's back was fading with each kiss, each lingering caress.

"Gabrielle, I--I want--I need to make love to you. I can't stand the thought of one more night of being with you and not making love to you!"

With that said, Gabrielle surrenders herself to Xena's embrace as the taller woman lifted her in her arms and carried her to the bed. Once there, Xena found the laces under Gabrielle's breasts and unlaced them. She watched as her lover's breasts tumbled from the midriff and stood erect. All she had to do then was unbutton the clasp on the dress's right hip and Gabrielle was free. She lifted Gabrielle off the bed and pulled the dress from under her. Gabrielle had already started unlacing Xena's leathers and was thankful she wasn't wearing the armor that usually covered the leather. Xena leaned down and kissed Gabrielle and felt Gabrielle's tongue brush her teeth. 'So attentive, so needful.' Xena thought. She sucked on her lover'r tongue,entwining it with her own. She then trailed kisses down to Gabrielle's breasts, biting and sucking as she alternated between them. Her right index finger and thumb parted her lovely amazon queen's thighs, stroking her labia. She found the hardness there and ran her thumb over it. The amazon bard arched into the tender caresses, matching the rhythm Xena's fingers had set. Xena then parted Gabrielle's thighs with a gentle nudge of her knee. Resting on her forearms, she lowered herself to kiss the bard's lips once more. She then began thrusting her hips into her future bride over and over. Gabrielle found this rhythm more enticing than the first. She leaned up and began biting and sucking Xena's breasts. Nothing could have prepared her for the desire this unleashed. She couldn't wait to see what the rest of her lover's body tasted like.

Suddenly,Xena's caresses had stopped. 'What's she doing?' Gabrielle thought. Then, as suddenly as Xena stopped, she felt Xena's lips at her abdomen, kissing, biting,sucking until she reached her navel. She ran her tongue around the edge of it before dipping her tongue inside. Gabrielle spasmed in ecstacy. Then, Xena was there, her goal was before her.

"Gabrielle? I may not be able to control myself. I've wanted this so long. If I hurt you, I'll never forgive myself." Gabrielle looked down at her lover, the sweat of anticipation covering her/their bodies.

"Please, Xena. I want you to---" But before she could finish Xena began to stroke her sweet sex. She ran her tongue over the hard button she found within and began to suck on it. She thrust her hips up into Xena's loving lips, entwining her fingers in Xena's midnight kissed hair.

Gabrielle's heart was racing with desire as her climax crashed over her body. It left her drained and energized all at once. "Xena? Xena-please stop."She whispered. But Xena was not through, she kept her hands wrapped around Gabrielle's hips and brought her to a second climax. She screamed Xena's name to the heavens above as her body crashed back on the bed, exhausted. Xena lay there, between her lover's legs until the little amazon stopped shudderring. She crawled up into Gabrielle's arms and saw that her bard was on the verge of exhaustion. "Are you tired,my love?" Gabrielle kissed her,licking the juices that shiuned on her lover's full lips. "Sleep, Gabrielle. Tonight is the beginning of forever for us." She lay down and drew the bard ontop of her and fell asleep. They couldn't have slept long, before Xena felt Gabrielle's tongue running over her left nipple, the passion this brought wouldn't let her open her eyes. It felt so good! Gabrielle's fingertips were everywhere. Her shoulders, her breasts,ribs,hips thighs, her vagina. All while Gabrielle teased her breasts with licking and nibbling motions. She then came up to kiss Xena's lips,playfully biting her bottom lip. "Mmmm! I love that!" was all Xena could get out before Gabrielle possessed her mouth entirly. "Xena? Raise your right knee." She did as she was told and Gabrielle strode it pressing herself against Xena's labia and began grinding into her. She felt Gabrielle's wetness and it made her even more enflamed with desire. Gabrielle again feasted on the tanned flesh of Xena's breasts amd felt her begin to keep rhythm with her movements. She licked and sucked the skin between Xena's breasts, and she felt the warrior's stomach tighten; she stopped. She then got on her knees and lowered herself between her lover's thighs. She kissed her way up each well muscled thigh and stopped short of her main objective, teasing her, and watching in wonder at how wet Xena became. She became intoxicated at the thought that Xena was responding to her like this. She ran her finger and thumb up the length of Xena's entrance, teasing but never entering.

"What are you doing to me?!" Xena's voice was hoarse, but panicked.

"Loving you." was all Gabrielle said as she inserted her finger, then her thumb. She watched in wonder as Xena's body moved into her ministrations, and how Xena's head rolled back, moaning with desire. "Now, Xena. I'm going to taste you." She spread Xena's legs and inserted her tongue, stroking the length of the lips she wanted to kiss. She then ran her thumb over Xena's clit and began using her thumb and tongue to tease the spot they found. Xena tried to hold on, the ecstacy she felt now was bereft of her for so long, and now she had it again. She wanted to make it stay with her forever, but her body was crying out for release. After a few more strokes of Gabrielle's tongue, she got what she wanted,needed. Gabrielle stayed down there, licking every drop of her lover's fluids that came spilling forth. She withdrew, kissing her tenderly before Xena's arms wrapped around her, and pulled her into a loving embrace. They kissed and cuddled each other until Gabrielle broke the silence.

"Xena, tomorrow's ritual will be amazing. In it, no words are spoken except by the Queen, the preistess, of the village. The one who asks for the ritual then begins to dance for her betrothed. At the end of the dance, they exchange the Kamfar and become one in the eyes of Artemis."

"That sounds wonderful. But how can you preside over the ritual and be part of it as well? You said the queen presides---" Gabrielle places a finger to her lips and smiles,"I know, Xena. This was my last act as Queen. I've already relinquished the mask to Ephiny. She will preside, and rule in my place."

Xena looks at Gabrielle stunned. "You relinquished the---?"

"Yes,Xena. I can't rule here, knowing my heart is here." Gabrielle places her palm to Xena's chest. "Now sleep, my love. Tomorrow we become one." They lay like that, bodies entwined with one another, until morning. The maidens came and bathed them in seperate huts and dressed them for the ritual. They were then led to the shrine of Artemis. Gabrielle wore that turquoise dress from the night before, and Xena wore white leathers with a silver breastplate and white cloak.

"My people!" Ephiny began."We have gahtered here before the great godess,our patron mother; Artemis, to bear witness to the joining of the halves of one soul. These two are known and loved by all of us. Princess Gabrielle Potodeia and Xena Amphipolis! We ask that Artemis love and keep them as they travel the roads of life. We also ask that their love be a shining example to others. We ask this in the name of the love we feel for them." The drums begin to play as Ephiny makes the hand motion to signal to Gabrielle for her to begin her dance.

Xena watches,mesmerized by the grace and fluidity that Gabrielle has gained. She looked so beautiful, her red-gold hair flailing in the wind of her movements, her muscles tensing and relaxing with each step, For an eternity, it seemed, Gabrielle danced. Then suddenly, it was done. Gabrielle collapsed to her knees, arms outstretched, face down, offering herself to her bride. Xena looked at Ephiny. Ephiny motioned for her to help Gabrielle up. Embarassed by her ignorance of this, she quickly did so. She wrapped her hands over Gabrielle's shoulders and pulled her gently to her feet.

Ephiny then said,"Kneel." the 2 women did so."With the exchanging of the Kamfar, this joining is complete. Xena,Gabrielle? You may exchange Kamfars now." Xena lowered her head as she removed hers and held it out to clasp behind Gabrielle's neck. Gabrielle did the same.

"You may now kiss the bride!"Ephiny said. Gabrielle needed no invitation, her hunger was undeniable as she kissed Xena's lips. The amazons roared their approval. "Let the feast begin!" Ephiny shouted.

Gabrielle took her to the side and spoke to the newly crowned queen."What did you mean,Princess? I told you, I couldn't take the throne. Ever."

Ephiny only smiled,"Gabrielle, you'll always be a princess to me." Ephiny hugged her and headed for the feast.

She turned to see Xena standing in the sunlight. "Xena? Would you like to dance?" Xena led her to the feast where the music was loud and passionate. "Yes, I would." She whispered. Gabrielle began to walk to the dance area, when Xena stopped her. "No. You danced for me. Now, I will dance for you!" She spoke so low Gabrielle hardly heard her.

Xena walked out as the amazons cleared a circle for her to dance for her amazon bard. She danced every moment she had ever loved Gabrielle, every moment she had needed her, every moment she wanted her. Gabrielle shed tears of joy at the sight of how beautiful her warrior was. Her warrior? No, she was more than that. Xena was her friend, her confidant, her lover. But most of all, Xena was her wife. The amazons celebrated the love these two felt for one another till nightfall, little realizing the world still held problems for them all. But for this moment in time, the world and its problems vanished. There was only Xena and Gabrielle, lovers bound together for life.

The End