Primal Rage (Part 5)

Chapter 23 [Metropolis-St Gabriel's Cemetery]

For the three hour trip between Smallville and Metropolis, Lex tried in vain to generate a conversation with his passenger. Despite the effort, all he got back were terse responses before the other drifted off to sleep. Finally, as they reached the cemetery, he shook the other man carefully. "We're here."

"Where?" Dave asked. "Lex, where are we?"

"You're in Metropolis, Dave. We're going to visit my mother actually. That is if you're up to it," Lex pointed out. "What do you last remember?"

"I remember being in Nell Potter's flower shop and seeing the pain in Lana's eyes. Then the lights flickered and the sky turned dark right after you got there. It almost seems like the witch was there," the grad student strained to recall.

"She was there, Dave. Nell, Jonathan, and I all saw her. We also saw you change," the billionaire informed him. "Those lapses are Hell, aren't they?"

"I have huge gaps in my memory, Lex. I was in Rowenshire a couple of days ago and she called me her "dark child". What does that mean?" Dave wondered, staring fearfully into his friend's eyes.

Lex sighed. You really stepped in it, Dad, when you found that land for Stuart. "Apparently your situation has worsened, Dave. Tell me, when was the last time you remember speaking to me before this morning?"

"At Gram's funeral, I guess," Dave surmised.

"Wrong. We spoke last night. It didn't sound like you though. The words were slurred and you spoke with this deep Southern accent," Lex reported.

Dave shook his head. "Great. Now I'm a mental case."

Lex shook his head. "Unstable maybe. Mental case or threat to us here-never. Your alter ego just proved that in the shop by protecting us against the witch. Dave, I'm here for you, all right? Like my mother would have given me a choice." Seeing his friend's surprise, he continued, "Mom made me realize what was happening to you after the funeral. Iüwellüam not surprised." He held up a copy of The Daily Planet. "There were two murders in Cambridge, Mass. Witnesses reported someone with your description approaching the house and fighting with someone. However, you had disappeared before the police arrived. I did what I could through my contacts to keep things quiet. Let me ask though, the murdered woman, Pauline Samuelsohn, was that Lana's "green lady"?"

"You have to keep this secret," Dave admonished. Seeing Lex nod in agreement, he continued,

"She was. You met her at the funeral. She was with my sister, Cybelle. Lex, speaking of funerals, I'm sorry I didn't make it back here for Aunt Lillie. Dad didn't tell me and I didn't find out until almost a year after the funeral."

"That's okay. Given what a pair of assholes our fathers are, I'm not surprised. Come on, she's waiting for us," the businessman assessed, picking up a bouquet of flowers and leading his friend toward the raised tomb several feet away. "Give me a minute, all right?"

"Go ahead. I'll wait here," Dave agreed.

Lex smirked before heading toward the tomb. After standing the flowers in the plant holder, he dusted off the name and said, "Hi, Mom. I hope everything's all right. Yes, I survived the meteor shower, although the doctors tell me that I'm permanently bald. I guess that's a small price to pay, isn't it? Some of our friends didn't do so well. By now, I'm sure that the Langs are with you. Fortunately, Nell Potter and the Kents are looking after their daughter, Lana." He sighed and looked back at his friend who patiently stood watching and waiting before continuing, "Mom, I found David at long last. He's been through a lot over the past week but he came back to be with us during the funeral. He wanted to say hello."

Dave meandered over but stood there quietly. He could barely remember the last time he had seen the red haired woman. Then in a flash, he saw the ghost hit his friend with dark fire, infesting the latter with cancer. "I'm really sorry, Aunt Lillie, that I wasn't here for you. I never forgot you and what you tried to teach me about people. I wanted to thank you again for how you stood by me. I know it cost you a lot. You're a big reason I am what I am today. I just thought you would like to know. Meantime, I will stand against the night as best I can. She's back, Auntie. Somehow, she's figured out a way to slip out of that field we put her in. Now she wants to do to Lana what she did to me." At that point, he stopped as his throat tightened, the tears blurred his vision, and the spasms started again.

"Dave?" Lex inquired, touching the older man's shoulder.

"We deal with it here and now," Dave asserted firmly. "I will end it. She'll pay for what she's done to us."

"Dave, she's dead already. What can you do to a ghost?"

The student snickered darkly and shuddered again.

The Child looked up at him. "Tha's wha Ah'm here fer. Ya'll stay outta it. Ah'll deal with 'er. Me an' mah friends."


The Dark One grinned. "Yeah from Gram's funeral. Singleton's fought with us 'gainst the beasties. He knows."

"And you expect trouble at the Langs' funeral?" Lex inquired anxiously, recalling the scene from Janet Dubois' service.

"Ah'd count on it. Leave it to us." The Child growled. "He just needs to get here."

"Leave that part to me," Lex assured him. "I can have a jet in Hartford three hours from now if you want. Get who and what you need to insure that you can deal with anything that comes up."

"Count on it. Ah'm lettin' Big Bro out but Ah'll be waitin' fer trouble. The Squirt's not gonna have anything else happen." The Child took a deep breath and allowed the personalities to flip-flop again.

"I know and we all appreciate it," the future entrepreneur expressed. He really does care. It isn't a bullying attitude. Rather, he's just super protective and untrusting. Then again, after what he and Dave have been through, I can't say I blame him. "We'll call from the car on the way back. Did you have anything else to say?"

Dave looked at the tomb again. "Just to tell her that I love her, Lex." He blew a kiss at the cold marble. "Nothing's going to happen to that little girl, Lex. Nothing."

Lex frowned, thinking of the gauntlet being thrown. We're having a funeral and he's preparing for war. Yeah, tomorrow's gonna be some day.


Twenty minutes later, the Porsche took off; hurtling back toward Smallville with all of the speed Lex could manage.

Even as the car vanished into the night, the witch appeared. She gazed at the tomb and smiled at her handiwork. "So my little one thinks he can best me, does he? Nay, I will not be denied! And I know just who to ask."

With that, she disappeared into the night, leaving her cackling as a reminder to chill those souls in that place.


Chapter 24 [Smallville Airport, early the next morning]

Dave and Lex stood in the terminal, watching the skies for the LuthorCorp jet. During the drive back from Metropolis, Dave called Garth with Lex's car phone, laying out the situation in detail. After getting Garth to agree, he did feel better about their odds.

"Is there anything else?" the billionaire asked.

"I'll let you know if there is," the grad student replied as he saw the plane appear in the sky. "There's the jet."

"So when did you start with the commando stuff?" Lex asked.

Dave smiled ruefully. "When you've been in as much stuff as I have, Lex, you learn who your friends are and have a backup plan ready at all times. If you don't know that, then take it down. Your father is a classic example of the sleaze I've put up with over the years." Yeah, you talk a good line, Dave. Without Karen and now with these blackouts, what'll happen if trouble does hit? What happens if your friends are in the line of fire? Seeing the plane land and ease into its spot, he walked toward the door.

A minute later, he saw Garth, Steve Petersen, and April McKenzie hurry into the terminal. "April?" he wondered.

"You weren't expecting her?" Lex asked.

"No, I wasn't," Dave retorted, hustling toward the trio. "Guys, thanks for coming. April, not that I don't want to see you butü."

She shot him a firm look. "The Alvarezes wanted me here and I wasn't going to stay behind. Besides, someone had to bring your suit and you do need a date for the service, right?"

"I suppose," Dave admitted. "Did you bring the stuff I asked for?"

Garth patted the box at his feet. "Extra shafts, arrowheads, your whip, and those herbs you asked for."

"And Father Richard sent a container of holy water although I don't understand why," she added. "Dave, are you all right? What happened? What's the deal?"

Lex shook his head. "Sharpened shafts, holy water, herbs? Sounds like you're vampire hunting."

"Vampires killed the Samuelsohns. Lana and I are both still targets, as are all of you," Dave told him. Turning to his classmates, he continued, "The witch appeared in town yesterday."

"You're kidding! Dave, she'sü." Garth gasped, recalling the last encounter.

"Apparently, she can appear where she wants to. And if I know her, she'll be back with help. That's why you're here. Guys, there's a little girl counting on us, all right?" Dave declared. "Bad enough she has to watch her parents go in the ground today, nothing else happens. Nothing."

Not to mention your alter ego's spoiling for a fight, I'm sure. Garth shook his head and looked at Lex. From the other's gaze, he knew that the Child had been there to meet the witch. Russia was bad enough. Now we'll have a bloodbath in the Midwest. "Where to now?"

"You'll all stay at the mansion tonight with me," Lex invited. "But we're heading for the Kent farm now."

"Don't count on getting much sleep tonight, gang. This is going to be a long one," Dave told the others as they left the terminal heading for the waiting limo.


[Kent Farm]

Nell sat on the couch in the Kents' living room, rocking her niece to sleep. While she appreciated everyone's concern, she would have rather spent the previous evening in her own bed rather than in the Kents' guest room. "Okay, I've played along with this long enough. What's going on?"

"Keepin' us safe, Auntie," Lana noted.

"That's right," Martha agreed, setting a plate of sugar cookies and two glasses of milk in front of them. "And we like having you both over."

"Not to mention, everyone can watch out for everyone else, Nell," Jonathan concurred, coming in from the barn.

"I'm sure David's intentions are noble, but how well do we know him?" the florist protested.

"He helped this town in the past," Jonathan noted. "Besides, he knows about what is after Lana."

"Nell, he's not that bad," his wife assured her friend. "He spent three weeks here on his last visit. We never had a problem with him. Now would you mind if Clark shared some cookies too?" She brought her newly-adopted son over to the couch. "Nell, Lana, this is Clark. We just adopted him."

Clark smiled and flushed bashfully.

"Hi, Clark," Lana greeted, managing a smile for him as well. At least if she had to deal with the scary lady, she would have a new friend to help her do it.

The boy looked at the little girl curiously, admiring how her eyes sparkled and how it made him feel before he yanked on his mother's pant leg.

"Okay, Clark," Martha agreed, setting him down beside his new friend.

Lana broke a cookie in half and handed half to him. "Wanna piece?"

Clark nodded and took the piece. His eyes shone at her warmly.

"Doesn't he talk?" Nell queried, looking at him strangely.

"He hasn't said a word since we brought him home from the orphanage. The poor dear's probably too scared to say anything," Martha responded, quickly defending the boy. Hearing the limo pull in, she announced, "They're back."

Two minutes later, Dave led Garth, April, Steve, and Lex into the house. "Hi, everyone. Anything?"

"It's been quiet since you and Lex left," Jonathan responded. "Are these your friends?"

"Ah yes. Garth Singleton, April McKenzie, and Steve Petersen, the man to your right is Jonathan Kent. The red-haired lady is his wife, Martha. On the couch, you have Nell Potter. The little girl's Lana and the boy is Clark. Everyone, my friends, April, Steve, and Garth."

"Pleased to meet you," Steve told them as he shook hands with the farmer, his wife, and the florist.

"Same here. How was your flight?" Martha asked.

"It was great thanks to Lex," April replied. "This is where you stayed the last time you were here, Dave?"

"Sure is. Best hospitality in Smallville for a few chores," Dave concurred, allowing a smile onto his face for a second before going grim again.

"This is such a nice home, Mrs. Kent," April admired, crossing the room to be with the two toddlers.

"Thank you. We manage as best we can," the hostess accepted.

April smiled as she sat down beside the two kids. "Hi there! Are you both doing okay?"

"I guess," Lana said although she wasn't sure. "I wish my Mommy and Daddy were here."

"I know, Sweetie, but your auntie's here and you've got lots of friends to protect you," April soothed, rubbing the little girl's shoulder.

"Protect her? How?" Nell asked incredulously. "A demon's after Lana and you're going to stop her? You're just college students."

"We stopped her once. We'll do it again," Garth supposed.

"And I've spent a lifetime dealing with her garbage," Dave added. "I made a promise yesterday, Nell, and I aim to keep it."

"Meantime, let's get ready for the service," Jonathan reminded them. "It's now 10:00 and the service is at one."

"You heard him, guys. Let's get changed and ready to go," Steve urged.

"You can use our bedroom," Martha pointed out. Up the stairs, third door on the right.

"Thank you," April replied, carrying her dress on the hanger behind her as she climbed the stairs.



Chapter 25 [Smallville Cemetery-2:30 PM]

Three hours later, everyone had made the service at the Congregational Church to hear the pastor's sermon and to meditate on their losses during the meteor shower. From the large crowd gathered there, it was clear that Lewis and Laura had many friends in town wishing to express their sorrow and pay last respects.

After a solemn ride over to the cemetery, the group reconvened by the gravesite.

As the pallbearers brought the two coffins over and lowered them into the ground, Dave kept a sharp eye out for his immortal adversary. No doubt she's waiting for the right moment to do damage.

"Dave, are you okay?" April whispered.

"I'm hanging in there," he muttered. "Just waiting for my turn." So far, Jonathan, Judge Ross, and Nell made their remarks. Now, as the latter wound down, he patted Lana's hand. "Just hang in there. Make them proud of you."

Lana managed to wipe her tears away. "Don't leave me," she requested.

"April will be right here, Lana. I need to say nice stuff about your parents. 'Kay?" he assured her.

Lana nodded as he stood up and walked to the front.

Dave took one look around and then another before starting into his piece. "Good afternoon, everyone. Once again, I'm glad to be with you all. Lewis and Laura Lang were good people. I only knew them directly for a month while I was here, but we did stay in touch. I remember they gave me good advice and advised me to be persistent. They are still here with us in spirit today andü" At that moment, he felt the familiar icy tendrils running up and down his spine. Not now.

"David? What is it?" Nell asked. "Are you all right?"

Then the air echoed with dark laughter.

"She's here," he snarled. "Get her out of here!"

But before anyone could do anything, the witch appeared. "Nay, ye are staying here."

"I don't think so!" Dave denied. "Guys, cover me!" As he made the order, he palmed a bag of herbs in his pocket and flung them at the spirit. "Lex, where's your Porsche?"

The bag exploded, blinding the spirit momentarily.

Producing their guns, Garth and Steve began firing their specially treated bullets into the witch, causing her pain.

"CURSE YE!" the phantom screamed. "Now ye've earned a worse fate!"

"Dave, get her out of here!" Steve told him.

"This way!" Lex yelled, grabbing Dave by the arm.

"Come on," April urged, sweeping Lana up in her arms and running after the two men toward the silver car parked just behind the hearse.

"Save me!" Lana screamed, crying from fright.

"I told you that scary witch isn't going to hurt you and I meant it," he vowed again.

"Hang on!" Lex told them as he punched the accelerator, screeching away from the site and toward town. "Where do we go?"

"Dave? Where can we go?" April asked, trying to comfort Lana.

For his part, his mind swam between fear, anger and indignation. "Drive."

Then he heard a deep roar in the distance. "Damn it! Things just got a lot worse!"

"What is it?" April wondered.

"Her bloody demon," Dave hissed, shaking his head.

[From within his head, he heard the Voice tell him, "Picture Place. Head for Picture Place!"]

"Picture place?" Dave asked. "Lex, are there any galleries in town?"

"No. Closest one's in Metropolis," the billionaire told him.

Just then, they could see a dark form flying toward them, blotting out the sun.

"Dave!" April screamed.

"Just keep going!" Dave urged Lex. Just then, as they passed the Talon, he felt a pull toward the old theater. "Stop! Lex, stop!"

"Are you crazy?" Lex protested.

"You want to argue with me right now?" he growled, shuddering. "This is where we make our stand."

"Are you sure?" April wondered.

"Let's say I have a feeling about it," Dave countered. "Just keep Lana out of sight!"

"If you say so," Lex agreed reluctantly, slamming on the brakes and turning. "Talon, it is. Your stuff should be in the back with the girls."

"It's here," April confirmed as she rocked Lana who whimpered fearfully.

Right in front of the old theater, Lex stopped the car. "Talon, everyone out!"

Dave jumped out and pulled the girls out rapidly. "Find cover in the alley!"

"And what are you going to do?" Lex demanded.

Dave slipped his quiver onto his back and put two shafts in his bow. "Give that thing a bellyache, I hope."

The demon swooped in low and took a swipe at him but missed.

"Missed!" Dave chortled, firing two shafts into the beast's belly.

The fire beast screamed and grabbed the student, burning him with dark fire. Then it flung him through the open doors into the dark theater.

"What the Hell am I doing?" Dave chided himself.

["Ya're gittin' me home."]

"Who said that?"

["Ah said it. Ah'm in yer head, Dumb Ass. Feel anythin'?"]

Dave felt a charge in the air. "The air feels charged somehow. What is this?"

["Ah'm home. 'Lax."]

Dave's scalp went numb and he growled. In the corner, he saw something glowing. "That's the plaque from last time." He approached the metal display warily. "What the?" He reached out and touched the metal.

A light flashed from it, burning him.

"ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!" he screamed, feeling himself slipping away.

For a full minute, the display continued before it stopped.

Then the Child stood up with a scowl on his face. "'Bout time!" He touched the plaque again, soaking up the residue energy from the chamber. Hearing a scream from outside, he spat, "Ah owe Darkie a whuppin'." With that, he stalked back out of the theater, heading for the alley.


Meantime, the demon had cornered the others out in the alley. It knew that its mistress wanted the brat. The bigger ones it could kill if it wanted to.

"I thought Dave could take that thing," Lex hissed.

"I said he survived fighting that thing," April retorted, shielding Lana behind her. "Where is he?"

They heard a loud scream from the street.

The demon turned to see a dark, glowing, and enraged Child storming toward it.

"Ah ain't done with ya'll yet!" The Dark One allowed his hands to glow with dark energy. "Ah owe ya'll this!" He fired two blasts of dark fire.

The demon roared in pain, reeling from the energy and wondering how its longtime victim could do that.

"Didn't like that, did ya?" the Child sniggered. "This is mah home, Darkie an' yer ass is grass!" Grabbing three shafts from his quiver, he threw them in the air. Using telekinesis, he flung them at his nemesis, peppering the latter. Finally, he threw a big pulse at the demon, slamming it into the wall.

The fire beast shook its head not knowing what to make of this display. Screaming, it took back off into the sky, vanishing without a trace.

"Yeah! Ya'll run, ya wuss! Stay 'way from mah friends! Got it?" the enraged avenger bellowed. Turning toward the trio, he asked, "Ya got a problem?"

Lex stepped between him and the girls. "You know who we are, right?"

The Child snorted at him. "Like Ah could forgit ya. 'Mon, Ah think Witchie-Poo jus' found out." Hearing her screech, he chuckled wickedly. "Ooh yeah! She ain't happy! Let's check on Marütha." Seeing the look on Lana's face, he assured her, "Ah told ya right, Squirt?"

"Yeah. Thank ya," Lana agreed, kissing his cheek. "Clark okay?"

"If he ain't, Glowy lady gits me an Ah'm really pissed. Lexie, we need a ride," the Child told him.

"Follow me," the billionaire smirked, leading them toward the Porsche.


Chapter 26 [Smallville Cemetery]

Although confident minutes earlier, the witch scowled. Blue splotches from the special bullets not to mention the holy water and the residue from Dave's herb bomb stung her. Due to the distance from downtown and her live victims, she couldn't do any damage.

Then she heard her demon scream in pain. "What? It cannot be!"

The banshee scream echoed all the way from town.

"Impossible! Ye'll see me again!" she hissed before disappearing.

"Where did she go?" Nell asked hesitantly.

"She's gone," Garth guessed, breathing heavily.

"She's back in Rowenshire where she belongs," Steve added, wiping his brow.

"What was that scream we heard?" Jonathan wondered.

"I don't know," Garth lied. Dave changed again. Still if he could drive that monster off, it's a blessing. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. "So what do we do with the caskets? Shouldn't we wait for Lana and Dave to get back?"

"We bury them now in case that thing comes back," the minister decided.

The men in the crowd did so, lowering the couple's coffins into the holes, setting the concrete vault cover in place and covering it with earth.

"Come on, Nell, let's check on Clark and Martha," Jonathan advised.

The florist nodded, taking one last look at her sister and brother-in-law's gravesite before following her former boyfriend toward the hearse. She wanted to make sure that not only were the other members of the Kent family okay, but Lana would be as well. What did you bring here, David? I knew he was bad news.


Chapter 27 [Kent Farm, later that night]

With both the battle and the service completed, everyone was glad that they had come through the day's events in one piece. Martha had cooked up a nice dinner for them all. After that, the group enjoyed a peaceful gathering.

Dave flexed his left arm. Once the Child let him back out, Lex took him, April, and Lana over to Smallville Medical Center to be checked over. Still, he did get out of the brawl with the demon with only a few bruises. Sinking back into the couch cushions, he enjoyed watching his friends talking. In the corner, the two toddlers played quietly. I'm glad everything worked out. I just wish we could have had a normal service for Lewis and Laura. At least I kept Lana safe for them. As he said that, he felt a familiar vibration from the yard outside.

"Dave, what is it?" April asked.

"Nothing. I just need to take a walk is all," he replied. "Keep everyone in here. I'll be back." Grabbing his bow and quiver, he followed the trail around the back of the barn. There he found Dijon waiting for him. "And who are you supposed to be?"

"You don't know, do you?" the Burgundian asked, smirking at him. "Come now, Dubois, use that insight of yours. Look at me. Who am I?"

This guy seems familiar and he's playing games with me. "I'm not in the mood for games, Chief. Let's make this quick then. Your clothes and armor are Burgundianüeither late fourteenth or fifteenth century. From the design of your clothes and the golden spurs, I'd say you were very important at one point. In factüonly theüducal family would have worn that color. So which one are you?"

Dijon nodded. "You're correct on those points. Let me sweeten the pot for you with a few more clues. I supposedly died at Varna in 1444." Seeing the other still thinking, he sighed, "Compeigne and Rouen. A capture and a bonfire. I authorized both of them."

Dave stared at him incredulously as the realization hit him. "I might have known. You're Bertrand du Dijon, the Butcher of Burgundy. Now it makes sense. The ranting in my head concerning a "Mustard Boy" and Nick's reference to 'Dijon' point to you."

"Nicolas and LaCroix both mentioned their encounter with you two nights ago. You are a formidable adversary, Dubois. It is a shame that I will have to kill you some day," the Enforcer remarked.

"Some day? What? No fight tonight? The blood of three people that are important to me is on your hands, Butcher. No more death. This is between us then," Dave retorted, holding his bow at the ready.

"I promise, Dubois, none of those dear to you will come to harm by my hand. As for you, you have earned a reprieve as well for now. Toast your friends and their memory. Assume Samuelsohn's mantle. Assume your place on my list," the Burgundian challenged.

"Pretty speech. But tonight, I also claim the right of the avenger for myself, my sister, Cybelle, and our friends. Those burns on your arm are just appetizers. When I send you to Hell, you will burn in the dawn's light. Oh, and tell LaCroix that I'm waiting for him too. I may not remember everything that happened but I know the end result," Dave vowed.

"Very well, Dubois, au revoir," Dijon concluded. After a ceremonial bow, he disappeared into the night.

Show off. Now I know I can't go back to Amherst or Scituate. I can't stay here. I have to go back to Tucson and prepare for the next stage. We will meet again, Dijon and LaCroix. On that day, I will have the solution to my blackouts.

With that, he headed back for the house and the company of his friends. As he walked up to the door, he heard loud arguing. "What now?" he groused, tiring of the litany of adversity. As he walked through the door, he heard Jonathan and Lex yelling at someone in the back room. On the couch, April was trying to keep Clark and Lana calm.

"Dave, take it easy," Garth told him.

"What's going on now?" Dave demanded. His patience or what remained of it ebbed dramatically at that moment. Then his senses picked up on what was going on. "Oh come on! Those two twits? Crap! That's it! Hey, Dad, get your sorry ass out here! Now!"

"I heard you were here," Stuart scoffed, sauntering confidently into the room. "I'll deal with you in a minute after I'm done."

"I see you're still causing trouble," Lionel Luthor added. "Stay out of this. It doesn't concern you."

"Your sorry ass in this house concerns me, Unca Lie-onel. I've spent the day dealing with your damn curse!" Dave hissed. When everyone looked at him, he continued, "Tell them about that!" He spasmed.

"Stop it," Stuart countered, slapping his son across the face hard.

"That's yer last mistake. Now ya git to see yer stuff!" The Child snarled, focusing and made his father and Lionel telekinetically float in the air. "Ah'm split. Ya'll made me suffer there! Ya'll left me here to die! But ya know why Ah'm the way Ah am? Cuz a mah friends! Ya'll ain't touchin' 'em! But ya'll know what really sucks? Ah'll tell ya! See the little girl there? Laüna's sad 'cuz of yer curse! Ah can't help Big Bro but Ah can sure as Hell keep ya from hurtin' anyone else! Now lissen good! Ya'll stay 'way from me an' mah friends. Unca Lie-onel, if ya'll mess with them kids, Ah will come back fer ya'll. Now git!" He shut off the telekinesis, dropping them to the floor. "GO!"

The two businessmen retreated, knowing that the angry young man would more than back up his threat. Still, they knew revenge would be sweet one day.

"David?" Martha asked hesitantly.

"Not Big Bro!" he snapped, crossing the room to where the two toddlers sat fearfully looking at him. Kneeling before them, he asked, "Are ya'll awright? Hey, Ah'müsorry Ah hadda git all scary. Ah hate bein' treated like a freak." His eyes watered.

"Letüout," Lana told him, recalling his earlier words to her and kissing his cheek.

Clark offered an encouraging smile too.

"As we said in Amherst, you're not alone," April reminded him.

"And you have friends here too. You are always welcome here," Martha added.

"Absolutely, Lex agreed.

The Child managed a smile. At least, he wasn't as alone as he thought. Still how could he find some sanity in this mess? It would be tough to tell from where he stood at that momentü.

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