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Disclaimers: there are scenes of two women showing their love for one another if this bothers you .this story is not for you. So you have been warned. If you are under the age of 18. This is not for your eyes.

Violince Disclaimer: yes there is some violence but it is a vital part of the story line.

Hurt/comfort: yes there is quite a bit of that in this story.

Sex Disclaimer: yes although i dont know how graphic it will be. Yet


Drew was just finishing getting ready to go to work. She looked around the room." You are pathetic Drew Andrews. You know that? You left a world where you could have anything or anyone you wanted for this. An nearly empty house, a minimum wage job, and not a whole lot else". The job wasn’t that bad and she like the people she worked for. Even if she didn’t care for the other people of this town. They left her alone for the most part anyway. It was the only way she knew to get away from Sal Deago and that damned City and all of the pain it held for her. "It was the only choice you had," she told herself. I had to get out; I couldn’t take it any more. Too much pain, pain that I caused. I had to get out. Drew remembered the last thing Sal had said to her." You’ll never be able to make it out there. You’ll never be able to take living like normal people Drew. You have an untamed heart; you like the money and power far too much to go back to living paycheck to pay check. You like what you do way to much to give it up." "YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT WITH OUT ME! YOU WILL COME BACK TO ME! "

‘Well Sal you were wrong about that weren’t you I might not have the power or all of the money. But I’m doing just fine, and I can live with what I’m doing here at least I don’t have to answer to you anymore. At least the things I do here I don’t have to pay with for with my soul. Not that you ever had one." Drew thought to herself as she headed out the door for work.

When Stephanie entered her father’s office she could feel her stomach begin to churn. ‘God why do I let him get to me, I’m a full grown woman, Your twenty-four years old. For crying out loud! Why can’t I just do what I want and not worry about what he or mother thinks. Because you such a coward thats why. Well not this time, this time I’m going to what I want to do. It’s my money, Grand mother left it to me, and I’m going to do what I want with it, and I want to buy that ranch, and by the gods that’s what I’m going to do. I promised grams, and that’s one promiss that I intend to keep." Stephanie was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of her father clearing his throat." Daydreaming again Stephanie Marie," he said in his normal condescending tone. "No father I wasn’t day dreaming." Stephanie said with her head bowed. "What bring you here? Have you finally came to your senses and decided to give up on this foolish notion about buying that damned ranch, in that God forsaken place, and take your proper place in the family business." He said glaring at her over the top of his glasses. Normally this action, but not this time would have intimidated her. This time it only infuriated her more." No! No father I haven’t changed my mind, I only came here to tell you that I’m leaving tonight, and that place is not God forsaken, its a very lovely place." Stephanie said trying to hold back from any further comment.

"What do you mean your leaving? I will not allow it! Do you hear me I will not have my daughter running around acting like some wayward child?" Daniel Garrison yelled, his face turning beat red.

"What do you mean you won’t allow me? You can’t stop me! I’m an adult." Stephanie said nearly shaking with anger

"You have responsibilities to this family! And what about Paul? You are supposed to be wed in the spring. I will not stand by and watch you ruin everything." Daniel said coming around to stand in front of his daughter trying to be as intimidating as he could.

Stephanie could feel her stomach tightening.’ NO I’m not going to let him take this from me to. Not this time. This time I’m going to have what I want, I’m going to do what I want to do for once in my life.’ Stephanie thought to herself.

"I have fulfilled all of my duties to this family, and as for Paul, I never wanted to marry him that was yours and mother’s idea. And don’t think you can do anything to change my mind." Stephanie said never backing down.

Stephanie took a deep breath and spoke once more.

"Tell mother that I will call her and let her know when I’m settled. GOOD BYE FATHER!" Stephanie said as she turned to leave.

Daniel stood there with his mouth half open, not believing what his youngest daughter had just said to him.

As Drew walked in to the Red Horn it was the local bar.

The pay wasn’t much but she liked the old couple who owned it.

"Drew? " An elder woman called to her from the doorway of the office. "Yea!" Drew replied over her shoulder. "Could you come in here for a moment please? "The older woman asked." Sure." Drew said crossing the bar. " What can I do for you Millie?’ Drew asked as she entered the office.

"Drew, you know that ranch of ours?" Millie began. "Yea the one out on old route 101, what about it? " Drew answered.

"Well we’ve decided to sell it." "Ok but what does that have to do with me? " " Well the young lady who we are selling it to, is going to need a lot of help." Millie said walking around her office." Yea so what does that have to do with ME?"

"Well Drew we thought it might be a good idea if you gave her a hand." "Hey hold on here Millie I’m not going to become some little rich girls flunky." Drew said as she turned to face Millie standing to her full height of six foot.

"Look Drew I know you, and I think you’ll like this young lady. She’s not like that at all. She’s very kind and understanding. Drew she’s a very nice person." " Yea well that remained to be seen." Drew said shaking her head.

"Drew you really need to learn to trust someone sometime."

Millie said placing her hand on Draw’s shoulder. "I do trust someone I trust you And Pat." Drew answered smiling at the older woman." Yes well I think you can trust this young lady

Drew. Besides you need to have more friends than a couple of old ladies."

"Yea well I’m kinda picky about who I trust." Drew said arching an eyebrow high into her hairline.

"Ok I give up. But will you do me one favor." Millie asked

"Yea what’s that." " Give her a chance, I think she would be good fore you Drew." " Um hum oh alright I give, I’ll give her a chance." "Good because I’ve already told her that I had someone to help her." Millie said with a big grin. "She’ll be here in about an hour."

"Oh great and just what would you have done if I had said I wouldn’t do it." Drew said trying her best to look annoyed

"I knew you wouldn’t say no." Millie said with a half grin.

"Now go on you have work to do before she gets here."

"Yea I know, you old slave driver. " Drew said over her shoulder as she headed out of the office.

As Stephanie pulled into the parking lot of The Red Horn, She took a deep breath and said to herself. ‘Well Stephanie Garrison, are you ready to do this, I hope so because there’s no going back now, for better or worse your in this for the long haul.’ she took one more deep breath and exited the white bronco.

Drew heard the front door open she raised up from behind the bar to see who was coming in. " We’re closed." Drew said.

"I know but I’m suppose to meet Millie and Pat Mills here to sign some papers" the young woman said. Drew found herself stunned by the young woman’s looks. ‘My God she is beautiful.’ Drew thought to herself. Shaking her head to clear it. Drew said "so your the one Millie was telling me about." " Yes I’m the one that’s buying the ranch from them. My name is Stephanie Garrison" Stephanie said extending her hand to Drew. "Um hum well my names Drew Mancinnie." Drew replied, taking the hand offered to her. When Drew felt the softness of the girls hand she felt a tingle go through her. ‘My God she has to be the loveliest creature that has ever walks this earth. Wow where the hell did that come from? Get a grip Drew she’s just some poor little rich kid that decided that she wanted to play rancher for a while. Besides you don’t even know if she’s interested in women that way.’ With out thinking Drew let her thumb rub back and forth across the back of the girl’s hand.

"Um Ms. Mancinnie um do you happen to be the one Millie told me about. The one that she said would give me a hand once I take over the ranch." Stephanie asked never offering to take her hand from Drew.’ Oh my, I could get lost in those eyes. They have to be the bluest that I have ever seen, and her hair is like black silk. I wonder what she would do if I were to reach out and just run my hand through it. Woo settle down their girl you don’t even know if she feels that way. Get yourself in check. This woman could have anyone she wants; man or women why the hell would she want someone like you. So don’t even think about it.’ Steff thought to herself.

"Oh yea I’m the one Millie told you about." Drew said finally noticing that she still had hold of the young woman’s hand.

She gently withdrew her hand from the girls.’ Oh damn now she’s going to think I’m some kind of pervert or some thing. Dumb Drew very dumb. What the hell is the matter with you? She’s just some rich little girl who wants to go slumming for a little while. She’ll probably be hear for few weeks and then get bored and move on. So don’t even think about it.’ Drew was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Mills voice coming from across the bar.

"Drew why don’t you bring Ms. Garrison on into the office so we can all have a talk. "The older woman said motioning to them to come.

"After you Ms. Garrison" Drew said tilting her head at the girl. "Why thank you Ms Mancinnie." Steff said with a smile.

"You’re welcome, and please call me Drew." "Only if you call me Steff." " Ok you have a deal. "Drew answered with a half smile.

"Good I like that". Steff said as she started off toward the office.

‘God her smile It could light up a room. It makes me feel warm all over. Oh God your loosing it Drew. Get a grip.’Drew thought to herself as she shook her head and headed to the office behind the young woman.

As they entered the office, Millie greeted them with a smile and said, "why don’t the both of you have a seat so we can begin."

"Well I’ll be going I have to make sure that shipment is put up." Drew said as she started to turn to go.

"Hold on their Drew you need to be here too. We need to talk about the arrangements for you working with Ms. Garrison. "

"Oh... allright."Drew said as she sighed and took the seat next to Stephanie.

After they had worked out everything and everyone had agreed. Stephanie signed the paper work and turned to Millie and said "Thank you. Oh and Millie I’ve only been out to the ranch one time would you mind writing me directions on how to get back out there."

"Oh there won’t be any need for that Drew here knows how to get out to the ranch I’m sure she wouldn’t mind showing you the way. Would you Drew? "

"No I wouldn’t mind showing you, but I need to get that shipment put away first." Drew answered not really wanting to be alone with the younger woman.

"Thats ok I don’t mind waiting until you have put the shipment away."Steffine said with a smile.

"Oh well if you don’t mind waiting around, it might take awhile though." Drew said tilting her hear head to one side. Letting her long dark hair cascade over her shoulder.

"I don’t mind at all I’ll just sit over there and finish my reading." Stephanie said indicating the book she had in her hand.

The cover caught Drews eye, STONE BUTCH BLUES, ‘Well well. Maybe I was wrong about her.’ " Interesting choice of books Ms. Garrison" Drew said with a half smile.

"Yes well, I um well I " Stephanie stammered. Well I like her work. Stephanie finally said.

"Um hum, so do I. I have an autographed one at home. I have read it three times now." Drew said as she turned and headed off to the stock room.

‘Well that’s good to know, Miss Mancinnie.’ Steff thought to herself.

After about an Hour Drew emerged from the stock room.

"I’m sorry you had to wait so long. Ms Garrison" Drew said as she approached the table where the young woman sat still reading her book. "That’s quite alright Ms. Mancinnie." Steff replied. "Oh and I thought that we were going to drop the formalities."

"Um yea I guess we did didn’t we," Drew said with a half smile.

"Well Ms. Garrison...Um I mean Stephanie, are you ready to head out to your new business endeavor." Drew asked arching her eyebrow.

"Yes I am if you’re finished here? " " Yea I’m finished." "Well then shall we be going then." Steff asked? "Ready when you are."Drew replied.

As they exited the bar Drew turned to the young woman and said. "It might be best if you follow me." "Oh I thought we could ride out together." Steff questioned? "Well that might be a problem. " Drew replied rubbing her chin. "Why’s that? " "Well unless you like the idea of riding on the back of a motorcycle for the next hour or so, I would suggest that you follow me in your car." Drew said indicating the large black bike setting off to the side of the bar. "Oh ok I see what you mean" the younger woman answered her eyes wide at the size of the bike. "Besides I only have one helmet."

As the were driving along the two lane road Steff noticed that she had to go well past the speed limit to keep up with the dark haired woman. "This woman is going to get me a speeding ticket" Steff said to herself.

‘I wander how a woman like her ended up in a small town likes this. She sure doesn’t fit the norm for around here. But then again neither do you do you? Her eyes are the bluest I ever seen. A person could loose themselves in those eyes. ‘ "Whoa where in the world did that come from. You stop that right now you don’t even know that she even likes women in that way. Besides she could have anyone she wanted man or woman." Steff said aloud to herself.

Once they arrived at the ranch Drew sat on the black Harley

Steff sat in her car watching the dark woman slowly take off her helmet. The evening sun danced on the long ebony locks as the woman shook her head freeing the long locks from their confines of the helmet.

‘My god she’s gorgeous. I would love to run my fingers through that hair.’ Steff was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a voice calling to her from beside her. "Hmm?" Steff said as she slowly came out of her thoughts. "I said are you going to sit there all evening or are you going to get out." Drew asked arching her dark eyebrow high into dark bangs. "Oh um yea sorry about that I just kind of got lost in the beauty of this place". ‘And your Beauty as well.’

"Yea well if you think this is something wait till you see the rest of the place."Drew said as she looked down at the younger woman. " Oh I can’t wait! " Steff said her eyes wide with excitement. "Well come on I’ll show you to your new house, then introduce you to your hired hands. "Drew said as she led the younger woman toward the large ranch house.

"My goodness this place is huge," Steff said as she looked up at the three-story house. "Did Millie and Pat live here all by themselves or did they have children." Steff asked as they started up the steps. "They didn’t have any of their own if that’s what you mean but yes they raised several children here." Drew responded. "Oh. I bet they were good parents?"

"I haven’t met Pat yet but he must be a very good man from the way Millie talks about him" Steff said looking around at the long wraparound porch.

‘Oh boy Millie didn’t tell her!’ " Um...Didn’t Millie tell you? "Drew asked chewing on her lower lip. "Tell me what?"

"Um. That ...she ...Um. Well. That Pat isn’t her husband?"

"Oh no she didn’t so what they just live together?" Steff asked. "Well no their married but Pat isn’t a man Pat is short for Patricia" Drew said with a slight smile. " Oh? She didn’t tell me... um. I just presumed...Ya know." Steff said suddenly unable to speak.

"Why is that going to be a problem for you?" Drew asked frowning. "No. No ...No it’s not a problem for me! She just didn’t tell me is all. Why should it be a problem for me if two people love each other? Why should anyone have problem with that? " Steff asked waving her hand in the air.

"Well some people do have a problem with it. Especially around here." " Well I don’t have" Steff said with a slight touch of anger in her voice. "Ok ...Ok. So you don’t have a problem with it. Lets get on with the tour of your new business venture shall we." Drew answered. Letting out a breath.

"Do you want to look at the house first or do you want to take a look around the rest of the place" Drew asked looking down at the smaller woman.

"I think I would like to take a look around the rest of the place first" The smaller woman replied.

"Ok lets get going before it gets dark" Drew said as she turned to go down the steps.

Steff watched the Dark haired woman as she sauntered down the steps.’ Oh my I would love to run my hands all over that. Stop that you know that she wouldn’t have anything to do with you. Hell she can hardly stand being around you.’

Steff shook here head to clear it of the thought.

"Are you coming or what?" The dark woman asked.

"Yea I’m coming" Steff said as she started down the steps.

As they finished the tour and were coming back to the house. A rather tall beefy young man with long curly blond man. Approached them.

"There you are Drew, Millie said you were going to bring the new owner here today" the man said looking as if he had tasted something bitter.

"Seth, I thought Millie and Pat let you go?" Drew said with a frown.

"Yea well they did, but I thought I’d see if the new owner could use a good ranch boss. God knows Old Jerry can’t handle the job" the man said with a sneer.

"Jerry can handle the job just fine. " Drew said sounding a bit annoyed.

"Well we’ll just see what the new owner has to say about that won’t we. You won’t have the same pull with him as you did with Millie and Pat" the man said with a smile that made Steff’s skin crawl.

"So were’ the old goat anyway." Seth asked looking around.

"Are you referring to the new owner? "Drew asked. Arching her eyebrow high into her bangs.

"Yea who else? Well where is he?"

"Hum Steff, cleared her throat. Well I’m right here." Steff said glaring at the young man.

"You’re! The new owner?" The young man with a slight smirk.

"Yes I’m the new owner. Is there a problem with that?"

"Oh no there’s no problem," Seth said as he took her hand brought it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand.

"Nice to meet you Mrs.. Um"

"Its Miss. Garrison." Steff said as she quickly with-drew her hand.

Drew rolled her eyes at his actions.’ Oh my god I think I’m going to loose my lunch.’

"Well Ms. Garrison as I said your going to need someone to take care of things around here and I’m just the man who can do that."

"Well Mr.ummm."

"The name’s Seth Johnson, but everyone calls me Sly." The young man said taking a step to try and put himself between Drew and Steff.

"Well Mr. Johnson. If you’ll send me your resume I’ll look over it and get back to you. "Steff said taking a step toward Drew.

"Oh well yes I’ll do that. I’ll bring it by tomorrow. And then maybe we can have some lunch?" Seth asked trying to take her hand again.

"That will be fine, but I have plans for lunch tomorrow."" Steff said looking at Drew. Her eyes pleading for mercy.

"Well then how about dinner then."Seth asked.

"She has plans for dinner Seth "Drew answered.

"Oh and who’s the lucky man." Seth asked his eyes never leaving Steff.

"Oh Um. Well. Umm." Steff stammered.

"She has dinner plans with me Seth not that its any of your concern." Drew said with a slight smirk on her lips.

"Oh lord not another one of those kind? "Seth said with a look of disgust on his face.

"What do you mean another on of those Kind! "Steff asked anger filling her voice.

"You know what I mean." Seth said looking as if he smelt something rotten.

"Yes I think I do, and I don’t think it will be necessary for you to bring your resume. I think I’M going to stick with Old Jerry. He seems to be doing a good job. Now if you don’t mind Ms. Mancinnie and I have other things to discuss" Steff said as she started around the young man she was starting to dislike more and more by the minute.

"Yea well you’d better watch yourself Ms. Garrison hanging around with the likes of her could get you killed. You would do best finding yourself a nice young man to keep company with."

"I beg your pardon? " Steff said placing her hands on her hips.

"You heard me."

"Yes I heard you, now you hear me. You or no one else tells me who to keep company with, do you understand me? Now I would like it very much if you would leave my property."

"It’s you funeral lady," Seth said as he turned to leave.

As they watched him leave Steff turned to Drew and said.

"I don’t think I’m going to like him."

"Yea I feel the same way, He and his buddies have a way of getting under your skin." Drew answered arching an eyebrow high into her hairline.

"Well let’s get you settled in and then I’ll be on my way" the dark woman said looking down at Steff.

Steff didn’t know why but the thought of the dark haired woman leaving gave her a feeling of loneliness that she had never felt before.

After they had gotten her things inside. Steff turned to Drew and said. "Would you like to have some coffee or something?"

"Mum well I should really be going its getting late and I wouldn’t want to keep you up. "Drew replied suddenly finding the pattern in the wood floorboards very interesting.

"Oh you wouldn’t be keeping me up, I usually don’t go to bed until around two or three in the morning" Steff said giving the dark woman a warm and gentle smile.

"If you’re sure I won’t be keeping you from doing anything?" Drew said putting her hands in her pockets.

"I’m sure now if you wouldn’t mind helping me look through some of these boxes, I know that there’s some coffee in one of them." Steff said with a slight chuckle.

After several minutes of searching Drew held up her hand in triumph and said "I found it."

They sat down in the livingroom.

Steff sat on the over stuffed couch with her legs tucked underneath her. While Drew chose the large overstuffed chair across from her.

They talked for several hours discussing different things, Steff realized that she felt very at ease with this woman, a virtual stranger, but yet she felt as if she had known the woman all of her life.

Drew listened to the young woman tell her all about herself. Normally Drew would have gotten bored and soon left, but for some reason this young woman had her totally captivated, ‘I don’t know why but I don’t want to leave her smile warms me all the way down to my toes, God Drew you barely know this woman. But why does she feel so familiar to me. I feel as if I have known her all of my life, even though

I know I only met her today.’ Suddenly the old grandfather clock began to chime.

"Oh my it’s three o’clock," Steff said as she sat her coffee cup down.

"Yea well I guess I should get going and let you get some sleep." Drew said as she began to get up.

"Oh no don’t worry I probably wouldn’t get any sleep any way"

They said goodbye and Steff watched as the dark woman road off into the dark morning.

They spent the next few weeks in the same fashion both falling into a comfortable pattern and becoming very close to one another.

Steff heard the now familiar rumble of Drew’s bike pulling into the drive.

As she stepped out onto the front porch she saw Drew shaking her long raven locks free from the helmet.

‘God she’s a vision of loveliness ‘Steff thought to herself.

As Drew stepped up on the porch she found herself wrapped in the arms of the smaller woman.

"HI! I didn’t think you were coming by today. "

"Well I haven’t missed a day yet have I?" Drew said as she pulled back from the embrace.

"No. No you haven’t "Steff said with a smile.

"Well are we going to go inside or are we going to stand out here all right."Drew asked with a half smile.

After they had finished dinner and washed and put away the dishes as had become their normal routine. They headed for the livingroom with their coffee.

They settled down to watch a movie that was on TV

instead of setting across from one another they now sat side by side on the couch.

The movie was an old one Friday The 13th part one.

"I can’t believe you have never seen this before" Drew said as she reached in the bowl for another hand full of popcorn.

"Like I said I never got to watch much TV I spent more time reading." Steff answered.

Just then a rather gross scene was being viewed.

As Jason suddenly jumped from behind a tree knife in hand.

Steff screamed and grabbed hold of Drew wrapping her arms around the dark woman’s neck.

After getting some of the air back in her lungs that Steff had knocked out of her, Drew wrapped her arm around the smaller woman.gently running fingers through Steff’s hair.

"Are you ok?"

"Yea I’m fine" Steff said as she brought her face up from the safe comfort of Dew’s chest coming to rest inches from Drews face.

Suddenly Steff felt the sudden urge to kiss those ruby red lips that were only inches from her own.

Before she knew what was happening Drew felt soft warm lips against her own.

At first Drew didn’t return the kiss. But when she felt Steff start to pull away from her she reached out and intertwined her fingers in the strawberry hair and deepened the kiss.

When they broke from the kiss they looked into each other’s eyes for several moments.

Steff was the first to speak.

"I’m Sorry.... I.... I shouldn’t have put you in that position."

Steff started to pull away only to be stopped as a long slender hand behind her neck. The heat from that hand sent warmth through out her body.

"You didn’t put me in any position that I didn’t want.... That I didn’t think about putting my self into many times before" Drew said pulling her back in for another kiss.

As Drew pulled back slightly she ran her tongue along Steff’s lower lip. This drew a moan from the smaller woman. Green eyes met bright blue ones.

"Where do we go from here? "Steff asked her breathing slightly labored.

"That depends? "Blue eye’s studying green.

"Depends on what?" Steff questioned. "On where you want it to go?" Drew said very seriously.

"What do you mean?" Steff asked looking very puzzled. "What I’m saying is... Have you ever...Um been with a woman before?"

"No. But I’ve always known that I preferred women rather than men." Steff said looking away from Drew.

"Steff? ...Steff...Steff look at me..."Drew asked as she reached out and took Steve’s chin with the tips of her fingers turning her to face her.

"Look I just don’t want you to jump into anything you might regret later."

‘And break my heart when you realize what a mistake you made.

"What a fool you must think I am" Steff said jumping from Dew’s lap. ‘Damn I should have known she wouldn’t want someone like me, hell she could have anyone she wants. What in the world made me think I had even a slight chance with her? ‘ Steff looked up at Drew with tears in her eyes.

"I’m Sorry...I...I.I.I didn’t think...."Steff turn and ran toward the front door. When she reached it she fumbled with the lock trying to unlock the door with out any luck.

"Damn I can’t do anything right.... Damn."

Steff was suddenly spun around to and pushed against the wooden door with very strong hand on her shoulders.

They stood there looking at one another for what seemed forever.

Then Drew leaned her head in and in a very deep voice whispered.

"You did everything right. I...Want you so much. I have from the moment I laid eyes on you that day at the bar."

Drew said as she leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"Then why did you want to stop " Steff whispered.

"I didn’t.... I just wanted you to be sure it ...This is what you wanted."Drew wisppered softly.

"Oh this is exactly what I want you are what I want." Steff said as she wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s neck and brought her lips to Drew’s.

The kiss was gentle at first then it became more urgent, as tongues battled for dominance.

Drew picked up the smaller woman her arms.

Steff felt her body reacting to the gentle touches in a way she had only dreamed about. When Drew picked her up she wrapped her legs around Drews waist needing to feel close to the woman who now held her heart in her hands. Drew carried the smaller woman back to the sofa and gently set her down. They continued to kiss and touch.

When they broke from the kiss. Drew was the first to speak.


"Steff... Um. Listen to me for a minute" Drew asked. While gently caressing her cheek.

‘Oh no she’s changed her mind she doesn’t want to be with me.’ Steff thought to herself

"Um what is it? Did I do something wrong? Or have you changed your mind? I...I. I wouldn’t blame you if you did, some one like you could have anyone she wanted, I don’t know what ever made me think you would want to be with someone like me? " Steff said as she struggled to free herself from Drews embrace.

Drew held onto the smaller woman as she tried to free herself.

"Steff, what are you talking about? No I have not changed my mind! I still want this.... I want you! More than I have ever wanted anything in my life. I just want to take this slow; I want you to know exactly what you are getting yourself into" Drew said letting go of Stephanie’s arms and setting back on the couch.

Steff looked at Drew she could see that she was worried about something.

"What is it? What’s wrong?" Steff asked as she gently brushed a stray lock of hair away from Dews face.

"Steff there are some things you should know about me before we go any further, and after you hear them I won’t blame you if you never want to see me again." ‘Oh God I hope she doesn’t hate me after I tell her, but I know she will how could someone as sweet and innocent want to be with some one as heartless as me? She’ll through my ass right out the door when she hears what I have done in the past, I’ m a killer for hire, or at least I was. But will she see it that way?

I’ll loose her if I tell her, but I can’t keep it from her I don’t want keep anything from her’. "I...I’ve done things in my past things that I’m not proud of," Drew said never moving her eyes from her hands.

"We’ve all done things were not proud of Drew." Steff said as she placed her hand on top of Drews.

Drew pulled her hands away from Steff.

"You don’t understand, The things that I did were unspeakable, I did things that hurt a lot of people, grant it they weren’t always upstanding citizens, but the fact remains that I did hurt them." Drew took a deep breath and waited for the young woman to tell her to leave and never come back. The words never came.

There was a moment of silence. Then Steff placed her had over Drew’s. "Drew listen to me, I don’t care what you did in the past I only care about who you are now, and I happen to think that the person that I am getting to know. Is a very kind and caring one." Steff said as she cupped Dew’s cheek with her free hand.

"But you don’t understand! The things that I did. They caused so much pain, for so many" Drew said turning her head away from Steve’s hand. "If you only knew the things I did, you would run from me and never look back." Drew said standing and walking toward the door.

"Drew I don’t know about your past or the things you did. I only know that I believe that everyone has good in them and deserves second chances." Steff said as she came to stand behind her.

"I don’t deserve one." Drew said leaning her head agenst the wooden door.

"Well thats too bad! Cause you’ve got one." Steff said laying her hand on Drew’s shoulder. Drew said taking a deep breath and turning to face Steff Drew whispered "I know that I don’t deserve it but I want it more than I have ever wanted anything in this world. I don’t know why but I do."

"Good because I want this...Us too. So where do we go from here?" Steff asked looking up into tear filled eyes.

"Well from here I think I had better be getting home. It’s getting late and I have a lot to do in the morning. I have to take inventory at the bar."


Steff took a step back from Drew, "Oh yes I guess it is getting late, I didn’t mean to keep you." ‘ She’s trying to let me down easy, she’s Doesn’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me she’s not interested. That she doesn’t want to be bothered by someone like me, Well Dad I guess you were right No one would want someone like me. Most definitely not someone like her.’

Drew could see that Steff was drawing back into herself, "Hey what’s wrong?" Drew asked stepping forward and placing her hand on her shoulder.

"Oh nothing I understand", "You understand what? "Drew asked placing her hand under the young woman’s chin and lifting her face so that she could look into sea green eyes that now were filled with tears that were about over flow.

"I understand that ... that you are trying to let me down easy

That. That. That some one like you could never want some one like me". Steff said and tried to pull away from the tall woman. But was stopped when strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her close to a very warm body. She couldn’t help herself she laid her head on Drew’s chest and breathed in the sent of leather and musk.

"Is that what you think, you think that I don’t want you?" Drew asked while she ran her fingers through the red gold

That flowed down over the smaller woman’s shoulders.

"Yes." Came the soft answer.

"Well that’s not it, I told you I wanted to take this slow, I want everything to be right, I want this.... I want us! More than anything I have ever wanted. I want you. But I want to take things slow. Ok?"

"Steff said with a slight smile. "I guess I had better let you go or you’ll be to tired to work and Millie will kick the stuffing out of me."

"I doubt that, but she might kick the stuffing out of me for keeping you up so late though."

Steff stepped back from drew, "I guess I’ll talk to you soon".

She said looking at the floor.

"Hey we still have dinner plans don’t we" Drew asked stepping forward.

"Um yes we do don’t we," Steff said looking up into sky blue eyes.

"Yes well I had better be going." Drew said not really wanting to go. But she knew she had to take things slow with Steff.

"Um yea I guess so," Steff said not knowing what to do. She wanted to kiss Drew again but not wanting to push the dark woman.

" Um... Steff " Drew said looking down into the deepest green eyes she had ever seen.

"Yea", ‘ "Can I kiss you goodnight? "

"Oh gods yes! I wanted to kiss you but I didn’t want to push."

Steff words were cut off by Drew’s lips covering hers. The kiss was soft and gentle at first then became more heated as tongues fought for domince. When they finally broke from the kiss. They were both were breathing rapidly.

"Well I have to. I’ll see you tomorrow." Drew said placing another kiss on Steff’s lips.

"I can’t wait." Steff said giving her one last hug.

"I’ll see you tomorrow. " Drew said as she turned and headed for her bike. As she was leaving she looked over her shoulder to see the smaller woman standing in the doorway watching her leave.

‘I can’t believe it she wants me, she wants me, and oh god how I want her. I think I’m falling in love. But does she feel the same way or is she just having fun? No I don’t think so she’s not like that, I hope not.’ Drew thought as she drove the rest of the way back to her house. Thinking of the next time she would see the little blond again.

Continued in part 2

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