Untamed Heart

By: daydreamer

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Drew entered her, house was only a few weeks ago, and she would have felt a small bit of comfort from the small house. It had been her safe haven from the world. A place where no thing or no one could touch her, but now she only felt alone. " Damn Drew girl, how did you let this happen. When did you ever need anyone don't know when it happened but that little blonde definitely has wormed her way under your skin, and into your hart. Admit you love her. No it can't be love...you don't know how to love anyone or anything. That was before her.... Before Steff came into my life.thank whatever Gods are listening for letting her come into my life,

And I’ll do what ever it takes to keep her, she makes me feel, so.... So.... I don't know? She makes me feel like I haven’t felt.

In a very long time, hell I don't know if have ever felt this way before.... I feel so.so. So. Complete. That's it.... I feel complete.... With her I feel complete.... She completes me.

The ringing of the phone brought Drew out of her toughest.

"Hello"Drew spoke into the receiver.

"Um...I hope didn't wake you. The voice was soft as it drifted across the line to Dew’s ear.

"No.no, you didn't wake me, I was just sitting here thinking."

"Thinking about what?" Steff asked. While listening to the soft alto voice that caressed her ear, making her heart beat faster with every word that she spoke."Gods dose she know what just her voice does to me?

" I was just sitting here thinking about you." Drew said smiling into the darkness of her house.

"Me?"Steff asked.

"Yea, You...Who else would I be thinking of?"Drew replied her smile getting even wider.

"I don't know, Um.... Maybe that little redhead that works down at the dinner?"You, want to play Huh."Steff thought to herself. "Oh Yea you mean the one with the great ass, and talks my ear off everytime I go in there.' Oh.little one you’re playing with fire I hope you can take the heat. Hell who am I kidding I hope I can handle it?'

" Um yea that’s the one." Steff said releasing that Drew had said that the woman had a nice ass. Her stomach suddenly began to do flips. Realizing that she was jealous that Drew had noticed someone else’s body.

When Drew heard only steff's breathing coming from the other end she began to realize what she had said. 'The one with the nice ass'. Damn Drew could you be any more thoughtless if you tried. You know how easy it is to make her doubt the way you feel, why did you go and say something like that? dumb....dumb...dumb.'

"Hey , what's wrong? Drew asked. While biting her lower lip.

"N..nothing, Steff nearly whispered.

Ii didn't mean that you know, I was only kidding you."

Drew asked. Hopping that Steff would understand.

"Yea, I know you were kidding with me." Steff replied. Not sounding very convincing at all.

"Oh yea well why don't I believe you? Drew asked.

"I know it's silly but I can't stand the thought of you thinking about someone else. Silly isn't it?"Steff asked taking a deep breath.

"N.... No.’s not silly, because I feel the same way about you.

I couldn't stand the thought of you even thinking of someone else let alone ever thinking of you with someone else."Drew said as she felt her heart began to beat faster.

"Well you'll never have to worry about that, That I can promise you. 'God I hope you can do the same, I hope you can feel the same for me as I do you."Steff said. AS she began to twist the phone cord with her free hand.

" Good I’M glad to hear that." drew said taking a deep breath, she continued. "You know that you don't have to worry about that, don't you. "You have to know that can't you tell, no one else could ever make me feel the way you do."

"Yea I know that now" She really cares about how I feel, maybe she really dose care for me? God only knows how much I ...I.... I love her Oh my god; I 'm in love with her. But dose she feel the same abut me? I can only hope she dose.'

Just at that moment the sky let loose, and covered everything with a blanket of water, and lit up the sky with streaks of white lightening ran across the darkened sky.

"Wow, I guess we should get off the phone, Hugh?" Steff asked not trying to hide her fear, of the storm.

"Steff, are you going to be alright? Drew asked. Wanting Steff to ask her to come back to the farm.

"I guess so, Um... I really don't like Storms; they scar the begezzes out of me. They remind me of that movie Psycho, or Friday the 1 3th."

At that moment the power went out leaving Steff completely in the dark except for the blips of light that the lightening gave off.

"Oh shit!" Steff nearly yelled into the phone.

"Steff.... Steff! Are you alright?"Drew asked with worry in her voice.

"Yea, I’m all right, the power just went out. Great, just great

This just keeps getting better and better. " Steff grumbled under her breath.

"Steff would you like for me to come out and keep you company?" Drew asked hoping that the answer would be yes.

"Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that,'Know matter how much I would love for you to be hear with me, I just can't ask her to come out here in the pouring down rain.'

"Your not asking me too, I’m offering and besides I have rain gear so I wont get to wet." Drew said hopping against hope that Steff would want her to come and be with her.

"Well if you’re sure it's no problem, and if you’re sure you don't mind?" Steff asked.

"I’m sure, and I don'mind at all. Give me about a half-hour,

And I’ll be there." Drew said as she was already reaching for her rain gear that she kept in hall closet.

"Um. OK I’ll see you in a few minutes then." Steff said with a slight raised voice.

"OK I’ll be there in a few minutes, just set tight and I’ll be there as soon as I can. "There was a pause then Drew quickly added. " I LOVE YOU! See you in a few." Drew said as she hung up the phone.

'Oh my god what in the world did you have to go and say that for, now you've probably scared her worse than the storm ever could. That was not a very smart thing to do drew. Dumb...dumb... dumb.' Drew cursed herself for showing weakness that she didn't think she had.

As Steff stood they’re holding the receiver in her had, and her mouth slightly open. ' Oh my goodness, did she just say what I thought that she said? Did she just say that she LOVES ME! She did, she just said that she loves me.' Steff thought to herself as tears rolled down her cheeks.

About Forty-five minutes later as Steff was searching around in the kitchen for some Moore candles and flashlights, she heard the sound of Drew's Bike.

"Oh thank god she's here."Steff said as she started for the front door.

As she exited the front door, she saw drew getting off her bike.

"Oh god Drew your soaked, get in here and lets get you in to something dry." Steff said as she reached out for Drew as she reached the top of the steps.

"I'm ok I'm just a little wet that's all."Drew said as she wiped wet stands of hair off her face.

"Oh yea I can see that you’re just a little wet, and the Mississippi river is just a mud puddle." Steff said as she reached up to wipe a strand of hair from Drew’s cheek.

"I'll live with being wet I don't mind it, what I do mind is wait one Moore minute for you to give me a proper greeting." Drew said as she gave Steff a half smile and an upraised eyebrow.

"Oh.well how could I resist that kind of a invitation."

Steff said as Drew rapped her arms around her and pulled her in close, she could smell the smells that only drew could have the smell of fresh rain and soft musk with just a hint of leather.

"Mm, you taste good." Dew said as she pulled back from the kiss.

"So do you, really good. But I think we should get you inside, and get you into something dry, before you catch your death."Steff said as she pulled Drew toward the front door.

"Yea I guess your right."Drew said as she suddenly stopped and looked out into the night as she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

"Drew what is it is there something wrong?"Steff asked hoping that Drew hadn't changed her mind about staying

"No nothing's wrong I just got a weird feeling all of a sudden, that's all it's probably nothing to worry about. Must be the storm."Drew said hoping that she was right.

"Yea I know it's really nasty out to night, now lets get you inside."Steff said pulling Drew into the house.

As Drew and Steff entered the house. A pair of dark brown eyes watched them from the woods and the cover of the trees, " Ahh. Well. Well ... it may have taken me nearly eight years but I finally found you Drew Andrews, Should I say Miss Mancinnie. You can change the name but you can't change who you are my dear, and I'm going to make sure you know that, and then you'll come back to wear you belong, you’ll come back to me.

To be continued in part three.

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