Untamed Heart

Part Four:

By DayDreamer


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Drew had left to go and check on the horses and make sure that they were weathering out the storm alright. Steff was just finishing up their breakfast dishes, when the phone rang.

" Why is it that when ever you have your hands in water or you’re in the middle of something really good the phone rings." The phone rang again. " Alright already I’m coming, I’m coming." "Hello" Steff said slightly out of breath from running. " Stephanie Ann is that you?" A nasally voice came across the line. Taking a deep breath and swallowing the lump that suddenly formed in her throat. " Yes mother its me" " Well dear you should be sure to reprimand the Maid you shouldn’t have to answer the phone that’s her job." " I don’t have a maid mother." Steff Said rolling her eyes sky ward.

Steff braced herself for what she knew was coming next.

" What do you mean you don’t have a maid with all the money that your grandmother left you it should be no problem for you to hire some one ." her mother end with a huff to show her displeasure.

" Mother I don’t need nor do I want a maid, I can do things for myself."

" Well I see, There’s no need to take that tone with me young lady, I can see that it was a mistake letting you go there and letting and have your little adventure before you settled down with Paul." Her mother said as if scolding child for bad behavior.

Steff could feel her anger starting to rise at how her parents treated her.

"Mother, as I told father this is not a little adventure, this is what I want to with my life I want to run this ranch and I want to write settling down with Paul that was something you and Dad wanted not me."

Steff said as she heard the door open and saw Drew come around the corner, Stopping when she saw the look on Steff’s face.

I wander who has her so upset Who ever it is had better be glad that their not were I can get my hands on them. I hate to see her upset like this.

Drew thought as she stepped forward and put her hand on Steff’s shoulder. " Are you all right Drew whispered.

Steff nodded her head yes.

"I will not be talked to that way young lady , you keep a civil tongue IM still your mother, and as for your marring Paul you know that it is for the best your father worked very hard to arrange this marriage and you will not ruin all of his hard work and he needs Paul’s families support to when that election and you know it. You will stop all this nuisance and you will come home, and you will marry Paul . do I make myself clear young lady." Her mother said in a tone that bore no argument.

There was a long pause .

" I said do you hear me’

Drew could see the distress in Steff's eyes and put her arm around her pulling her to her.

Steff felt her self relax as Drew’s arms warped around her waist while resting her chin on her shoulder.

‘Not this time mother you don’t get what you want.

I do and I want this woman for as long as she will have me. I won’t let you or any one take this, her from me. Not this time.’

While rubbing the arms that warped around her.

With a renewed strength she spoke into the phone

"Yes mother I heard you, but apparently you didn’t hear me I said that IM not coming back and damn sure not marrying that bastard Paul. "

Drew could feel her lover’s body tremble Turing to calm the younger woman she kissed her temple and whispered into her ear

" Are you ok love?"

Steff looked in to the blue eyes that showed concern.

" IM all right it’s my mother being…. Well … being my mother. But IM ok Hun." Steff answered in a whisper as she leaned in to place a light kiss on full red lips.

Aloud nasally voice booming thorough the phone brought them back to the moment a hand.

"Stephanie Ann is some one there with you, and did I hear them call you love. My god Stephanie what in the hell do you think your doing down there, you little slut are you trying to ruin your father and the family. We willseewhat your father has to say about this young lady!"

Hear every word the woman was saying to her lover made Drew want to climb through the Phone line and tear this bitch a new ass.


" Give me that phone Steff I wont let her or any on else talk to you that way your mother or not!"

Drew said reaching for the phone.

" Its ok Hun ill handle this I have to, now mother you listen to me I have found some one and I have found a place in this world were I belong, where I don’t have to bow down to you or any one else, IM happy here and that’s all there is to say good bye mother."

Hanging up the phone and turning in the arms that now held her closer than before. She looked into blue eyes and saw all the love she would ever need for the rest of her life.

" Are you all right babe?" Drew said placing a kiss on the younger woman’s forehead.

" Yea IM ok, thanks for being here it helped so much having you here, but some how I don’t think this is over with my mother doesn’t give up that easy"

Steff said laying her head on Dew’s chest.

" Yea well what ever she has in store we’ll face it together Right?’

Drew said hoping that Steff felt the same way.

Nodding her head in agreement

"Yes together, we ll. face it together"



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