Part 4 - See disclaimers in Part 1

Creak. Crack. Pop. Omigod, I don't think I can even plié today. Evon Lagacé groaned silently as she rotated at the waist before beginning her morning class with the dancers.

"Everyone ready?" She painted a smile on her face and turned to face the corps de ballet. "Here we go."

Evon signaled the pianist and started the barrework as strains of Chopin filled the mirrored room.

Her numerous responsibilities as dance notator, or choreologist, for the ballet company included the morning sessions, as well as teaching production repertoire. Evon enjoyed her job, especially since she had long ago given up on the notion of being a dancer herself. It filled a need in her that had existed since she was three years old, and attended her first ballet class. Her mind and soul was that of a dancer, unfortunately her body was not. She had inherited the genes of her father, and to anyone outside this graceful profession, she looked lean and powerful... an athlete with an excellent physique. But she had pined for the long, lithe limbs of her mother who, in her youth, had been the principal dancer for the Royal Ballet.

She had driven herself hard in her years at ballet school, trying to overcome the limitations her body imposed upon her, yet was unceremoniously placed in character roles during all the school shows, never reaching center stage. She could still hear as clearly as if it were yesterday, the teacher's voice cutting through the room, "Think thin, ladies! You're all going to end up working in factories, you lazy cows! Don't teeter, Evon!" The vicious words were branded in the recesses of her mind, as well as the pain she had endured to meet the incredible demands of flexibility and poise. And if the ballet mistress had told her one more time to consider musical theater over classical dance, she would have puked on her shoes.

She awoke one morning in a hospital bed on the brink of anorexia, and realized then that this life was not meant to be hers. Her natural exuberance was dying inside her, striving as hard as she was for a destiny beyond her reach. So, too old and wise for the tender age of sixteen, she walked away from the last thirteen years of her life, and everything she had ever known. In a fit of rage at her perceived failure, she cut off her long, golden hair and swore never to enter a theater again.

College was the eventual choice, and Evon immersed herself in academia. But the performer inside her was not to be quieted, no matter how many hours she studied. So she acquired a healthy social life, something ballet school had never really afforded her, and became known as the life of any party she attended, quelling somewhat the need for the stage. She had a terrific voice, and joined a couple of bands as the lead singer, but they never progressed beyond a few local gigs. And still, the theater beckoned.

Finally, after much soul-searching, Evon gave in to the call. She left college, and flew to London where she attended the Benesh Institute, and became a choreologist. It was during this year in London that she also gave in to another summoning in her soul... her desire for women.

Exhausted, Evon plunked herself down at a small table in the corner of the pub, and with a heavy sigh, covered her face with her hands. She sat like that for a long moment, thankful that the move into her new flat a few blocks from school was finally done. It had been a bit of a struggle, since she didn't own a vehicle, and had been required to ask her mother's old friends for assistance. They were gracious, as most Brits are, but working out who was available when, and enduring the endless stream of well-meaning comments about her failed dance career, had been draining.

"Hullo? Are you all right, miss?"

Startled, Evon broke out of her reverie, and glanced up into a beautiful, boyish face with sharp features and concerned eyes so dark, they almost seemed black.

"Oh! Hi... yes... um, I'm fine, thank you. I was just daydreaming." She couldn't help smiling at the sweet, handsome face, despite her tiredness.

"Right then. You looked a little out of sorts, and I haven't seen you here before, so I thought I'd check. Glad to hear you're ok. I'm Vic, the evening manager and server when my wait staff is off, and I'd be happy to get you something."

"Vic? That's an interesting name for a girl." Evon grinned. "Don't tell me. Victoria, right?"

A smile in return. "Yeah. I don't look much like a Victoria, now, do I?" The girl stood up to her full 5'7" height and spread her arms out wide to her sides. She was wearing black jeans and motorcycle boots, and a plain white oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows. Her thick, dark hair was cut short around the sides and back, but longer on top, and she had a medium, muscular build. Evon knew all about bodies and weight control, and she could tell that Vic must work out fairly consistently to circumvent her body's propensity towards gaining extra pounds.

"No, you don't." Evon agreed, surprising herself with the boldness she displayed as her eyes swept the figure from head to toe, and guessing her to be about a year younger than herself. "But Vic certainly suits you." The girl blushed a little at the approval she could see in the blonde's face.

"Shall I call you miss, then, or do you have a name?" An impish grin crossed the evening manager's face.

"I'm sorry. Evon Lagacé. And I'm pleased to meet you, Vic." She held out her hand which the girl shook gently.

"My pleasure. And it's Vic Henley. You're from America, then? Even with a name like that?"

Evon gave a little laugh, and felt intuitively that this person was a trustworthy sort. And Evon trusted her instincts implicitly. "Canada, actually. But my father is originally from France, and I'm named after a relative from Russia... I never knew her, unfortunately."

"Ah, hearty stock, then."

The blonde found that extremely amusing, and felt the day's tension leave her as she laughed out loud. "You're funny, Vic. I think I'm going to enjoy coming here."

A delighted look lit up the girl's handsome features. "Do you live here, then?"

"I just started at Benesh, and I live not too far from here. So what do you do when you're not evening manager at this pub?"

Vic started to speak, stopped, and started again. "Hold on a minute. Let me get you something to drink. What would you like? And would you like something from the kitchen? I'll come back with it, and continue our conversation. Ok?"

"All right." Evon smiled. "I already ate, but I'll have a gin and tonic tall, please."

"With a twist of lime?"

"Of course." Vic grinned at the reply, and left quickly. Evon could see her speaking rapidly with the bartender as she removed her small cash apron and threw it behind the counter. She was back in no time with Evon's drink as well as a pint for herself, and she took the seat across from Evon.

"Are you off now?" The blonde questioned, as she looked at the dark beer.

"Well, it's quiet and Karen, my bartender, can handle the tables for the rest of the night. And I have kitchen staff in the back who can help if necessary. No problems." Vic smiled as she leaned her elbows on the table. "So where were we?"

Evon took a sip of her drink, then rested her chin in her hand. "You were telling me what you do with your life besides working here."

"Right. You know that internet café a few doors down? I teach classes there during the day, and work here four evenings per week."

"Oh. That's interesting. I really have to become more proficient with my computer. I'd like to set up my own web page, but I don't have the first idea how to do it." Evon shook her head. "Maybe I'll take one of your classes."

"Are you free during the day though? That's when I teach."

"Oh, that's right. You just said that. No, I'm not. Well, it was a thought. Do they have classes during the evening?"

"I, um... I could show you myself, if you'd like. We could meet there when I'm off.. um.. if you'd like." Vic stuttered a little and looked down at the table as she spoke, fidgeting in her seat.

Evon suppressed a smile at the display of shyness. "I think that would be great. Thank you, Vic."

"Oh. Great!" The girl was happily surprised. "Let me know when you want to start, then."

"Ok, I will. Won't be for a little while. I have to get settled in at school first."

"Right. No problem. Anytime. So you're a dancer, then?"

A little twinge in her gut reminded Evon that it still hurt. "No. I'm going to be a choreologist."

"Really? I'd like to know about that."

"It's a long story."

"I have time."

Evon smiled and sipped her drink. "Why don't you tell me more about yourself first."

They talked until the pub closed.

The next few days found Evon caught in a whirlwind of activity, acclimatizing herself to school, life in London, and most of all, being back in the world of dance. She had been very concerned about her emotional reaction to the familiar environment, but was pleasantly surprised that the anticipation of her new career far overrode the trepidation she felt. She fell quickly back into the routine, and congratulated herself on the ease of it.

It had been two weeks since Evon had initially visited her neighborhood pub. She found herself looking forward to seeing Vic again as she pushed open the door and stepped inside. The bartender recognized her and waved a greeting. Evon walked over and took a seat at the bar.

"Hi. Karen, right?"

"That's me. And you're Evon." The bartender answered brightly, as she dried a glass. "Vic told me."

"She did, huh?"

"Yeah. She's been wondering if she scared you off, I think." The answer was supplied with a wink.

"Really? I've been quite busy with school, actually. Is she working tonight?"

"Sure is, every Friday. She's back there in the office." Karen jerked her head towards the short hallway at the other end of the bar.

"Could you let her know I'm here?"

"You can go on back there yourself if you like. She'll be happy to see you, I'm sure."

"Ok." Evon slid off the stool and headed around the bar, wondering what Karen seemed to find so amusing.

Vic was preparing the following week's shift schedule when she heard the soft knock. Looking up, she saw the blonde head peek around the partially opened door, and promptly spilled her tea over the paperwork on the desk in her eagerness to jump up and greet her guest.

"Shit!" The expletive was followed by the crashing of a mug to the floor.

"Jeez. Did I interrupt a little tantrum?" Evon grinned and glanced down at the shards of glass on the floor.

"No! I mean no. I spilled the tea and couldn't catch the cup before it rolled off the edge. It's good to see you. How have you been? Come in. Sit down. Anywhere. Um... hang on, let me clear that chair off for you."

Vic was talking and moving a mile a minute. After a few seconds, she stopped, put her hands on her hips, and gave a friendly glare to the blonde who was obviously laughing at her.

"What's so funny?"

"You. Slow down before you damage yourself. Clean off your desk, and I'll find a place to sit, ok?"

"Right. Let me get something to mop up this mess. I'll be right back." As Vic was walking out the door, she hesitated and turned back to Evon. "It's really, really good to see you."

Evon watched the broad back disappear around the corner, and smiled, knowing that her appearance was the cause of Vic's sudden clumsiness. The smile disappeared as a touch of panic edged into her awareness.

**Evon, what the hell are you doing?! You've never been with a woman before, and now you're grinning that you've got this poor girl flustered at the sight of you! What are you going to do with her if she wants to be more than friends?**

The thoughts whirled around in her head a mile a minute.

**You're attracted to her, admit it. And you like that she's attracted to you. Is she attracted to me? Is she even gay? Right! She could be a poster child for the gay movement, for Christ's sake! Ha!**

Evon had barked out the short laugh without realizing it, as she thought about the absurdity of questioning the girl's obvious preference.

"What's so amusing?" Vic had returned with a bar towel in her hand.

"Oh! Nothing." Evon flushed. "Just a joke I heard at school, that's all."

"Tell it to me."

Evon thought quickly. "Um, how many ballet dancers does it take to change a light bulb?" She winced inwardly at her inability to come up with something more original.

Vic didn't seem to notice. In truth, she was so thrilled to see Evon again, she didn't even think twice about the beautiful flush on the choreologist's face. "How many?"

"One. She holds the bulb, and expects the world to revolve around her."

"Ha ha! Too right! Are dancers really that self-centered then?" Vic asked as she wiped off the desk.

"You have no idea." Evon forgot her embarrassment as she explained the darker side of the world that had consumed more than half her life. "Classical dance is a performance art, Vic, but it's a cutthroat business. Every dancer wants to be in the spotlight, and they'll do just about anything to get there. And they all think they deserve the principle position. Don't be fooled by the elegance of it. Some of those women can be absolute bitches."

"Oh. Sounds vicious. You don't seem to fit that description, Evon."

"Well, I hated that part of it, and honestly, even if I had made it, I don't know how long I would have stayed because of that. It's a tough life, but I did love everything else about it." The blonde was surprised to find herself opening up so easily, but she felt comfortable with this young, handsome woman, and wanted to connect with her on a deeper level.

"So that's why you're not a dancer now?" Vic asked hesitantly.

Evon gave a small smile and replied quietly, "No, Vic. I'm not a dancer because I didn't have what it takes."

"Oh. Um, I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to ask such a personal question." The brunette felt awkward and chided herself for ruining the mood. She rung the towel nervously.

"No, it's ok. Really." The blonde reached across the desk, and touched Vic's arm with her fingertips. "It took me a while, but I've accepted it. In fact, I love what I'm doing now, if the last two weeks are any indication. I'm enjoying being back in the environment again, and I never thought I would. The pressure isn't the same at all."

"Well, that's a good thing, then. Perhaps you can tell me more about it some time."

"I will, I think. Maybe over dinner?" The invitation was purely instinctual, and even caught Evon by surprise.

"Um, yes! Sure!" Vic was so happy, she could barely contain herself.

"Ok, when do you get off work?"

"Oh. Tonight? I can't. I have to work until midnight. I'm sorry." The disappointment was evident in both faces.

"Don't be sorry, we'll do it another time. It's not like I gave you any notice." Evon got up to leave.

Feeling a little frantic at the possibility of not seeing the blonde again for another two week eternity, Vic spouted the first prospect that crossed her mind.

"Um, if you haven't eaten, I can make you something here, and I was planning to go out after work, if you'd like to go with me. I'd like you to go, if you can... if you want." The words tumbled out.

"Hmmm. Ok, I can do that. I'd like to get out for a social evening. Where are you going?"

"Great!" The relieved grin lit up the brunette's features. "The Candy Bar. It's a small women's bar in Soho. You can meet some of my friends."

It hadn't crossed Vic's mind that Evon had never been involved with a woman before, much less never been in a gay bar. All signals she had received told her the blonde was gay, so the startled look confused the hell out of her.

"Is that all right, or is there somewhere else you'd rather go?

**Oh Evon, just go with it, for God's sake! You know you want to! Besides, going with someone who knows the area is better than going by yourself.** As her thoughts calmed, the look on her face softened.

"No, that'll be fine. I haven't been to Soho yet. I'm sure it will be fun, and I'd like to meet your friends."

"Ok, then. Let's get a table for you, and I'll be ready to go in a couple of hours."

"Do you have a car here?"

"No, I don't own one. I think I'd be a bit dangerous." Evon grinned. "I can't seem to get the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road."

Vic laughed as she opened the door to let them out in the cool night air. "At least it's not raining. You won't get wet."

"Wet? What do you mean?"

The brunette led her to an older model, mint Triumph motorcycle in the alleyway next to the pub.

"Wow! This is really nice! Why didn't I guess you'd be a biker chick?"

"Haha! I'll take that as a compliment!"

"Please do, I love bikes."

"Do you ride, then?"

"I've never owned one, but a few guys I've dated have. I feel safer on the back." Evon was busy admiring the cycle, and didn't notice Vic's sharp glance.

"Um.. Evon? Guys?"

** Shit!** She sighed and stood up. "I guess I'd better come clean here, Vic." Another sigh. "I've never been to a gay bar in my life. I've only ever dated men, and I didn't get much of a chance to do that until a few years ago. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but we never really got on the topic, you know? Would you rather I didn't go?"

"Do you want to go?"



A chuckle. "Now there's a loaded question." Evon leaned back against the bike's leather seat and studied the hunched posture of the sweet butch in front of her, hands jammed in her pants pockets.
"Because I want to see if it's what I want. Because I think it is. Because I think you're sweet and kind, and I think you'd be the perfect escort for my first venture into this world of yours. Enough reasons?"

That got a shy smile. "Yeah. I'm flattered. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Thanks for still wanting to take me."

"Let's go, then." Vic handed her a battered helmet, straddled the bike and started it with a roar. "Jump on!"


Evon climbed on, and wrapped her arms tightly around the girl's waist. Vic revved the engine a couple of times and turned around to see if her passenger was settled. She got the ok signal, turned back around, and rumbled out of the alley towards Soho.

The Candy Bar was small, but tasteful, with no dance floor. There was a tiny pool table upstairs, but all the socializing centered on the first floor.

Vic held the door, and followed Evon in, taking her elbow gently and guiding her towards the bar. "Would you like a gin and tonic?"

"Yes, please." Evon replied distractedly, taking in the activity surrounding her. It wasn't any different than any other bar she'd been in, she thought, except there were no men. She decided she liked it.

An accent that wasn't British caught her attention when Vic ordered the drinks from a tall, pretty redhead who smiled a lot. She sidled up against Vic at the crowded counter and waited for the bartender to return.

"Thanks, Denise. Keep the rest." Vic slid some bills across the bar.

"Thanks, sweetie. I appreciate it. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

"Of course. Denise, this is Evon. Evon, Denise. Coincidentally, you're both Canadians."

"I thought I recognized the accent. It's nice to meet you, Denise." Evon held out her hand.

"Yes, the same! Wonderful! Where in Canada?" The redhead was gregarious and vibrant, and Evon liked her instantly.

"Toronto. And you?"

"Hamilton. I don't miss it a bit, except for my family. I've been here a few months now, and I love it. Are you vacationing or living here?"

"I'm here for a year, at school, actually. I've been here before with my parents, visiting friends, but this is the first time on my own. I arrived about three weeks ago."

"How did you meet Vic? She's a sweetie." The redhead's eyes twinkled, and she winked at Evon.

The blonde blushed furiously at the intimation. "Oh, I've only just met her. She works at the pub near my flat. And yes, she is very nice."

"You two look very good together, you know."

Evon thanked the stars that Vic had excused herself a few minutes  prior to say hello to some friends waving furiously at her from across the room.

"Denise, I hardly know her. Is she a good friend of yours?" She sat down on a recently vacated barstool, wanting to know more about both her new friends.

The bartender told Evon a few things about herself, and then spoke nicely of Vic. She was well-liked in the community, a bit of a loner, but very friendly. She was very selective about whom she spent time with, and hadn't been in a relationship as long as the redhead had known her. She prudently advised Evon that the girl was fairly private, but forthcoming to the right person. Evon took the hint, and changed the subject. She was asking Denise about her painting when a commotion in the far corner caught their attention.

Noticing that the two women had taken an instant liking to each other, as she surmised they might, Vic decided to mingle for a few minutes with her friends. In the middle of the conversation, she heard a despised voice addressing her. She rolled her eyes at her friends and stood up to face the woman.

"Vic. Who's the blonde you brought in?"

"The blonde is a friend of mine, April. Why?"

"She's a hottie. What's her name?"

"Leave her alone, April. You're not her type."

"And you are?! Blimey, she must really be a dumb blonde, then!"

"Fuck you, April. Don't go near her." Vic shook her head and turned to sit back down.

April was a little larger than Vic; a hard looking woman with a permanent smug expression on her face. She was known to ignore the status of relationships, and pursue whoever caught her fancy. Tonight, it was Evon.

"Fuck you, baby butch. I'll do what I want." She turned to walk over to the bar when Vic grabbed her shirt sleeve.

"I said, don't."

"Get your fucking hands off me!" April's hand closed over Vic's wrist, and she wrenched it down and sideways, twisting the girl's elbow in an awkward manner.

"Shit!" Vic grimaced as pain shot through her arm. She pushed the woman away, and got blindsided by a large fist which seemingly came out of nowhere. The unexpected impact caught her off balance, and she stumbled against the table, causing glasses and bottles to crash to the floor.

The bouncer was immediately on April, telling Vic's friends to back off, and pulling her towards the door, ushering her forcefully out of the bar.

Denise and Evon rushed over to the table, where Vic was holding the side of her face and muttering to herself. "Stupid, damn bitch! Should've expected that."

"That's it, Anne!" Denise said angrily to the bouncer. "No more! She's banned! Every time she comes in here, there's trouble!"

"No problem with that. I didn't want her in here in the first place. I'll let Maris know in the morning, and she won't get through that door again." After making sure Vic didn't require medical attention, the bouncer went back to her station.

Evon reached up and touched the purpling bruise with gentle fingers. "How did this happen?"

"Probably defending your honor, my dear." The bartender supplied as she cleaned up the broken glass. "That woman is a nightmare. She thinks she can have whoever she wants."

"Oh. Does this kind of thing go on often?" The blonde glanced around at the staring patrons.

"No, not at all." Denise stated. "Only around women like April, and thankfully, those are few and far between."

"I'm sorry, Evon." Vic mumbled. "Please don't think I get into a lot of fights."

"Not your fault, honey. Thanks for sticking up for me, if that's what happened."

**She called me honey.** The thought made her eye throb a little less.

"Not a problem. I don't mind getting pummeled for a good cause, but I think we'd better leave. I'm getting a bit of a headache."

"Oh, sure. Denise, it was nice meeting you. We should get together sometime."

"Absolutely. Here, I'll give you my number."

The three women exchanged numbers at the bar, and Vic and Evon headed off after the blonde was convinced that Vic was ok to drive.

When they arrived at Evon's flat, she climbed off the bike and stood hesitantly on the sidewalk. "Listen, I don't think you should drive by yourself, and you need ice on that eye. Why don't you come in? I've got a frozen steak that'll do quite nicely."

Vic thought about it for approximately half a second, then turned off the ignition. "I don't want to leave the bike out here."

"Uh, no. I wouldn't leave it on the street. There's a small drive at the back of the house. Why don't you pull it in there? It won't take up much room."

She found a spot, dug around the small garage for a block of wood, and placed it under the kickstand.

Evon was waiting at the door, and as they climbed the stairs, her gut clenched a bit. **Stop worrying, Evon, you silly shit! You're just going to put ice on the poor girl's eye. Relax.**

She unlocked the door, and motioned for Vic to follow her. The apartment was a small, quaint studio, decorated nicely with plants, and prints from various ballet productions. A beautiful wooden futon in the sitting room doubled as a bed, and the kitchen was clean, and nicely equipped.

"Lie down right here, and I'll get you some aspirin. Then we'll get that eye covered, ok?"

Not waiting for an answer, Evon went to the bathroom and got the aspirin and a glass of water. She handed it to Vic with a smile, and then retrieved the steak from the freezer, wrapping it in a plastic bag and a soft handcloth.

"Um, hang on. Let's fold down the futon first. I'm afraid it's the only sleeping space I have, so we'll have to share."

Vic blushed slightly, and stood up. "I don't want to be any trouble." She said quietly.

"Not at all. I feel bad that I was the cause of your nice shiner, tough stuff."

The tough stuff in question grinned, and winced. "Yow! Stings a bit."

"Ok, here's a t-shirt. The bathroom's over there. Get changed and then we'll try to get that swelling down."

As the bathroom door closed, Evon put clean sheets on the mattress, and wondered if she was going to be able to sleep with this beautiful girl lying next to her.

She smiled at the sight of Vic in the t-shirt and white button fly boxer briefs. ** Nice butt.** She thought, as she headed off to the bathroom herself.

The pounding in Vic's head had gotten quite intense on the bike, but with the aspirin, it had subsided to a dull throb. She climbed under the covers, and gently placed the frozen meat on her eye.

"Owwww. I hope her fucking hand is broken!" She muttered angrily. Talk about screwing up her night. Although... she probably wouldn't have ended up here, in bed, with this gorgeous woman. Ok, decent trade-off. A grin. Another wince.

"How does it feel?" Evon had emerged from the bathroom, and was standing beside the bed, wearing a snug, spaghetti strapped tank top and a pair of short, girl boxers that revealed the magnificent tone of her body. Vic suddenly felt light-headed, and knew it wasn't from her injury.

"Uh, fine, I think."

"Let me see." The blonde leaned over her, concerned, and Vic almost reached out to touch her. "Well, I think you're going to have a real conversation piece tomorrow at work." She replaced the cold package gently, and walked out to the kitchen. "Do you need anything?"

"No, thank you." Vic's heart was pounding in her chest, so strongly that it made her face hurt even more. She closed her eyes until she felt the bed move as Evon lay down next to her.

"Are you comfortable? Do you want another pillow?"

"I'm fine, Evon. Really. Just a dull ache."

"Ok. Let me know if you need anything." She reached over and turned out the light.

They lay in the darkness for a few minutes, near enough to feel each other's heat, but not touching.



Evon turned sideways and leaned up on her elbow facing her bed partner. "This isn't an experiment for me. I just want you to know that."

"Good. Being an experiment isn't much fun, unless, you know, you're into that sort of thing. It doesn't usually work out."

"No. I can imagine it doesn't." She had the most incredible urge to touch the girl, but didn't quite know how to go about it. "Vic?"


"Do you hurt anywhere else? I mean, when you fell against the table?"

"No, I just stumbled because she caught me off guard. Why? Am I bleeding or something?" She lifted her hands and inspected them, back and front, expecting to see a scrape or a cut from the broken glass.

Evon took the girl's right hand and held it between hers. "No. Just wondering. You have large hands. Long fingers. Especially compared to mine." Held palm to palm, Vic could see the difference.

"Yours are small, but nice. And soft."

They smiled at each other. Evon leaned over and gave Vic a sweet, lingering kiss on the lips, then lay her head on the girl's shoulder and moved closer. "Goodnight, Vic. Thanks for defending me tonight."

"You're welcome," came the whispered reply as her arm circled the blonde's shoulders and held her tight. "Anytime."

They saw each other frequently over the next few weeks, each getting to know more about the other, and the attraction grew. They spent time riding through the countryside on Vic's bike, and exploring small villages, which thrilled Evon. This was a part of England she had never seen, and she loved Vic for indulging her.

She learned that Vic had been born in Manchester, and went back frequently to see old friends. The girl was estranged from her family because they didn't approve of her lifestyle, but if it bothered her, it certainly didn't show. She shrugged it off, saying that she was better off an orphan anyway, no guilt to deal with.

Evon didn't agree, although she had no idea what her parents would think once she told them she was gay. She knew that about herself now, having spent so much time with Vic. Never, could she recall, had she felt so comfortable in such close proximity to another person. They hadn't had sex yet, but there was lots of touching and kissing going on. Vic was giving her the time and space she needed to make the decision herself, and Evon loved her for that too. The girl was respectful, funny, charming, and utterly adorable in her gallantry. And cute. With a great body. And a little bit of the devil in her.

"Vic, stop! I'm going to pee my pants!" Evon shrieked as she tried to pry long fingers from her ribs. They had stopped their journeying to sit on a hillside and eat a very late lunch, purchased at a village market a few miles back. The tickling stopped.

"My God! You're like a horrible small boy sometimes!"

Vic burst out laughing. "Too right! I've been called many things in my life, but that one's new!"

"It's true! You're terrible! I hate being tickled, especially when I can't get you back!"

"Well, you could try something else..." Vic winked at her and grinned when she saw the glimmer in the blonde's eyes.

"I've been thinking about that, you know. I think I'm going to seduce you soon." Evon laughed at the startled glance she received. "What are you doing tonight?"

Vic gave her a completely serious look. "Calling in sick."

It was Evon's turn to break up. She caught her breath. "Really?"


"Take me home, tough stuff."

How they made it back to Vic's flat in one piece, she wasn't sure. She was certain however, that they had broken some land speed record somewhere.

It was definitely a bachelor pad, from Evon's point of view. There was a small, functional kitchen with an oven that had probably never been used, and the sitting room was filled with a home gym, barbells, a treadmill, a large tv, and a well worn, comfortable couch. Computer equipment filled the rest of the living space. The flat was surprisingly very clean. Evon had pictured something akin to a dorm room in a frat house from the way Vic had talked, and she was pleased to discover she was wrong.

As soon as Vic closed the door behind them, she took the blonde in her arms, and gave her a deep, gentle kiss. Her body trembled at the anticipation of making love to this beautiful woman, and she tried unsuccessfully to stifle a small groan.

The sound made Evon lose her breath, and a sudden rush of warmth coursed through her body. Her hands clenched convulsively on Vic's leather jacket before she pulled back. "You have to call Karen, baby."

"In a minute." She leaned in for another kiss.

Evon smiled. "Now, honey, before we forget. I have to go to the restroom, ok?"


The bathroom door closed, and Vic grabbed the phone.


"Karen, it's Vic."

"Hello. Are you all right? You sound hoarse."

"No... I mean, yeah, I'm fine. Listen, I won't be able to make it in tonight. Is it very busy? Will you be able to cover for me?"

"Well, it's not too bad. I can pull Paul out of the kitchen, I suppose. He won't mind the extra hours. Is everything ok?"

"Yeah. I want..." A pause. "Evon's here, Karen. She really likes me."

Vic could hear the smile in the bartender's voice. "No problem. We're covered here."

"Thanks. I owe you one."

"Don't worry about it. Have a nice time."

"Thanks. Bye."

As she hung up, the sound of water running in the tub almost made her believe in God. She danced into the kitchen, poured two glasses of wine, and sat on the couch to wait. She jumped up again, and took off her jacket, shirt, boots and socks. Dressed in jeans and a white A shirt, she sat again. It felt like an eternity.


**Finally!** "I'm here. Would you like some wine?"

"Oh. Yes, please."

The sight that greeted her when she stepped into the bathroom almost made her drop the glasses. Evon was lying back in the tub, the white suds just revealing the tops of her breasts.

"How did you get all the bubbles? I don't have any of that."

"It's your bath gel. Smells really nice, doesn't it?" Evon reached for her glass.

"You look as good as it smells. You're driving me a bit crazy here, I'll have you know."

"Well then, the seduction is working. Are you going to get in with me?"

"Right. In it is, then."

Evon flushed as Vic turned out the light and lit a large candle near the basin, then stepped out of the remainder of her clothes. She was lean and masculine, with small breasts and a ring in her left nipple.

"Mmm, I didn't know you had a nipple ring."

"You didn't ask. Here, scoot forward a bit. Yow, that's hot!" The girl shivered as she lowered herself into the water behind Evon. "Oops, let a little bit out or we'll flood the floor."

Evon did, and then leaned back against the muscular chest. "How's the seduction going so far?" She sipped her wine nonchalantly, and tried to pretend her heart wasn't pounding.

"Wonderful. You're very good at this. Lots of practice?"

"Good God, no! I'm just ad-libbing as I go. Clean seemed like a good place to start."

"Well, it must be instinct then." The words were spoken softly into her ear, and she clenched her thighs in response to the tightening in her belly.

She leaned back and turned her head, tasting the wine on Vic's tongue as she accepted it into her mouth, and feeling a hand slide around and cup her breast. She placed her own hand on Vic's, and moved it over the hardened nipple, feeling the tingle shoot into her groin.

"Ohhh.." Vic moaned into the deepening kiss, and unconsciously pressed her hips against Evon. The glasses made it to the floor somehow, without spilling, as they acquainted themselves with each other's bodies. They gently explored soft skin with fingertips and palms, groaning as the sensitivity heightened. Vic's tongue circled around a small ear, and she breathed into it.

"Let me wash you."

Evon was so aroused, she didn't trust her voice. Silently, she placed the bar of soap in her lover's hand.

The brunette pulled Evon gently back against her chest, reached around her shoulders, and soaped toned arms, muscular thighs and a taut abdomen, avoiding the blonde down between her legs. She lathered her hands and caressed each perfect breast until Evon's breathing was labored, and her eyelids were fluttering. Vic slid their bodies down into the cooling water up to their necks to rinse off the soap, and then stood up, reaching for a towel. As Evon started to stand, she motioned for her to wait. When she had dried herself off, the girl grabbed another large towel from the closet and held it open for Evon. She wrapped it around her and patted the blonde dry.

"Come to bed with me." She reached out a hand.

Evon stayed silent as she tangled their fingers together and followed Vic.

Watching Vic turn down the covers on the bed, Evon started feeling a little nervous. She knew what she liked, but would Vic like the same? And how could she ask? This was uncharted territory, and even in her aroused state, she started having a few misgivings.

The concerns disappeared when Vic picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. She moved over her, holding most of her weight on her arms, and slid a thigh between Evon's legs.

"You are so beautiful, Evon. You take my breath away." She whispered as she grazed the blonde's neck with her lips and teeth. She moved her body so that she was positioned between Evon's spread legs, and her hipbone was pressed against the blonde's center. She thrust gently as she caressed the magnificent breasts and swirled her tongue around the nipples.

Evon felt overwhelmed with sensation, and arched her back into the attention. She clutched at the muscles in Vic's back, pulling her closer as she wrapped her legs around strong thighs. "Mmmm... this feels so good, baby. Keep going."

Vic slid along the slick wetness in a firm, continuous motion, and covered the chest and stomach beneath her with soft bites and a tender tongue. She could feel Evon's responses quickening, and short fingernails digging into her back. She rolled off to the side, and kissed the protests away.

"Shhh." Vic pressed her lips against the moist forehead, and covered Evon's face with light kisses. She lifted the blonde's leg over her hip, and running her hand down Evon's body, she slid between the warm folds and rolled her thumb pad against the swollen clitoris. The blonde started writhing and moaning, and a small hand reached down to press Vic's fingers to the opening. Two long fingers pushed in gently, and Evon's head forced back against the pillow as her mouth fell open.

"Ahhhh... God, that feels so nice. Kiss me."

Vic covered the sweet lips with hers, and Evon clutched at the back of her lover's neck, thrusting her tongue insistently into the brunette's mouth. Their breathing was ragged now, and Vic could feel the pulsing begin around her fingers. She increased the pace and moved away from the kiss to watch the blonde's face. Evon stopped breathing as she lifted her hips off the bed and stilled.

"Oh God! Yes! Don't stop... that's it... right... now!"

The climax shook her body again and again, and Vic thought she had never seen a more beautiful vision in her life.

When the tremors slowed, Vic pulled out gently and wrapped her arms around the flushed woman, burying her face in her neck. Evon draped her limp arms over Vic's shoulders and placed a hand on the back of her head, running small fingers through short hair.

"Mmmm.. that was wonderful, baby."

"Can I do it again?" The question was muffled against her neck.

"God, yes honey, you're very good at it. I have to make up for lost time." Evon hesitated. "Jesus, did I just say that? So much for feeling shy."

Vic lifted her head and smiled into her eyes. "Do you like toys?"

"What kind of toys?"

The girl reached under the bed and pulled out a small box. She opened it and held up a very realistic cyberskin dildo.

"Evon, meet Adam."

"Well, hello Adam." The blonde grinned.

"He's new. I just got it."

"So what else is hiding under your bed, you wild thing? Hmmm?"

"Just this." Vic handed her a quality leather harness. "Wanna try it?"

"Oh yeah. Can I put this on you?"

"Ok. You have to slide Adam in first, though." She reached for the harness.

The blonde swatted her hand away. "Let me."

Evon pushed the girl onto her back and knelt between her legs. "Oh, I like this view." The blush on Vic's face was adorable. "Hmm, how does this...?" She held up the leather piece and studied the straps. "Oh, I see." She bent Vic's legs and slid the waist belt, then the leg straps over her feet and up her thighs. Placing the dildo in the front opening, she snapped the o-ring and pulled the buckles tight.
She sat back on her heels, and admired her handiwork. "Yum. It feels incredibly real."

"I'm glad you like it. Here." Vic handed her a small plastic bottle.

"Liquid Silk. I don't think I need this, baby, but..." She squirted a bit onto her hand. "Mmm, vanilla." Her lover's eyes never left her hand as she rubbed the lube onto the shaft of the toy, and then slowly between her legs. "Feels great. Soft and cool." She knew she was tormenting the girl, and loving every second of it. Vic's eyes were smoldering.

"Ready, baby?" Evon teased as she straddled the leather clad hips. Vic held the base of the dildo as the blonde eased the entire length inside. "Oh, yes! I think I like Adam." Evon rocked slowly, getting used to the fullness, and leaned forward on her hands, breasts swaying. Vic captured a breast with her free hand, and teased at the erect nipple, her hips lifting to meet Evon's downward strokes.

"Oh, that's hitting all the right places." The blonde's eyes closed and she groaned as they moved in unison. As their breathing accelerated, so did their movements, until there were no more words, just pleasurable grunts. The tight strap between Vic's legs was rubbing deliciously on her clit and against her anus as the dildo slid in and out of her lover, and as aroused as she was, she knew she would have to focus hard not to orgasm before Evon was close. She didn't have to wait long.

"Oh, baby! That's it! I'm gonna come for you now!"

That was all Vic needed to hear. She concentrated on maintaining her motion as stabbing jolts of pleasure coursed through her body, causing her to cry out her lover's name. Evon's spasms kept friction on the strap, and Vic had to sit up, the dildo still deep inside the blonde.

"Ohmigod! That... was... fantastic! I can't... breathe!" Evon held the girl's head tight to her chest, and gasped for air. "God! Why did I wait so long for this?"

"I dunno." Vic mumbled against a luscious breast. "But I'm sure glad you did."

"Me too, baby. Me too."

"Once more."

Evon groaned. "More?"


"You'll have to be gentle. It's been a while, and I want to be able to walk in the morning."

"I will, I promise." Vic looked up and gave Evon the sweetest smile.

"I don't think I can resist that handsome face." The blonde cupped Vic's cheek in her palm and kissed her gently. "You're a wonderful lover, baby. I know you won't hurt me. Ok, hang on." Evon eased off the dildo and collapsed onto her back, limbs askew. "Wow!" She lay still for a few minutes, breathing deeply. "Phew. Ok, I think I'm ready."

Vic got up off the bed and stood at the side. She pulled a pillow over to the edge and motioned Evon to slide over. "Here, sweetheart. Scoot your beautiful butt up here. Now, wrap your legs around my waist."  She lubed the dildo again, and was about to slip in when the blonde stopped her.

"Hang on. Here, this'll be better." Evon moved on the pillow, closer to the edge of the bed, lifted her legs, and draped them over Vic's shoulders. "Dancers are very flexible, you know." She winked.

"Yes, I can see that. Talk about a nice view."

She held Evon's legs, and pushed gently into her. "I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"Oh, no," was the breathless reply. "You're doing just fine."

Vic leaned over further and slowly began to thrust. Watching as she pulled the dildo almost completely out, she rotated her hips as she pressed back in. Evon made no attempt to stifle her voice this time, and cried out loudly with each penetration, encouraging her lover to push deeper and faster. Rolling thighs slapped against buttocks, and the brunette found herself breathing heavy with arousal. It took a little longer this time, and Vic didn't want it to end, but when Evon was ready, slowing down was not an option. The blonde's body thrummed with the ferocity of the orgasm, and as she screamed Vic's name, she grabbed the thrusting hips and held them tight against her. The girl leaned over and kissed the flushed breasts as Evon's chest heaved for a long time.

"Sweet Jesus! That was so intense! Where the hell did you learn how to do that?!"

Vic laughed and lowered Evon's legs down as she gently pulled out, eliciting a groan from the blonde. "I dunno. Instinct, I think." She stepped out of the harness, and planted a small kiss on the swollen, reddened flesh. "Mmmm. Are you sure I didn't hurt you?"

"No, baby, not at all. But I can't take any more. Honestly."

"That's ok. Tomorrow."

It was Evon's turn to laugh. "Yes, baby. Tomorrow."

Vic crawled up on the bed and gathered the smaller woman into her arms, hugging her tightly. "Thank you, sweetheart."

"Mmmm. Thank you is more like it."

They cuddled for a few minutes as Evon's body calmed, and then she bent her head and looked up at Vic. "What about you? I want to make you feel that."

"Oh no. I'm strictly an external type. Penetration does absolutely nothing for me. Besides, hearing you scream my name was very pleasurable. I think I'm going to have to hide from the neighbors after that last one."

"Well, missy, just for that!" Evon slapped her butt and pounced on her, pinning her arms above her head. Laughing, Vic made no attempt to escape.

"Oh, I'm scared."

"I'm not trying to scare you. I haven't seduced you yet like I said I would."

"Sweetheart, I was seduced the first time I saw you."

"Oh, that was the right thing to say, you charmer."

Evon lay her full length on top of Vic and let go of her hands. She kissed the girl deeply and ran her fingers through the dark hair. She sucked on her earlobe, and nuzzled her neck until she could feel the unmistakable signs of arousal. The brunette's eyes were closed and her lips parted. Evon slid down the girl's body and gently tugged the nipple ring with her tongue. Vic groaned and moved her hips. The blonde lavished more attention on the hardened nipples and small breasts before she continued her journey southward. When she reached the patch of dark hair, she looked up at Vic, who was watching her under hooded eyelids.

"You don't have to do that if you aren't comfortable with it."

"I want to. Is that ok?"

"Absolutely. As long as you're sure."

"I am. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong."

"Do what you think feels good, sweetheart. I'm sure I'll like it too." Vic reached out and brushed her knuckles along Evon's cheek, then nestled her fingers in the short, golden hair.

Evon smiled and gently pushed Vic's legs further apart. She kissed the moist flesh and dipped her tongue into the tangy sweetness she found there. A jolt of pleasure at the realization of what she was doing made the blonde shudder, and she heard Vic's low groan. Hesitation gone, she ran her tongue and lips through tumescent folds, and flicked at the distended clitoris. She discovered that using the flat of her tongue elicited the sexiest noises from her lover, so she stopped experimenting and focused on bringing Vic the level of pleasure the girl had given her.

**Lots of time to find out what else she likes.**

Vic was floating. Other than making love to another woman, she enjoyed this better than any form of receiving pleasure. And when she understood Evon's intentions, that in itself, was almost enough. She knew that with the miraculous things the blonde was doing with her tongue, she wasn't going to last long.

"Sweetheart, slow down, ok?"

Evon could have cried. She thought she was doing it right. Vic didn't see the look on her face because her eyes were closed.

"I don't know what you're doing down there, but whatever it is, I want more of it. It feels so good, but I don't want to come too soon, sweetie. Just a little slower, ok?"

She almost laughed, but knew that Vic had no idea what she had been thinking. She continued and added a little suction to her repertoire, as well as introducing a few teeth.

Vic gave up. It was pointless anyway. Just being in the vicinity of this gorgeous creature was arousing almost to the point of climax. Having the blonde here, in bed, face buried between her legs, was something beyond reality.

Evon felt the tremors and smiled, and concentrated on moving her tongue against the swollen clit.

Vic tried to stay still. She really did, but it didn't work. Her hips lifted and jerked, her head slammed back against the pillow, and her body convulsed with an incredible orgasm that racked her entire being.

"Jesus Christ! Evon, stop! I can't...." Another spasm and she gulped for air. "Evon, sweetheart, please...."

The blonde's tongue never stopped moving. Finally, Vic managed to sit up halfway, reach beneath Evon's chin, and lift. "God, please stop! I can't take anymore!" She lifted one leg over her lover's head, and collapsed on her side, taking deep, heavy breaths.

Evon was enormously pleased with herself. The orgasm she had felt Vic have during their earlier lovemaking was nothing compared to this. Yes. She was pleased.

"Hey, baby. Doin' ok?"

Vic rolled over and laughed weakly. "You cannot convince me you haven't done that before."

"I haven't! Honest! I swear!"

"Well, consider yourself a natural, then."

The spent woman pulled the bedcovers up, opened her arms, and Evon cuddled into the embrace.

They fell into the deep sleep of the well-loved.

The year passed very quickly. Evon excelled in school, Vic taught her how to use the computer and set up a webpage, and they spent many fun evenings with Denise and other new friends.

And they fell deeply in love. Evon couldn't remember what her life was like before this woman entered it. She decided that ballet had simply given her something to do while she waited for Vic.

Vic was the happiest she had ever been, even when her lover's parents called her at home, and requested that she stop seeing their daughter. She politely refused, but never told Evon about it.

When Vic's birthday came around, Evon handed her an envelope as a gift. Inside, on Royal Ballet letterhead, there was a job offer, stating that they would sponsor Evon's visa to remain in London and work with the company indefinitely. They celebrated by making love through the night.

Evon graduated at the top of her class, and her final project had been very well received by the Benesh membership. She was now an Associate of the Institute of Choreology, and finally getting paid for her labors.

The lovers found a new, much larger flat near Evon's work, and bought a small car for travel when the bike wasn't practical. Vic dropped her off every workday morning, and was there, waiting for her, every evening. They were inseparable, and the few disagreements they had were solved with communication and love.

A new ballet that Evon had notated was opening in London in a few weeks, and there were rehearsals every night, it seemed to Vic. She expressed this to her lover one morning as she dropped her off at the administration offices. It was a clear summer day, so Vic had driven the bike.

"I miss you, sweetheart."

"I know, baby. I miss you too. After this production opens, and the company settles into a routine, things will be back to normal for a while. I promise."

"Ok. Soon, I hope."

"It will be. This is a good group. Not too many prima donnas." A grin. "Have a good day at work, lover." Evon gave the girl a peck on the cheek. Her status as a lesbian was not well known, and she didn't need gossip following her.

"You too. Love you."

"Me too." Evon unstrapped her satchel from the back of the bike and watched Vic head towards the stoplight at the corner. She waved good-bye.

The light had turned green before she reached it, and Vic took a quick glance back at Evon. She smiled as the blonde waved. And didn't see the speeding garbage truck, driven by a man so drunk, he couldn't distinguish red from green. He didn't even hit the brakes until he was ten feet through the intersection, and saw sparks from metal scraping on pavement through his glazed eyes.

Evon felt as though she was immersed in water. Her senses stopped functioning, except for vision, as she dropped her briefcase and tried to scream at her lover to stop, to look, to get out of the way of the huge vehicle. It was too late. The bike with Vic on it was hit full force, broadside, and Evon watched as both were pulled under the truck.

She tried to run, but felt as though she was moving very slowly.

Too slowly.

Vic was alive.

She had to be.

She wouldn't leave her.

She loved her too much.

She was just waiting for Evon to pull her out from underneath the truck.

Evon barely registered blaring horns and squealing tires as she ran as fast as she could into the street. To Vic. Her love.

There was a dark, black pool of liquid increasing rapidly by the side of the vehicle.

**It's just oil, I'm sure. From the bike.**

Evon dropped to her knees, not feeling shards of metal penetrating skin. There she was.

"C'mon, baby. I'm here now. You're gonna be fine." She pulled on Vic's pant leg, but something was holding her.

**Her clothes must be caught.**

She heard a moan. With a strength she never knew she possessed, she pulled her lover from underneath the truck, into her arms. Everywhere there was blood. Vic's left leg was bent at an impossible angle, and Evon could see the whiteness of bone protruding through a sleeve of the leather jacket. The beautiful face was broken and battered. But it was still beautiful. Evon moved the torn shirt and gasped at the sight. The girl's abdomen was ripped open and bleeding profusely, entrails extruding.

A surreal calm settled over Evon. She removed her shirt, wrapped it around her hand, and pushed Vic's organs back as well as she could, applying pressure to staunch the flow of blood. She didn't hear the sirens in the distance.

"Baby, I'm here." She whispered very close to Vic's ear. "I'm here, baby."

"E... von?" Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

"Yes, my love. Relax. I'm going to help you."

"I wa... waited... for... you." A cough. More blood.

"I know, baby, and I love you for that. I will always love you, Vic. You're my sweet, handsome, horrible, small boy." Evon whispered fiercely into her ear, hoping her words would somehow keep the girl alive.

"I... lo... you... too. I... afr... scared."

"Don't be afraid, baby. I've got you now. Nothing else is going to hurt you, I promise."

"K.... don... leave...m..." A gasp, a tremor, then stillness.

"I will never leave you, my love." Evon held the still body close, and rocked gently.

She took an indefinite leave of absence from the company after Vic's memorial service, and drove through the countryside as she and Vic had done so many times. When she reached the hillside where she had promised seduction so long before, she pulled over and sat, looking straight ahead. Eventually she got out and walked to the place they had picnicked, and stood, watching the breeze blow the grass. She hadn't cried yet.

"Vic, I know you can hear me. I miss you, baby. I miss talking with you, and hearing you laugh. I miss waking up with you, and kissing you. I miss you sitting on the floor, listening to me sing in the shower. I always expect to see you there when I open the door. I miss your warmth the most, though. I was never cold when I was in your arms. I always feel cold now. But I know you're watching over me. You're my special guardian angel. And I'll bet you're the most handsome angel in heaven. I will always love you, Vic. Know that."

She removed the lid from the small urn and scattered Vic's ashes in the wind, and watched as they swirled and settled on the colorful wildflowers.

She watched until her knees buckled under her, and she fell to the ground. And she cried... mournful, wailing cries that silenced the birds and carried through the fields. A part of her had died with Vic, and she felt the emptiness envelop her like a dark mist.

She lay there for a long time, until the sun had set and the breeze was cold. She staggered as she stood, and almost fell again. As she drove home, her mind was blank.

Good-byes to friends done, Evon looked around the flat for the last time. This place would be forever imprinted on her mind. Denise, the sweet girl that she was, offered to help her pack, but Evon knew she had to do it alone. There were too many things that reminded her of her lost lover to share with anyone, even a close friend like Denise.

She had finally resigned from the Royal Ballet, and accepted a position with the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto, her hometown. She thought it would be good to be home.

She closed and locked the door. And for the second time in her short life, walked away from something she had loved more than life itself.


Author's note: This was one of the hardest things I've ever written in my life. The accident recounted here actually happened to the lover of a dear friend of mine. And I have tried to recreate his story exactly as it was related to me.
So this part of the story is dedicated to my friend Bonney, a sweet, Scottish lad who feels the call of the ocean, and wants to live on the rocky coast of Nova Scotia in an old Cape Cod, with a goat, a sheep, two dogs and a cat.
All my love to you, Bonney. I hope your dream comes true.

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