The Rendezvous

By Debbie Dee, Shadylady and T. Stratton

Disclaimer: For mature audiences. Does anyone ever wonder what can happen when certain parties become bored with their own company? This Renaissance romance is the result of a Round Robin between three authors. It has been a trip to say the least, never knowing what would be penned from one person to the next. This is our story; we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Lady Gwendolyn (Gwen) picked up her riding whip and strode angrily out the door. She constantly slapped the whip against her leg as she made her way across the courtyard to the stables. "The Bitch," she thought to herself as she replayed the scene she had just witnessed.

Lady Gwendolyn rose from the table following a leisurely breakfast with her husband, Lord Richard He talked with her about his plans for the day, the need to organize the books for the end of the year tally for taxes. Gwen stated that it was a beautiful fall day and she believed that if he didn't mind, she would take a morning ride before making her weekly inventory of the pantry. Lord Richard nodded his head in agreement and continued to walk to the library where his desk was located.

Gwen climbed the staircase to her room, which was in the east wing of their home. Richard's room was two doors down from hers with a connecting dressing chamber. The suite was the master suite with its Lord and Lady matching rooms, which allowed each of them their own privacy. The dressing chamber had connecting doors between the master rooms, allowing Richard access to Gwen for his husbandly duties.

Gwen quickly changed from her morning dress into her riding outfit. It was a deep forest green, which brought out the dark green in her hazel eyes. She twisted her long, wavy chestnut hair into a loose French braid before setting her riding hat on at a jaunty angle. She sat on the stool and quickly pulled on her riding boots, loving the extra height that they gave to her diminutive five foot three inch height. Once dressed, Gwen raced down the stairs not wanting to waste a minute of riding time.

As she started across the courtyard, she realized that she had not picked up her riding crop. Turning around, she stepped rapidly to return to her room to get the crop. Upon entering her room, she walked into the dressing chamber where she had left her crop by the stool when she sat to pull on her boots. Leaning down to pick up the crop, she noticed the door was open to her husband's room. Rising up and moving toward the door to pull it closed, Gwen began to hear load moans and groans. She was able to tell that one of the voices was her husband's but the other was a definite female voice.

Gwen reached for the door to his room and shoving hard, threw the door open. Glancing quickly around the room, she saw very little movement until her eyes trained onto the bed.

Her eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she watched her husband of three years lying in the middle of their bed moaning as the maid straddled him moving up and down as he played with her large breasts.

Without making a sound or letting them know she was present, Gwen backed out of the room and headed back toward the stables.

As she walked, Gwen shook her head to clear the images. She told me I was the only one, mused Gwen as she swung open the stable door. Should have known never to trust the hired help.

Part 1

The irritated woman quickly saddled her horse and brought him through the back of the stables into the open field. With little effort, she put her foot in the stirrup and lifted her body up onto the strong back of the solid white horse, saying as she settled on the saddle, "I hope you are ready for a long run, Jasper."

Gwen nudged the horse with her heels and started in a slow trot. Within a heartbeat, she tapped her heels to Jasper's side and she was streaking across the meadow as fast as the horse would take her.

A set of light brown eyes followed Gwen until the horse and rider became a dot. "What a beauty," the figure stated.

Gwen rode Jasper as far and as fast as she could, trying her best to put as much distance as she could between her and the scene in Richard's bedroom. She thought to herself, "I should have known better, what a joke to have trusted her. I knew Richard would stray, all men do, but she told me she loved me. Damn her to hell."

Gwen had no idea where she was going; she didn't really care. Jasper knew where to go as he cantered up to the high meadow where he remembered the location to the secret swimming hole. Gwen had found it a year ago and never told anyone about it. She knew it was hers and hers alone. The horse wandered his way behind some bushes before seeing the passage through the rocks leading to the swimming hole.

Gwen dismounted and took Jasper by the reins, leading him through the opening in the rocks to her secret place. Standing there, the image of what she had seen kept coming back to her time and again. The more it did, the more unclean she felt. Gwen started taking her clothes off as fast as she could, wanting to jump into the swimming hole to wash her body clean.

Gwen had no idea how long she swam. By the time, she got out all she could think about was taking a nap. Knowing there was no one else around, Gwen stretched out on a large flat rock to let her skin dry. It felt so good to have the sun touch her bare skin, Gwen thought as she dosed off to sleep.

"Hello there" said a voice that startled Gwen out of a sound sleep. Looking up, she stared in to the most beautiful light brown eyes she had ever seen.

A pixie grin covered Lacy Greene's mouth as she stared down at the figure lying naked on the rocks beneath her. She had followed Lady Gwen from the stable after seeing how agitated she was. It had disturbed her how hard Lady Gwen ran the horse from the paddock.

Her fear was for both the rider and horse as she immediately grabbed the mane on the horse closest to her and followed. She nearly lost both rider and horse as they disappeared from sight. Thank goodness, her horse picked up Jasper's scent, leading her to this secret hideaway.


Gwen sat up suddenly, realizing she was totally nude while lying unattended in the middle of the woods. Looking up, she held one hand over her breasts while trying to cover her womanhood with the other. Lacy, the horse handler let her eyes rake over Lady Gwen's body as she continued to stand unmoving. Lacy saw Lady Gwen begin to shake. Whether it was from ecstasy or from the cold, she couldn't tell. Gwen's breasts began to show visible changes. Her nipples hardened like pebbles, turning solid pink in color and looking very luscious. Lacy licked her lips in hunger as she stared at Gwen's chest.

Gwen looked up into Lacy's eyes and said, "Would you mind turning around so that I may dress. I am very cold suddenly lying here in front of you."

Lacy stretched out her hand to assist Gwen to rise. She gripped her hand firmly giving a brisk tug, which propelled Gwen upward into her arms. Both women were startled by the sudden encounter but neither drew away from the other. Lacy held Gwen tighter against her body as she felt the shaking increase. This time she knew it was due to Gwen's reaction to her.

Lacy lifted her hand and gently stroked the back of her hand down Gwen's right check murmuring, "So soft, my God, how soft."

Gwen moaned and pressed closer to Lacy. She couldn't believe that she was leaning into the arms of a perfect stranger but knew with all that had happened she needed to feel warm, protective arms wrapped around her.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are?" Lacy whispered into Gwen's ear. "The way the water drops flowed down your skin as you rose from the depths? You have no idea how beautiful you look as you lay out in the open letting the sun wrap its warm rays around your glorious body."

"Please," Gwen gasped as her body shook when Lacy's tongue traced along her ear and down her neck. Gwen grabbed hold of strong shoulders as Lacy's wet mouth sucked lightly on her pulse point, replacing her warm tongue.

Lacy bent slightly and put her hands on the backside of Gwen's thighs. She lifted the smaller woman up until her back was against a large rock. Gwen's legs circled around Lacy's hips, hooking together to hold her up. "I can feel you wet pussy through my shirt," murmured Lacy as she laved Gwen's neck with her tongue.

The day was becoming entirely too much of an emotional overload for Gwen. Following Lacy's impassioned remark, Gwen burst into tears; great, gulping tears. Lacy didn't know what to do. She stood on the edge of the lake with a very wet, naked woman in her arms with which she wanted nothing more than to make love. The tears were an emotion that Lacy did not deal well with. She turned toward shore, cradling Gwen tightly in her arms.

With gentleness and deliberation, Lacy lay Gwen down upon the clothes that Gwen had discarded prior to her swim. Taking the dry slip, she covered Gwen's nude body as the tears continued to flow. With great awkwardness, Lacy reached out and patted Gwen on the shoulder, trying her best to give her comfort. The uneasy touch given in comfort made Gwen cry that much harder. A perfect stranger desired her, wanted her with unbelievable passion while her current lover rebuffed her, playing her for a fool with her own husband. How did this situation come about?


Not knowing what else to do Lacy sat down beside Gwen.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Lacy asked knowing something was upsetting this lovely woman.

"No, I can't. It's just too much to bear. I feel so ashamed." Gwen cried harder

Lacy turned so she faced Gwen; she gently put her finger under Gwen chin and lifted so she could look into Gwen's eyes. "Please tell me, I want to help if I can."

Gwen looked deep in to the light brown eyes and could see nothing but kindness. Desire was also there, yes, but something else too that Gwen couldn't quite put her finger on. Nevertheless, she knew some how she could trust this woman.

Finally Gwen nodded her head yes, and began to tell Lacy all that had happened.

Lacy sat there listening as Gwen poured out her heart. She was strongly overcome with anger as she listened to what had happened to Gwen. At the end of the story, Lacy wanted nothing more than to go back to the manor and hurt both the maid and Lord Richard for the emotional pain they had inflicted upon Gwen.

How could something like this happen to this beautiful woman? If Gwen had Lacy's love there would be no way in hell she would ever betray it or her.


Lacy gathered Gwen up in her arms, pulling her onto her lap as an overwhelming feeling of love passed though her. All she wanted to do was to protect Gwen and to shower her in love.

Part 2

Gwen's entire world was spinning out of control. She had never loved her husband and he never loved her. She always knew that a man would never fulfill her sensual desires, desires that could only be quenched by a woman's touch. Then along came the pretty maid, Jenna.

Gwen noticed the sly glances and occasional touches on her arm whenever they talked. One day when they were the only ones at the house, Gwen took Jenna up to her bedroom, declaring her attraction to the woman. Jenna smiled and told her that she, too, felt the pull toward Lady Gwen. She wanted to show Lady Gwen how much she had come to love living and working at the manor.

That day was unlike any Gwen had ever known. The touches, the smells, the soft words excited Gwen as Jenna loved her body. It was so different from Richard's unfeeling and uncaring touches she had become used too.

Gwen found that she did not love Jenna but used her as a means of relieving her passionate urges when they became overbearing. Richard satisfied only himself, coming into her room perhaps no more than two times per month. Those visits lasted no longer than five minutes during which time he would push into her dry, unprepared chamber until he expelled himself within her depth. She found that the burning itch deep within was relieved when Jenna used her tongue and fingers to tease and taunt her womanhood.

It wasn't love, but a deep need to feel that small death that occurred at the height of their lovemaking. Her whole body would tremble and heat would rush from her core of her womanhood throughout her entire being, making her tremble and quake. She always felt totally relaxed and satisfied after spending time in bed with Jenna. It got to where she nearly resented the time her husband made his demands upon her body.

Today, seeing her lover in the arms of her husband made Gwen feel betrayed in a way that she had not had to address before. The shock and anger drove her from the house before she was able to confront the entangled lovers.

It would serve them right if she made love to Lacy. Show them that someone else found her desirable, thought Gwen as she lay in Lacy's arms. Gwen made up her mind that was exactly what she would do. She would spend the rest of the afternoon letting Lacy make love to her. Later, she would go home and confront the two that betrayed her and throw it in their faces that nothing they could do would make her care or hurt again. Yes, that is what I'll do.


Gwen lifted her head off Lacy's shoulder turning a little on Lacy's lap so she could be face to face with her. Taking Lacy's head in her hands, she leaned up and kissed her. The kiss was supposed to be one of those kisses to simply let the other person know that interests exits. It wasn't supposed to mean anything. The minute their lips touched all thought of revenge flew out the window.

Gwen had never felt like this before as she kissed Lacy's sweet lips. She leaned back as the kiss ended looking into eyes so deep she thought she would drown. She realized there would be no way in heaven she would use Lacy to take her revenge out on the two who betrayed her.

She knew it was too soon to be feeling all these new sensations just from a single innocent encounter but she knew it her heart, this time was different. It was the beginning of love, not just a fly by night love, but also the deep ever-lasting kind of love. Gwen gave Lacy a small smile as she very willingly sought Lacy's sweet lips for more kissing.

Lacy couldn't believe the way things were turning out. She wanted to consume Lady Gwen. This was overshadowed by the need to protect her, a need that blossomed from the first moment she touched her while she was lying on the rocks.

The kisses they were sharing were unlike any that Lacy had ever had. Lady Gwen's mouth and lips made Lacy quiver inside for more. She burned throughout with a smoldering flame just waiting to burst into a roaring bon fire. She knew the ultimate ending would be an indescribable series of orgasms triggered by the touch of Lady Gwen.

Two small hands cupped Lacy's tender breasts and pinched her already awakened nipples.

"I need you. I want you. You will be mine." Gwen stated as she gently pushed Lacy on her back, straddling the taller woman. "Touch me."

Lacy didn't need to be told twice. She ran her hands up Gwen's arms and hooked her fingers around the slips straps. She pulled slowly and gently until the material fell and bunched at the Gwen's waist.

Gwen threw her head back as she felt Lacy's work-roughened hands sliding across her breasts. Her nipples hardened into sensitive pebbles, sending pulsating messages to the very core of her womanhood, her clit. She rocked gently back and forth on Lacy's pelvis as Lacy continued to pinch and pull on her breasts. Every once in awhile, Lacy would lean up, sucking a nipple deep into her mouth, causing Gwen to moan in pleasure.

Gwen could feel her nether lips getting damper as she continued to rock on Lacy.

Placing her knees to either side of Lacy's hips, Gwen lifted her body up, high enough to slide her hands between her legs where she grasped Lacy's pants and pushed them down toward her knees. Gwen could feel the red, hot heat emanating from Lacy's pussy. She could feel its dampness as she slowly sunk her pelvis back on top of Lacy's pelvis.

Clit touched clit, as Gwen rocked back and forth, harder and faster. Lacy tightened her grip on Gwen's breasts as she lifted her pelvis to press harder against Gwen. Gwen responded by slamming her own clit harder onto Lacy, repeatedly as their senses intensified and all feeling became centered on the two highly charged clits rubbing against one another.

Gwen lifted and dropped back on top of Lacy's clit several more times, as Lacy moved her hands to Gwen's hips where she rocked her back and forth, harder and harder so their clits stayed in constant friction with one another. It happened so fast, the lightening burst of sensations, which struck their clits at the same time. Both jerked frantically, nearly losing touch with each other as their bodies ratcheted in an earth shattering orgasm.

Gwen collapsed onto Lacy's chest, drawing in great gulps of air, as her limbs felt numb and useless. She had never lost total control like this.


Gwen had never felt so good or so loved. It had never been like this with Jenna. With Jenna she thought she had felt love but now she knew that what she felt for Jenna was nowhere come close to what she had experienced with Lacy.

Gwen wondered, where do we go from here? There was no way in hell she was going to give Lacy up. What if Lacy didn't feel the same way and this was just fling too her. Did she see Gwen as just a plaything?

No, Gwen thought to herself, she loves me. I know she does. I can't be wrong twice about someone's feeling for me. Can I? Gwen questioned herself. What if I'm wrong? Oh God I just wanted to die if I'm wrong again. She could not live through becoming the laughing stock of someone's joke again. She knew the only way to relieve her anxiety was to ask Lacy about her feeling. Was she ready for the answer?

Gwen had no idea the same questions were also going around in Lacy's mind. Where do we go from here? There was no way she could work for Gwen and keep her hands off her, not now. How could she stay knowing Lord Richard would take Gwen anytime he wanted too. Just the thought of his hands on Gwen's body, touching it, made Lacy feel ill.

Then there was the question of the maid, Jenna. Oh yes, Lacy knew all about Jenna. How could she not considering Jenna would come into the barn bragging about her rendezvous'? Oh, there were times Lacy just wanted to punch Jenna in the nose. She knew she couldn't.

The big question in Lacy's mind was where do we go from here?

Gathering up her courage, Lacy turned to Gwen needing to ask her how she felt, "Lady Gwen I need to ask you a question if I may?"

Gwen was lying on top of her clothes so that she would not be lying next to the dirty ground. They were lying side by side with their arms circling each other.

Gwen looked over at Lacy. "Lacy you don't have to address me as Lady, Gwen would be fine. Ask your question and I will try my best to answer it."

Lacy took a breath of air, calming her nerves; "First I want you to know I have never felt like this before with anyone. What I feel for you is from the heart. I love you Lad….Gwen. I have loved you for a long time but I just now realized how deep that love was. My question is, do you love me too, and if so where do we go from here?"

Gwen could not help it. Finally hearing the words she most wanted to hear was too much. Tears started running down her face. Her heart felt like it was going to bust with happiness.

"OH GOD, Lacy, I love you too," she cried as she threw her arms around

Lacy and gave her a big, loving kiss.

The day looked so much brighter with the love that filled their hearts. Their thoughts were filled with what the future may bring for them. They both knew that neither wanted to face the future without the other. They acknowledged that shortly, they would have to decide what direction their relationship was going to take.

Part 3

"Where have you been? I thought you where going for a short ride. You have been gone most of the day." Richard questioned Gwen when she walked in the front door.

Gwen stopped and looked at her husband. "Do you really care?"

"What?" Richard shook his head a little. "Do I really care?"

Gwen marched up to him and pointed her riding crop at his chest. "Yes, do you really care? Cause to be honest I really don't think you do."

"This is absurd. Of course, I care. You are my wife." Richard stated as he pushed the black leather whip away from his body and walked towards the front room. "Now would you please follow me so we may start on the books?" He turned just as he was about to step into the room. "I am going into town tonight. I'll be staying at the Inn."

"Why?" Gwen asked not caring.

"I need to be at the bank first thing to talk with the bank president." Richard informed Gwen. "I want to make sure we have everything secured for next season's planting."

"Sounds like a plan." Gwen smiled to herself as she thought of the time that she and Lacy would have to make love in her big soft feather bed. "Let's get down to business so you can leave and get your transactions done."


Gwen knew that she would have very little time to enact her plans once her husband left the manor. As soon as he rolled off in the coach, Gwen called her housekeeper into the office.

"Ms Brown, it has come to my attention that your daughter, Jenna, has been having an affair with my husband. I want her removed from my house immediately. Is that clear? I know both you and your husband have worked with us for years. I would hate to jeopardize your livelihood by keeping her under my roof. Please see that she is gone no later than by four this afternoon," stated Gwen to the housekeeper.

"But, Lady Gwen, she's…." started Ms. Brown.

"Ms Brown, this is not open for discussion. You are dismissed," she said with a flip of her hand toward the door.

"Yes, My Lady," grumbled Ms. Brown as she turned and walked through the doorway, stopping long enough to smartly close the office door.

"Oh and send Mr. Brown in here next," Gwen called to the retreating Ms. Brown.

Mr. Brown knocked for entry just as Gwen was finishing a note to Lacy. She motioned for Mr. Brown to come closer. Reaching out she handed the note to Mr. Brown, asking that he personally deliver it to Lacy, the horse handler, in the master barn. Mr. Brown took the note and left immediately to do her bidding. He knew that he and his wife had too much at stake to make Lady Gwen angry. As it was, he had to send his beloved daughter, Jenna, to stay with her brother until she could find a new position. He always knew in his heart, his daughter was too promiscuous for her own good. It had finally caught up with her.

Lacy came to Gwen that night as the note requested. It was a magical night that belonged only to them. She lost count of how many times they had made love throughout the night.


That had been a month ago. Whenever they got the chance, they got together. Lacy was getting tired of having to sneak around. She loved Gwen with all her heart and wanted to be with her throughout the day and night. It was killing her to have to just steal a minute here or there with Gwen. She wanted more and that was what she was going to tell Gwen today.

Lacy was at the secret swimming hole. They called it their love nest now. She had been waiting for Gwen to show up for almost an hour now. Lacy hated this; she hated not knowing if something happened causing Gwen not to come. It had to stop. Lacy knew she could not keep going like this. She turned when she heard Gwen leading her horse through the rocks.

Gwen ran into Lacy's arms as they kissed one another. "OH GOD, how I missed you." Gwen told her between kisses.

"Gwen I have something I need to talk to you about." Lacy said as she tried to put a little space between them. Gwen would have none of it. She just hung on and kept kissing Lacy.

"Gwen please this is important."

Gwen stopped and step back out of Lacy's arms. "What could be more important than this?" She asked

"Gwen, you know I love you more than life itself, but I can't do this anymore." Lacy told her.

"What do you mean by 'do this anymore'? Make love to me?" Gwen questioned.

"Gwen, please, listen and understand. I love you and I want to make love to you all the time. I can't live this way anymore; stealing a minute here or there and not being with you for days at a time. I can't take it anymore." Lacy pleaded with her.

Gwen started to argue with her but then stopped. Lacy was right this was wearing on her too. They couldn't go on like this. Someday someone would catch them and then what?

"What do you what us to do?" Gwen questioned her.

Lacy let out the breath of air she was holding.

"I have been thinking about it a lot lately. They have good land in Canada. We could go up there and start our own horse ranch. I know we could make a go of it. We would be strangers in a new country."

Gwen stared at Lacy. She knew in the back of her mind if she wanted to stay with Lacy, they would have to leave. She always hoped that things could stay as they were. Now she knew they couldn't and it was time to make the move.

"Okay, you're right. We do need to do this if we are going to make a life together for ourselves. I am tired of sneaking around too; always having to look over my shoulder to make sure I'm not being watched." Gwen went into Lacy's arms again.

After sharing a kiss, Lacy asked her. "When can we leave?"

Gwen thought for a minute. "Richard is leaving tomorrow for a business trip. He will be gone a week. Tonight after he goes to sleep I will pack some things."

"We need to pack light so we can move fast and not be loaded down." Lacy informed her.

"You're right. I will pack what I can get in a saddlebag. Tomorrow, after Richard is gone, I will go into town to the bank and get out as much money as I can. In addition, I will make sure I pack all my jewelry. We will need all that we can get to make sure we get a good start on this horse ranch of ours. While I'm gone, I want you to pick out two really good mares for breeding that we can take with us."

Lacy smiled. She already knew what horse she would pick out. "I will make sure the horses and everything else is ready for when you get back from town. We are going to have a wonderful life together Gwen. I will make sure you are never sorry you left with me." Lacy told her in between kisses.

For the rest of the afternoon they made love and planned.


The night sky brought new dreams as Gwen and Lacy quietly walked along the road leading the horses. They had decided that the first night they should travel until morning and then find a secure place to rest for a few hours before going again till nightfall.

"Do you think he will try to find you?" Lacy asked breaking the silence.

Gwen shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. It's not like we had the best marriage."

Lacy took a few more steps before she asked another question. "He never hurt you did he?"

"Do you mean did he ever hit me?" Gwen saw the slight nod of Lacy's head in the moonlight. "No, he never did."

"Good," Lacy mumbled. "Stop for a second. I thought I saw something up ahead."

Gwen watched Lacy disappear into the night. She stood looking around and listening for whatever Lacy might have seen.

"Nothing but darkness and crickets. " Gwen whispered softly as she fidgeted with the reins in her hands.

Several minutes later Gwen was about to start down the road when Lacy stepped out of the woods, smiling.

"Guess what?" She asked scaring Gwen so much she shrieked.

"Damn it, you scared me to death." Gwen slapped at her lover's arm.

"Sorry," Lacy giggled. "You gonna guess?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about." snapped Gwen after she recovered from Lacy jumping out at her.

"Guess who I found in that little cottage you can see through the trees?" Lacy snickered.

"I don't know and I am sure that I probably don't care," Gwen replied while turning to pick up her items where she had dropped them earlier.

"Well, you should care, as this may be the answer to all of our problems," laughed Lacy.

"Put your stuff back down and come with me." Lacy said grabbing hold of Gwen's arm.

They made their way slowly through the woods, being careful to not make a lot of noise. As they approached the cottage, figures could be seeing inside through the windows. They were still a little too far to make out the persons inside. As they got closer, they could see a couple inside the cottage sink into one another's arms in a passionate embrace.

Moving closer still to look in the window, Gwen stood on tiptoe and peaked through the window. She gasped aloud at what she saw.

Part 4

"My God." Gwen said as she ducked back down by Lacy. "I don't believe it, I just don't believe it. Did you see who is in there?" Gwen asked Lacy

"Oh yeah, I sure did." Lacy answered trying not to laugh.

"Damn, I thought he was out of town. Come on, we're going to have to move faster now before we can relax." Gwen started to get up.

"Hold it right there, Gwen, think about it. Think about what we just saw, do you think he would what anyone else to know about this?" Lacy raised her eyebrow.

Gwen got back up to look through the window at her husband, Lord Richard in the arms of the Thomas Walker, the bank president. A big smile came over Gwen's face as she looked back at Lacy.

"Blackmail time." She laughed.

Gwen moved into Lacy's arms. She knew that everything was going to be good. She didn't want the horse farm owned by Lord Richard but if he wanted to stay in good standing with the town he sure the hell was going to help finance the horse ranch they was going to start up in Canada. Gwen still did not want to stay around this area. She wanted to start a new life in a new place with Lacy, a place they could call their own.

"Come on Lacy, I think it is time to say hello to my dear husband and his lover." Gwen said as she took Lacy's hand, turned and walked toward the door of the cottage.


"What do we have here?" Gwen asked opening the door and stepping into the cabin. "I can't believe my eyes, my husband in a loving embrace with Mr. Thomas Walker, the town's bank president."

"Gwen….what. what are you doing here?" Richard stammered as he quickly moved out of the other man's arms. "How did you…"

"Richard, shut up." Gwen stood there with her hands on her hips. "I should be the one to ask the questions." Her eyes looked down. "Could you cover yourself up? I have seen enough of you to last me a lifetime."

Lacy smiled to herself as she stepped into the musty cabin behind her lover and closed the door.

"What is she doing here?" Richard motioned to Lacy.

Gwen turned her head and gave Lacy a whisper of a wink. "Why she is here is none of your concern. Since we know why you are here, let's sit down and talk a bit."

"Talk about what?" The bank president asked as he pulled up his pants with as much dignity as he could.

Gwen stepped over to the small table and sat down. She casually crossed her ankles and leaned back in the old chair. "Let's talk about how you two are going to help finance a little project for me and my friend here."

"What project would that be?" Richard asked as he looked from Gwen to Lacy.

"Well, let's see. There are several issues that I think we must take care of if you want to return to your 'perfect' life," remarked Gwen as she leaned her elbows onto the table in front of her.

"First of all, I want a legalized separation on paper and it must be binding. I don't want you coming to me in a few years demanding that I return to your manor. Do you think that is doable?" asked Gwen as she started ticking off her list of demands.

"Yes, anything, just so you keep quiet what you discovered here, today," pleaded Richard as he stood next to Thomas.

"I will need enough cash to help set up a new household, including start up costs for a small breeding horse ranch in Canada," she requested next.

Richard turned to Thomas and asked, "Do I have enough cash in the bank to be able to give this to Gwen?"

Thomas, not thinking due to his nervousness blurted out, "My God, Richard, you have enough to set her up ten times over."

Gwen raised her eyes with that remark and looked directly at Lacy before continuing. "Huh, if that is the case, Richard, I want two pure bred Arabian stallions and at least half dozen registered mares to take with me. In fact, Lacy will be responsible for selecting and purchasing what we need. Do you have any objections to this?"

"Hell no, I refuse to allow that type of purchase. The cost alone….," Thomas reached out and grabbed Richard's arm, pulling him around to look at him.

"Richard, don't argue. She can ruin both of us, and you have your peerage at stake. You can more than afford what ever she asks. Give her what she wants," pleaded Thomas with a tearful hitch to his voice.

Richard could not stand the look of the tears rolling down Thomas's face. Turning back to Gwen he grumbled, "Done."

"Good. Finally, I want the indenture papers held against Lacy signed over to me without any retribution toward any member of her family. That is to be done immediately on return to the mansion this evening. If you agree to this final proposition, then I believe our 'business' is done," finished Gwen as she looked softly into her lover's face and smiled.

"You've got it. The papers are yours as well as the rest of the years of service due on her contract. She has been nothing but trouble since coming here anyway. Why in the hell are you out here with her anyway?" Richard asked tersely.

"Sorry, Richard. You no longer have the right to ask or demand anything more from me," laughed Gwen as she stood, turned, and held her hand out toward Lacy.

"Let's go back to the manor to finish settling our affairs," she said to Lacy as she walked back out the door with her.

As they passed Richard and Thomas, Thomas turned into Richard's arms and began crying great heaving tears. Richard wrapped his arms nervously around Thomas's shoulders and glared angrily at Gwen's retreating figure.

"I'll fix her," he mumbled under his breath.

"No Richard, promise me now. Right now, promise you won't do a thing to her. It could blow up in our faces." Thomas gave Richard a scared look. "Please Richard."

Richard gave a sigh and took Thomas back into his arms. Thomas was right, it could blow but up in his face. No, it was better to let Gwen and that Lacy person have their way and get them out of town; the farther away, the better for him and Thomas. Once they were gone, he and Thomas could get back to their safe lives.

Not to far from the cottage, hidden behind a tree, Gwen and Lacy was in each other's arms also kissing.

"Lacy, I can't believe… My God, I can't believe it. All of our dreams are going to come true; the start of our lives on our own ranch. Lacy, we are going to be so happy together."

They kissed again.

"I know Gwen, we are so lucky to have come this way and to find them. God, to get all the money and horses we need to get started. To have you all to myself is my dream come true. You were so smooth telling him what you wanted and not taking anything off him. I love you, I love you so much." Lacy gave Gwen another kiss and hug.

Gwen took in a big breath after the long, deep kiss. "Come on, we have to get back and start getting everything ready. This time we are going to leave in style."


"Now this is the way to go." Gwen smiled over at her lover as she leaned back in the soft patted seat of the carriage. "No sneaking and no hiding in the woods. Just you and me and this lovely carriage."

"It is nice. The horses will be delivered when we find the perfect spot to build our ranch." Lacy sighed. "I really like the sound of that."

"Sound of what?." Gwen asked.

Lacy looked deep into Gwen's eyes. "Our ranch. I never would have thought I would be part owner of anything. The only things I have ever owned are the clothes on my back and the boots on my feet."

"Well, love of mine." Gwen leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Lacy's check. "You own more than land. You own my heart."

"As you own mine." Lacy halted the carriage and wrapped her arms around Gwen's small body. "How about we stop?"

"What do you have in mind? A nice long look at the country side?" Gwen whispered softly before she traced her tongue around Lacy's ear.

"No," the tall woman shivered. "I was thinking a nice long look at what I love most in this world.

Part 5

The carriage pulled into the next inn that it came upon. Gwen and Lacy checked into a single room located on the second floor. Although they wanted nothing more than to go to bed with one another, they decided to at least have dinner and some wine to celebrate their success to their journey.

Following dinner, Gwen asked the owner of the Inn if he would have some hot water brought to their room so they could sponge the dirt off before bed. He readily agreed as the women returned to their room.

Gwen asked Lacy to step into the tub and stand still so that she could rinse the dust from her body from their journey. Lacy slowly removed her boots, shirt, and finally her pants.

Naked, she stepped into the tub, looking directly into the face of her lover. Gwen moved closer, carrying the pitcher of warm water. Pulling the small side table closer to Lacy, she poured the water into the bowl so that she could begin bathing Lacy. With washing cloth in hand, she moved closer to Lacy's back. With trembling hands, she reached out and gently swiped the cloth down her back, softly caressing her hips in the process.

Lacy took in a shaky breath as she felt her body responding to the tender touch of her lover. As Gwen moved around in front, Lacy looked down into her eyes.

"Hurry, love. I can't take too much more," whispered Lacy as Gwen washed her breasts and belly. Gwen gently reached between Lacy's legs and lightly stroked along the lips of her womanhood. Lacy threw back her head and groaned deeply as her body jumped with sexual excitement.

Lacy opened her eyes and reached out toward Gwen saying "Enough" as she proceeded to step from the tub, lifting Gwen in her arms, and carrying her to the bed.

Standing Gwen beside the bed, Lacy reached out, tearing Gwen's dress from the tops of her breasts, down to her naval. The dress slid down Gwen's body and pooled at her feet. Kicking off her pumps, Gwen turned and lay down upon the bed.

Lacy moved closer, reaching out to stroke the warm, golden length of Gwen's legs. She leaned forward kissing her lightly on the lips. Moving to lie down beside her, Lacy took Gwen more firmly into her arms. She reached out drawing Gwen's head toward hers tighter as she opened her mouth against Gwen's in a deep, wet, passionate kiss.

Lacy slid her hands down over Gwen's beasts feeling her nipples harden as she stopped and pinched them between her fingers. Gwen moaned in pleasure while reaching out to run her own hands down and over Lacy's hips.

Lacy drew back shifting her position until their heads were each facing in opposite directions. She slid her body back closer to Gwen's, lying lightly on top of her.

As she reached out and parted Gwen's legs, Gwen also reached up, pulling Lacy's womanhood down closer to her face. Within minutes, both women found their tongues touching each other's clits. Tremors ran rampant through their bodies and fingers and tongues delved between the velvety folds of their nether lips.

Both women were moaning as their bodies rose closer to each seeking mouth. As if in synchronization, both Gwen and Lacy pulled one another's clits deeper into their hot, wet mouths, sucking hard. They cried out around the hard nubs as they spilled their love juices from deep within their bodies.

Exhausted, Lacy turned back around and pulled Gwen tight against her breasts, kissing her hard as they finally began to relax. Lacy tilted her head forward until her forehead was touching Gwen's and gently whispered, "I love you, my heart. God, how I love you."

Gwen slowly moved her hand down Lacy's cheek as she replied, "You are mine forever, my dear. I love you with all of me."

As the candle waned, the two lovers drifted into a quiet, peaceful sleep knowing that all of their tomorrows would be spent together forever more.


The sun was just setting off in the distance as the two people standing on the hill watched it slowly sink beneath the low, rolling hillside. It had been seven years since Gwen and Lacy had come to this land. It had been good years. Having as much money as was needed along with perfect breeding horses made all the difference when the ranch was started. During that time, not only did their love grow stronger but also their horse ranch had grown and become known country wide for the excellent horses it bred and trained.

The women stood side by side with their arms circling each other, still in awe of the changes in their lives.

As the sun sat over the paddock, Gwen turned to Lacy, giving her a gentle kiss as she said. "Lacy you have filled my life with love. You will always have my heart and my love just as I know I will always have yours."

Lacy gently kissed her again as tears shone in her eyes. She could not believe how lucky she was to have found Gwen. They both turned again to watch the young horses down in the paddocks run towards the sunset.

The End

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