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Part III



Eight Years Later…..

Deep Breaths Xena, take deep breaths. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably as she took slow steps down the path. Sweat lightly glistened upon her brow and Xena could hear her heart beat flooding her ears. The warrior couldn’t tell if she was more anxious or nervous.

She waited so long…so patiently for today. Those eight years had seemed like an eternity but yet, if she’d had to do it over again, she would have. Anything to see Gabrielle again.

When Xena banished herself back to the other realm, she’d thought it was forever and had lived as such. After several months, she finally got the knack of…well…being dead. There were certain rules that she quickly adapted to.

Then she’d finally found the door, the key to pass over. Not to the physical domain, but to the afterlife. There, Xena had seen so many people. She’d spent time with her mother, with Marcus…even with Joxer.

It was strange because there was heaven and there were the Elysian Fields and many other sectors of the afterlife, yet they were all connected. They were all like pieces of a greater whole. Well, Xena reasoned, maybe that isn’t so strange at all.

Xena had eventually even spent time with Akemi. The old wounds, the old betrayal, the old pain; all was absolved. The warrior felt her time with the woman enriching, but yet somehow lacking in substance…much like all of the afterlife.

Everything was practically perfect…practically.

But that one factor made everything else seem inconsequential. There was no Gabrielle therefore there could be no peace, no freedom, no happiness. Xena was a woman surviving on half a soul.

The warrior wasn’t allowed to spend all her time in the other realm. Much like her time on Earth, Xena’s visits were limited by a force beyond her control. She soon found out her role. Xena was the guardian of the souls.

She was to be the protector of all those who had died in Higuichi per her actions. Much of her time was spent alone, in her own prison. In the beginning, Xena relished the time. She would watch Gabrielle through her own personal window to the mortal realm. For hours, for days, Xena would sit and watch her lover as pain and longing seized her emotions.

But everyday the window would get smaller….and smaller. Until one day when Xena returned, it was completely gone. It was then that Xena truly knew pain.

So Xena waited…and waited, with nothing but the air and the warmth of lost souls to comfort her. Of course she’d visit her mother and her friends from time to time, but it offered little solace. It was as if the warrior was numb. She felt nothing but her loneliness…her own pain.

Some days she’d wish death upon Gabrielle…just so they be together again…if they could be together again. With the uncertainty of the afterlife, Xena really didn’t know what would happen. Then she would curse herself those days and simply pray for Gabrielle’s happiness.

Days and weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. And finally the day came. Xena could feel everything around her rise in a giant crescendo. Although nothing was eluded, her warrior instincts detected a difference. Something was about to happen. For months, it had been building and building…like adding fuel to a fire. Xena could feel everything climaxing. Her warrior senses were on full alert.

Then the day came.

It seemed Aphrodite was right; forever wasn’t nearly as long as Xena thought it was.

Xena woke up…alive…in Japa. The warrior was utterly bewildered as she arose in the land of the rising sun, mortality coursing through her veins. Luckily, someone was waiting there for her.

It was Aphrodite.

And she explained everything. As guardian of the souls, Xena had to protect them as they were reborn. When the last soul breathed new life, Xena was free of her obligation. The day before a child had been born, it possessed Akemi’s soul. She was the last of the reborn. And now, seven years later, Xena was free.

As to her body being restored, that had been credited to Ares and Aphrodite. They had commissioned the powers that be, asking for the control over the relocation of her soul. Originally Xena was to have been reborn just as all the other souls, losing both her body and her memory.

However the godly duo had won authority over Xena’s soul. They’d retrieved Xena’s ashes from the tomb next to Cyrene’s in Amphipolis and proceeded to rebuild her body. Then, after her service was up, they arranged for Xena’s soul to be rejoined with her body. It was so complicated, but yet so inherently simple.

Xena had fought down the question…but eventually had to inquire.

"Why?" She had asked.

Aphrodite although slow to explain, was not offended by Xena’s question…it was logical. She deserved to know. Ares of course couldn’t stand to think of Xena losing all her warrior skills, all her fire, all her dark side which would disappear with her memories had the warrior been reborn. He had a much more selfish reasoning.

"Plus," he added. "You gotta love that body."

Aphrodite had done it for Gabrielle. Although she still harbored deeper feelings for the bard, she wanted what was best for Gabrielle…and that was Xena. Being the Goddess of Love, she knew in her heart that they were soul mates. Together is the only way the bard could every truly be happy.

And so Xena was here…steps away from destiny.

It’d taken an entire year to get to this point. Xena had immediately left Japa on the first ship bound for Greece. The travel was a lengthy affair, but it was abundantly worthwhile. The warrior was moved to tears the second she stepped foot on her native soil.

I’m home, she had thought.

Well…almost home. Greece was her country; Gabrielle was her home. So the warrior had set out to find her lost companion. This had proved a difficult endeavor.

Apparently, after Xena’s departure, Gabrielle had made one of her own. Not through death, but through seclusion. Gabrielle had apparently hung up her Sais for a different way of life….of what Xena wasn’t sure. Either way, no one had seen hide nor hair of the battling bard for years.

Xena had searched all throughout the land. She’d revisited friends, acquaintances, even the Amazons; no one knew of her whereabouts.

The warrior had spoken to Varia who had been completely shocked to see Xena, being as Gabrielle had informed her of her death. After the color had returned to Varia’s face they had finally been able to talk.

Varia confirmed Xena’s suspicions that Gabrielle was still alive. For the past few years, they’d exchanged letters back and forth. Varia kept Gabrielle informed on the goings of Amazonia. And every year or so Gabrielle actually made a trip up to the village for precedence. It helped with morale being as the great Queen Gabrielle had become much a legend with the Amazons.

Xena could have screamed aloud when she heard Varia’s words….Gabrielle was alive. In her heart, she’d always known. Had Gabrielle have died, Xena would have felt her passing. But, somehow, it just felt incredibly good to have her soul’s knowledge confirmed audibly.

Sadly, she didn’t know where the bard was.

Her quest for Gabrielle had taken Xena full circle, back to where it all began….Poteidaia. The warrior was shamed by the obviousness of it all. It’s where she should have started all along. Although Gabrielle didn’t reside in the town, Sara did….and she knew where Gabrielle was.

The woman had been quite shocked at seeing the Warrior Princess on her doorstep. Gabrielle had told her the story of Xena’s death, so Sara almost fainted when she answered the door.

But, after the initial shock, Sara had welcomed Xena in with open arms, begging the warrior to stay for dinner…and then the evening.

Xena had reluctantly obliged and spent the night at their abode. Sara had adjusted nicely and now had a husband and two darling children. Looking at them, the warrior was struck with both happiness and fear.

What if Gabrielle’s married? What if she has children? What if there is no room in her life for me? A thousand questions ran through Xena’s mind in a thousandth of a second.

She had never considered the fact that Gabrielle might have moved on. Contemplated…yes. Dwelt on it…no. Sure there had always been that little voice of reason in the back her mind telling her to be prepared for that…but who listens to that voice anyway?

In the end, Xena had simply asked directions to Gabrielle’s home…nothing more. She knew that if she had found out Gabrielle had gotten married or moved on, it would be too much. Xena would lose her nerve as well as her drive.

And she’d probably never see her bard again.

So for now she thought positively, whisking doubt away. The warrior found that Gabrielle had moved to a home about a day’s ride from Athens.

As Xena had rode up the path to Gabrielle’s dwelling, she’d been a bit overwhelmed.

The warrior resorted to getting off the horse and walking. Riding would get her there

too fast; Xena needed a few extra moments to compose herself.

It had taken her eight years to get here. It had seemed like forever, yet somehow not quite long enough.

Smoke piped steadily from the chimney as she saw Gabrielle’s house. It was strikingly similar to the image she’d pictured their home would be like…someday….when they’d given up all the fighting. A fair sized cottage, big but not too big. A steady porch with two wicker rocking chairs facing the sunset……

Wait a minute…two chairs?! Xena’s heart doubled its pace as it simultaneously leapt into her throat. She stopped dead in her tracks. Afraid to move forward, afraid to move back. The stagnant was all too safe. She relished in its comfort.

Eventually her longing claimed victory over her insecurity. She had to see her….even if it was for only a moment.

It would only take a second to last Xena the rest of her life.

Step…step…step….slowly the warrior restarted down the path until there she was, at the entrance.

Xena gave two sharp raps on the wooden doors.

Deep breaths Xena, deep breaths, she repeated to herself as the door gradually creaked open.





A gasp escaped from Virgil’s lips as he opened the aged wooden door.

He’d expected the neighbors to be stopping in or maybe even Gabrielle coming back from the market. But as his eyes fell upon the long lost traveler, Virgil was left completely astonished. He nearly tripped over his wide open, hanging jaw as the man took a step forward for a better look.

The woman needed no introduction. It was Xena.

"Xe…Xe…." Virgil stuttered speechlessly as he tried to voice some semblance of a greeting, although at the moment it seemed extremely inadequate.

"Hi Virgil." Xena spoke with a small grin, trying to hide her mutual confusion.

The warrior had recognized the man immediately, but that’s not to say the years hadn’t affected Virgil. The boy Xena had once known was now a man. His thick hair still retained its dark brown coloring. His face held small wrinkles, evidence of the time past. Each small crevice symbolizing years of experience; some happy, some sad…but all truly necessary.

His body, once slender and lanky, was now muscular, almost brawny. He wore a loose fitting tunic which did little to hide the toned physique that resided underneath. All in all, Virgil had turned into a very attractive man.

This only served to further Xena’s sense of dread. Virgil answering what was supposedly Gabrielle’s front door was disheartening enough.

Several very awkward moments of silence inched by as Virgil continued to open his mouth, as if wanting to say something, then closing it as if he’d lost the words. Xena took the minutes to find something completely enthralling about the wood knot on the porch floor, allowing time for her presence to fully sink in.

Finally Virgil looked composed enough to at least greet Xena. A full smile graced his lips as he out stretched his right arm to her.

The warrior quickly accepted his gesture of friendship, clasping his forearm with a secure grip. Virgil brought another arm around, bringing Xena into a quick embrace. He’d pulled back, giving her a warm look.

"You must have an incredible story to tell." Excitement saturated his high tone.

Xena simply laughed as she followed him into the home.





Gabrielle slowly strolled through the market as daylight dwindled down.

Her bones ached from a day of heavy traveling. The trip back from Athens was short, yet always a bit treacherous.

She’d been called to the Academy to judge over a bardic competition. Gabrielle found it highly ironic that they had asked her to participate, then teach, and now judge at the Academy when originally they’d tried to kick her out. She inwardly giggled, the students always loved it when she told that story.

It’d been a week of competition and Gabrielle was anxious to be back ….kind of. She was excited to be home and to see Virgil, of course. She greatly appreciated the life she had. It was a normalcy she never thought she’d achieve. A husband, a home, a stable life; it had all been very good for her.

Yet….still there was something intoxicating about being out on the road. Gabrielle enjoyed the freedom, the independence, the variety that travel provided. It was all so inebriating. Not that Gabrielle wasn’t happy, she was… as much as she could be. But a life of solidarity often led itself to boredom, and Gabrielle frequently found its complacency and simplicity positively maddening.

However Virgil was a good man and Gabrielle did love him. And she was secure in the knowledge that he loved her very much. But it wasn’t anything at all like what she’d had with Xena….nothing would ever be.

Though it had been eight years, Gabrielle still loved the warrior as much as the day she left. Every morning she woke up with Xena in her thoughts, every night she slept with Xena in her dreams. The pain wasn’t any less than the day the warrior had left her, but slowly Gabrielle had learned to deal with it.

Well…maybe not deal with it…but she had learned to live with it. There was always a sharp pain in her heart, but Gabrielle had learned to dull it….however it often left her numb….to everything.

Gods I still miss her, Gabrielle thought as she eyed a round loaf of bread. A tear slip down as she thought in depth of her departed warrior. But Gabrielle quickly turned her thoughts, now wasn’t the time for that.

She’d promised Virgil a nice dinner to make up for her absence. He’d always been accepting of Gabrielle’s other obligations, but lately, with the warlord Halliger around, he was becoming overly protective. At first it had been sweet…like when Xena had acted in the same manner. Gabrielle had always derived secret pleasure from her soul mate’s protective streak. It made her feel loved.

But instead of gratifying, Virgil’s behavior had become overbearing. They’d been having more frequent fights as he tried to exert control over Gabrielle….it never did work.

Tonight Gabrielle was furnishing dinner as a peace offering. She’d already purchased some fruit for desert, a good-sized chicken for the meal, and was now looking for bread to compliment the ensemble. Usually, Gabrielle would bake her own but with evening approaching there simply wasn’t time.

As she reached out for the choice loaf, Gabrielle felt an intense feeling in her stomach. It almost caused her to double over. It wasn’t a pain or a cramp. There was really no other was to describe it other than an intense feeling.

This wasn’t a new experience. For the past year or so she had been having the same sporadic feelings, varying in strength. Lately they’d been deepening in their concentration. They were more frequent and much more intense. Gabrielle knew something was happening, knew she was feeling these pangs for a reason, but the bard could not quite pinpoint the source.

However this episode was definitely the strongest experience she’d ever had. Gabrielle hunched over, trying to gain her bearings.

"Are you okay Miss?" Asked the shop keeper, staring confused at the ailing blond woman.

"I’ll be fine." Gabrielle said, abandoning the bread and walking away from the stand.

As another wave surged through her, Gabrielle dropped her recently purchased items. Suddenly, a flood of understanding swelled within her. It all finally made sense.

Forgetting her grounded groceries, Gabrielle headed off running towards home….

Towards Xena.





The warrior let her hands rest upon the table.

Virgil had retreated to the kitchen. He’d insisted the warrior have a cup of tea to combat the evening cool that was fast approaching. Xena saw no benefit to denying him and quietly accepted the offer.

Her eyes darted around the home. She sat in a modest sized room. The flames that yielded from the center fireplace kept the room at a cozy temperature. A pot of hot water hung over the leaping blaze. Xena would have dwelt longer on the room, however at that time Virgil returned. He carried with him a medium sized mug, obviously for Xena.

He strolled over to the fireplace, stealing some of the boiling liquid for Xena’s tea. Then, after he efficiently stirred the mixture he slowly handed the concoction over to the warrior. Xena tried to inconspicuously smell the tea. She got a mighty whiff and tried to repress the cough that rose in her throat from the strong scent.

She eyed the tea suspiciously, giving Virgil an exaggerated look. He released a hearty laugh.

"Oh Xena don’t worry, it doesn’t taste half as bad as it smells."

A small grin arose on the woman’s face as she took a small sip of the steaming fluid.

"Not bad." Xena murmured between drinks, offering a rare compliment.

"Thanks." Virgil replied with honest pride.

Although it’s pretty hard to screw up tea…even I always made a decent cup of tea. However Xena kept the comment silent on her lips, letting Virgil enjoy the small slip of praise. After all, she hadn’t seen him in eight years.

"Tea’s about the only thing I can make. Gabrielle does most of the cooking."

Xena dropped her mug on the floor immediately at the mention of her lover’s name.

"Ga…Gabri…elle." Xena choked out as she coughed down the hot tea, burning all the way down her throat.

"Yeah, she actually just stepped out to the market. She should be back within a candlemark."

So she is here. Xena’s soul soared to the height of elation at the conclusion. After eight long years, she would finally see her soul mate. But as soon as the euphoria came, it quickly retreated as another realization invaded her thoughts. Gabrielle…Virgil…together. Gods! They’re married!

The one thing Xena had hoped against hope not to happen. The one thing she bade the gods to prevent. It was her greatest fear realized. Gabrielle had moved on…moved on without her. She was married. She probably had a family, a troop of little children playing around somewhere. She had a whole new life…a life without Xena.

Panic rose up the warrior’s throat, coating it with a thick layer of bile as Xena was barely able to push down the urge to vomit. She wanted to run out of the room. Run away, run back to the comfort of the afterlife. A place where she could pretend Gabrielle still loved her, where Gabrielle still waited for her. A place where Xena could still dream of a future for them…together.

But now everything was different…so different. I should have never come. Xena scolded herself, wishing for a moment she could simply blend in with the walls. But a six foot, blue eyed, Warrior Princess is not easily hidden. Instead Xena stayed seated, her foot taping furiously, her hands fidgeting. A light sweat coated her neck as she perspired from anxiety.

I should leave, was the warrior’s first reaction. I could leave before she even got home. Virgil can keep a secret. She’d never even have to know that I was here. Xena began to reason, although she couldn’t quite commit to the idea, knowing it would deprive her of seeing Gabrielle…even if it were for the last time.

So Xena went back in forth, to stay or to go, a silent battle raging on in her head.

But it seemed the decision wasn’t up to Xena, the Fates had other plans. The warrior’s superhuman hearing perked up to the light sound of the front door slowly opening. She heard the cautious, steady, all too familiar footsteps amble up behind her.

"Xena?" Called a small voice from behind the warrior.

Xena didn’t need to turn around to identify the source. It was one she knew better than her own vocals. The voice was the sweetest sound that had ever graced the Warrior Princess’s stealth ears. It was a part of her memory, it was a part of her being…it was a part of her soul. She slowly turned to greet her visitor.

It was Gabrielle.




The bard forced herself to step back.

Her first reaction was to embrace Xena, which she did with tenacious ferocity. If given half the chance, she would have stayed that way forever, but her feelings were too raw right now….emotions too high. She needed a chance to compose herself.

Xena slowly took in the scent of Gabrielle’s wispy blonde hair as she pulled out of the embrace. Their hold had lasted only seconds, but it would have been enough to last the warrior a lifetime. In those few moments, Xena realized she was home.

As they stood a step apart Xena searched intently to meet Gabrielle’s eyes. There she found herself, forever drowning in a glorious sea of green.

Gabrielle met Xena’s gaze, looking into the eyes of her long lost lover. The piercing blue orbs saw down to the depths of her soul and the bard’s heart warmed at that knowledge. She too was finally home.

So there they stood, in utter silence.

Gabrielle, the bard, with a lifetime of words, a million things she’d wanted to say, but at this point nothing was needed. The instance was so pure; words would have only tainted the moment.

Xena was left speechless. She was left wordless….in fact she was left breathless. Her words had died on her lips the second she’d become lost in Gabrielle’s eyes.

The appreciated stillness could have continued much longer if not for Virgil’s mild interruption.

"Gabrielle," he addressed her trying to break, what he perceived, as an awkward silence.

"Virgil." She greeted him formally, her eyes never lifting from Xena’s.

"How’s this for a surprise?" He said, trying to joke. Virgil simply had no conception of the sanctity of the moment.

Instead of responding, Gabrielle simply lifted her eyebrows, conveying her sentiment. She finally broke her eye-to-eye tango with the warrior, moving to sit down in the chair across from Xena.

The warrior watched Gabrielle very carefully. Something wasn’t quite right. The bard’s movements were rigid and something about her eyes….it was hard to explain. They still held the same warmth, the same love, yet there was a withdrawn quality about them.

Again the silence persisted.

And…again…Virgil took it upon himself to interrupt it. This time, both the warrior and the bard were thankful.

"How was your trip Gabrielle?"

"Fine." She answered quickly. The bard wasn’t quite in the mood for chitchat. She was completely overwhelmed by the newly presented situation, and was desperately trying to deal.

Virgil paused for a moment before continuing.

"And the market…" He stretched his words, hoping she would continue on his train of thought.

It took Gabrielle a couple second before she realized what he was implying. When it finally dawned on her, Gabrielle turned a light flush, feeling instantly both foolish and sorry for forgetting the meal.

"Oh gods, dinner! I’m so sorry! I forgot." She shot up out of her seat, as if preparing to run back to the market for a second load.

"It’s ok Gabrielle." Virgil assured her.

"But I promised you a nice meal…and with Xena here I…"

Xena stood up, placing a hand on Gabrielle’s arm.

"Don’t worry about me. This," Xena looked intently into Gabrielle’s eyes, implying a meaning that only they shared. "Is more than enough."

Gabrielle unconsciously recoiled from her touch, scooting back several inches. But to the warrior, the inches were the equivalent of miles. She was devastated.

The bard was different. She’s acting…almost…cold towards me. No, that’s not it. It’s more rigid…uncomfortable. Gods, I never should have come. Why am I doing this to her?! Xena cursed herself.

Virgil watched the scene unfold, completely oblivious to any of the surmounting tension.

"Well, we’ve got some left over cheese and bread in the kitchen." He said, pleased with his suggestion.

"That’d be wonderful." Xena answered, mirroring Gabrielle as she sat back down in her seat.

Virgil retreated back into the kitchen and rummaged around, finding some adequate additions for dinner. When he reentered the room with plates and utensils, he found Xena staring at Gabrielle….and Gabrielle staring at the floor. When he returned with the meal, their positions had been reversed with Gabrielle staring at Xena and the warrior’s eyes downcast.

Although he claimed to understand none of it, Virgil was well aware that something much past him…something deeper was occurring here. However he knew it was not his place to interfere. This was a matter between Xena and Gabrielle, not Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil. The bard was his wife, and he trusted her with his home, with his heart….with everything. And right now, He’d have to trust her to deal with this.

"Dinner is served." He smiled as he set down the food.

It had been a quiet affair. Virgil was constantly trying to fight the awkwardness of the situation, while both Xena and Gabrielle openly accepted it. He’d tried to make light small talk with the warrior, however he adamantly avoided the topic of Xena’s death and resurrection. The issues were simply too heavy for a light evening meal.

Finally, they had all finished. Xena had cordially entertained Virgil’s annoying chitchat out of simple consideration for the man. Gabrielle had yet to speak another word. She’d stare intently at her food, and when she thought Xena wasn’t looking, her focus would turn to the warrior.

Xena’s eyes may not have caught her, but Xena’s soul could tell when Gabrielle’s gaze was fixed upon her. It was an innate sense she possessed, as natural as breathing. Her soul would warm when she felt the bard’s eyes upon her. It was so obvious, Xena didn’t have to look up; she could simply enjoy the effect.

Though Xena thought it to be her own secret pleasure, Gabrielle knew she was aware of her attentions. It was just a part of that connection they had….the connection they’d always had. She was beside herself right now. Her emotions had first gone into overdrive and now had almost completely shut down. The bard was simply riding on a wave of numbness.

She saw Xena before her, knew she was here…yet she couldn’t accept it. If she actually accepted it, she faced the risk that it wasn’t real. That this was all a trick of Morpheus. Gabrielle feared that she’d wake up from this dream….a dream she’d had for the past eight years. The bard would rather stay in this fantasy then be awoken into the harsh realm that was reality.

When it was apparent that everyone was completely finished, Gabrielle stood up taking two hands full of dishes into the kitchen. Xena quickly followed after her with the remaining plates.

The bard began to wash the plates and was startled as Xena came up behind her, dropping off her load.

"Sorry." Xena spoke quietly but with honest sincerity.

"It’s ok I just….didn’t …expect you." Gabrielle said, her words holding a plethora of meanings.

"I know."

Gabrielle returned to her dish detail and Xena joined her, grabbing a towel to dry.

"You don’t have to do that." She used a somber tone, almost shy.

"I want to." Xena smiled.

That was enough for Gabrielle. They went about their duties in silence. Every few seconds Gabrielle’s eyes would lift up to meet Xena’s. The warrior would smile, catching her every time, and the bard would quickly return her gaze to the water.

Gabrielle handed Xena an extra soapy dish. The bard unintentionally flicked several suds in Xena face. The warrior reached up and wiped her upper lip, removing the offending evidence. She then dipped her hand in the water, brought it up and flicked Gabrielle in the face, the water leaving a chaotic trail on the Amazon’s cheeks.

The warrior waited cautiously for Gabrielle’s reaction. The bard took several seconds before repeating Xena’s actions, sending an extra amount of soap in the warrior’s face.

Xena smiled at the challenge and reached down again, this time splashing a wave of water in Gabrielle’s direction.

Gabrielle took a step back and looked up at Xena.

"Are you trying to start something Warrior Princess?" Instead of her earlier seriousness, Gabrielle’s voice was filled with playful sarcasm.

"Well, as you know, water fights are one of my skills." Xena paused, raising a teasing eyebrow. "And I do have many skills."

And suddenly Gabrielle’s last wall fell down.

"It’s really you, isn’t it?"

"Yes Gabrielle, it’s really me."

With that, Gabrielle finally accepted Xena being here…Xena being real. A flood of emotions attacked the bard. She was happy. She was sad. She was angry. She was confused. She was surprised. It was too much for her to deal with.

Xena saw the transformation in Gabrielle’s eyes and was there to catch her. The small woman fell helplessly into the Warrior Princess’s outstretched arms and Xena held her as tightly as she could.

Safe in her soul mate’s arms, Gabrielle let go. She released years and years of pain in matter of moments. The bard began to cry. She’d cried tears she didn’t know she had left. There were tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears of eight years of separation. She let it all go.

Strong and steady, the warrior remained as she whispered words of encouragement, words of love, all the things she’d been waiting so long to say, into the bard’s ears.

Virgil watched from a distance, not completely sure how to react to the situation. He was happy that Xena had returned. Xena was his friend and he had missed her. And he was happy because he knew Gabrielle was. She’d never truly been the same since the warrior left.

And although he tried desperately to fight it, Virgil couldn’t help but feel more than a little threatened. He loved Gabrielle with everything that he was and was secure in the knowledge that the bard loved him back. But, he also knew that what they shared was nothing in comparison to the bond between his wife and the warrior.

He was Gabrielle’s husband, but Xena had been the bard’s soul mate. I’m better than this. He told himself as he found down feelings of petty jealousy. He was finally able to conquer his rabid emotions…for the moment. This is only natural, Virgil thought as he looked upon the two embracing, they haven’t seen each other in such a long time…they were so close.

For now, it was acceptable Virgil concluded as he exited the room and out the door. He headed off towards town for he had matters to attend to.

Xena and Gabrielle paid no attention to his departure, they were too wrapped up in the thrill of each other’s arms.






The sunlight lazily peeked in from the opposing window.

Xena tried to resist it, but eventually the Warrior Princess awoke. Her eyes squinted, adjusting themselves to the illumination of the new day. Her body was tight and sore from spending the night in such an awkward position.

She had to fight down the urge to stretch, fearing she’d disturb her precious cargo. Wrapped in her steady arms lay a cute little blond bard that Xena was more than fond of. Here, in the sun’s golden rays, Gabrielle looked like an angel…and again Xena’s breath left her.

Last night had been a cleansing affair; all the old wounds had been washed clean and were now finally beginning to heal. Gabrielle had cried…and cried…into the evening and Xena was content to let her. The warrior offered her unwavering support as Gabrielle released all her pent up emotions.

Eventually the bard had cried herself to sleep. Xena’s initial reaction was to move the bard to a more comfortable spot, perhaps her bedroom. However Xena had yet to see the room and really wasn’t sure she could face seeing the bed that both Gabrielle and Virgil shared. She was strong…but not that strong. Also she didn’t want to risk waking her tired companion.

So instead Xena had remained on the kitchen floor, her back against the wall. Gabrielle’s slow breath had lightly grazed the warrior’s chest. The bard’s soft snores that were like music to her ears. Xena concentrated on the sound and had eventually drifted off to sleep.

And now she was awake and her body was paying for last night’s carelessness. But that didn’t matter, it had been more than worth it.

Gabrielle’s eyes shot open and she jerked up to a sitting position. Morpheus had not been a gracious host, rudely kicking her out of his realm. At first she was too overwhelmed by the bright sun and scent of morning dew to recollect or register anything else.

Then, after a few seconds of silent reflection, last night’s events came into focus. Xena…Xena’s alive…and she’s here. The memories flooded back. However Gabrielle became panicked when she couldn’t see her warrior in view.

"Xena?" Her voiced called frantic as she looked around. Her head turned left and she was met face to face with her Warrior Princess.

Calm flooded her veins.

"Xena." Her voice was drenched in both security and relief.

"I’m here." The statement was so simple, yet it meant so much. It was everything.

"I know." Gabrielle smiled. It was the first genuine one Xena had seen since she returned. She’s still as beautiful as ever.

As the sunlight illuminated Gabrielle’s features, Xena got her first real look at the bard. And she was right, she was just as beautiful…if not more. The years had been kind to her.

Gabrielle, even eight years later, still could pass for little more than a girl. However her sophisticated mannerisms had matured to reflected her age. Save a few very small lines in Gabrielle’s brow, she was much the same woman as before.

Those worry lines, I wonder if they're from me? Gods I’ve done so much to her…she deserves so much better…and yet here we are…together…again. The warrior’s hand acted with a mind of its own, reaching up to Gabrielle’s cheek and softly caressing it.

"So beautiful." She murmured her thought aloud.

"Oh Xena." Gabrielle scoffed, down casting her eyes as she tried to hide the color rising to her cheeks.

But being the astute observer Xena was famous for, she saw Gabrielle’s flush. It’s nice to know I still have that kind of affect on her.

"You are."


"Beautiful." Xena said with great sincerity for it was the utter truth.

Again the bard’s cheeks turned at light crimson as she felt heat rise to her face.

"Xena, I’m an old woman now." She spoke with sarcasm, trying to mask insecure undertones….but Xena heard them.

"Gabrielle, you are," She paused for added emphasis. "Just as beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on you."


"Wait, I take that back."

Gabrielle shot her a surprised and obviously hurt expression.

"What I mean is I lied. You’re even more beautiful now than you were when I first met you. You were a girl back then…’ve grown into such an incredible woman, Gabrielle. Besides I like older women."

"Hey," Gabrielle mocked offense, poking Xena in the ribs with an offending elbow. "You’re still older than me."

Xena, not expecting the playful blow, winced inwardly at the sharp pain.

"Oh gods Xena, I’m sorry."

"It’s ok Gabrielle. It was an accident."

As if just noticing their conditions, Gabrielle glanced around and found that they were still in the kitchen.

"Did I fall asleep on you Xena?"

"Yeah, but that’s me…Xena Warrior Pillow."

"I’m sorry, gods, you must be so uncomfortable." Gabrielle pushed to standup but Xena grasped her firmly on the arm, bringing her back into place.

"Gabrielle," the warrior looked deep into her eyes. "It’s ok."

"It is?" Her voice chalked full of insecurity, the question obviously holding a deeper meaning.

"Yes, it is."

And with that the warrior and the bard left the kitchen, ready to face the day….together.





The rocking chair creaked as Xena eased into its smooth motion.

She and Gabrielle had elected to sit outside on the porch for some quiet conversation. It was private, but not quite enough for Xena with Virgil silently looming over them. For the most part he was in the shop, however every candlemark or so he would venture out and give them a suspicious look.

I suppose its only natural…I mean we used to be…we are…what are we?! The question plagued Xena mind. There was no clear definition of what their relationship was anymore. Xena wanted answers, but it was too soon. She didn’t want to ask, she didn’t want to scare Gabrielle off. She’d just have to give her time.

They'd been ideally chit chatting, nothing with real substance. This was still very much a feeling out period for both the warrior and the bard.

"So what have you been up to the past few years?" The second the question left her lips, Xena felt instantly deft. How dumb does that sound?! Gods, very slick Warrior Princess.

Gabrielle too felt the awkward tension between her and the warrior. Of course it was to be expected, I mean they had been parted for what had felt like a lifetime. But the bard wished they could just jump to the way things used to be, she’d be happy then.

It is my fault though…I just didn’t wait long enough. I should have known Xena would come back.

However instead of dwelling on her heavy guilt trip, she turned to answer the warrior’s question.

"So much, yet nothing much at all. Virgil’s a carpenter, he owns a stand in the town market where he sells his work. I help out with that some of the time."

"Did he…" Xena pointed to the two rocking chairs.

Gabrielle smiled in understanding.

"Yeah. Actually I think he’s made all the furniture here and in the house."

Xena inspected the smooth chair handle, and displayed an expression of approval. Not bad work, she thought.

"So that’s what tells me what he’s been doing, but what about you?"

"Well after Virgil and I got….." Gabrielle stopped her speech, not wanting to say the next painful word. It was as if admitting a type of infidelity…and in a way it was. The bard was ashamed and at the same time very sorry.

Xena too felt the pain. She knew Gabrielle was about to say and was thankful she stopped. Although she knew the word, it would be so much harder to actually hear it from Gabrielle’s lips. It made it that much more real somehow.

Instead she nodded her head in understanding.

"Anyway…um…we moved here. It’s a small town, but I like that about it. It reminds me a lot of Poteidaia. It’s perfect because it’s only a day’s ride from Athens. For the past few years I’ve been connected to the Academy in some way. At first they asked me to perform at some of the festivals. Then they asked me to teach and I did that for a couple of years. I really enjoyed that, but it keeps me away from…"Again she censored herself. "Away too long."

"So now I go to the Academy once a month or so, often to perform but this time they were having a competition and they asked me to judge it. It was a great honor."

"I’m sure." Xena said, obviously impressed.

The knowledge that she had impressed the Warrior Princess fed Gabrielle silent delight.

Xena tried to refrain, but her mind was plagued with question about Gabrielle’s new life. She had to know.

"Are you happy?" She spoke with a quiet tone, unsure how Gabrielle would react.

It took the bard a moment to conjure an answer. She wasn’t offended by the question, it was completely called for. Am I happy? Gods…what is happy?

"It’s been a while since anybody had asked me that. Am I happy?" She repeated the question aloud to herself.

Xena leaned in further, as if hanging on her answer. And in many she was. If Gabrielle answered a definitive yes, then the warrior had no place here. Xena would then only be a complication to the bard’s new life. She’d leave to become nothing more than a memory, a love long gone. But if she answer no….Gods, there might still be a chance for us.

"To be completely honest," Gabrielle began and Xena filled with dread at the slow words.


"I don’t even remember what happy is. It has been so long since I truly knew that I was…happy. I haven’t thought about it in a long time, instead I’ve just spent my time…being."

The answer was vague and did nothing to squelch Xena’s rising fear. Is that her answer?

The bard saw the confusion rampant on her partner’s face. She deserves more, Gabrielle thought. But she was scared too, scared of what her answer meant. If she said she wasn’t happy, it almost meant she’d wasted all those years….wasted her last chance with Xena by conforming to a normal life.

But she couldn’t lie…not to Xena.

"No, I’m not happy. I haven’t been…in fact the last time I even remember feeling that way was that night before this all began. Do you remember when we were looking up at the stars talking about what we’d do with our life? I remember you saying we couldn’t run around Greece for the rest of our lives. All I remember thinking was that I would have followed you anywhere. That was the last time I was happy."

The memory was vivid in Xena’s mind, for many reasons. But for the same one as Gabrielle’s. It was the last she remembered true happiness…well that is until she saw her bard yesterday. The warrior was completely relieved, she’d gotten the answer she’d prayed for.

Although she wanted to inquire further, to ask Gabrielle a million questions about her…her life…their relationship…that would all come in time. Xena just had to wait….gods how she despised patience.

"What about you?" Gabrielle spoke up. "I’m sure you have an incredible story to tell."

"Not really." Xena answered nonchalantly, however she’d been waiting for the question since she’d walked in Gabrielle’s door. "After I…."

"Left me." Gabrielle interrupted, finishing her words. The bard was barely able to hold back the tears that the revelation produced. Even now, eight years later, it still caused so much pain.

"Yeah…"And the warrior could not hide her shame nor did she want to. "I guess I kinda just existed. I had to stay dead…for the souls. But I didn’t understand how long. I had thought it was an indefinite sentence…."


"Well, I was actually guardian of the souls. I protected them until the next life. After seven years, they all had been reborn. I was the only one left. And here I am."

"Seven years?"

"Yes well, I spent the last year searching for you. I finally found you Gabrielle. I finally found you." She repeated, if only for her own benefit.

"Why did you leave me?" Gabrielle spoke in a very straightforward tone. She had to ask…she had to know.

"I didn’t want to. I was determined for us to be together…forever. But that was selfish Gabrielle. I was holding you back."

"No, you weren’t." Gabrielle pleaded.

"Yes, I was." She stated concretely. "And it was wrong. It took someone else to show me that."


"Aphrodite. She came, the night I left you and confronted me. She made me realize what I was doing…how selfish I was being. And I thank her for that. She told me I had to leave. I didn’t want to Gabrielle. Please don’t think that. But I had to…it was for the best."

"I’ll have to thank her." Gabrielle spoke with a sarcastic tone.

"You should. If it weren’t for her, I’d never have come back. She gave me my body back. She gave my soul back. I owe her a tremendous amount of gratitude."

"I guess I do too." Gabrielle whispered.

"I’m so sorry…for leaving you. I had to…it was the right thing to do."

"I know Xena."

And unannounced Gabrielle stood up and leaned over to Xena, placing a soft kiss upon her cheek.

It was such a simple gesture, yet it meant so much. It told Xena that Gabrielle believed her. It told Xena that Gabrielle forgave her. It told Xena that Gabrielle loved her.

The contact lasted only a second, but for a moment the two were in absolute heaven. The scent of Xena’s close skin drew Gabrielle closer. Desires long denied began to rise again, needing satisfaction. The bard lingered over Xena for a moment, contemplating further action.

She wanted to…gods she wanted to. It was so tempting…it felt so right. She had to. Gabrielle mouth began descending upon Xena’s soft lips. But a heartbeat before they met, the light thud of Virgil’s hammer sounded off. It took only a moment for Gabrielle to remember herself, and she backed away.

Xena watched her disappear into the house with mixed emotions. She was of course disappointed that Gabrielle had retreated from her, but on the same hand their encounter had been encouraging. The warrior wasn’t really sure of anything right now.

All she knew was that it was a long road ahead.





The day had passed rather uneventfully.

Virgil continued his work in his workshop. Xena and Gabrielle had spent the day getting reacquainted, but in a purely platonic manner. Neither brave enough to push the other into a further examination of their relationship. They’d avoided the serious talks and stuck to playful banter.

And for today, it was enough.

They’d all reconvened for dinner that night. Gabrielle had prepared the meal she had promised the day before, creating a stunning blend of delectable delights.

"I forgot how good a cook you were my bard." The reference had slipped out, but it came so natural Xena didn’t have time to stop it. The incident had caused an awkward silence, an angry look from Virgil, and a genuine smile from Gabrielle.

Otherwise it had all gone smoothly. After the meal, Xena had departed for bed citing immense exhaustion. Reacquainting with your soul mate can be so very draining. However Xena just needed time to think. She gave Gabrielle a quick but firm hug and bade them both goodnight.

Gabrielle had soon thereafter gone to bed. Heavy contemplation was ahead of her. But she denied it, Xena being back seemed so right. She didn’t want to analyze it or ponder it, she just wanted accept it. To enjoy it.

As Virgil lay snoring at her side, Gabrielle could think of little else but her warrior. Last night had felt so wonderful, so safe, asleep in Xena’s arms. There was a sort of subconscious security that it produced, and Gabrielle had spent to long without it.

Suddenly she had to see Xena, right now. Instead of dissecting the impulse, she simply rode it out. Gabrielle slowly rose from the bed, very careful not to wake her husband. She then tiptoed down the hall to Xena’s room.

As she peered in, she found the warrior fast asleep. She’s so beautiful, Gabrielle thought. Xena looked so at peace in sleep. Gabrielle remembered that from before. Slumber provided the warrior a calm that was unobtainable in the awaken world.

It should have been enough, just to see her. But Xena had always been so addictive. The mere sight of her wasn’t enough and Gabrielle was left instantly wanting…no, needing more. She moved over to the side of Xena’s bed, inches away from the warrior.

The bard tried to stop herself, not wanting to wake her sleeping warrior…and yet she couldn’t control herself. Her hand moved of its own volition, reaching up to casually stroke Xena’s tanned face. She lightly caressed the warrior right cheek and Xena unconsciously snuggled into the touch.

Gods she’s so beautiful. Gabrielle’s other hand came around, grasping Xena’s other cheek so that she held the warrior’s jaw with in her hands. She leaned forward, placing a light but loving kiss on the warrior unassuming forehead.

As she pulled back looking onto Xena’s face she was hit with an epiphany of sorts. I still love her, she thought…although she’d already known that. No…I’m still IN love with her. Gabrielle realized her feelings ran as deep as they had years ago.

Gods, I’m absolutely, hopelessly, madly in love with her. The realization covered her like a snug blanket, warming her soul.

"By the gods, I love you Xena Warrior Princess." Gabrielle whispered to her sleeping companion.

However Xena hadn’t been sleeping…well at least not the whole time. Gabrielle’s soft breathing had alerted her finely toned warrior skills. But…rather than ruin the moment and possibly scare the bard off, Xena had remained in a mock sleep state.

Her soul had soared at Gabrielle’s words. She took a quick second to contemplate whether she should reply or not, but her heart would not be denied.

"I love you too Gabrielle." The warrior opened her eyes and was met with the beautiful sight of her soul mate’s intense gaze, staring at her with a mix of satisfaction and surprise. "I love you so much."

Rather than respond with words, the small woman once again fell into Xena’s arms. However tonight it was without tears, Gabrielle simply enjoyed the feeling of the warrior’s strong embrace. She breathed in her leather-scented skin.

It was all too familiar, yet over the years she had forgotten it….or forced herself to forget to forgo the pain. Either way she knew now, it was something she couldn’t live without.

Xena too was enjoying the feel of Gabrielle in her arms. Each time, each embrace, it felt so strong…so good. It served to affirm just how right this…they…were.

"I’ve missed you Xena…so much." Gabrielle murmured into the nape of the warrior’s neck. "I’ve missed this."

"Me too Gabrielle." She pulled the bard in even closer. "Me too."

Gabrielle had forced herself to forget so much…so much of everything…tonight she wanted to remember. She needed to remember.

The bard pulled back from the hug slowly, moving several inches away from Xena. At first the warrior was afraid she’d scared the bard away, but Gabrielle’s eyes looked so comforting…so inviting. She knew in her soul that everything was okay.

A soft trembling hand slowly reached up to Xena. Gabrielle closed her eyes and then proceeded to run her palm down the length of the warrior’s body. She focused on every curve, the texture of Xena’s skin…everything. She wanted to remember.

Xena raised an infamous eyebrow in obvious confusion. Not that she had a problem with Gabrielle’s actions…in fact she quite enjoyed them. However, they left her puzzled as to her bard’s intention.

As the blonde repeated her actions, Xena focused in on her partner’s mannerisms. She saw the slow motion of her hand, the deep look of concentration on her face. It was almost as if she was….memorizing. She’s trying to memorize me.

As the realization hit her, Xena reached up to stop the bard’s hand. Gabrielle’s eyes shot open as a response.

"When you were gone I …I forced myself to forget." She paused for emphasis. "I need to remember."

The warrior simply shook her head in agreement, allowing Gabrielle about her way. Xena too wanted to remember, mirroring Gabrielle actions. Slow touches with steady hands. Quick kisses from soft lips.

As so the night went, Xena and Gabrielle rediscovering each other. The evening had been filled with light touches and careful embraces. Although lips grazed each other’s body, it hadn’t really been a sexual experience. There had been no real kisses and there most certainly hadn’t been sex.

Instead Xena and Gabrielle spent the night exploring each other. The texture of the skin, the curve of the body…every crevice, every scar…they examined everything. It had truly been the most sensual experience of both of their lives.

It was a prolonged pleasure that accompanied it. The pleasure of rediscovery, the pleasure of love.

They remembered everything they had been fighting….everything they’d been trying to forget. Their connection, their love, was all the stronger for it.

As dawn had approached, Gabrielle had returned to her bedroom for she was not in the mood for another one of Virgil’s questioning sessions. He’d cornered her earlier in the day, interrogating her about Xena and such. It was obvious that the man was completely insecure, scared of Gabrielle leaving him. The bard could sympathize with that. She knew much what it felt like.

Gabrielle loved Virgil, but she also knew she was in love with Xena. A choice had to be made….however she wasn’t ready to make it just yet.

As she got up to leave the room, Xena stopped her. The warrior knew she must go, but couldn’t let the encounter end in such a way. So Xena tilted Gabrielle’s chin up and kissed her lightly on the skin right above her lips, between her nose and her mouth. It had been so close…yet so far away.

"I love you Gabrielle."

"I love you too Xena." The bard whispered as she turned down the hall.






Gabrielle stared ideally off into the wall as Virgil changed in front of her.

He was in a hurry to get into the town. Coupled with his morning anger, this made him not the best company. But Gabrielle was used to this…used to him. Virgil was a usually lighthearted man, however every once in a while he would fall into one of his moods.

Rather than confront him about it, she simply grinned and bore it. She owed him that much, especially with the current circumstances.

But Virgil was far past anger, what he felt was much worse…he felt hurt. Gabrielle had thought she’d been secretive, but Virgil had heard her leave last night. At first he’d thought…more like convinced himself, that she was just checking on the warrior…still enamored by her resurrection.

One candle mark turned into two…then three…then four. Finally it got to a point where Virgil could lie to himself no longer.

Although Gabrielle had never verbally stated the boundaries of their relationship, he, like half of Greece, had put two and two together. That being, he could only guess what had occurred the evening before.

Well, at least she came back. He’d have to give her some credit for discretion, but somehow that did nothing to comfort his bleeding soul. The more he dwelt upon the subject, the more his anger grew….and grew…and grew. It flamed to a point where Virgil could no longer keep the painless silence.

"So was she good?" He asked with a malicious tone.

"What are you talking about?" Gabrielle responded, confused.

"Xena," he tapped his foot rapidly, trying to release some of the tension. "I asked if she was good last night."

"Stop Virgil. Stop right now. You don’t know what you’re talking about."

"Well I know that you left our bed last night and didn’t come back until early morning."

Gabrielle should have cursed herself for her carelessness, but she didn’t. Condemning her actions would cheapen the moment. It would mean in some way she regretted them, and she wouldn’t want to do that. Last night was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life.

"We didn’t have sex if that’s what you’re implying."

"Oh really."

"Really." Gabrielle stated firmly, leaving no room for doubt in her tone.

"Well then what did happen?"

"That’s none of your business Virgil."

"Oh but I think it is. I’m your husband Gabrielle. It is my business."

"You wouldn’t understand," she whispered, but it was loud enough for the man to hear.

Virgil been fighting them, but slowly the tears began to fall. He just couldn’t help it. Gabrielle had become his whole life…he was scared to death of losing her.

"I…I’m tr…I’m trying Gabrielle. The gods kn…know I’m trying." He voiced broke, full of tears.

The bard was touched by his desperation. She didn’t want to hurt him, but there was doubt in her mind as to their future.

"I know your trying, but you have to understand how difficult this is for me Virgil. I do love you."

His heart elated at her words, however he knew next came the infamous but.

"But I love Xena too. For a great many years, she was my life. I had accepted an existence without her…but now with her back I don’t know what to do. I’m torn."

"I just need time." She said, leaving the room and Virgil to his thoughts.

Once he was sure she was far out of range, Virgil fell into the bed in a mass of sobs. It wasn’t very manly or macho but he didn’t care. His soul was in pieces.

Although Gabrielle had meant for her words to be comforting, they were in fact the opposite. They were the final nail through Virgil’s heart. He could no longer deny the truth anymore than he could deny his love for her.

Virgil had lost her.





Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s hand, drawing her outside.

"Let’s go." She said.

Xena was inclined to ask where, but chose rather to live in the moment and eagerly followed the bard outside.

Gabrielle led Xena over behind Virgil’s workshop where there lay a small stable. Inside was a gorgeous black horse. His big hooves evidence of his prowess, yet his gentle demeanor, coming up to the bard’s hand and nudging it lovingly, proved his gentleness.

A finely oiled saddle was positioned in the corner and Gabrielle walked over to grab it, placing it atop the stallion’s broad back.

"This is Hector."

Piercing blue orbs eyed the animal appreciatively.

"He’s a fine horse."

"Care for a ride?" Gabrielle asked with a coy smile.

"Of course." Came a steady reply.

With stunning execution, Xena gracefully mounted the horse. She then reached down, helping Gabrielle up with an inviting arm. Instead of placing her in back, which had usually been their custom, Xena pulled the bard ahead of her. Gabrielle tilted her head in question.

"I wanna feel you." Xena said. It wasn’t a sexual comment, it was loving. She wanted to feel Gabrielle’s heartbeat next to hers. She wanted to inhale the soft smell of her skin. She needed to feel Gabrielle. That simply couldn’t be achieved with the bard riding behind her.

Gabrielle much enjoyed the position and was thankful for the suggestion. As Xena’s strong arms wrapped around her and she rested her chin on the nape of Gabrielle’s neck, for the first time in much too long the bard felt truly at peace.

The ride had been at a leisurely pace. Gabrielle had no real direction in mind, just a calming ride. She’d ended up giving Xena a small tour of the area. Though they had avoided the town, the two had ridden past the different natural landmarks and farms. Xena was actually quite impressed with the terrain. It was all extremely beautiful.

The rest of the ride had been spent in silence. It was not gauche but for the first time, truly comfortable. Xena and Gabrielle both welcomed and indulged it.

Xena smelt a faint hint of smoke in the air. She immediately began scanning the horizon wearily, searching for a source. She could see something, and instead of putting her mind at ease it only served to enhance her discomfort. She didn’t want to say anything to worry Gabrielle, but as time went on the scent still remained strong and Xena was forced to vocalize her apprehension.

"Gabrielle do you smell smoke?"

"Oh yeah," she said very coolly.

Xena was a bit surprised at such a calm response. She’d expected at least a tinge of worry.

"Well…do you know where it’s coming from?"

"Most likely from the farm over the ridge." She raised her finger, pointing in the direction. "It as burned down the other day." Her voice was filled with sympathy for the home.

Although Gabrielle had not known the patrons very well, she knew they weren’t a very well off family. The farm was all they’d had. Now they were left with nothing. Gabrielle and Virgil had visited, bringing with several baskets of food. The bard’s heart ached knowing that it was little solace to them, but there was nothing more they could really do. The family had refused the money Virgil had offered.

"What happened?"

"Halliger happened." She spoke with uncharacteristic bluntness.

"Who’s Halliger?"

"A local warlord in the area. Nothing like we used to fight but he has had some minor success in the surrounding towns. He’s focused in on our town as his next conquest."

"I will give him credit for his approach, though. It’s original. Instead of attacking the entire village at once, he slowly destroys it…house by house, eventually making the people bend to his will."

"What do you mean?"

"Well last week he attacked the farm by the river, then the one I just told you about. Last month he took several houses actually in the village. He’s like a parasite, slowly feeding off towns until they are too weak and eventually succumb to his will."

Interesting approach, the warlord part of her brain said. It was an original tactic, probably had a high success rate as well. Though it wouldn’t have worked for me though. Xena enjoyed the thrill of battle much too much. The instant gratification of it all, it had been enthralling. In those days patience was a skill she had yet to master. No, that definitely would not have worked for me.

"Has anybody tried to stop him?"

"Xena, they’re simply village people. They can’t stand up against an army."

"You did." The warrior said almost in awe. She’d always been enamored by Gabrielle’s incredible courage.

"That was a long time ago, I was young…and pretty stupid. Besides, most of that was Meleager…not me."

"Gabrielle, first, you’ve always been brilliant. And no, it was not mostly Meleager. You’re too modest. You never saw the true wonder that you are."

"Sounds like someone else I know." The bard interrupted with a quick quip.

"Anyway," Xena continued on, pretending not to hear it. "It was you who saved Poteidaia. It was almost all you." Her tone filled with sincerity.

"I appreciate that. I actually did try to rally them to fight against Halliger, but they were afraid. And I can’t say I blame them. No one here is a warrior besides Virgil and I, and we both have been out of commission for quite some time."

"So instead they’re content with slowly being killed off."

"You can’t lead the blind if they refuse your hand. I tried Xena, but they will hear none of it."

The warrior released an angry sigh and chose not to further the discussion, not wanting to spoil the ride.

As they trotted on, the scent still remained thick in the air however both Xena and Gabrielle did their best to ignore it. However Xena was having much trouble denying the mounting sense of dread that was heavy in the air.

Gabrielle pointed out to a tree up ahead.

"Let’s stop there."

Xena simply nodded in agreement. She would have followed Gabrielle anywhere.

As their destination came into focus, it was obvious that this was not just some ordinary tree. It was an absolutely beautiful willow. Its majestic branches hung down regally as they collectively swung back and forth in the wind.

Xena dismounted first, reaching up around Gabrielle’s waist, bringing her gently down. They escaped underneath the treetop; its branches providing a sort of privacy that the two both delighted in.

They sat down, facing each other. Caught in a silent conversation, their eyes spoke more than their lips ever could.

As Xena stared deeply into Gabrielle’s eyes, she found nothing but unconditional love. Gabrielle saw the same sentiment reciprocated.

Slowly, the warrior’s gaze wavered from her soul mate’s eyes. Down they drifted, so they were fixed upon the bard’s luscious lips. They were so soft, so supple…so inviting. An urge of desire rose up and pitted in her belly.

Her first instinct was to fight it; that now wasn’t the time. But Xena was tired of fighting, tired of fighting her wants, her desires…her feelings. How something so right, be thought so wrong. It couldn’t be…it isn’t.

Gabrielle too was pondering the same idea. More than anything in this world, she wanted to kiss Xena. No just a peck on the cheek or a quick graze on the forehead. No, she really wanted to kiss the warrior. Give her some physical affirmation of her love.

I shouldn’t do this…I can’t do this, she told herself repeatedly. But why not? Why shouldn’t I? I love her and I know she loves me. I’ve never known anything stronger then us, the love we share. This is right.

And with that, she conquered her resistance. She carefully leaned in, steadily aiming for Xena’s lips. The warrior, at the same moment, began her descent upon Gabrielle’s needing mouth.

They met in the middle, their lips at first barely touching. It was pure ecstasy.

Xena brought her arm around Gabrielle’s back, pulling her in closer. The innocent kiss turned passionate. Gabrielle opened her mouth to Xena’s inviting tongue. The warrior indulged in the hot rediscovery of her lover’s mouth, thoroughly caressing her teeth….her tongue…everything.

However Gabrielle didn’t intend for Xena to have all the fun, as her tongue began dueling with the warrior’s. It was the most delicious form of battle. Only when they could no longer deny the need for oxygen, did the kiss end.

But as soon as they were replenished, they began again. Their desires multiplied instead of being sated.

On and on they went, at first only kissing. But wandering lips led to wandering hands as both of theirs began silent explorations of each other. Neither wanted to stop, but both knew they should…they had to.

This was right…but just not right now. However neither was willing to make verbal objection, so they continued on. Only when Xena’s hand began to undo Gabrielle’s blouse, did the bard finally stop the session.

"Xena please." She gasped, tearing herself from her soul mate.

"What…huh?" Xena sputtered, coming out from with under the trance Gabrielle’s skin had put upon her.

"Please stop." Gabrielle requested, although in a half hearted tone. She really didn’t want it to end, but right now it had to.

"Why?" The warrior called in urgent desperation.

Gabrielle took a moment to catch her breath. In and out. In and out. The smoothness of its repetitions began to put her at ease. She released a deep sigh, trying to prepare an explanation for Xena. But how could she do that when she didn’t have an explanation for herself?

"Xena, right now I’m still married to Virgil."

It was a solid statement, and although the warrior wanted to refute it somehow…she couldn’t. For such a complex situation, it was such a simple explanation.

Gabrielle went on.

"I know I have to choose between you two. I know that." Tears began to form in the bard’s big green eyes. "But you have to know Xena, that I love you…so much. At first I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I know that my feelings for you are just as strong as the day you left. I’m still so incredibility in love with you."

To hear those words from Gabrielle’s lips, Xena knew there was nothing sweeter than that moment. It was an avowal of everything. The warrior now fought the oncoming tears.


The warrior’s heart rose within her throat. Oh gods the infamous but…but what?!

"But I do love Virgil."

"What do you mean?" The warrior asked, her voice implying betrayal.

"When you died…left…I’m not sure if you knew, but I was completely destroyed. Gods, I was more than destroyed. I was completely depressed. I would wake up every morning, praying it would be my last. I couldn’t move on, I wouldn’t move on. Because that meant accepting a life without you. I wasn’t ready for that."

"So instead I stayed in one of the darkest spots of my life. All I felt was pain, everything was dismal. Finally I’d had enough. I wasn’t going to stay here, alone…away for you. I decided to end it all."

Xena offered a tight hold of support as Gabrielle retold her painful story. The warrior gave up fighting the tears, it was useless anyway. Instead she embraced them, allowing them to coat her cheeks like visible badges of emotion.

"That’s when I met Virgil. He saved me Xena. Without him, I’d be dead. He devoted all of his time, and his patience…and his love to showing me that I had so much left to live for. That there was still so much good in this world. I owe him my life and my eternal gratitude for that. I love him for that."

"So that’s why you’d stay…for duty?"

"No, no. If it was only that, I’d leave in heartbeat…but there’s more. I do love Virgil, but I’m not…actually I don’t think I’ve ever been truly in love with him. You always held the bulk of my heart. No, my reason to stay would not be duty."

"Well then what?" Xena tried not to sound impatient, yet she couldn’t help it. Her whole future was riding on that answer.

"It’s…it’s that…." She began to stutter. "It is what Virgil feels for me. Yes I love him, but I know he’s madly in love with me. He feels almost as strongly for me as I do for you. If I left him, he’d be destroyed. I know what it feels like for that to happen. I can’t do that to him. I can’t hurt him like that. I don’t think he’d survive…..I barely did." She had whispered the last part under her breath, but Xena hear it and took it all in.

She wished she had words of comfort for Gabrielle or even words of protest, but she could think of none. Gabrielle was torn, much like she had been. There was no easy answer. There was no quick fix. This would just take time.

I’ve got all the time in the world, the warrior thought, and I intend to use it to get Gabrielle back with me…forever. At least she’d spoken the truth. That made it all so much easier. Lying led to masses of complications. And the warrior’s heart had been warmed by Gabrielle’s admission of love. It had been so sincere, so raw, she had a hard time believing anyone could feel that way for her.

"Say something." Gabrielle pleaded, nervous at her confession.

She knew sometimes Xena could be unknowingly demanding. The bard was sure Xena had already made travel plans to leave and such, but it seemed the warrior was truly being understanding. She’s willing to give me time. Gods I love this woman. However doubt was still evident in her mind and Gabrielle tensed tentatively as she awaited Xena’s words.

The warrior could have said many a thing, but decided to option for the simple straightforward approach.

"Gabrielle," She looked deep into her eyes. "I love you, today…tomorrow…eternity. I will wait for you forever."

Judging by the small woman’s response of a tight hug, Xena guessed she’d said the right thing. Score one for the Warrior Princess. And the best part was she meant every word.

"Thank you Xena, so much." Gabrielle whispered into Xena’s ear between sobs. "I just….I don’t know what to do."

"It’s alright." Xena assured her, running a steady hand up and down the length of the Amazon’s back. "Everything will be alright."

And even though Gabrielle’s world was a mass of chaos right now, Xena’s words gave her supreme confidence.

For the first time, Gabrielle believed everything would be alright.





The ride back had been appreciatively quick.

Both were lost in their own thoughts. As they neared home, the thin scent had turned into a thick odor of smoke. At first Xena had recognized it, but soon it was too strong for Gabrielle to deny. They both began scanning back and forth, looking for a possible source.

Xena’s skills honed in closer and closer until she saw a small billow of smoke in the horizon.

"Look," Xena pointed. "Over there."

Gabrielle followed her outstretched finer and gasped at the source.

"That’s our house." She stated very matter-of-factly, the true realization having escaped her.

"Let’s go then. Yaaah!" Xena yelled at the horse, forcing it into a full gallop.

Gabrielle, this time opting for the position behind the warrior, held on as tightly as she could while at the same time praying for what they suspected not to be true.

As they neared the house, they saw the devastation. Well…you couldn’t really call it a house anymore. There was nothing left but ash and cinders. A thick smog coated the air, stealing precious oxygen from within Gabrielle and Xena’s lungs.

The flames dwindled, soaking up the last bit of fuel that their house had presented. Xena dismounted first with Gabrielle following after her. Their steps were staggered, neither really knowing how to react.

Xena felt pain for Gabrielle. It had been her house and now it was no more. Gabrielle was sad, but in a way relieved. The house was a material possession. It was something that had always seemed important, but in the grand scheme….really meant nothing.

They approached the burning pile slowly, kicking around the ashes…as if trying to make sense of it all. Gabrielle cocked her head, looking to the side to see if the shop still stood… amazingly it did. But she saw something else in front of the building and suddenly she remembered a very important detail.

"Virgil." She ran towards him.

In front of the shop he knelt, the weight of the day’s events much too heavy on his shoulders. His face, besides the tears, held a big, black, bruise that coated his cheek all the way up to forehead.

"By the gods Virgil, are you alright?" She dropped to her knees, examining him…making sure he was still alive.

"I’ll be ok." His voice was quiet and eerily calm.

"What happened?!"

"Halliger. He rode in…I tried to stop him…I ...just…"

"It’s ok Virgil."

"There’s nothing left." He whispered.

"Yeh there is. The shop is still standing and the stable and…."

"No… I mean there’s nothing left to keep you here." He declared coolly.

"What do mean?"

"The house…it was the last thing that was ours. Now the only thing left is our memories."

"Virgil," she took his face into her hands, forcing him to look her in the eye. "Stop talking like this. You…."

He interrupted her with a weak whisper, but he words held the strength of an army.

"I’m letting you go."

Gabrielle was confused at his statement. It was a far too simple solution for the situation.


"I’m letting you go." He spoke more firmly this time as tears began to form. "The house, it was like a final sign. I can’t keep you here Gabrielle. I love you too much for that."

"Virgil I love you too…"

"I know that. Now, please let me finish. I love you too much to see you unhappy. I know, here, that’s what you’d be."

However Gabrielle couldn’t resist the urge to interrupt him.

"I’m not unhappy."

"But you’re not happy. Sometimes I may seem oblivious, but I can see into your soul Gabrielle. Your heart isn’t here, it never was. It was always with her, it always will be. I can’t keep you from Xena….I can’t keep you from the life you were destined to lead."

He dropped his head and continued. "I can’t keep you here, that would be selfish. And I won’t sacrifice your happiness for my own. Seeing you happy makes me happy."

"I’ve used that line before Virgil. I know it’s a lie."

"Maybe…maybe I’m just telling myself that to keep strong. But I know that every morning I wake, every breath I take, everything I do is to see you smile. The light in your eyes, it warms my soul. I cannot live knowing that I extinguished it."

"So, I’m letting you go."

Gabrielle opened her mouth, ready to protest, but Virgil placed a heavy finger upon her lips to silence her.

"Don’t, please. Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. Go with her, go on your adventures, be happy."

As he finished Virgil knelt down, picking up a package wrapped in old cloth…

"You’ll need these." He slowly began to unwrap the bundle and handed its contents to the bard.

Gabrielle gasped as she felt the familiar fabric grace her finger.

"I thought I told you to throw these away."

"How could I? They were once so much a part of you how could I do that?"

The bard was speechless as she caressed the soft, red, velvety clothing. It was her red outfit; the one she had worn when Xena last was with her. Gabrielle had gotten rid of her warrior wear once she’d met up with Virgil again; she didn’t figure she’d need them. Now, as she held the familiar clothing, sweet nostalgia washed over her. I always liked this one.

While Gabrielle lay entranced by her present, Virgil produced another gift.

"And you’ll need these too."

"Virgil." She whispered in amazement as the cool metal massaged her hand. There she held her Sais. Instead of the rust you would expect after the years of neglect, they were sharp and polished.

"I took care of them for you…." He trailed off as he produced the grand finale. "And this."

Gabrielle caught the soaring object with fluency. The foreign metal glistened in the sunlight.

"Xena’s Chakram." She awed as she turned to him. "This means so much….I do love you Virgil."

"I love you too Gabrielle."

"Thank you Virgil. Thank you so much."

"It was nothing really." He flushed, like a sheepish teenager with his first crush.

The bard leaned forward placing a soft kiss on his left cheek.

"It was everything." She whispered into his ear.

And it was.





Their goodbyes had been tearful, but surprisingly quick. Neither really wanted to prolong in their parting. They both preferred to dwell on the way things used to be.

Gabrielle had planted a long kiss on Virgil’s lips, however it was more loving than lustful. They embraced one more time before she headed out the door of the shop and on to another chapter in her life. It was all so surreal, none of it actually felt true. It didn’t seem like it was actually happening, yet on the same account it was so harsh.

Two green eyes, filled with friendly tears, looked back one last time as Virgil waved goodbye. They both knew it wasn’t goodbye forever…just goodbye for now, they’d see each other again. Yet there was a scary finality to it all.

Gabrielle was happy to be leaving, just not quite happy to be leaving Virgil. The man would still remain a good friend. She wished she could have the best of both worlds, but she had to choose. However looking back over the choices, it wasn’t so hard. A life with Xena….in any conditions…in any realm was pure Illusia.

The warrior rode up, seeing Gabrielle alone in the yard. She’d left earlier, just to give the pair sometime to say goodbye. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw her soul mate step out in her red attire. Just like old times. She couldn’t stop the smile from reaching her lips.

"Are you ready?"

"Of course. I’ve been waiting for this moment for eight years."

"Sorry it couldn’t happen sooner." Xena admitted.

"Well, better late then never." Gabrielle teased as Xena pulled her up in front on the horse.

"So where to Battling Bard of Poteidaia?"

"Well, I say we go after Halliger. Show him what a girl with a chakram can do." She picked the weapon off its hook on her skirt and placed it in Xena’s hand.

The warrior took the chakram with smiling satisfaction. She moved it around several times, comfortably reacquainting with the old friend. That feels good…real good! However Gabrielle was mistaken about the latter part of her sentence and Xena saw fit to correct her.

"But Gabrielle you’re wrong."

"What do you mean?" She asked, confused.

In response Xena took the chakram, separating it into two parts. She then gently handed one half over to Gabrielle.

"Let’s show him what two girls with a chakram can do."

The bard laughed light heartedly at her partner, taking her part of the chakram and placing it on hook at her side.

"Are you sure about this?" Xena asked cautiously, one last time.

Several seconds ticked by as Gabrielle withheld an answer, looking terribly deep in thought. She slowly turned around to face the warrior…eye to eye. She concentrated deeply, staring intensely into the warrior’s beautiful blues.

Xena was instantly worried, fearing Gabrielle had some grave response….or she was having second thoughts. But suddenly the bard smiled, giving the Warrior Princess the most loving look she’d ever received.

"Absolutely," she said with incredible security.

"Well then, let’s go." Xena said before coaxing the horse into a steady pace.

And so Xena and Gabrielle rode into the sunset, off to face new escapades and adventure.

Come friend or foe, whatever the Fates may bring, it was irrelevant.

They were together, as it should be, and that was all that mattered.



The End

Well, at least that’s my end. Thanks for sticking with it to the end, I have a tendency to be long winded.

For anyone who does read my other stories, I should begin posting my third installation The House of Eegan in about a month.

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