I Resolve to Diet

Each year I try, each year I fail and yet I go through it again.
My goal: to resemble a skinny rail;
my success rate: zero for ten.

The mirror reflects reality and it's as I feared ... No! More so!
The result of human frailty
is pounds packed onto my torso.

I'll start again, this time I vow to lose each shameful pound
I'll be svelte and reedy and thin (and how!)
when next New Year comes around.

But dinner calls, potatoes and ham resistance is tough; I partake.
After all I am who I am.
Am I defined by my weight?

Oh, well, at least it's nice to dream, as my plans go up in smoke,
of chocolate mousse and custard cream
washed down with Diet Coke.

Ellie Maziekien1/04/2001

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