Another World

By DK Ward

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Short Story written in 1995 - Re-written 2003

Part One

"…Incidentally, we've kept her on Cyblic. We need to facilitate dynamic focal point with this one. Hopefully it will combat those harmful thought cycles she's undergoing every evening…"

The conversation penetrated the inner sanctum of Walker Park's mind where it had sought asylum the past twenty years.

Words twisted, reverberation amalgamated, and split apart just as rapidly, her brain attempting to attain and restructure the un-familiar lexis into something more to her level of intelligence. Her mentality, that of a six year old could not grasp meaning, could not fathom being drawn from one syllable to another and yet unable to comprehend.

"She's coming out of it!"

Now that Walker understood. Her lids fluttered, the lashes light in color, and feathery, at last rose after many attempts, revealing her blood-shot jade eyes entirely for a complete instant.

"She blinked," the mother of young Walker said, voice catching. "Walker?" The soft word descended upon the helpless form lying in the starch white of a laboratory bed.

A thin vibration crept up her esophagus and floated through parched lips, "Mom?"

"Yes, Honey! It's mom!" Ms. Parks cried out. She laid a soft, shivering hand upon her child's cheek.

Walker registered the feeling with no trouble. An affectionately soft touch to a scraped knee, a gentle caress brushing tears away when she'd had a nightmare, a whiff of baking powder passed her nose as she was handed a cookie, a warm and soothing familiarity; her Mom.

To be continued...

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