Summary: Prophecies are only as good as their interpretations and happily ever afters are not always what you imagined them to be.

Disclaimers: The characters do not belong to me, but the story does. Just a look back at what we all wish had happened.

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July 2015



Swan Song

by Drew Meyers


The happily ever after Regina Mils had so desperately searched, manipulated and schemed for had never truly manifested itself, despite her extraordinary efforts. The pleasant little town she created and the power over the people in it had still left her with a sense of emptiness. Even her darling son, whom she loved more than anyone, could not fill the void that still existed inside Regina 's soul.

Then one day, out of nowhere, much to her annoyance and disbelief the birth mother of her adopted son showed up on her doorstep with her run away child in tow. And from the moment of their first encounter a fire began to burn deep inside Regina . It was something she had not felt in decades. The arrival of Emma Swan lit the spark that would ignite Regina Mills in a way the former Evil Queen could never have imagined.

Years of living a quiet life came to an abrupt end when just the sight of the lanky blonde would stir so many emotions in the mayor that she dealt with this new chaos the only way she knew how, with aggression and resistance. She tried everything from hostility to insincere kindness to remove this new threat from her life, but Regina soon found out that Emma was not someone who could be bullied, manipulated or forced to bend to her will. Unlike the rest of the people in Storybrook, Emma was a strong, independent woman who fought back and was not afraid of going up against the most powerful woman in town. And deep down Regina liked it. For too many years the mayor had not had an equal adversary and that was exactly what Ms Swan was proving to be.

The two women were like oil and water, yet they were constantly drawn to each other and it was more than their shared love of the boy they each called son. At first every encounter was a mini battle of wills to see which would crack first, but as time went on the fights escalated until Emma committed an act so heinous against Regina that it shook her to the core. She destroyed the apple tree that the brunette cherished beyond reason. And with that act of destruction the younger woman had thrown the ball into the mayor's court, declaring the next move was for Regina to make.

The former regent stood trembling with rage beside the still fresh carnage, her eyes darkening as she felt herself losing control. The smell of apples in the air brought her back to her senses and she quickly reined her emotions in. As she began to desperately gather the apples that had fallen she decided she would plan this revenge carefully. A quick strike would not be good enough for Ms Swan. No, a long slow drawn out agony would be the only just punishment for such an act of barbarism.

Time would be her benefactor as she planned her revenge. Only before Regina could really begin to implement her plan, the curse was broken and her carefully constructed world came crashing down around her. And right smack in the middle of it was the feisty blonde Emma Swan saving Regina once again; only this time Regina noticed. And as Emma held the townsfolk at bay the truly frightened Queen thought back on how Emma was always turning up and rescuing her just in time. The people who had put their faith in her had called the young woman ‘The Savior', but Emma Swan's destiny had not been to save the people of Storybrook, it was to save their Queen.


Since no one was able to get past the Queen's protector, people lost interest in exacting their revenge and went about the business of reacquainting themselves with their friends, family and loved ones from their former lives; everyone that is except Regina. Alone in her mansion and utterly defeated the once proud woman collapsed in a corner of her bedroom sobbing uncontrollably. Curled into herself to become as small as possible she finally let go of all the torment and anger she held inside. Reliving the memories of her harsh childhood, an abusive marriage and then the death of the man she had loved, each flashback ripped through her as it tore her soul apart.

After dispersing all the townspeople from the mayoral mansion lawn Emma stuck around for a few moments more to make sure no one returned before heading inside to check on the clearly shaken Regina . Carefully making her way through the house she searched each room but could find no sign of the woman. The house was eerily quiet which worried the sheriff even more. She had fully expected to find the defeated Queen tearing the place apart in an effort to let out her frustration.

Climbing the stairs, a low keening sound caused Emma to pause. She quickly followed the sound to the master bedroom and cautiously opened the door. As she slipped inside the sound of sobs were now clearly audible. Looking around she finally found the source of the painful noise. Her favorite sparring partner was huddled on the floor and shaking with gut wrenching cries. Emma did not want to startle the woman and risk a fireball to the head so she gently called Regina 's name. When no response came she swiftly made her way across the room and dropped to her knees. She had never seen Regina this distraught and without thinking she wrapped her arms around the quivering woman.

“Ssshhhh, it's okay, I've got you, you're safe, no one's going to hurt you.” Emma held on trying to sooth the pain away from the normally strong woman, but Regina was trembling so bad it was causing them both to shake. “It's okay sweetie I won't let anyone hurt you.” Emma was so concerned about Regina that she did not even realize she had used the term of endearment.

Regina's mind had yet to register that someone else was with her but when Emma rolled back on her heels to sit on the floor and pull the incoherent woman into her lap, Regina turned into the younger woman seeking the comfort a warm body provided and held on for dear life like a drowning person clinging to a life raft. Her mind may have given up but somewhere deep down inside a small part of the woman Regina was becoming since meeting Emma Swan struggled to survive.

Hours seemed to pass but Emma never released her grip, wrapping as much of herself around Regina as she could and alternating between whispering words of comfort and softly singing until the racking sobs turned into a silent flow of tears as Regina finally seemed to calm. The brunette still had a death grip on the front of Emma's now ruined shirt but the violent shaking had given way to a slight tremor. Gently brushing tears off the streaked cheeks, Emma tried to get Regina to make eye contact with her. Watching the woman who had always been so strong and resilient staring off with a blank look on her face nearly crumbled Emma herself. Instead of giving into the panicked sinking feeling Emma steeled herself once more, determined that this woman who had come to mean so much to her would not be lost to her own demons.

“ Regina , talk to me, just look at me. Don't do this, please, I need you, Henry needs you. It doesn't end this way damn it.” She placed a soft kiss on the top of the dark head and whispered to herself. “I won't lose you, not now, not like this.”

Hearing Henry's name caught Regina 's attention for the first time and she began to listen to the voice quietly pleading in her ear. It was then that she realized the rise and fall of the chest her head rested on was Emma's. She also realized that the beautiful infuriating mother of her child was coming to her rescue once again. And as she listened to the barely audible words that were whispered with such emotion she knew that the time had come to let go of the past and take a chance on the future, her future, that perhaps a happily ever after was possible for her at last. Because Regina Mills, former Evil Queen, had fallen hopelessly in love with Emma Swan, daughter of her nemesis and Savior of the realm. In her darkest moment when all hope was lost, Regina found salvation in the form of the savior, her savior.

Regina 's head lifted only slightly as concern for her son pushed it's way to the front of her mind. “Hen…ry…wher…” With all the crying she had done, the still trembling woman could barely speak her son's name.

“He's okay, he's safe, I have Mary Margaret staying with him.” Emma brushed back the hair that had fallen over the soft brown eyes. She watched as Regina cringed at the news of her son being with someone else instead of in her arms after the ordeal he had been through. “He was resting when I saw him last and as soon as you're able I'll take you to him. He's going to need his mom now.”

“He hates me.” Regina whispered. “All is lost.”

Hearing the utter despair in Regina 's voice, Emma held tighter to the crumbling woman. “That's not true. Henry doesn't hate you; he just doesn't understand what's happened. You still have Henry and you still have me, I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere.” Emma held tighter letting Regina know she was not alone and there was one person who would always be in her corner.

Dusk was upon them and the light in the room had grown dim, but there was still enough of a warm glow to light up the golden hair that fell across Emma's shoulders and was now at Regina 's eye level. Her first instinct was to resist the temptation to reach out and touch the silky strands, but as she listened to the heart beating beneath her ear and felt the warmth from the body wrapped around her, the former Queen decided to take a chance. Releasing one hand from the firm grip of Emma's shirt she reached out and ever so gently ran a finger across the ends of the blonde tresses.

Feeling the slight movement, Emma watched as one shaking hand released her shirt and stroked her hair. She could see Regina start to pull back and quickly took the hand in her own. “It's okay, everything is going to be okay.” Emma brought the trembling fingers to her lips and gave them a soft kiss.

This simple action propelled Regina to lift her head and watch her own digits being guided to the soft pink lips. Her eyes continued to travel up to the soft green eyes that she always saw such a spark of life in. Their eyes locked as both searched for some sign of what should happen now.

Regina lifted her head a bit more as she slipped her hand from Emma's grasp in order to reach up and gently bring the blonde head down to her for a kiss. Slow and tentative at first, but once their lips met it set off a spark that ignited both women. Emma sought to deepen the kiss and Regina willingly went along. The darkness that had consumed her was slowly rolling back and as she pulled back enough to look at the stunned and expectant face, warmth filled her. Unsure what Emma's reaction would be, Regina searched the stunned features before her and finally took a breath when a smile spread across the younger woman's entire face.

“I've been waiting for you to do that for a long time so I could answer you with this.” Emma pulled Regina in again and gave her a smoldering kiss that left no room for doubt about how she felt for the former Queen. Breaking the kiss Emma pulled the still trembling woman into a hug once again. “This may not be appropriate right now but that's never stopped me before. I love you Regina Mills and I don't care who you were in another life. This is the only one I am interested in, the one with you and Henry and me.”

Regina smiled briefly at the open and honest look Emma was giving her. “I think I have been attracted to you since you showed up on my doorstep with Henry, bringing my son back to me. But it wasn't until I got to know you that I fell in love. I'm not a good person and you deserve so much better.”

“I'm not exactly the shinning white knight Henry proclaims me to be. We both have a dark and troubled past, but I don't want to think about a future without you in it so I need you to get up off this floor and lets go get our son.”

“They're going to want my head, the townspeople, now that they remember who I am and what I did to them.”

“The events that led up to the curse and all of you being here are no longer relevant, your fairytale land or whatever you called it doesn't sound like utopia to me. And as for the people, you brought them here then looked after them, you made sure they survived, even if you were on a bit of a power trip.” Cradling Regina 's face in her hands, Emma wiped away any remaining traces of tears with her thumbs. “Anyone who tries to harm you will have to go through me, I protect what's mine.”

“It's your family that is going to want me dead, them most of all.” Regina hung her head as she tried to straighten out her legs. She let out a cry of pain as sharp pins and needles ran through the limp appendages. She had been sitting in a balled up position for hours and her legs had fallen asleep and now the reawakening was not very pleasant.

Shifting her position, Emma quickly realized what was happening, she straightened out Regina 's legs and began to rub them to get the blood circulating again. “You and Henry are my family. Mary Margaret and David are the people who created me and gave me up at birth. They are friends but I don't know them as family.” When there was no longer a pained expression on Regina 's face Emma helped her to her feet, keeping an arm around her waist until she was steady enough to walk. She helped guide them over to the bed where they sat on the edge. “We choose to create our own families, relatives are out of our control. I choose you Regina , you and Henry are my family. I love you.”

A large smile spread across Regina 's entire face as she searched and found the truth in Emma's eyes. How had she not seen it before, the woman's feelings for her so clearly showing in those eyes. Raising one eyebrow in a teasing smirk Regina asked. “Laying claim Ms Swan?”

“Damn straight Madam Mayor.” Emma pronounced before leaning in for another heart melting kiss.

Breaking for air, Regina wrapped her arms around the slim waist and held the woman she loved tightly to her once again. “That makes me the luckiest woman in town.”

After a few more moments the women pulled apart again as Emma took Regina 's hand and helped her stand then lead her out of the room. She took a deep breath as they began descending the staircase, where an angry town and a confused little boy awaited them. They had only made it down two steps when Regina asked in a teasing voice. “So, am I really your sunshine?”

Emma came to an abrupt halt as she looked over at the smirking face that had stopped next to her. Her face was beginning to turn bright red. “You heard that?”

“You must have sung it nearly 50 times.” Regina said with a smile.

“It's the only song I know all the words to.” Emma was embarrassed at having been caught singing, but when the smile slipped from the red lips; she knew her words had not been taken with their light-hearted intent.

Still in a fragile state, Regina had serious trust issues and immediately thought Emma had not meant what she said. The words of the song had meant so much to her. Before she could give in to the sinking feeling a soft gentle hand caressed her cheek and she heard that timid voice again.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” Emma brushed a strand of hair away from Regina 's eyes and hooked a finger under the pale chin to lift her head. She wanted this woman to see that there was no doubt that she meant every word of the silly song. “You make me happy, when skies are grey.” Their eyes locked as Emma put as much sincerity into the words as possible. “You'll never know dear, how much I love you.” She wrapped her arms around Regina 's waist and pulled her in so their foreheads were touching. “Please don't take my sunshine away.”

The thought that this incredible woman loved her was almost too much for Regina , but here they were and she had the good sense to realize Emma was laying herself bare before her and taking a chance. And while she did not know all of Emma's past she knew it had been a difficult one. Taking a deep breath she nuzzled the delicate ear and inhaled deeply the scent of Emma's shampoo. “You are so corny.” She pulled back enough to look into expectant green eyes as they both laughed.

“That's a good thing right? Because you have no idea.” Emma smiled at her.

“You are a good thing.” Regina placed a tender kiss on the smiling lips then laced her fingers through Emma's and led her down the stairs. “Let's go get our son. I have some explaining to do and a town to try and calm down.”

As the reached the front door Emma pulled them to a stop. “ We have explaining and calming to do. We're a team.” Emma's confidence was bolstered knowing that neither of them would have to face the world alone anymore. In Regina 's arms she finally felt like she had come home. “ You are my happily ever after.”

Something new filled Regina where the emptiness had once been. She wanted a happily ever after so bad, but dared not hope that far. “It won't be easy.”

Pulling Regina into her arms before uncertainty could grip the still vulnerable woman, Emma looked directly into the warm brown eyes that seemed to hold a question. “I don't want easy, I want you.” One dark eyebrow rose in an old familiar manner and Emma smiled to take any sting out of her words. “I've never done easy in my life in case you haven't noticed and you are the most fascinating person I know and I want the adventure of you in my life. You are strong willed and passionate about the things you believe in and I have seen how much you love Henry. And for all the ups and downs that we will face, I want to know that kind of love. I'm not afraid of you or us.”

They both came together in a heated kiss that left no room for doubt that this would be a great and everlasting love. Pulling back Regina 's eyes had darkened to almost black and her voice was husky, almost a whisper. “The town has waited for twenty-eight years, it can wait a little longer.” Taking Emma's hand she pulled the woman back to the stairs and retraced their steps up to the master bedroom. With eyes shinning bright and a smirk on her lips Emma eagerly followed close behind.

The End


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