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Too Much

DS Bauden



Sunday October 6 - 1:15 am


The taste of you still tingles my tongue. I wonder if you have our scent lingering on your skin. It never ceases to amaze me how passionate you become. After you left, the sheets were still damp against my body. I can't breathe without inhaling all that we are, when we truly let go. How did I live without you, without this? Please don't let me find out. I couldn't bear it. I know my life would never be the same.


Sunday October 13 - 9:21 pm


It's been a week and I still wait for your call. Wondering when we'll see each other again. Has he found out about us? Is that why you haven't phoned? He doesn't deserve the love in your heart. You've shown me you love me more. Why can't we celebrate that? Our hearts beat two lost rhythms when we're apart. I need to feel yours beating against mine again, soon. Oh, my beloved, why are we being punished?


Tuesday October 22 - 7:30 pm


You finally called today. Your resonating voice, a healing balm to my worried heart. Seeing you tomorrow night will erase my fears. You promised to make them go away. Belief in us will always remain paramount. I promise.


Wednesday October 23 - 8:30 pm


Something about you tonight was different. You held back as you did when we were first together. Have I become a burden your heart cannot take any longer? Oh my love, I wish you would talk to me. Your pillow is cradled against me, and your scent still remains.


Saturday November 2 - 4:19 am


My body is thrumming with desire for you. Our phone conversation left me breathless. How can you make me want you so badly? Just the thought of your skin on mine sends my world into a frenzy. The power you wield blinds me. I can't keep the smile off my face; I want him to find out about us. Is that so wrong?


Friday November 15 - 5:20 pm


Your husband never saw it coming did he? He trusted you, just as I do. I know you'll be with me soon; you just need time to calm down. You know what I did, I did for us. We are free now. Come back to me, lover.


Sunday November 25 - 10:38 pm


How can I love you too much? What does that mean? How can someone love too much? I don't believe you won't return to me. We've bared our souls! Don't you know you're a part of me? Your body melds with my own. Your voice soothes the aches inside of me. Until we can be together , I will feel incomplete.


Please, forgive me. I will wait patiently, my love. Forever, if I must.





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