Hands on my body;

your hands, finding secret places

that only those hands know.

Sensations tickling across

my exposed breasts and

rippling down in wave after wave

of ecstasy.

The thrill of your tongue

tasting, tracing the contours

of my lips, my mouth, my throat -

now kissing, now nipping

harder, stronger, faster.

I turn and we match each other

move for move.

You touch me everywhere -

smoothing, stroking, rubbing, caressing;

every nerve awake, alive, alert.

Back arched, I am open to you

and you duck your head and

capture my lips with your own.

Now spent, drained, you sleep

I watch as your mist green eyes close

and I gently kiss them,

entangling my hand in your hair

as I fall asleep,

to dream again of your touch.


Ellie Maziekien 2000


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