A Day Away

It is a perfectly glorious Autumn day;

bright with sun and promise.

A brisk breeze stirs the leaves

and starts them spiraling down

to nestle with the others.

I can hear the ‘scritch scritch’ of the rake

wielded by my husband in the backyard,

as he tries to stay ahead of the heaps

already covering the ground.

It is a season of texture and sound,

scent and taste.

The rustle and crackle of the leaves,

the feel of that breeze in my hair;

against my face, rosy-ing my cheeks.

The crunch of apples Ý the aroma of cinnamon.

We have decided to drop everything and just go.

The chores will still be there when we return.

We take a meandering drive on country roads;

stopping  here and there at roadside stands.

The colors are breathtaking!

Orange pumpkins, yellow haystacks

and the dazzling adornment of the trees.

We stop for lunch,

enjoying being together -  away.

It has been a lovely interlude.

The long ride back is peaceful.

I turn to watch him;

he turns at the same time.

Our eyes meet; we smile.

He drives with one hand,

the other one clasping mine; caressing it.

That small gesture

holds a promise of its own.

© Ellie Maziekien


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