The Christmas Party


The room is filled

with holiday revelers.

The crush of people and noise

fade away until there is

just you and me.

Your arms pull me to you;

we are body to body;

no space can come between us.

As you dip your head down

I lift mine up;

you capture my lips with yours.

It is a not a tender kiss.

It is deep and strong and possessive.

I feel so light in your arms

Am I floating?

Your lips are firm yet soft.

Luckily we are near a wall.

My back is up against it and you lean into me

freeing one hand to steady yourself.

My mouth opens, welcoming your tongue;

the taste of you.

You suck my tongue and my bottom lip;

our breaths mingling and coming in gasps.

Nearby, someone shouts.

We slowly come to our senses.

All around us the party is in full swing.

Now with a playful nip

your lips leave mine

and I am left panting, wanting -

needing so much more.

You smile, lean down and whisper,

"I never did like parties,

let’s go celebrate at home."

With a gentle kiss.

a wide grin on my face,

I happily follow you out the door.



© Ellie Maziekien


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