Dark Rage

A rage comes over me
white hot, inescapable.
The anger takes me by surprise
even now, and I shudder with it's power.
I can feel it rush through me.
Logical, clear thinking is impossible.
I am consumed with fury.
My dark side comes willingly,
eagerly in response.
These brigands, these louts
will be short work for me,
and I laugh. The sound is chilling.
Ah. I see the fear in their eyes.
There. I am done. They are done,
gone to Hades, and good riddance.
My sword is clean again, wiped on the
grungy vest of one of my victims.
It will need sharpening.
I turn.
I saw the same look of fear in her eyes.
She blinked, and it was gone,
but I saw it.
I know the force of my anger scares her.
Look how she smiles at me.
The fear has been replaced by warmth
and love and understanding.
I feel drained, exhausted, and she comes now
and puts her arms tenderly around me.
I try not to flinch, and after a moment I hug her back.
I could stand this way forever, safe in her arms,
my chin resting on her head. We break apart,
and soon we are on the move again.
She keeps looking at me as we walk toward the next village.
I know I am more quiet than usual, but I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to do.
She is afraid of me.
It breaks my heart.

© Ellie Maziekien

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