The jolly old elf had his elves in a tizzy
Christmas was breathing right down his neck
"Come, come, my elves, come, we've got to get busy
we've got to move faster. Faster, by heck!"

"Sheesh!" The manager elf whispered,
"What happened to jolly? What happened to kind?
This is Santa, red-robed and bewhiskered??
We'd better get moving, we're really behind!"

The elves moved faster, their fingers blurring
They hammered and stapled, they painted and fussed
Get the orders filled! No time for worrying.
They had to be finished by Christmas. They must!

The elves worked their magic; the toyshop was humming
Came Christmas Eve, the elves took a break
One elf by the door said, "Santa is coming!"
He flung open the portal and stood, mouth agape.

For there stood Santa, all in his glory
Dressed in his flying suit, shiny and red.
Come here and sit by me, let me tell you a story
Before I tuck each of you into your bed.

He put his arms round them, he hugged them all soundly
He read to them, laughed with them, thanked each dear elf
"You always amaze me, dear friends", he said proudly,
"And the kids know I don't do this all by myself."

"The children all know the great job that you do;
how you build all the toys that I'll take on my sleigh,
and their wishes and dreams all will come true
as they gather with loved ones on Christmas Day."

Ellie Maziekien


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