Fully Human

Peace on earth.
the age old cry.
As it always has been, it is within our grasp,
If we would just stop and recognize what is most important.
Whether the love set in motion by a star so long ago,
the love of a new parent watching a newborn sleep,
or a couple holding hands, together despite all odds;
a friend sharing a hug and a smile,
or a childıs sloppy, heart-piercing kiss,
love defines us.
It makes us fully human.
Love does not discriminate.
It does not label.
It simply is.
In this season of good will to all,
the longing for peace and love comes to the fore.
If we could only take it to our hearts, take off our masks,
and be who we are,
perhaps the peaceful world that is our birthright
would be ours.

İ Ellie Maziekien
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