How Do We Know?



When does friendship turn into love?

What triggers it; what makes it change?

Do we feel it in our heart

before we recognize it ?

How do we know?

We can fall in love with one part,

one facet of someone’s personality

even before we love them absolutely.

I was first attracted to my lover’s sense of humor,

and the way his eyes softened when he sang to me.

I knew, long before he did, that he was the one for me.

He loves me despite my failings,

my shortcomings, my temper

and my many weaknesses.

I love him for his honesty,

tenderness and faithfulness;

his gentle touch.

He always sees the funny side of life.

A good father, a wonderful friend;

he calls me "his bride."

And, after all these years,

his eyes still soften when he sings to me.



© Ellie Maziekien


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