A Merry Irish Dance


Deep in the woods in the afternoon

Down by McLeerys Brook,

I heard a strange and sprightly tune

So I thought Id take a look.


The shadows were long; day was past.

It was time for the moon to rise,

When I rounded a boulder and ducked back, fast

As I saw to my great surprise,


A pixie piper and drummer, too

And dancing on the lawn,

Were little people and yes, its true!

Each one was a leprechaun.


Each small and perfect fellow

Led a lady in the dance;

They were dressed in green and yellow

And I watched them skip and prance


And as I watched an idea bold

Came rushing to me brain;

Ill catch one and get the faerie gold

And as a king Ill reign


Then suddenly they spied me

In a flurry of motion theyd gone,

And behind me nor beside me

There was not one leprechaun


I sighed and shook me head

As I headed for me farm;

Me thoughts turned now to tay and bread

And me pipe and a fire warm


No one would believe me

Of the story I related;

They might even perceive me

As daft, or addlepated


It will bring me pleasure

So Ill keep it to me self

As a memory to be treasured

Of each merry Irish elf


Id come upon them by lucky chance

Id heard a faerie tune,

And seen the little people dance

by the light of the rising  moon.



Ellie Maziekien


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