What are the odds that our dreams will come true?
Hard work and perseverance must count for something, no?
Is trying to be a good person enough -
or do nice guys really finish last?
Do we always reap what we sow -
or is life just happenstance?
I know this much:
The human spirit cannot be denied.
All through time we've held onto our hopes,
picking ourselves a star to set our hearts on,
sometimes praying to whatever god we chose:
Just this once, give me all that I want.
Please, please, oh, please -

We are like little children begging for a treat.
Some, when searching for their heart's desire,
strive, reaching, stretching, standing on tiptoe.
They seize it, touching the white hot center of the star,
making their own wishes come true.
And then, sometimes, a person is rewarded,
getting everything that she deserves.
It makes me wonder.

Maybe Jiminy Cricket was right.

Ellie Maziekien 6/4/2000

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