I want all of you; I cannot get enough.

Each kiss is more intense as

your touch goes deep, sending me into

a whirlwind of sensation.

The passion we share makes me weep

hot, helpless tears of joy.

Those amazing eyes, so cold and forbidding

when shuttered against the world,

are clear, warm and wide open to me.

With a calloused thumb you catch

and gently wipe the tears away.

You lift me up, holding me gently,

touching deep places

with an almost painful intensity.

Trembling, I kiss you wildly,

covering your face and breasts and belly,

licking, tasting, nipping, kissing.

Now your touch is firm, commanding.

I know your need; it matches mine.

What we share is white hot, intoxicating.

Your hands are everywhere,

your lips capture mine and your kisses are deep

and penetrating

bringing me toward climax.

We reach the crest together

and, tired now, we rest,

our bodies tangled, our heart beating as one.

I want more of you, I cannot get enough.

Ellie Maziekien


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