Isnąt Life Hard Enough?

There are those who have no support network,
nowhere to turn when they are down or hurting.
How alone they must feel, how frightened.
It makes me sad.
The mother who leaves her
children asleep in the five floor walkup
and scuttles out at midnight to buy milk for the morning,
praying the kids will be safe.
The young woman, pregnant, isolated, no one to talk to -
not knowing where to turn, what to do.
The father who has lost his job again
and is afraid to go home to face his wife.
The family, homeless now, devastated,
sifting through the ruins of their home,
searching for a picture here, a memory there.
The aloneness must seep down into their souls.
I have been counting my blessings all day,
thinking of those without comfort, without friends.
How alone they must feel. How frightened.

© Ellie Maziekien

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