Love in the Afternoon

“Gods! I love you!!”

The echo of my cries rings from the rafters.

I blush, wondering for a moment

if someone outside may have heard me.

I don't care.

She loves me.

That was the rawest, the most earthshaking, 

heart-pounding, bed-rattling,

rip-roaring sex I ever had.

I don't know what has gotten into us,

but I am loving it!

We actually knocked over the table on our way to the bed.

If there hadn't been a bed,

she would have taken me right here on the floor!

She was so possessive, so demanding, so powerful,

and it all felt so right.

Now it is my turn.

She lies on her back, watching me with heavy-lidded eyes.

They are a smoky violet in this light; ardent.

She likes me on top; I lean in and tease her.

Suddenly I kiss her; deeply, thoroughly.

Almost out of breath, we break apart and I nestle close to her

and breathe in her musky, unique scent.

I am at home in her arms as I am nowhere else.

The light in the room changes;

bars of light move across the floor.

Slowly, languorously, we make love.

I am hers and she is mine and life

life doesn't get any better than this.

Ellie Maziekien


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