So This is the Empty Nest!

It is a dreary night outside,
ah, but inside it is toasty warm.
I have all I need. You and I, we are a song.
We glide along on a wave of pure happiness;
(you must forgive the sappiness,
but, itıs been so long.)

A day spent inside, no work, all play.
Warm the lotion in the microwave;
Zap that baby!
Ohhhhh. A deep shuddery sigh.
Okay. This is bliss.
I canıt imagine, I canıt fathom
that anyone else has as attentive a lover as you.
Oh! I hope they have.
I wish this for everyone.

What took us so long?
Why did it take us all these years ­ 23 years -
To reach this nirvana?
I used the word nirvana in a sentence.
How many points do I get for that?
Itıs the right word.

Oh. Youıre back.
And you cooked for me.
You are so sweet.
As for the food, well.
We have a microwave in our bedroom.
Weıll eat it later.

So this is the empty nest.
Iıll take it.

İ Ellie Maziekien

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