(inspired by the artwork of Lucia da Ascencao de Nobrega

and the writing of Melissa Good)



When she first told me that she going to have a child,

the bolt of pure joy that went through me

left me giddy and trembling.

I could barely contain my happiness.



She changed in so many ways during her pregnancy.

Making the final journey from girl to woman, steady and serene,

she looked more beautiful than ever.

My eyes followed her every move, she filled my soul to overflowing.



When our child was born I knew that she

was truly a part of both of us, a gift from heaven, created by love,

and that knowledge took my breath away.



Now our daughter is growing bigger and stronger every day.

I put her up on my back, safe and secure.

She holds onto my hair like the reins of a horse

and pulls to make me go faster;

I run, and the wind blows against our faces,

bringing healthy color to her cheeks.

She laughs with delight, and I laugh with her.



Her eyes are the color of her mother’s,

her expression, endearing, delighted, is her mother’s as well.

Her hair is like mine.

This amazing child sees in me what her mother sees.

Sleepy now, she rests on my chest, content,

cradled in my arms,

and absolves me with perfect love.



© Ellie Maziekien


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