The Promise of a Rainy Day

I waken to the touch of your hands on my bare back

tracing gentle patterns, stroking lightly, caressing.

I turn and fit myself into your arms, feeling them surround me.

I breathe in the intoxicating scent of you;

it is exhilarating, like brandy, going straight to my head.

Thunder rumbles outside.

I turn, looking out the window;

as I do, the whole sky lights up.

I turn back to find you gazing directly into my eyes,

the searing blue of your own lit from within,

surpassing the brightness now fading from the heavens.

You smile and dip your head, capturing my ready lips.

Yours are soft, tender, now firming, pressing harder,

eager, letting loose an answering passion.

I open willingly to you, to take your questing tongue

with my own, my breath coming in short gasps,

my fingers tangled in your hair.

A groan escapes my lips as we break away,

We breath as one, my skin tingling everywhere it touches yours.

I raise my face to you and steal a quick kiss.

We lay together, nuzzling, and you fondle my breasts.

You heave a deep sigh and I raise an eyebrow.

Only a shake of your head.

"I donıt have the words," you whisper on a ragged breath.

I am startled by the tears that fill your sapphire eyes,

"Itıs alright, Gabrielle," your soft voice murmurs.

"These are happy tears."

A crooked smile reassures me.

"And itıs raining." A laugh. "Weıll be stuck inside all day."

My own smile causes you to wrap your sturdy arms

around me, holding me close,

and I return the embrace, squeezing tight.

Oh, the possibilities.

İ Ellie Maziekien

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