Please, Could We Have Some Snow?


I really donít have much Christmas spirit,

no Jingle Bell Rock, no ho ho;

a Christmas carol?  I donít wanna hear it.

Itís boring without any snow.


If I wanted temps up in the sixties,

in December (if you can believe!)

I would live down south with all of  those Dixies.

This no snow is getting me peeved.


In the dark of the night, if you hear a strange sound,

donít fret, now, donít be distressed;

Itíll just be me, prancing; dancing around,

doing a snow dance. (I hope weíll be blessed.)


I swear I remember a time in our town

when the crystalline air was cold; biting;

and lovely, fat snowflakes cascaded down,

subduing the holiday lighting.


I stand at the window and look at the sky,

a wish taking form in my brain;

would it to be too much, I ask with a sigh,

if we had snow, just some snow - not more rain.


Snow.  We need snow, just a tad, just enough,

and cold weather - yes, that would be swell;

a little bit of the clean, fresh Ďwhite stuffí;

it would then be a joyous Noel!


© Ellie Maziekien



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