A Thanksgiving Dream


I am deeply asleep

dreaming; afloat-

Your body

is pressed against mine -


your hands are on me,

rubbing me all over, caressing,

lightly tweaking.

I can feel your breath

warm on my neck

and the sharp pleasure pain

as you nuzzle and then nip

the side like an erotic Dracul -

your fingers firm and sure

rubbing circles around my breast

its nipple hard and at attention.

I turn in your embrace

and fall into your eyes,

blue and crystal clear.

You smile as you dip toward me

and capture my mouth,

those talented hands moving lower -

I snap awake.

I am in your arms,

being thoroughly kissed.

A dream?

Just being yours and your being mine

is a dream come true.

How many people in this world

get to live their dreams?

I think that we have

much to be thankful for.


Ellie Maziekien

Thanksgiving 2001


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