Two Desserts


(Inspired by Untitled 369

by Paddington T. Bear)


We sit on opposite sides

the table between us;

mahogany, scarred by time;

we ourselves scarred, yet whole.

The dish sits in the center.

I watch as you pour the spirit

into the ladle and warm it from below

with a match

Your eyes touch mine and warm my soul.

You grin -

(I  love that smile )

and your eyes twinkle;

wrinkle at the corners.

I am drawn back to the concoction

you are creating.

The dark red orbs haphazardly lie

nestled against the white cream.

They wait, lusting for the moment

of white hot heat

that will set them aflame,

completing them.

The liquid fire

spills onto the mounds of creamy goodness.

One cherry bursts from within.

the flame dies down, subsides.

We share one spoon

feeding from each other -

two together, but one joined

in the melding of two hearts,

sharing the luscious dessert;

a combination of cool turned hot,

tart and sweet -

with a bite.


© Ellie Maziekien


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