We Are Americans


Images from that day

are etched onto our hearts,


We continue to watch

in a kind of dark fascination,

as news reports continue non-stop.

When we turn the pictures off,

they remain, flickering behind our eyes.

Rescue workers, in an old-time,

new-age bucket brigade

pass pieces of rubble hand to hand.

The buckets hold grim remains;

the result of the mass murder

and the source of our grief.

We are global citizens;

people in every corner of the world

share our heartache

and our rage.

We are also Americans.

We come from a long line of fighters;

'Don't Tread On Me' is one of our maxims.

Sixty years ago,

world events awakened us;

called us to action.

We were united in our righteous anger,

finally taking our terrible retribution.

The scope of that outrage, so long ago

is eclipsed by the reprehensible attack

of September 11th.

We are Americans.

We will respond.

We will prevail.


Ellie Maziekien


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