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The curves

By Emyster

Her curves were perfect. The smooth, fine texture as my hand slid down her sides was intoxicating. I felt the thrill of her hard body as I pressed against her. She was lean and mean and so damn powerful.

Just looking at her made me tingle with pleasure. Beauty is such a wonderful thing. How could she have it all? I so wanted to make her mine.

I wanted to stroke her all over and wash her body with warm, soft soap. I wanted to feel each dimple on that defectless frame.

The dream had been the same for months. I needed her.


Another day of the basics. I walked down the dusty lane on my way home from work, thinking about my dream. I thought about how I would love her and never let anyone hurt or abuse her.

Within a mile or so of my home, I saw something up ahead on the side of the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was in real life. My dream had come true. I stood shell-shocked at the sight in front of me–utter perfection.

I smiled and said, "howdy, need some help?" The woman turned slowly and stunned me with her deep blue eyes and gorgeous smile.

"Well it seems my baby decided to take a time out right here in your lovely neighborhood," she said with a deep, Southern accent.

I stood and stared at her beauty. She was here. I could actually reach out and touch her.


As I awoke to blue eyes staring down at me, I smiled. My girl reached out and stroked my cheek. With that amazing accent she said, "I think you were dreaming about her again. Your body has that at peace look you get when you think about her."

I sat up and looked out the window. I could see our two boys playing down by the creek. They were splashing and having a good time. I stood up, grabbed her hand and led her to the most beautiful woman in the world. A perfect Dodge ’69 Charger in a medium blue sat parked under an old oak tree. Her beauty still shone and she still sent shivers through my body.

The sun was bright with just a hint of a breeze to complement the heat. My girl walked forward and leaned against her. She started stripping right there in that peaceful field with our two dogs splashing away and the most awesome automobile behind her.

I reached them with a grin on my face. I slid my girl on to her hood and let the perfection of the moment overtake me.

The End

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Feedback is always welcome: emyster@e-scribblers.com and for more stories come visit us at www.e-scribblers.com.