Disclaimers: This is a story of intense sexual pleasure between two mutually consenting adults. Nipple clamp usage ahead.

Don't read if you're not over eighteen or sex between women is illegal in your neck of the woods.

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The Feast

by Emyster

I like the feel and warmth of your thighs as my head is snuggled between them. My mouth barely touches the feast laid out before me; the scents, the softness and warmth increase my hunger.

My hand slides around your thigh to pull you to my tongue. I move my body slightly over your leg to feel its warmth upon my skin. This allows my other hand the room to slip through your wetness to your ass. You tense as I circle it.

My tongue moves slowly to enjoy your unique flavor. Your body tenses so I slow down and move my mouth away. My breathing adds warmth to your heat. I whisper, "Relax." You don't reply but muscles twitch as your body tries to relax. My hand moves to the lube next to us on the bed. I quickly lube my finger and my mouth returns to you with small kisses. Your arousal increases as my lips enjoy their path between the folds of your flesh.

My hand slides down to your ass; the other rubbing your back slowly. As my lubed finger slowly slides into your ass, you moan and my body tingles for more. My mouth envelopes and licks until I feel you pushing onto my finger. I slide my other hand down and fill you with three fingers-you moan loudly. I push down slightly as my fingers feel your full ass and you push onto my hand. My hands alternate thrusting and withdrawing; ass, pussy, ass, pussy. I feel the fingers of my other hand pass by through the flesh inside. My hands become erogenous zones and my pleasure increases as your pelvis squirms to receive all that I can give it.

My heat rises and my body throbs. I want to hear and watch you come. I move my head to watch your body move. I kiss and nibble the insides of your thighs as I feel your body tighten. The room's only sound is your moaning and I can tell your body needs release. I lick your labia and clit with wide, gentle strokes. You gasp softly and tighten around my fingers. I raise my head and watch the beauty of your release.

I watch you for a moment and then remove my fingers very slowly causing you to whimper. I slide slowly up your body leaving small kisses and licks. Reaching your breasts, I take the left nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking gently. You grab my butt and pull me on to you completely. I move my head to your right breast and lightly bite it. Your head snaps back and you mutter incoherently. Your nipples are so very hard as I reach for the clips on the night table. I see you watching me. You nod as I put the first one on; then the other. Your body tenses at first but soon relaxes into that easy moment where pain meets pleasure.

Your eyes taunt me as I slowly move to your face. Our mouths meet. Your tongue slides across my lips as our kiss deepens. I taste you completely. My body aches for you. I move my mouth to your neck, gently pushing your head to one side. I lick, kiss and suck around the soft spot just under your earlobe. As I increase the bites, my tongue soothes the spot. You whisper, "Please," and I smile inside hearing that pleading tone.

My hands move to your breasts as I turn the clips slightly, nibbling my way back to your mouth. We breathe heavily as our bodies tense with each movement of my hands on your breasts. I see your desire, move a hand down and feel the wetness. Your body is ready as my fingers slide effortlessly over your hardened clit. My mouth captures your moan and sucks it from you.

I feel the climax coming. My hand touches the tip of your nipple as I remove the clip and gently rub. The pressure of that release allows your body to relax. As I stroke you faster, you come hard into my hand. I slow to a stop but leave my hand feeling you throb. My other hand frees the last captured nipple and your body shudders.

I move next to you and pull up the covers, watching you rest and relax. My mind is already moving on to the next pleasurable moment. I watch as your breathing slows and your eyes turn and capture mine. We smile. You flip the blankets back, grab my hand and pull me to the bathroom. I watch you lean into the shower, turn it on and adjust the temperature. You turn and look at me with hunger in your eyes. I so love that look.

The End

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