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The Key

I dreamed of leather. Warm, supple, fleece-lined leather caressing my wrists like a lover.

"Mmmmm...what ya doing?" I murmured, my conscious not quite aware yet. I felt kisses on my neck and breast. My mind was waking up quicker now.

The pain/pleasure of the clamps tightening on my nipples made my eyes pop open. "What the hell?" I said groggily. My eyes took in a totally nude form, candlelight reflecting off her glistening skin, smile radiant as she looked down at me.

Finally realizing my predicament, I felt the restraints when I tried to move. "Hey, let me help," I croaked.

Her hand traveled slowly over my body, she didn't say a word. It left a trail of heat as she circled my breasts. She knelt next to the bed and moved her hands down my body, then slowly like a stretching cat, slid her body on top of mine.

The kiss was gentle but demanding, soft lips forced mine open. Her tongue left my mouth and moved to my ears and neck, burning a trail in its wake. She peppered my aroused flesh with nibbles and bites then circled one of my enslaved nipples. Her teeth grabbed the clamp and pulled. My body was on fire.

She sat astride me. I could feel her ever so lightly as she pressed herself just above my pelvic bone. She slid her body down leaving a line of dampness behind. Fully awake and needing more, I pleaded for release.

Her deep laugh told me time was on her side. She continued her journey across my body with her mouth.

"I only gave you that key last night to feed Wendell when I'm out of town," I said breathlessly. Her laugh rumbled against my belly. "I'd have brought you home if I thought you wanted sex." I gasped for air as her tongue slid down my hip, to my thigh, to the sensitive crease between thigh and torso.

"Please." I squirmed against my restraints.

No answer as her tongue moved closer and she straddled my leg. I pushed my knee up as far as it would go. She rubbed against me and then lifted herself off my leg.

Her tongue was firm as it caressed the hood of my clit. My body shook. She reached up and grabbed the clamp, twisting it lightly. She moved her other hand off me and I felt a dildo slide in. I moaned loudly. Her tongue continued its slow stroking across my clit. I tightened around the steadily pumping dildo, my entire being suffused with the glow of ecstasy.

I sighed deeply and she stopped. I opened my eyes to see what happened and she removed her hand from the dildo but it remained tightly in me. She raised up and looked at me with lust. I couldn't even talk, I needed release. I wanted more now.

In her hand was a plug. I watched her lube it carefully. My body screamed silently. She changed position, moving between my legs. Her kisses and licks had only heightened my awareness causing my whole body to tense and pull against my confinement.

She looked at me and said, "Relax, darlin'. I need you to relax and push out against it." I followed the soft command and she slid it in completely. I moaned, basking in the sensation of fullness.

She trailed a finger around the base of the plug and then started moving the dildo again. Her tongue once again reached my hardened clit. The orgasm began, my heart pumped faster and my arms pulled against the restraints. Lights flashed behind my eyelids, mouth opening in a silent scream. Her tongue stopped when she felt me finally relax. She leisurely rubbed my clit and my body jumped at the reaction. I groaned, "Enough, enough."

She sat up and leaned over me, removing the clamps. My nipples and breasts felt the release immediately. Shudders wracked my body as the pain lifted away. Then she turned and with one slow pull removed the plug. She placed it on the floor beside the bed and then removed the dildo as well.

Feeling like mush, I watched her get up from the bed and carefully unbuckle my wrists. She massaged them gently and placed a tender kiss on each one. She then blew out all the candles and crawled back into bed. I opened my arms and she snuggled up alongside me.

"So was this payment for dinner?"

She laughed, her voice a deep drawl. "We're friends and I didn't want you goin' away on your trip bein' lonely. Oh, and I've been waitin' for that damn key for three years."

"What took you so long to give me the cat then?" I quipped.

"I figured it was about time we gave us a try. I'm tired of lookin' for relationships like ours. We're both single now, opportunity was knockin'." She gave me a chaste kiss on my cheek. "Your driver will be here in about four hours. Close your eyes and get some sleep. We'll talk when you get back."

I liked to follow the rules sometimes, this was one of them. I closed my eyes hoping for sleep to find me for a second time that night.

"You're as good as I always thought you'd be."

The End

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