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This one is for my favorite librarian. Meet you there soon, babe!

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The Library



I hauled open the doors of Denny Hall; their massive weight almost ripping my arms from their sockets. The morning had turned nasty and cold and my easy stroll through the campus turned into a full-blown run. I reached Denny Hall slightly damp and sweaty; all in all not too bad.

I hiked up the four flights of stairs to the lecture hall only tripping once on the uneven tiles. I opened the door to the hall and found my classmates sitting in seats as old as the building and sized for the average fourth grader.

I somehow managed to listen to the entire hour lecture on probabilities and not retain one word. My professor, who is less than coherent fifty percent of the time, actually remembered to remind us about a project due the following week; one that had slipped my mind. It was to show how probability is used in every day decision making. Yeah right. Should I pick the blue ball since the red one’s already been pulled from the hat twice? What are the odds here? Unless I was a gambler I didn’t see how this was going to work. So off I went. It was research time.

Research wasn’t one of my favorite things. Luckily the library was in the same building. I say lucky because I could now hear thunder and lightning accompanying the downpour. It was definitely time for a stroll to the basement and the musty, dingy math library.

I walked slowly down the stairs, overhearing some of my classmates grumbling their pleasure about the upcoming project. As I reached the basement level, the smell from the old pool was overwhelming–years of locker room, chlorine and heat had inundated the walls. This really was an odd place for a library.

The math library sat in the basement corner of Denny Hall and was one of the saddest libraries on campus. I realized I probably should have suffered the weather and gone to the undergraduate library like most of my classmates. The math library just wasn’t as well stocked.

I opened the door and it emitted a creepy, horror movie squeak. It seemed fitting that the library was practically empty. I found the only terminal and sat down to see what was available for my research. It was dead quiet.

I turned when I heard the sound of books hitting the floor thinking perhaps someone needed help. And there she was. My smile must have lit up the entire library because she smiled just as big back at me. She walked up, grabbed my hand and said, "I need your help."

I willingly followed her to the pile of books she had been sorting and asked, "What did you need help with?" She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Everything."

My mouth dropped open and my heart rate sped up. I’m sure at that moment I looked stunned but damn happy. I reached toward her as she leaned over the books and our mouths came together. Her lips were full and warm. She bit my lips gently and waves of pleasure shot through my body causing me to forget altogether where I was and why. We were both so immersed in that kiss, lightning could have struck and we would have been oblivious.

She leaned me into the stacks and her hand found its way under my shirt. My breathing hitched. Her body felt so wonderful pressed against mine. I moved my head to bite her neck. Her body tensed and a low moan broke the quiet.

I looked around, momentarily confused and realized that yes, we were in the library and we were still alone. I decided that finding a more secluded spot might be wise. I stepped over the books and pulled her along with me. The only sound to be heard was our breathing. I maneuvered her to an empty book truck that was pushed up against the shelves. I reached under her arms and gently set her on top of the cart. I stepped back to look at her and could see the desire I felt mirrored in her. My shirt was untucked and somehow the top button on my Levi’s had come undone. She was in a similar state of disarray with her shirt lying open and just a hint of her cream colored bra showing.

As I leaned in and took her mouth fully, my hand moved to her breast and I easily pushed the bra aside. I licked and nibbled a path down her neck to her collarbone, continuing on to her breast. Her breathing quickened as I sucked and pulled on her nipple. Her moans increased but were still as quiet as a whisper. My hand found its way to the top of her pants and my fingers worked quickly to unbutton them. The sound of the zipper coming down made us both hesitate and look at each other.

Looking at her made me want her even more. I scooted her to the edge of the book cart as my other hand slipped into her pants. I could feel the wetness through her cotton underwear. Her scent was so strong it made my mouth water. We both moaned as my fingers slid into her wetness. I slipped across her clit and into her in one quick motion, capturing her mouth in a full kiss that filled her completely. She moaned as my fingers pushed in and out with my thumb gliding along the length of her clit.

I moved to her neck and left small bite marks along the path to a hardened nipple. She moaned louder as my tongue found her nipple. She tensed and I slowed my rhythm but put more pressure on her clit. I suckled her breast, releasing it only when I could feel her shuddering from her release. She tightened around my fingers; a warm wetness continuing to flow even as she relaxed.

I pulled her close but kept my hand in place. I slowly pulled my fingers out but left my hand in place. I felt her relax and her breathing returned to normal. She reached for my shirt but we both stopped midway when we heard the door to the library creak open. She pushed away and quickly put her clothes back together. I watched her for any signs of regret. None came and she looked up and threw one of those awesome smiles at me. I melted. I wanted her so bad it hurt. I watched in awe as she pulled my hand to her lips and sucked and licked them with a devilish smile. She pulled me close and said, "thanks," and then strolled away to help the person who had just walked in.

I stood there stunned and horny. I looked for my backpack, spotted it and picked it up. As I strolled to the front door I could see her helping a student locate a book. She looked up and flashed a grin at me. I smiled back as I left the library.

I made my way down the smelly hallway thinking about the interaction. I trudged back up the stairs and as I reached the main floor I looked out at the gray morning and realized there was no way I could do any homework.

I opened the door and stepped into the heavy downpour, walking slowly back to my apartment not caring that I was getting soaked. My mind replayed the whole scene over and over. Shit, we could have been caught so easily. I could just imagine the look on one of my math professor’s face as he had a heart attack right there on the spot. I stopped at the sight of a beautiful lightning strike slashing across the darkening sky. I waited for the thunder and continued walking home.

I finally reached my apartment and let myself in, throwing my backpack on the couch. I put Moondance on the stereo and went into the kitchen to start making lunch. I was interrupted by the phone ringing but let the machine pick it up. I turned up the volume and listened. I smiled. I went back to making lunch but this time for two.

I was sitting at the table remembering my morning when I heard the door open. My lover of five years walked into the kitchen, greeted me with her usual hello kiss and asked, "What’s for lunch?"

I got up from my chair and reached for her saying, "There’s mac ‘n’ cheese in the pan on the stove."

"Let’s skip food," she replied as she leaned in for a better kiss.

On our way to the bedroom I asked, "why didn’t you tell me you were working at the math library this week?"

She laughed and said, "I wanted to make sure I didn’t interfere with your studying."

The End

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