A whole being needs both the light and dark, you say
Love needs time alone and a firelight to burn bright
The tenderness they share has just been too far away
Shattered in the eyes, too little love with focus on a fight.

One gently needs only to touch the other, two smiles
Look upward and toward the stars just once together
They are only apart by the distance of thoughts, not miles
Lyre, Lyre, relight the fire.

They can separately travel far and fight, in the light of day
Complete the plan, a plot that takes one here and one there
But still a clear path that it is their love showing the way
Let time stop briefly, there needs to be a moment to share.

Never should time or place have ever pulled them so far apart
Remember the path of a river always leads to the same end
When the dangers circle everywhere but inside of the heart
Lyre, Lyre, relight the fire.

Join them now, for they have already lost too much time
Don't fail them again, they need the awaited moments alone
In the quiet of one night, where they each whisper you're mine
The beating of love inside two hearts, each is the others home.

No one should tell me what I saw wasn't a love warm and real
Those night stars proved their love was strong and much higher
I had only once to look at them, now forgotten is what they feel
Lyre, Lyre, relight the fire!


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