Season of Time, Muse of Rhyme


Nice to check back to Illusia now & then
My take of the last season ya ask, with a grin?
A proper tribute to a great villainess at last
Her soul reborn Xena's child, grown so fast!

Callisto's wheel not spun but thread of the fates
Frozen in time, Xena's child the gods hate.
Love prevailed, Callisto's soul lives another day
A wonderful season, a message: LOVE IS THE WAY !

A soft lullaby, gift of oil, fruit and grain
It's not Illusia, but something isn't the same.
A messenger for a new god, so says the light
I am the way, fates or god's, who is right?

A new baby, ever so cute, precious and dear
First born in Tartarus, why are you here?
Your child won't have to go through this alone
Not a place for Gabrielle, a person is a home.

Maybe all of life is Illusia, not ruled by fate
Gratitude of a dove, destroy the purity of hate.
Baptism by blood, fighting still for greater good
Send me a sign, no greater love than Motherhood.

Chains that bind, ice cold death from the tears
Wisdom failed, love prevailed, lost so many years.
When time looks back, it was said to be a slaughter
Twilight ends, it's love that wins, she is "our daughter."


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