~ Those Three Days~

Erin O'Rielly

© by E. O'Rielly 2005

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Love/Sex: This story features relationships between adult women. If this bothers you, is illegal in the State, Province or Country where you live or if you are under the age of 18, find something else to read. There are loads of general stories out there. There are scenes of explicit sexual encounters.

Language: There is the use of a few expletives.

Violence: There is no violence in this story.

Hurt/Comfort: There are scenes of heartache to be dealt with by the characters.

Author's Personal Note: Ideas for stories can come from anywhere and everywhere. A favorite singer of mine, Lucinda Williams, sings the song that inspired this story. On many occasions through the journey of writing, I found myself floundering and unsure of what direction the story should take. Fortunately for me, a dear friend gave of her time unselfishly as she helped me over the roadblocks. It is because of her unwavering support and counsel that this story was completed. Thank you my friend.

"Excuse me Miss," a man said as he knocked into Winnie.

"Sure its okay," she said several moments later as she looked around wondering who she was talking to. Ever since Eleanor left the store a week earlier, she had found herself daydreaming more and more about the woman during the ride home each evening. With glazed eyes, she watched as the landscape whizzed by taking very little note of where she was until she realized the train was about to pull away from her stop. "Please let me by, this is my stop," she said frantically. Once her foot touched the platform she shook her head and sighed deeply. What is going on with me? Her dazed-like condition continued as she walked to her apartment. It wasn't until she unlocked the door to her apartment and Kati rubbed up against her leg, that she realized she couldn't remember walking to the building or climbing the stairs.

The last seven days had her fixed on one thing only - Eleanor Powers. She hadn't slept soundly or eaten much since her last encounter with the woman. When Eleanor called her earlier that day she felt anger and jealousy that Eleanor's job interfered with her calling sooner. She couldn't deny the warm feelings she had when she heard the woman's voice and the pang of sadness she felt when Eleanor hadn't recognized her voice. A vision of the attractive woman invaded her mind as she stood stroking Kati while she watched children play in the street below. "She certainly is quite charming Kati. Did I tell you how funny I think she is?" She lifted the cat to her face and kissed its fur gently before placing her on the floor. "Well she is." Winnie shook her head as she tried to summon up a thought that still refused to surface. Eleanor was a beautiful, talented charming woman but there was something else just beneath the surface that intrigued Winnie. The draw that she felt was increasingly difficult to deny - Eleanor Powers captivated her.

There was something about how the cool eyes seemed to be picking her apart with delight that made her want to know more. The woman exuded danger and that had a draw all of its own. "She's old enough to be my mother!" Her eyes trailed to two women walking hand in hand down the street. "I want that," she whispered. Is this what is like to be in love? She walked sadly over to the couch, sat down and flicked on the television. Silently she sat there and welcomed Kati who jumped up and nestled next to her. She mindlessly stroked the cat and blankly looked at the screen. Again Eleanor played on the edges of her mind taunting her to realize a truth that she was not aware of. If only I could figure out what it is. Maybe when I see her tomorrow I will understand. Later that evening she woke with a start. It was midnight and she hadn't eaten or showered. I've got to get a grip. Getting up off the couch, she went into the bathroom showered then went to bed. Tomorrow is a big day she thought before drifting off into a fitful sleep.

* *

Bess' concerned eyes focused on a haggard looking Winnie. "Do you want me to stay with you while she is here?"

"No, no I will be fine. You are having the kids over for dinner tonight and don't need to be here babysitting me." Winnie smiled. "I'm just really nervousyou know first big sale and all."

Bess looked skeptically at the girl. "Is that all?"

Winnie took a deep breath and closed her eyes wishing Bess would just disappear. "I have to admit that your constant warnings about Eleanor have me rattled."

Shocked at the comment the older woman's eyes widened. "Oh no, please don't feel that way."

Wearily the girl closed her eyes again. "I really don't know how else to feel Bess. Frankly, I haven't seen any indication at all that Eleanor is anything other than sincere." Opening her eyes she fixed them on her boss. "Yet you keep telling me to be careful."

"It's only because I have seen far too many people in my life that prey on others." Her eyes searched Winnie's. "It's my mother hen coming out." She smiled fondly. "I care about you and want to protect you."

Winnie couldn't help feeling a bit angry although she understood where Bess was coming from. "I don't need to be protected! I am twenty-six years old. I pay rent and have a job and even can go to the bathroom alone. I know I haven't been out in the world as long as you have but I think I have a pretty good handle on life and people." She patted Bess' hand. "I know you worry about me but please trust me. I will be okay.

Bess realized she had crossed a line when she heard Winnie's somewhat angry retort. "I do trust you." She didn't but at that point she had no other choice." You have my cell number if you run into any problems or need help. It won't be a problem to come back if you need me." Her eyes searched Winnie's. "I need to go now. Please don't hesitate to call me."

"I won't. Have a great weekend," Winnie said anxiously.

"Same to you." Reluctantly Bess left. Be safe Winnie. Winnie was finally alone in the shop as she waited for Eleanor's arrival. As five o'clock came and went Winnie had a sinking feeling that the woman's work might have interfered once again with her keeping the appointment. What do I have that someone like that would want to put first? Looking at her watch and noting that it was five fifteen she headed for the back room to retrieve her belongings and go home. She obviously isn't coming. Just as she was about to leave she saw Eleanor get out of a cab. Winnie's heart felt like it would explode when the woman entered the shop.

"I am so sorry I am late."

"I thought you weren't coming," Winnie said quietly as her eyes found the floor.

Without warning Eleanor engulfed her in a hug. "Oh I am so sorry to have caused you concern." Stepping back a bit she saw tears welling in Winnie's eyes. Lifting her chin, she gently wiped the tears away. "Did I cause that?" she said tenderly.

Shakily Winnie stepped further away. "No. I didn't sleep very well last night and it has been a really long week."

Eleanor had worked this scenario enough to know exactly why Winnie was crying and inwardly patted herself on the back. "Would you rather do this next week?"

Panicked that the woman would leave, Winnie blurted out, "NO! Please I have everything ready and you did say you were anxious to have the clothes."

"Okay but only if you're sure."

An hour later Eleanor had tried on all the clothes. "Absolutely wonderful," she said excitedly. "Everything is perfect." She took out her checkbook and wrote a check for the balance and handed it to Winnie.

"Thank you. I will make out a receipt for you." Winnie sat down at the table and filled in all the necessary information then handed the woman her copy. "We can send them out to your residence if you'd like."

"Not necessary. I have a service standing by to come and get them. Can I take up just a little more of your time?"

Winnie's mind was whirling with muddled thoughts and the realization that she didn't want to see Eleanor leave. "You can have all the time you need," she said shyly.

Just what I wanted to hear. "Good," she said as she picked up the phone. While placing a call to the delivery service, Eleanor smiled while her eyes seductively scanned the firm taut body. The erotic memories of her reaction when she fantasized that Rachel was Winnie came back to her. "Okay they will be her in five minutes," she said smiling enticingly. A shiver ran through her body as she remembered how it felt when she held the young girl in her arms earlier. "I was thinking that you might let me take you out to dinner." She cocked her head. "It's my way of saying thank you for all you've done for me."

Winnie was not prepared for the feelings that coursed through her body when she heard the invitation. "You really want to have dinner with me?"

"Of course why wouldn't I?"

"Well for starters I am sure you could come up with someone who is more mature and sophisticated."

For a long moment Eleanor gazed at Winnie. The girl was different from anyone else – unassuming, completely open and so naïve. Until she's been with me. "You have no idea how very special you are. Do you?"

Winnie shook her head negatively.

Eleanor gathered Winnie in her arms and held her close. "There is no one else I'd rather be with." Looking down into the small woman's gaze she saw what she hoped for. Slowly and purposely she lowered her lips to gently touch Winnie's. Pulling back slightly she whispered, "will you please have dinner with me?"

"Yes." For a second Winnie's mind flitted to Kati and whether she had enough food then she found Eleanor's lips and all else was forgotten.

* *

Dinner, at the elegant Olica restaurant inside the Kimberly hotel, with Eleanor was like a dream come true for Winnie. The French cuisine along with red wine was everything she had ever dreamt about romance. The older woman was charming and solicitous and made Winnie feel completely at ease. When they spoke, Eleanor's eyes were focused only on her making her feel as if she were the only person in the room.

"Oh, the meal was marvelous," Winnie said happily. "Thank you so much for everything."

Eleanor smiled enticingly at the younger woman. "No thank you." She reached across the table and took Winnie's hand. "Until you came along I had no idea how lonely and boring my life had become."

Winnie could feel her face turn scarlet. "You have a way of making me blush," she said self-consciously.

"I like how it looks on you."

Winnie was way out of her element and for a fleeting second a sense of foreboding filled her mind. Eleanor was like no one else she had ever met and she desperately wanted to have a relationship with her. Slow down girl don't do something you will regret. With that thought she knew she needed to distance herself. "Will you excuse me for a minute?"

Eleanor let go of her hand. "Certainly. Don't be too long, they will be bringing the dessert tray soon."

Winnie got up and walked towards the ladies room frantically trying not to turn around and run back to the table. What the hell am I doing? She was on a collision course with her destiny in the form of Eleanor Powers. The woman was no longer playing on the edges of her consciousness but she was fully enveloped in it.

As she returned from the ladies room, she felt the dark blue eyes appraising and wanting her body. She was totally smitten with the woman and wanted to know her in every way.

"I missed you," Eleanor purred.

At that moment Winnie knew she was helpless to deny the woman anything. Tentatively she reached across the table and touched Eleanor's hand. "I missed you too," she whispered softly.

When the waiter arrived with the dessert tray and mechanically described all the delicious fare Eleanor's eyes searched Winnie's. "Do you care for anything?"

Winnie held Eleanor's gaze. "No, nothing there appeals to me."

Eleanor looked at the waiter. "Nothing just the bill." Her gaze returned to Winnie. "If none of those desserts appeal to you what does?" The sudden scarlet face gave her the answer before words were spoken.

Winnie cleared her throat. What do I say now? Instead of speaking she gave the woman a slight smile and lowered her eyes. Her face was hot, but not as scorching as the feelings that Eleanor was creating throughout her body.

"Spend the night with me," Eleanor said softly.

"My cat will be wondering what has happened to me," she offered lifting her head to look at the woman. "I never stay out this late." Her gaze again fell to the table. When she heard no response Winnie raised her head and saw the dark blue eyes beseeching her to stay. Her heart was pounding and every nerve in her body screamed out to be touched. Again she lowered her eyes. "I've never"she said very softly.

"Please spend the night with me. We won't do anything you don't want to." For Eleanor, those words were strange for every woman she had been with always did exactly what was expected. But, Winnie was different and she would require special extra tender treatment.

"My cat" She looked directly into Eleanor's eyes.

"Will be fine."

Winnie was ensnared in a smoldering gaze and wanted nothing more than to be lost in it forever. "Yes, she will."

* *

Winnie expected they would go to Eleanor's home and was surprised when she was steered into the hotel's elevator. Her questioning look when she looked at Eleanor was answered quickly.

"I have a home in the Hamptons, but I have a suite here to live in during the week. The commute from the east end is terrible and with my job being so stressful I figured I didn't need the extra hassle."

When they exited the elevator and stood in front of Eleanor's door Winnie felt both panic and excitement. There was no doubt in her mind that being with Eleanor was the right thing to do. The woman excited her as no other ever had and she wanted, at long last, to make love. She had waited until the right person came along and she knew, without doubt, that Eleanor Powers was the right person.

After closing the door and attaching the security lock, Eleanor took Winnie into her arms and lightly kissed her lips. Leaning back she smiled mysteriously. "Hmm, it would be so easy to get addicted to your kisses."

Winnie wanting, no needing to kiss the woman again and again bent forward. Eleanor avoided her advances and took her hand leading her into the bedroom before once again taking her in her arms and hungrily kissing the wanting lips. Winnie offered no objection to the deep and passionate kisses enthusiastically taking Eleanor's tongue into her mouth. Pulling out of the kiss, Eleanor began to slowly undress the young woman. With each button that was undone, she kissed the skin underneath that was released from captivity. As she let the blouse fall to the floor she steeped back and looked appraisingly at Winnie's body. Even with a slip on she could tell that the body was all she had hoped it would be and more. Her fingers slid under the straps of the silk undergarment and lifted them so they would fall over Winnie's shoulders before landing on the floor. Again her gaze drifted to the body and the perfect breast with taunt nipples that even the lacy bra couldn't contain.

"You are so beautiful," she whispered as she reached behind and unfastened the bra. She felt Winnie flinch when the bra was gently removed. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," Winnie strangled out. Her arms snaked around Eleanor's shoulder to unzip her dress which joined the other garments on the floor. She leaned in and tentatively kissed a creamy shoulder. Her imaginations of what the moment would be like paled in comparison to the actual event. The feel of the skin under her lips sent shock waves throughout her body and she wanted to feel more. "Please make love to me."

A feral smile crossed Eleanor's face as she picked the young girl up and laid her on the bed. "I've wanted to make love to you ever since I first saw you." Then she lowered her body over Winnie's.

Eleanor gently stroked every inch of Winnie's body as their naked bodies lay close together. She had never spent as much time with anyone achieving an orgasm and although that caused her concern, she proceeded at a slow tempo.

"Do you like how this makes you feel," Eleanor asked as her fingers made their way down a sweat soaked belly.


"And this," she purred as her splayed, long tapered fingers leisurely touched Winnie's wet center.

"Oh yes." Winnie closed her eyes reveling in the sensation the fingers were creating.

While her fingers tantalized, Eleanor's mouth kissed the hollow in Winnie's neck before her lips moved down to captured an extended nipple. She sucked softly at first then took as much breast as she could and began kneading it with her mouth.

Winnie moaned arching her back encouraging Eleanor to suck harder. At the same time she raised her hips urgently wanting to feel the long fingers inside.

Her orgasm was long, hard and sustained. Eleanor's touch had her senses on overload and never in her life had she felt so completely loved. Just when she thought she had achieved the ultimate release the woman's touch would electrify her to heights she never imagined where possible.

When the spasms finally subsided, Eleanor held the girl close kissing her softly then stopping to whisper, "Winnie you are so beautiful. I have never felt this way before." Soon Eleanor's lips found hers and they became embroiled in a deep meaningful kiss.

Pulling away, Winnie held Eleanor's face in her hands. "Will you teach me how to make love to you?"

Eleanor smiled rakishly having held off her own orgasm longer then she ever had before. She needed immediate relief and took one of Winnie's hands and led it down past the curly hair to her saturated center. She then placed her fingers on top of Winnie's and guided them inside. Slowly she moved their fingers in short strokes then pressed the middle fingers against her ‘g' spot.

Raggedly Eleanor spoke, "Always remember that spot." She then bore down hard on Winnie's middle finger. Her orgasm didn't take long to materialize - she had been ready for it for weeks. "Again," she commanded and held Winnie's fingers inside her. Eleanor's body stiffened as her hips moved rapidly to keep pace with the questing fingers. Finally one powerful orgasm after another wracked her body unmercifully consuming every fiber of her being.

As she lay there wrapped in Winnie's arms Eleanor wondered what had just happened to her. She couldn't recall holding anyone the way she was tenderly holding the young woman. Her fantasies with Rachel paled in comparison to reality and there was nothing in her recent memories to compare with the effect that Winnie just had. Looking at the young girl who was sleeping soundly in her arms, she wondered if this liaison was like any of the others.

* *

When Winnie opened her eyes she saw a sleeping Eleanor lying close to her. Closing her eyes again she vividly recalled the night before as her body reacted to the memories. Now, with clarity, she knew what her mind was trying to tell her for the past week – she and Eleanor were meant to be. Snuggling closer to the woman she nuzzled her neck. "Good morning."

Eleanor felt the movement in the bed and took a moment before opening her eyes remembering who was there. Ah, yes, sweet young Winnie. "Good morning." She then turned over and pulled Winnie close. "I love waking up with you in my arms," she cooed. "Can you feel the connection between us?"

"Mm-hmm. Can we please make love again?" Winnie asked sheepishly.

"We can make love all day if you want." Eleanor ran her fingers over bulging nipples. "I can start here and then when you want more I can go," her fingers trailed down between her legs, "here." She slid a finger inside then two. "How does this feel?"

Winnie could only moan as she spread her legs wider and lifted her hips.

"I'll take that as a yes." Eleanor then slid her fingers out.

Opening her eyes wide Winnie cried out, "don't stop."

"Oh, I'm not stopping I've just begun." Eleanor gently rolled Winnie on to her back. "I want you to feel everything." Her eyes searched Winnie's. When she didn't see any objection her lips began their exploration.

* *

Eleanor woke up but didn't open her eyes. It had been a long time since she had felt so rested. Young Winnie is a wonderful elixir she thought as she stretched and opened her eyes. What she saw woke her completely. No one leaves until I tell them to. "Where do you think you're going," she said angrily to the naked girl. What she hadn't counted on was the disarming smile on the girl's face or the predatory way she crawled up the bed.

Winnie leaned in and kissed Eleanor soundly then said, "I need to go home and take care of my cat." She kissed the woman again and pulled back and smiled. "I need to change my clothes. Day old panties are yucky."

Eleanor turned her head away. "I was hoping you would stay the weekend."

"I'll be back. My parents always call on Saturday if I'm not there they will panic." When Eleanor refused to look in her direction Winnie touched the older woman's face.

Eleanor slapped the hand away. "Stop!"

"Please don't be angry with me," Winnie pleaded. "I need to feed my cat and get clean clothes."

"Isn't there someone you could call to feed the cat?" Eleanor had been in this scenario more times than not and knew exactly how to achieve the results she wanted. Some women needed the direct approach – you're not leaving – while others required a guilt trip – that was this girl. What she wanted was Winnie there, with her, for the weekend and that was how it would be.

"Well, there's Mrs. Wilkerson across the hall but she is old and doesn't get around very good."

"You never know until you ask."

"But, Eleanor that doesn't solve the problem of my clothes," Winnie pleaded.

A seemingly teary eyed Eleanor looked at Winnie. "I was hoping that when I took your clothes off last night they would stay off."

Winnie leaned in and held Eleanor close. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you but I have responsibilities." She felt the body she was holding stiffen.

"Then just go." Eleanor pushed Winnie away. "Just get out of here."

Winnie reeled at the rejection. "NoI don't want to go."

Eleanor got up out of the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom and closed the door with a bang.

What do I do now? Panic filled Winnie's mind as she realized that she had possibly ruined everything. All I wanted to do was feed Kati and get a change of clothes. Shit what can I do to make things right. I can't lose hernot now. When Eleanor came out of the bathroom she was pleased to see Winnie still standing by the bed looking grief stricken. "I thought I told you to leave," she said coldly while moving forebodingly towards the girl. Eleanor stood so close to Winnie that she could feel the heat radiating from the young woman's body. "You don't really want to go do you?" Bending in, she repeatedly kissed Winnie's lips lightly before her tongue parted them and entered. Pulling back she looked into glazed eyes. "Are you wet for me?"

Winnie swallowed. "Yes."

"Show me what you're feeling," Eleanor whispered. She saw Winnie's look of confusion and took the girl's hand and led it down her body. "Touch yourself and come for me."

Winnie hesitated for she really needed Eleanor's finger touching her. She looked at the woman whose eyes looked at her poised hand and nodded. "Show me," she demanded.

Winnie was helpless to do anything but comply as she slid her fingers through her slick wet middle before sliding them inside. She kept her gaze fixed on the dark blue eyes feeling a heightened sexual rush knowing that Eleanor was watching. Her body finally erupted strongly in pleasure.

Eleanor stood and watched as Winnie removed her fingers. "Did that feel good?"

"Yes," Winnie said breathlessly.

"Take your wet fingers and run them across your lips." Eleanor saw the objection in the girl's eyes. "Do it."

Slowly Winnie began to run her fingers over her lips.

"Now lick them." It was not a request.

Winnie gulped but complied.

Eleanor watched in fascination as the girl lick every part of her hand. It's like taking candy from a baby. Smiling seductively, she moved closer and let her tongue run lightly across Winnie's lips. "Hmm, I like how you taste. Do you want to feel my tongue lick your pussy before I suck you?" she said crudely.

"Yes." Winnie was trembling in anticipation of feeling the woman's lips sucking her.

Eleanor sat Winnie down on the bed and spread her legs before she knelt on the floor and lowered her head between the girl's thighs and the soaked center.

Several hours later both women were satisfied and laid wrapped in each other's arms. Winnie breathed in the heady smells and sighed in deep satisfaction. "I want to stay here with you."

"What about your cat, your parents and your damn underwear?" Eleanor said sarcastically.

"I will call Mrs. Wilkerson and my parents," Winnie countered. "I just have a thing about wearing day old panties." She shrugged and looked pleadingly at the woman.

"Don't wear any."

Winnie blushed. "I couldn't do that it wouldn't feel right."

"Get up and put on your blouse then go sit in the chair by the desk," Eleanor ordered.

Dutifully Winnie obeyed. "This feels funny."

"Close your eyes and pretend you are at work on Monday, the phone rings and you are told it is for you."


"When you answer you hear my voice and I askare you alone? What do you tell me?"


"Are you thinking about me?"


"Mmm, are you wearing any panties?"


"Touch yourself for me."

"I can't not here."

"Sure you can just slide your hand down between your legs." Eleanor smiled when she saw the young girl comply.

"Are you wet?"


"How wet?"


"Slide your finger inside." Eleanor felt her arousal begin as she watched Winnie's reactions.

"Does that feel good?"

Winnie was captivated by the woman's voice. "Oh yes."

"Slowly slide you finger up higher until you find the spot." Eleanor got out of bed and stood next to Winnie watching and wanting.

"Make yourself come."

Winnie's finger slowly began to slide in and out of the slick opening until the need overwhelmed her and she pumped harder. When she felt Eleanor's finger join hers she stopped.

"Don't stop," Eleanor demanded. She straddled Winnie's legs and grabbed the girl's free hand and guided it to her own need.

* *

Winnie woke with a start not knowing where she was until she looked over and saw Eleanor sleeping soundly next to her. Is this real? Stretching slightly and closing her eyes she remembered the night before and Eleanor's seemingly insatiable need to make love even in the showers they shared. Yep it's real. Pulling aside the sheets she carefully got up.

"Where are you going?" a sleep filled voice asked.

"To the bathroom."

"Don't be long."

When she laid back down Eleanor pulled her in close for a kiss. "Hmm this is perfect," she whispered before adding, "It's my turn," and got up to use the bathroom.

Sliding back under the sheets Eleanor moved close to Winnie. "Did you miss me," she purred breathing in deeply.

"I never want to lose sight of you," Winnie said sincerely.

"All you have to do when I am not there is close your eyes and dream. There is always going to be this connection between us."

Winnie's heart soared with the words. Never had she felt so loved or wanted. The word floated in her head as she captured Eleanor's lips. Her hand ran over the woman's full inviting breasts as her lips moved to a tempting ear lobe. Her tongue darted in and out of Eleanor's ear then stopped. "I'm in love with you," she whispered. "I'm in love with you."

Eleanor had heard those words countless times before and would always silently congratulate herself for the victory. But, this was different - Winnie is not like all the others. Her hands captured the young woman's face as her dark blue eyes searched the lighter ones. "Let me show you how I feel about you," she said as she began a tender assault on Winnie's willing body.

* *

The two women stood close together as Eleanor's arm rose to hail a cab.

"Come with me," Winnie pleaded. "Spend the night with me."

Eleanor's arm snaked around the girl's shoulders. "I wish I could but I can't."


"We've been through this already," she said irritably. "We both have to go to work tomorrow and if we spend the night together neither of us will be in any shape to do our jobs." Again Eleanor laughed. "You've worn me out."

"You didn't seem so worn out thirty minutes ago in the shower," Winnie said leaning in closer. "Will you ride with me?"

"If I do that you know I won't let you go."

Winnie smiled happily. "And that would be a problem how?"

"Not tonight," Eleanor said as a cab pulled up to the curb. She opened the door. "Get in."

For a moment Winnie was taken aback by the cool no nonsense tone of Eleanor's voice. "Is something the matter?"

"Are you getting in or not," the cabbie growled.

Eleanor said as she guided Winnie into the cab and said, "No," then leaned in and handed the man a fifty. "Make sure she gets there safely." She kissed Winnie's cheek. "I'll call you," she said then whispered "remember no panties. I love you." Pulling back out of the cab she closed the door and smiled at Winnie.

Winnie smiled back then craned her neck to catch the last glimpses of Eleanor as the cab wound its way through traffic. Leaning her head back she closed her eyes and tried to relive each exquisite moment since Friday. This is the greatest feeling on earth she thought as the cab pulled up in front of her building. Getting out, she walked up the stairs to her building and went inside.

* *

It was strange coming into her apartment with the lights out. Normally she left a light on if she was going to be out after dark. Kati greeted her by wrapping her body around Winnie's legs.

"Hey girl, did you miss me?" she said as she picked the cat up and carried her into the kitchen. "Good you still have food and water." She went to the cabinet and took out a can of cat food. "Would you like a special treat for being such a good girl while I was away?" Kati purred loudly. "I thought so."

Once she had undressed and taken a shower Winnie curled up in her bed. Maybe I will call her and tell her goodnight. She picked up her phone the stopped. I have no idea what her number is. Opening the phonebook that was by the bed, she looked up the number of the hotel and dialed.

When she heard the greeting and may I help you she said, "Eleanor Powers' please."

"I'm sorry Miss, there is a do not disturb for Ms. Powers. Would you like to be connected to voice mail?"

Winnie felt a pang of sadness in her heart. "Yes thank you." When she heard the beep she said, "I just wanted to tell you good night and that I love you."

Sinking underneath the covers, Winnie closed her eyes and a vision of Eleanor came to mind immediately. The weekend had been glorious and she knew that her life now would never be the same. Her body had been alive with the wants and desires she had thought she would never experience. As she relived their first moment together she felt aroused and let her hand slide past her belly and began to moan.

* *

"Good morning Bess," Winnie said brightly as she entered the store.

Bess was used to Winnie's smiling face in the mornings but this morning she seemed exceptionally happy. "Well you certainly are in a good mood for a Monday morning."

"It is a beautiful sunny day, why not be happy?" Winnie countered.

"Yes, indeed why not." Bess eyed Winnie. There's definitely something different about her. I'm sure there is more to the story but I'll wait until she's ready to share. "I see the Powers woman paid in full. Were there any problems?"

Winnie focused on her calendar avoiding Bess' eyes, fearing her face would give her away. "None at all everything was perfect." She squeezed her thighs tightly trying to stifle the sensuous feelings that coursed through her center at the mention of Eleanor's name.

"Do you think she will be back?"

"Most definitely," Winnie said confidently before adding, "She was very pleased with our whole operation. She said Iwe were just what she had been looking for." She raised her head and focused her eyes directly on Bess. "See you were wrong about her," she said bitterly.

The daggers Winnie's eyes were shooting in Bess' direction were unmistakable. Not wanting a confrontation, she decided to change the subject. "I see that Mrs. Blanchard will be in today. Were you able to figure out the right colors for her?"

Winnie sighed in relief as the subject of Eleanor was closed. It would be difficult to keep hiding her feelings for the woman if she continued to speak her name. Bess was wrong about Eleanor and one day I will tell her exactly how wonderful she is. "Yes, I did."

"Good," was all Bess said as she answered a ringing phone.

Winnie squeezed her legs tightly again and closed her eyes hoping that the next words Bess would say "Winnie it's for you". She had felt undressed and vulnerable knowing she wasn't wearing panties riding the subway in that morning. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear Bess call her name right away.

"Winnie, did you hear me?"

Standing in anticipation, she felt moisture spread onto her inner thighs. "No, I'm sorry I was thinking about an outfit for Ms. Blanchard."

"Well, that was her and she has to change her appointment until tomorrow." For the first time that morning Bess took a good look at Winnie. The girl's face was flushed. "Are you okay? You look like you might have a fever," Bess said with concern.

Winnie touched her face and felt her hot cheeks. Do I tell her I am fantasizing about my lover? "No, I'm finetoo much sun I think." She shrugged as the feelings of arousal subsided.

For the rest of the day Winnie felt wetness rise then fall with each ring of the phone that wasn't for her. As five o'clock neared she wondered if she should call Eleanor. I really do want to hear her voice but she did say she would call me. While the thought of pleasuring herself at work as the woman directed her was appealing in a naughty sort of way, Winnie longed to just connect with Eleanor. Waiting for another hour, she finally closed the door for privacy and dialed the now familiar number.

"Eleanor Powers' office, may I help you?"

"Yes, this is Winifred James is there any chance I might speak with Ms. Powers?"

"She has left for the day. Would you like to leave a message?"

Winnie was devastated. "Would you please let her know I called," she said softly.

Rifling through the drawers Winnie searched for a phone book. Not finding one, she went to Bess' office but found the door locked. Everyone has left she thought. Closing her eyes, she tried desperately to recall the number of the hotel but came up blank. When I get home I'll call her. Turning, she went back to her work area to gather her belongings before leaving for home and the phone call she knew would brighten her day.

* *

Winnie hurriedly put the key in the lock and opened the door to her apartment.

"I thought that was you I heard," Mrs. Wilkerson, coming out of her door said. "Was your cat okay when you got home last night?"

Turning, Winnie looked at the older woman and remembered she hadn't thanked her properly. "Yes, thank you so much you were a lifesaver." She smiled brightly edging further into her apartment.

"That must have been one important meeting since you got in so late last night." The woman looked at Winnie speculatively.

"It was." She wanted to get away but she didn't want to be rude to the woman who had helped her out. "Listen, I would like to send you some flowers as a way of thank you."

Mrs. Wilkerson just waved a hand. "Don't waste your money." She then turned and went into her apartment and closed the door.

"Okay, I won't." Closing her own door, Winnie flew into the kitchen and took a phone book out of the drawer and ripped through the pages until she found the number. Dialing the number, she could feel the rise of desire building.

"The Kimberly Hotel. This is Randolph may I help you?"

"Eleanor Powers please."

"Just a moment," the man said politely. "Ma'am, Ms. Powers isn't picking up would you like to leave her a message?"

Crestfallen Winnie answered, "Yes, thank you." When she heard the beep she said, "Hi, its Winnie. Please call me my number is 555-8049."

She longed for Eleanor so much that all else didn't matter. She mechanically put food in Kati's bowl and opened the refrigerator door for her own meal. "I'm not hungry," she said before going into her bedroom. She undressed and let her clothes fall to the floor then crawled into bed and pulled the covers up around her neck. She clicked on the television, found the financial network and scanned the crawl bar to see if anything unusual had happened with the market - it hadn't. Eleanor is a very important and busy woman who just may not had the chance to call me today. Closing her eyes she recalled speaking with her parents on Saturday while Eleanor nipped at a nipple and her fingers stimulated the other. I couldn't get off the phone fast enough so we could make love. She smiled at the thought. "Eleanor where are you?" she whispered as her fingers ran down her belly before resting in wet, silky smoothness.

* *

Eleanor's phone rang just as the woman she picked up at a bar had, for the third time, failed to bring her to an orgasm. When she saw the message light flicker she reached over, lifted the phone and pressed the message button. She heard Winnie's message and a satisfied smile crossed her face.

"Want me to try again?" the nameless woman asked.

"No. Get your clothes on and get out," Eleanor demanded.

"Hey it's not my fault you can't unwind."

"Get out."

"Fuck you," the woman screamed as she put her clothes on.

Eleanor's eyes bore into the woman. "You just tried to and failed every time, now get out."

Once she heard the door slam, Eleanor's thoughts returned to the message she just heard. Ah, young sweet Winnie you were so unexpectedso eager to pleaseso open to everythingso lusciousso inventive Closing her eyes, she felt her body react to the thought of Winnie. I don't think I ever had a virgin before. Oh sweet young Winnie it is such a pity. She then reached down and slid her fingers through the slick wetness and entered.

* *

Winnie walked quickly into the shop. "Sorry I'm late," she said to Bess. "I didn't sleep too well last night and then I overslept."

Bess laughed. "I hate when that happens it messes up the entire day." Looking at the opening door she whispered, "You've gotten here before your client and that's good. Go put your things away and I will bring her back to you." Bess then approached Karen Blanchard. "Good morning Mrs. Blanchard. Winnie will be with you in a moment. May I offer you a cup of coffee?"

From that point forward, the week went from bad to worse for Winnie as she seemed to have a problem with everything she did. Fortunately, the other women in the shop were there to rescue her. She was the last to leave each day as she waited in hopes that Eleanor would return her calls. Not wearing underwear and feeling wetness each time the phone rang became a normal occurrence. Each day she called both the woman's office and hotel leaving the same message – call me. Nothing had been the same since Eleanor had entered her life and showed her what true love was all about.

"Winnie I'm leaving," Bess said to the girl whose head was bent over an order sheet. "You've stayed late every day this week, its Friday why not go home on time today."

Lifting her head, Winnie smiled thinly at her boss. "I'm just finishing up the Blanchard order so I can fax it to the fashion houses. I won't be long."

"Will you look at that rain coming down? I didn't hear any weather report about rain." Bess said frowning. "Want me to do that?"

"No, I'm almost finished," she said as she fed the papers into the fax machine and pushed send. "Have a great weekend Bess." Winnie returned to the task at hand.

"You too, try and get some rest you've looked really tired all week. Lock the door after me and take one of our umbrellas with you."

"I will." Winnie watched as the woman left then dutifully locked the door and pulled the shade. Going back to the desk, Winnie picked up the phone and dialed the number that was now etched into her brain.

"Eleanor Powers office may I help you?" the familiar male's voice asked.

"This is Winnie James. Is there any chance I might speak with Eleanor today?"

"She is unavailable."

"I see. Will you tell her I called?"

"Yes." Marcus waited a moment then added, "Listen, no matter when you call here next, she will be unavailable to you." He heard a sharp intake of breath. "Do you understand what I am telling you?"

It was several moments before Winnie could speak. "Yes," she finally said tearfully before hanging up.

* *

Marcus Saunders sighed; he hated doing his boss' dirty work. Winnie James seemed so genuine and nice, but he had his orders and he would follow them – his job depended on that. He tapped softly on the door and waited until he heard enter. "I'm leaving for the day is there anything else you need me to do before I go?"

Eleanor looked up at the young man then to her watch. "You're leaving rather early aren't you?"

The man looked uneasy. "Don't you remember I requested to leave early todayyou said it would be okay."

The scowl on Eleanor's face was unmistakable – she wasn't happy. "I don't recall that conversation at all. Are there any messages?"

"Just one," he answered dejectedly.

"Did you set her straight?"

"Yes," he said before foolishly adding, "She seems like a really nice"

"If you want to keep your job you won't say another word." Eleanor glared at the man.

"Is there anything else?"

"No." Marcus turned to leave and heard her add, "You don't leave until I do."

He desperately wanted to challenge her but he knew if he did he would be out of a job. I guess I will have to cancel my doctor's appointment and make it for a time that doesn't interfere with her schedule. Eleanor got up and locked the door. As she sat down, a predatory smile crossed her face. She picked up the phone and dialed 555-8274. When she heard Winnie's voice she purred, "Are you alone?"

"Eleanor," Winnie said trembling as tears filled her eyes.

"Are you alone?"

"Yes," Winnie whispered.

"Do you have panties on sweet Winnie?"


"Hmm, I like to think of you sitting there all wet and needy. Are you wet for me?"

"Yes," Winnie choked out.

"Mmm, touch yourself."

Winnie shifted her weight and pulled up her skirt before sliding her fingers between her thighs.

"How wet are you?"


"Oh, I bet you are dripping. Am I right?"


"Taste yourself for me. I remember how good you tasted on my tongue."

Winnie dipped her fingers in her mouth and sucked then groaned as her body trembled remembering the feel of Eleanor's tongue.

Eleanor smiled. "Now, slide three fingers inside and squeeze them hard."

Almost immediately Winnie erupted. "Oooohhhh god," she whimpered.

"Squeeze hard and move your fingers slowly. I want you to come again for me Winnie but only when I say." Eleanor could hear the slapping sounds of the wet fingers moving in and out. "That's my girl. Can you feel me inside?"

"Yyes. Now, I need to come now!" Winnie cried out.

"Not yet baby." She heard Winnie's moans and felt her own need grow to a fever pitch. When she felt herself unable to wait she commanded, "Now. Come for me now"

"Oh ahhhhhhh, oh god," Winnie screamed as tears began tracking down her cheeks. She felt the tremble start deep inside and lost all sight of space and time concentrating only on the storm about to erupt in her body. "Oooh, Eleanor," she screamed as her body was shattered with one tremendous orgasm." With eyes closed tears began to flow. "I love you so much. I need to see you and be with you," she whimpered.


"Why?" she sobbed.

"Because it's over."

Winnie opened her eyes wide. "No it can't be."

"It is," Eleanor said coldly.

"You told me you loved and needed me. You said we have a connection."

"That was last weekend."

"No, I don't believe you."

"Believe it," was all Eleanor said before she hung up.

Pulling her fingers out, Eleanor lifted her hand and looked at her still saturated fingers. She could still feel the fringes of her orgasm as she closed her eyes. "Ah, sweet young Winnie you were such a good fuck." She looked out her window at the rain and thought I hate the rain. She sighed heavily. Unfortunately for you dear Winnie, I'm not the forever type.

* *

Winnie just held the phone as she heard the dial tone. It can't be true. I know she loves me. Making a decision, she grabbed her purse, unlocked the door and walked out into the rain and hailed a taxi. "Fifty-fourth and Park," she told the cabbie.

Getting out of the cab, she looked up at the clock on the building with the rain pounding in her eyes. It was five thirty and somewhere inside was Eleanor Powers. She would wait right there until the woman either came out or went in. I need to look into her eyes to know the truth. Eleanor exited the building at six thirty and raised her umbrella. She was in a foul mood and the rain wasn't helping. She felt the eyes upon her before she saw the young woman standing there in the rain. Even through the rain she could see the tears glistening on the smooth, young and seemingly very pale skin. Instinct took over and she began to walk away until, for some unknown reason, she turned and looked back. Winnie was bent over with her hand to her mouth spastically coughing while catching herself from falling by grabbing onto a lamp post. Shit. Being a banker meant leaving no loose ends and Winnie was unraveling her neatly tied rope. Next time I'll be more careful and not let them know where I work. Quickly walking over to Winnie, she held the umbrella over the small body. Marcus obviously failed in getting the message across to her. He will be unemployed come Monday. "What are you doing standing in the rain without a coat?" she asked Winnie angrily.

Winnie just leaned into the tall woman and sobbed uncontrollably.

This is getting tiresome. I've got better things to do. Eleanor raised her hand to hail a cab while pulling Winnie closer under the umbrella. The girl was soaking wet and shivering, but fortunately the sobs subsided when she put her arm around her. It won't do to have her causing a scene here. I'll get her home and be done with her. A cab stopped. "Come on Winnie get in the cab. I'll take you home."

Winnie did as she was told and slid into the seat grateful to feel Eleanor sitting next to her. She put her head on the strong shoulder and felt herself melt into sleep.

"Where to lady?"

"Winnie, what's your address?" When the girl didn't respond Eleanor fumbled in her briefcase until she came up with Winnie's business card with her address scribbled on the back. She handed it to the cabbie. "Here's the address."

"The village at this time of daythis is gonna to cost you."

"I don't care just get us there," Eleanor said irritably. The scenario wasn't in her plans and pity for others to her was such a waste of time. She looked at Winnie and felt a shiver go up her spine. "Do you have any idea just how much trouble you're causing me?" she whispered to the groggy girl.

When the cab pulled up in front of Winnie's building Eleanor shook her. "Come on Winnie we need to get you inside."

Again Winnie complied with Eleanor's orders and got out of the cab. She leaned on the taller woman as they climbed the stairs and went inside. When they were outside of her door Winnie put the key in the lock.

"What are you doing to her?" a woman's voice demanded.

Turning around Eleanor saw an older woman standing with her hands on her hips and suspicion in her eyes. "Mrs. Wilkerson? I am Eleanor, Winnie's friend. She's sick and I am helping her." Eleanor said in her most convincing voice. How dare she question me? The older woman gave the stranger a once over. "Humph. You better get her inside she doesn't look so good."

Eleanor smiled insincerely then pushed the door open. Once inside she said, "Get those wet clothes off so you can get in a hot shower."

"You take them off," Winnie said weakly. "I know how you like to do that."

Shaking her head angrily Eleanor began undressing Winnie before leading her into the bathroom and the shower. After what seemed to Eleanor an intolerable length of time, Winnie finally climbed into her bed.

Eleanor watched as Winnie's thrashing in the bed became more and more violent. She pressed her hands on the girl's shoulder in an attempt to stop her from hurting herself but was unsuccessful. Winnie was sweating profusely and her body seemed to Eleanor to be burning up. Damn, she's really sick. SHIT! Finally managing to get the girl to settle down some, Eleanor took her blackberry out, located a phone number and dialed.

"Hey, it's me."

"El, I can't come over tonight," the woman said.

"I need medical help."

"Are you ill?"

"No, it's someone else and I need you to look at her right now."

"What are the symptoms?"

"She is flailing around and has a high fever."

"Just give her some aspirin and lots of fluids she should be fine in the morning."

"I don't think you heard me RitaI said I want you to look at her now."

The woman blew out a breath. "I'll be over to your place shortly."

"I thought you'd see it my way. I'm in Tribeca"

"Tribeca! Are you slumming? I've never known you to be anywhere but in your hotel suite."

Eleanor wasn't amused by the comment. "Just get here and bring your medical bag. The address is 1255 Barrelage, apartment B3."

Thirty minutes later, Eleanor heard the buzz indicating a visitor and pressed the button to unlock the apartment building door.

"It's about time you got here," Eleanor barked as Rita Pomeroy entered Winnie's apartment. "She's in here," Eleanor said as she walked briskly into the bedroom.

"Another one of your conquests," Rita asked as she entered the room. Once she saw Winnie she gasped. "My god El how young is she?"

"Young, sweet, firm and so delicious," Eleanor replied salaciously before her blue eyes darkened and bored into the doctor. "You know, I'm really not interested in what you think. You're here to make her better, so get busy."

Rita shrugged, sat down on the bed next to Winnie and felt the girl's forehead before opening her medical bag.

"Well," Eleanor said irritably. "Can you fix her? I've got things to do and can't spend my time playing nursemaid."

"Why are you here?" Rita asked as she continued to examine the girl.

Why am I here? "She was standing in the rain and I thought she might die if I didn't get her warm and dry."

The doctor laughed sarcastically. "And that matters to you?" She put her stethoscope back in her bag. "Well, the good news for you is she will live."

"Can you get her to settle down so I can get out of here?"

"Ever the compassionate heart," Rita said frowning, wondering for the umpteenth time why she continued to let the woman into her life. "Like I said on the phone, Eleanoraspirin and fluids."

"Can you fix her?" Eleanor's face was dark and angry.

Sighing, Rita focused her eyes on the woman lying in the bed. "Her lungs are clear and her temp is only slightly higher than normal. I suspect she is suffering from exhaustion and heartache," she said knowingly. Fixing her eyes directly on Eleanor she added, "You know one of these days your games are going to come back and bite you in the ass." Pulling the covers up around Winnie's shoulders, Rita looked at Eleanor again. "I gave her a mild sedative so she should sleep through the night. I'll come back Sunday and check on her." Rita gathered up her bag, stood up and started out of the room but felt Eleanor's hand around her wrist.

"Not yet." Eleanor's voice was low and laced with want.

Rita looked over at the sleeping girl. "What about her?"

"I'm not interested in her." Eleanor pulled Rita close and kissed her hard as her hands caressed a firm backside.

Rita, helpless to resist, dissolved into Eleanor's kiss and felt herself being lowered to the floor.

Later, as she left the apartment, Eleanor took one last look and sighed before closing the door. Very dangerous indeed and someone I need to get out of my life sooner than later.

* *

Winnie didn't know if it was Kati or a persistent tickle in the back of her throat that woke her. Looking at the clock on the table she saw it was twelve thirty and judging by the light outside she knew it was the afternoon. I can't remember the last time I slept this late. She closed her eyes trying to remember how she had gotten there. A brilliant smiled crossed her face as she remembered that Eleanor brought her home. She looked around the room for the woman. "Eleanor?" she called out, "where are you?"

Getting up on wobbly legs, she went in search of the woman that she was certain had saved her the night before. She found her clothes piled in a heap on the bathroom floor. When she saw Kati's bowl empty she felt a pang of guilt for neglecting the cat. Taking a can of cat food from the cupboard she opened it and scraped the contents into Kati' bowl. "There you go sweetheart I'm sorry," she said to her furry friend as she brushed her hand across Kati's head. She continued her search only to have her heart sink when she realized that the woman she sought was no longer there. But, she was and that thought alone gave her hope that Eleanor's words "its over" were meaningless.

Holding on tightly to the kitchen counter, Winnie felt faint. She realized just how much her actions of the last week were affecting her health. For almost a week she hadn't eaten or slept and that had her feeling weak. I just haven't been hungry. Going into the bathroom she took a double dose Tylenol before going back to bed. All I need is to sleep some more and then I can think clearly. Eleanor loves me I know that. She crawled under the covers, curled up in a fetal position and covered her head with the blankets. Eleanor where are you she thought just before closing her eyes in sleep.

The insistent ringing of the phone woke her several hours later. "Hello," she said groggily. "Mom? Why are you calling now?" She looked at the bedside clock - it was three.

"Winnie, darling are you okay? You sound terrible," her mother her asked worriedly.

Fearing that Eleanor may try to call her she was anxious to end the call. "Listen, Mom, I really don't feel very well do you mind if we talk later in the week."

"I thought you sounded like you were coming down with something. Is there anything I can do for youdo you want me to come down there?"

"No, Mom, its nothing that a day or two in bed won't cure."

Once she hung up she picked up the receiver once again to make sure there was a dial tone. She moved around the rooms trying to find any evidence of Eleanor's presence – she found none. Standing at the window she watched the street in hopes of seeing the woman walking towards her building or maybe getting out of a cab – she never came. As darkness filled the sky she finally left her station by the window and checked the phone for the tenth time to make sure it was still working. Where are you Eleanor? An overwhelming sense of loneliness filled her heart as she swiped her fingers across her face in an effort to eradicate the tears trickling down her cheeks. Were you only a specter that built a nest inside my heart only to leave it empty? Her eyes began to burn from the onslaught of tears. Then somewhere between the truth of Eleanor's words – its over – and the pain invading her heart she realized that Eleanor was gone and she was alone. As tears fell unabated she knew that nothing would ever be the same again and that she was destroyed. Going into her bedroom she fell on the bed and began sobbing uncontrollably.

* *

Morning came and Winnie pulled the covers up over her head as she heard the soft mewing of her cat. "Kati go away," she screamed and instantly felt bad. Peeking out from under the covers, Kati's eyes gazed at her in what Winnie thought was compassion. "I'm sorry I was angry with youit's not your fault." She reached for the cat and gently petted the soft fur. "Come on let's get you something to eat."

Getting out of bed, she went to the kitchen poured some food in the cat's bowl then measured out coffee and started it dripping. Her eyes stung from the night long crying session. Getting out a cup, she waited, tapping her fingers on the counter, for the coffee to finish. As she heard the final gurgling of the machine a buzz sounded indicating someone wanted to enter the building. Smiling for the first time in hours, she thought, Eleanor, as she hurried to the intercom. "Yes," she said into the horizontal lines on the wall.

"It's Rita may I come up and see you?"

Rita? "I think you must have pressed the wrong apartment's button I don't know any Rita."

"I know Eleanor."

Winnie immediately pressed the button to allow entry. The simple mention of the woman's name sent feelings of pleasure throughout her body. When she opened the door she was amazed to see a casually dressed woman standing there with a medical bag in her hand.

Focusing her eyes on the bag, Winnie felt fear grip her heart. "Is Eleanor alright?"

Rita's eyes followed Winnie's stare to her bag. "She's fine, I came to see you. Do you remember me from the other night?"

Winnie was confused. "Where are my manners? Please come inside." Once she had closed the door she turned to the woman. "You say you were here Friday night?"

The young woman's swollen eyes were rimmed in red and she looked like she hadn't slept in days. Rita's heart went out to the girl for she knew exactly what she was feeling. Looking beyond the outward appearance she saw something else – Winnie was a sweet innocent. You sure know how to pick them Eleanor. "Yes, Eleanor called me to come here and take a look at you. She was worried that you might be seriously ill."

A blush crossed Winnie's face as she smiled brightly. "She was worried about me?" she said hopefully.

"Yes," Rita said quietly. I've been there and there is no forever Winnie. "I just made some coffee would you like a cup?"

"Yes, thank you. Black is good."

Returning with the coffee Winnie smiled shakily. "Here you go." She sipped her coffee eyeing the woman across from here. "Have you been her friend for a long time?" Winnie asked afraid that the woman was Eleanor's lover or partner.

Rita scowled. "Her friendEleanor doesn't have friendsonly conquests."

"I don't understand," Winnie said in confusion. "If you're not her friend why did you come when she asked you?"

Rita just shook her head and patted the couch. "Why don't you sit over here next to me and let me examine you." Winnie sat down next to the woman.

"If you're not her friend then what are you?" Winnie finally asked when Rita took the stethoscope out of her ears. "Her doctor?"

"No," Rita chose her words carefully. "I was involved with her just like you."

"Like me? I don't understand. Are you her partner?"

Ignoring the question Rita continued. "Your chest sounds fine. How have you been sleeping?"

Winnie rubbed the nape of her neck. "Except for Friday night I've been having some difficulty getting more than a few hours a night lately."

"What about your appetite? Are you eating regularly?"

"Not lately," Winnie answered. "Please answer my questionare you her partner?"

Rita again ignored the question. "Hmm, no appetite and sleepless nights that sounds familiar. I remember that happening to me seven years ago," she mused.

"I don't understand."

Rita laughed sarcastically. "Seven years ago I was her favorite for three days." She laughed derisively. "She breezed into my office for a physical. I had never met anyone like her. So charmingso sexy. That sensuous gaze of hers crawls under your skin and demands recognition. Somehow she bores a hole in your brain and fills it with thoughts of only her." Rita gazed at Winnie. "You know how that is, don't you? When out of nowhere this vision comes along and from that moment on it occupies your every waking moment."

Winnie's hand went over her ears as she began to comprehend what the doctor was trying to tell her. "I don't want to hear thisit is different for me."

Rita smiled compassionately. "I thought so too. I thought I would be the one to sweep her off her feet. It doesn't work that way for Eleanor."

"No, you're lying. She loves me! Why else would she have brought me home the other night or called you to take care of me?"

"You don't get it do you?"

"Get what?"

"She didn't do all that for you, it was for her. It's always for and about her."

"No," Winnie sobbed.

Rita lifted Winnie's chin. "Yes, unfortunately it's true. She'll use you until she's done with you then she's gone."

"If all that is true then why did you help her out?" Winnie sniffled. "Surely if she is as bad as you say you would have walked away from her." Her voice rose with righteous anger.

"I wish it were that easy. I've been trying all these years to do just that, but still when she calls I run to her."


Rita shook her head and laughed. "Why indeed." For a moment Rita's eyes searched the room as she tried to find the right words. The girl deserved to know the truth no matter how much it might hurt her. "Winnie, is your heart breaking more than you ever thought possible?"


"Has anyone ever hurt you like this before?"

"No," Winnie said tearfully.

"If she walked through your door right now what would you do? Pummel her and throw her out?"

"I couldn't do that to her."

"If she called you on the phone and said I want to meet you what would you do?"

"I'd go to her."


It was then that Winnie finally began to understand what Rita had been trying to tell her. Eleanor was in her blood and there was no way to eradicate her. "She was my first. I thought it would be forever."

Empathy for Winnie welled in Rita's heart as she put her arm around the young woman. "Forever for Eleanor is three days. Some don't even get that. Oh, she will call you every once in awhile and you will go to her because you can't help yourself. You tell yourself that this time will be different this time she will stay. She never does."

"No I won't," Winnie said defiantly. "I will never let her in again."

"Yes, you will," Rita said softly.

Winnie began to sob again uncontrollably for she knew the truth in those words. To Eleanor she was nothing but a diversion, but to her, Eleanor was everything and she would do whatever was necessary to keep the woman in her life.

Rita fished in her bag, took out a business card scribbled a number on the back and handed it to Winnie. "If you ever want to talk or just have a shoulder to cry on call me. If you call the office they won't let you talk to me so I put my cell number on the back. I check those messages every hour."

Winnie took the card and turned it over. "I called her everyday and she never was available."

"I will call you back I promise," Rita said sincerely. "Everyone isn't like Eleanor."

"Thank you," Winnie held up the card, "for everything." Tears stained her cheeks as they continued to run.

Rita gently wiped the tears away. She cocked her head and smiled. "I have an idea if you're open to it," she said compassionately.

"What is it?" Winnie asked tearfully leery of what would be said.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?"

Winnie pulled away. "I'm not ready for another relationship this one has done all the damage I ever want to feel."

"No, you misunderstand it's not a date. We can talk about what we feel and maybe come up with a plan for not letting it happen again," Rita said hopefully. "Let's just say it will be our way of eradicating Eleanor from our lives." Rita laughed. "Our own twelve step program."

Winnie straightened and wiped the last of her tears away. "Hmm, that could have some merits," she said wearily.

"Yep, we can be each others support system if we are ever tempted by Eleanor again." Rita smiled fondly. "What do you saywant to give it a try?"

"I'd like that. It will be good to have someone to talk to about this that understands."

"You know we could be at this for a very long timeeven forever. Look at me I've been under her spell for seven years."

Winnie, for the first time, really looked at Rita. She was a very attractive woman that she guessed was maybe ten years older than her. "I've got the time. Do you?"

A warm feeling filled Rita's mind. "Yes." She held out her hand. "Partners."

Winnie took the offered hand. "Partners."

"Good." Rita drank the last of her coffee. "Let me get going. I have a few patients to visit at the hospital then I'll go home and change." She looked at her watch. "What do you say I pick you up around five?" Her eyes searched Winnie's. "Do you think you can be ready by then?"

Fear gripped Winnie. "Will you really come back?"

Rita patted her hand. "I'm not Eleanor, I will be back."

"I'll be ready then."

Kati picked that moment to jump on Winnie's lap. Finally she smiled, "Rita this is Kati."

Placing a gentle hand on Kati's head Rita smiled. "Hi there beautiful." Her eyes found Winnie's. "I have a cat too, Maxine, maybe they can have a play date sometime."

Winnie smiled at the passing comment Rita. "Maybe they can."

* *

Leaning against the seawall, Winnie's eyes tracked the waves as they slapped repeatedly against the concrete. Eleanor Powers had changed her life forever by teaching her what it feels like to love. For now, she would take solace in knowing that she wasn't alone, that Rita would be there to help her understand what she was feeling. Although she knew nothing would ever be the same again, there was a ray of sunshine after those three days.

The End

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