Wolf at the Door

Erin O'Reilly

© Erin O'Reilly 2009

Part Three


This story features relationships between adult women. If this bothers you, is illegal in the State, Province, or Country where you live or if you are under the age of 18, find something else to read. There are loads of general stories out there.

Please note: There is a brief scene of rape in part one of this story.

Language: There is the use of expletives.

Violence: There is violence in this story.

Hurt/Comfort: There are scenes of heartache to be dealt with by the characters.

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Chapter Eleven

Remington heard the door open and looked at the time. "Where've you been?" she demanded. Looking harder at Parker, she noticed the glazed look in her eyes. "Are you ok?" She moved closer. "You're high aren't you?"

Parker threw the keys on the table then placed the heel of her left hand against the scar on her head-she grimaced. "If I was do you think I'd be in this much fuckin' pain?"

Keeping her expression neutral, Remington asked, "You didn't buy drugs when you were out?"

"NO, why would I?"

"For the pain," Remington said dryly.

"I have a prescription for that."


Parker pushed past the Wolf. "Yes, it's legal. I had a bullet in my head, it hurts like hell…so they gave me drugs to cope," she said angrily. "If you must know, I went to get laid." She flopped down on the bed and rubbed her head. "The damn bitch tried to steal my money without doing me."

Remington gave Parker's body spread out on the bed and stark appraisal. "I see," she said as an eyebrow rose.

With a half grin, Parker said, "I'd fuck you but I'm not that desperate."

"In your dreams, Davis. In your dreams."

Parker shrugged. "I seem to remember that you are one hell of a kisser and you didn't mind my hands on you."

"Get over yourself. That was just for show."

Scratching her neck, Parker gave the Wolf a serious growl. "That might be what you tell yourself, Wolf, but your body didn't lie. You wanted me…that I know."

Grabbing the keys, Remington headed for the door. "I'm going to get something to eat."

"You don't have to go out to do that you know." She spread her legs. "I've got something very tasty right here."

Remington opened the door and said over her shoulder, "Not in this lifetime."

Remington stepped into the hummer inserted the key and closed the door in one fluid motion. As the vehicle roared to life, she looked through the windshield she saw Parker leaning negligently against the sliding glass door. Their eyes locked each refusing to break the contact. Gathering all her resolve, Remington put the Hummer in reverse and backed away ignoring the raw sensuality she saw in Parker's eyes. "I can't let that happen…especially with her."

She needed this-the time away from Parker and the feelings of want and need that she resolutely denied. Over the last week and a half, she had no time to herself. Food wasn't what she craved-she needed to feel free but more than that, she wanted to take back control. She had been little more than a prisoner. If she were honest with herself-she rarely was in this type of situation-she'd admit her growing attraction to the woman who rescued her. As a vision of the want in the dark eyes floated in to her consciousness, she stubbornly refused to acknowledge her feelings.

When Remington came to the southern end of town, she pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. Her eyes took in the horizon and the rugged expanse of land that lay before her. Somewhere out there was La Casa del Canon, where the remaining members of the Castellan cartel would gather to choose a new member and elect a new head of the organization. The next several days would test all her resolve and she didn't need any distractions and that meant Parker Davis. She wasn't foolish enough to think she could take on the cartel alone-she needed Parker. That thought alone was unsettling. "I have no choice really. She has the knowledge of the area and the expertise to pull this mission off."

She checked the time and, with a deep intake of breath, she started the Hummer. With the cover of dark, she and Parker would covertly cross into Mexico and make their way to where they would wipe out the cartel's leaders. For a long moment, she allowed Parker to roll into her mind and over her body. Closing her eyes at the intensity, she willed the arousal she felt to subside before she opened her eyes and put the vehicle into gear.

Parker woke with a start and saw the Wolf standing over her-the desire unmistakable. She slowly rose and wrapped her arms around the Wolf pulling her close. Their bodies fit perfectly as they ground against each other. Lips locked in deep searing kisses-their hunger palpable as they each tried desperately to consume the other.

"I want you," growled the Wolf in a husky voice.

It had been a long time since Parker felt such overwhelming need and want. Not since…Olivia. She pressed harder, pushed the Wolf down on the bed, and began to rip at her clothes. Her body was trembling for the release she knew that only the Wolf would give her.

Their naked bodies entwined as each struggled for dominance and control. Neither would yield as the anticipation of what was to come made them wet, hard, and in need of release. Remington finally got on top of Parker and straddled her before pinning her arms above her head.

"Don't move," she purred as she leaned into Parker's ear. "I am going to take you and you will stay still."

Parker nodded.

"Good," Remington whispered. Her assault on Parker's mouth made both their lips swell but she wasn't done. She would take Parker so she would forget Olivia forever.

So lost in her dreams, Parker didn't hear the door open until someone said her name-her eyes flew open.

The Wolf was standing by the door saying, "We need to go soon."

"What," Parker said as she shook her head causing instantaneous pain. She grabbed her head and cradled it-the pain seemed to recede. "What time is it?" she asked.

"It's nearly dark," Remington said. "If we're going to do this we need to leave soon."

Shaking off the pain and the arousal, Parker got up and eyed the Wolf. "We need to secure this room."

"I agree," Remington said as she eyed Parker. "Are you ok?"

Looking away, Parker said, "Yeah, I was having a weird dream…the drugs sometimes do that." She refocused on the Wolf. "Did you gas up when you were out?"

"Yes, and I filled all the cans.

"Good, we don't have to go far but if we are going to come at them from the south it means the distance is doubled…especially if we don't want them to spot us."

The headlights and interior lights of the Hummer went out as the vehicle crossed the border into Mexico. No one saw or heard the vehicle as it traversed the terrain. The vehicle was equipped with night vision courtesy of a modified DOCO version of GPS. Much like an aircraft pilot, Parker drove the Hummer relying on special instrumentation that allowed her to navigate the road ahead by watching a screen embedded on the dashboard.

Three hours before dawn, Parker guided the Hummer into an old seemingly abandoned adobe building. She turned to the Wolf and held one finger to her lips. For an hour, they sat with the only noise their breathing.

Finally, Parker whispered, "Come with me," then handed the Wolf a pair of night vision glasses.

They ran the fifty feet to another building that looked like it was a house at one time. Parker held out her arm to stop the Wolf from going inside. She signaled for the Wolf to go around to the back of the building and enter from that point while Parker went in from where they were.

Meeting in the middle of the ramshackle building, Parker said, "Help me," as she bent down. "Get the one next to this one," she said nodding to the loose board next to the one, she was lifting from the floor.

Remington stared into the area below the boards. "What's all this?" she asked as she helped pull the items out of the hole.

"It's what we need to pull this off." Parker opened one of the bags and pulled out a camouflage outfit complete with dangling leaves and branches. She looked at her watch. "We need to store what we need in these backpacks," she said pointing to two camouflaged bags. "We must leave here in twenty minutes if we want to be on the side of that hill before light."

Both Remington and Parker worked quickly packing the backpacks with rations, various surveillance devices, and other survival equipment they needed for the next three days. Once they procured binoculars, rifles, and guns from the Hummer they set out to their rendezvous with the cartel and its destruction.

Chapter Twelve

The journey up the side of the hill, which was like a small mountain, was arduous. Several times either Parker or Remington lost their footing on loose rocks, which made them fall and slide partially down the incline. Finally, when they reached the top they belly crawled as they made their way to a clearing where they would set up their camp.

Wordlessly, Remington and Parker arranged their belongings in the area where they would spend the next several days. The campsite was simple-their weapons were readily available, Mylar thermal blankets sat together with their rations neatly laid on top. Lying on their bellies, the two assassins looked through binoculars at the house below and the two guard stations at the mouth of the canyon.

Over the next two days the two women watched the comings and goings to the house surmising that, they were setting up for the upcoming meeting. Under the cover of night, they planted incendiary devices and coordinated the timers on them. They knew that the guards positioned at the mouth of the canyon checked in with the main house every thirty minutes and after patient watching, they were able to get a fix on when that occurred.

With her rifle in place, Parker laid on the ground next to the Wolf. "Is everything in place for when we leave?"

"Yes, if anyone finds this place they will find the evidence we want them to," Remington said in a hushed tone.

"As soon as we are certain the targets are eliminated we need to leave."

"Parker, I think we need to reconsider that plan…we will be too visible."

Parker looked at her fellow assassin. It's the first time she's called me by my name. "By the time anyone gets here we will be long gone. Besides, we are going further into the interior."

"To where?"

"Some place safe."

"Another house of yours?" Remington asked before she reached over and pushed Parker's head down. "Helicopter," she whispered.

They lay motionless long past the sound of the helicopter disappeared before Remington removed her hand and began to pick up her binoculars.

Parker looked at the Wolf and their eyes locked for a moment. In that split second, Parker was sure she saw caring before the Wolf's face returned to cold indifference. She still felt the warmth of the hand on her head and that was a puzzle-she felt bereft with its removal. She pulled a device out of her backpack and pressed a green button. "Good thing we set up the perimeter monitor," she said before picking up her own binoculars and scanning the area surrounding them.

"The helicopter was directly over us," Remington said as she stopped her surveillance. "If they saw us they would have been on us by now."

"Agreed." Parker looked at her watch. "Shouldn't be long now. Are we clear on the plan?" When the Wolf nodded, Parker added, "Then you will be home free, Wolf, and you can return to DOCO a hero. Of course, I expect you to put in a good word for me."

"Good word for you?" Remington echoed.

"Yeah, I saved your life and am helping you destroy the rest of the cartel…you owe me, Wolf."

Cold green eyes focused on Parker. "I always pay my debts," she growled. "You should know that better than anyone."

Not wanting to see the hate in the Wolf's eyes, Parker turned away. "What did Olivia do for you that needed repayment?" She rubbed the scar on her head as the pain began to escalate. "I know all of her friends…acquaintances and you were never one of them."

"No you didn't."

Parker jerked her head around and stared at the Wolf. "Out with it-you were lovers weren't you?"

Remington snickered. "You're such a fool…everything doesn't always come down to sex, Parker."

There it was again-the Wolf said her first name. "In my experience it always does. There is either sex or the want of sex. Maybe you two weren't lovers but I bet you wanted to be." The slight flinch in the Wolf's expression, before it grew colder, was her answer. "So you brought me into your mission so you could prove your love to Olivia?"

Holding up her hand, Remington lifted her binoculars again and trained them on the canyon below. "There's a vehicle approaching."

Both assassins followed the vehicle's journey until it stopped at the house. When they saw J. H. McMillan step out they knew the time had come to complete the mission.

The only clear picture they had of who they suspected would be the next head of the cartel was not clear. Looking at the woman, Parker could clearly see the jet black hair cut short and the body gone soft with time. When J.H. looked seemingly at her, Parker could see a face that held nothing but danger. "Her pictures don't do her justice," Parker said as she followed the woman's movements.

Remington monitored the woman until she swung her head around and watched as a low flying helicopter was coming down the canyon toward the house. She checked the time. "They're arriving early."

Parker watched the helicopter land then saw Hector Diego, exiting the craft and moving quickly under the slowing blades. "Apparently they are all arriving separately." No sooner had she spoken than another helicopter approached. Once it landed she saw the other two, Sanchez and Armistead get out. "Looks like they are all here."

Remington's head swiveled to the right. "Another vehicle is approaching."

"Fuck, who can that be?"

Five minutes later, they watched as the well known local politician, said to have mob connections, Javier Lumbardo, exited the Jeep.

Remington's eyes narrowed and Parker grinned.

"This just gets better and better," Parker said as she watched the man enter the house.

Once they were certain everyone was there, Parker let the prototype sniper rifle calculate the wind speed and elevation just as she had on her many practice rounds. This time it was for real as she set the site on the guard closest to her. "Were clear on what to do?" she said as her finger curved around the trigger.

"Yes," Remington answered. She caught the look in Parker's eyes-feral-before she squeezed the trigger. Silently the bullet whizzed through the air before it ripped into the guard's head. Remington focused her binoculars on the guard on the left when she heard the second shot and saw the top of the man's head before his body disappeared. That was her cue to press a series of buttons that would set off the incendiary devices at the mouth and back of the canyon as well as near the house and surrounding areas. She also blocked or disabled all the communication devices.

Suddenly, fire began crawling rapidly spreading up the canyon. A blast from Remington's rifle hit the devices at each of the helicopters while Parker shot out the tires of the vehicles. The first to leave the house was Miguel Sanchez. The short little man with gray hair was running until he saw his helicopter on fire. He turned and lifted his hands as if he were motioning the others-he crumbled to the earth as a bullet ripped through his head.

Gun fire launched from the house toward the assassins fell short. Thanks to the sniper rifle that allowed Parker to see through walls, she was able to squeeze off four shots that all hit their target's head.

Together, the two assassins watched the fast moving fire engulf the house. "You did kill them all…right?" Remington asked.

"Yes, I had a positive ID on all of them."

"No safe room?"

"No, and even if there is one it wouldn't matter. When I make a kill the target dies." Parker began disassembling the rifle. "Let's get out of here before this place is crawling with the Federali."

Noiselessly, they quickly gathered what they would take and left the evidence that the Russian mafia was there. It was a win win for Remington, Parker, and ultimately DOCO. Moving as fast as the rocky terrain would let them, they moved down the side of the small mountain. About thirty feet from the bottom, Parker lost her footing and tumbled across the jagged rocks to the bottom.

Remington stood over Parker and saw the bloodied gashes over her body as her eyes fluttered open. "You ok?"

Parker groaned. "Yeah, I think so. That last step was a killer."

"Lay there for a moment while I get the equipment." She heard the sound of explosions and knew the fire fully engulfed house. Remington quickly gathered the equipment Parker was carrying that was scattered in the dirt. "We need to get out of here," she said as she held her hand out to Parker.

"Yep, let's go," said Parker as she steadied herself. She could feel blood running down her left leg and she had no feeling in her right arm. What caused her the most concern was the pounding in her head-she was certain that was the cause of her blurry vision. She couldn't let the Wolf know. "Right with you," she said with little conviction.

The trip back to the abandoned buildings took longer than expected. They did get there just as helicopters began to fill the sky. Fortunately, they still had on their camouflage gear and that gave them protection so they could get a good look at them.

"News and one is the Federalis," Remington said to Parker who was slumped in the car seat. "You ok?" she asked.

Blank eyes looked at the Wolf. "I need to go home," slurred Parker. "I need to go home."

Chapter Thirteen

With helicopters flying above and the dark skies of night rapidly engulfing everything, Remington wrapped Parker in a blanket and had her lay across the middle seats. She eased the Hummer out of the shelter and parked so she could see any threat that might come her way. Then, she settled down behind the wheel holding two hand guns while her eyes searched the darkness through night vision glasses.

When the night grew still, she engaged the engine and moved as silently as she could across the rugged terrain in the direction that Parker Davis had laid out for her. With luck, she would arrive at Parker's Mexican safe house before sunrise. Remington hoped that by the time they arrived, Parker would be able to participate in getting them out of the country.

"God, I can't believe I let myself get into this situation," Remington grumbled. "Somehow I let her be in control and get under my skin."

Remington gripped the steering wheel tighter as the vehicle bumped over a berm before the wheels encountered a paved road. By her best estimates, it had taken her four hours to go forty miles putting her that much further away from La Casa del Canon and the carnage she and Parker inflicted there. Two hours later, she pulled up to a house with thick adobe walls much like the one they had stayed in days earlier. She slipped the Hummer into a covered structure and pulled a canvas cover over the opening.

"Davis wake up, we're here." When Remington heard no reply she said, "Wake up," louder.

Parker stirred when she heard a voice that seemed to be calling to her from a long way off. "Are we there?"

"Yes, I need the code to get into the house."

Trying to get a grip on whose voice she heard, Parker shook her head slightly and felt immediate pain. "Wolf, is that you?"

"Yes, we need to get inside before the sun is up."

Parker sat up. "Right. The code is six-five-four-eight-four-two-seven-two-six-eight-six-seven."

Remington looked at the woman in the back seat-she didn't look well. "I'll go open up and then come back for you."

When the door closed, Parker tried to regain control of her body and mind. She knew that she and the Wolf had been on a mission together. The cartel, we wiped out the cartel. Yeah, now I remember. But there was something else-something she knew was important-vital. "My head hurts too much to think about it now." She slid across the leather seat, opened the door, and got out of the vehicle. When her feet hit the ground, she had to hold on to the door to steady her when pain in her leg sent a jolt through her. Straightening up and sucking in a breath, Parker started toward the house.

Remington held her Glock at her side with her finger on the trigger as she cautiously pushed open the front door. Her eyes scanned the room as she listened for any sound that might not belong-she only heard the sound of the wind outside. Carefully she walked quietly to what was the kitchen-nothing. When she turned back, she saw something out of the corner of her eye and raised the Glock locking in on the target.

"Jesus, Parker, what the fuck do you think you are doing sneaking up on me like that. I could have killed you."

It was all Parker could do to stay upright but she managed. "Is the house clear?"

"I haven't checked that side," she whispered pointing her gun in the direction of the bedrooms and bathroom." Remington signaled for Parker to stay put then crossed the floor and entered a small, narrow hallway. Minutes later, she came back to where Parker stood. "It's all clear."

Parker did her best not to limp as she moved further into the house. "I didn't have time to stock the cupboards or refrigerator but there's plenty of stuff in the freezer and we still have the MREs." She eyed the Wolf. "Personally, I've had enough of that shit to last a lifetime. I never did understand how soldiers can survive on that crap."

With a cold clear detached voice, Remington said, "We do what we have to so we can survive." She nodded toward the hallway. "I see you have the same type of keypad here as the last place."

With a grunt, Parker moved so she was in front of the keypad. After she pressed several keys, the wall slid back revealing another safe room. "This one isn't as up-to-date as the other one but it has everything we'll need." She motioned for the Wolf to come inside the room. "We can check to see what they are saying about what happened yesterday." She flicked on a small monitor that came to life on a twenty-four hour news channel. Parker changed the channel to Spanish speaking news.

"We will learn more here," Parker said turning up the volume.

"Do you speak Spanish?" Remington moved closer as the images of the destruction she and Parker caused filled the screen.

"I am fluent in seven languages."

Remington closed her eyes. Why didn't I know that? She listened intently then let the briefest of smiles cross her face. "They bought it."

Parker's arm went around the Wolf's shoulders and she pulled her close and kissed her softly on the lips. When the Wolf responded, Parker became lost in the feelings as their kisses deepened. When she felt the tongue against her lips, she opened them and allowed the Wolf entrance into her mouth. Then, everything went black.

Remington realized she wanted to kiss Parker two nights earlier while they were lying together trying to keep warm. There was something about the way Parker looked in the moonlight that aroused her. How hokey is that in the moonlight crap, she thought as her lips greedily kissed Parker. Maybe it was the near death experience or the fact that Parker risked her life for her-she didn't know the why all she knew is that she wanted Parker in her bed.

When Parker collapsed in her arms, she thought it was a joke until she felt the limp weight. "Parker? What's wrong?"

"My head. I need to go home."

"Come on let me get you into a bed and take a look at those cuts you got when you fell."

Parker could do nothing but comply and do as the Wolf said. In her mind, she could almost make out the long lost memory that had haunted her the last several weeks. Just as she thought she could reach out and touch it, the image would fade. She turned her attention to the strong hands that were removing her clothes before they turned gentle as they touched her skin. Just before sleep overtook her, the yellow eyes of the Wolf seared her brain.

The dream-terrified and running with no way out as her heart pounded hard in her chest. Just as she came to a cliff overlooking the ocean with waves slamming against the jagged rocks below, her eyes flew open. Her skin was drenched and shivering as a cool breeze silently ran across her body. Her eyes scanned the room for any sign that a threat existed-she saw none. She moved her leg and felt instantaneous pain that seemed to shoot from her leg to her head.

"No, I won't let the pain win." She cradled her head in her hands. "I need to go home."

"You're awake."

Parker quickly removed her hands and looked at the door. "Yeah."

"How are you feeling?" Remington asked as she moved closer to the bed.

Refusing to look at the Wolf, Parker willed herself to slide out the opposite side of the bed. "I need to get busy and get us paper so we can get out of here," she said through gritted teeth. "We shouldn't stay here more than a day."

"Let me help," Remington said as she kept a watchful eye on Parker's demeanor and movements. "Who do we contact?"

"No one, we'll do it here."

"You have that capability?"

"Look, while you've been sitting behind the desk ordering people around, I was in the trenches and had to take care of myself. There wasn't someone watching out for me. If I wanted to survive, I had to be self sufficient." The pain escalated and she braced herself on the bedpost before she made eye contact with the Wolf. "I have everything we need here for passports and I've got money too. We need to be on our way by nightfall."

Remington looked at Parker skeptically. "You can do all that? Pardon me, but you look like shit."

Parker glared at the Wolf. "I'll still be standing long after you've collapsed."

Remington snarled. "Like I collapsed up there on the mountain? As I found my way here, so you would be safe. Don't discount my abilities, Parker."

"I'm discounting nothing, Wolf. They aren't after me, they're after the Wolf, and that is you. So you tell me who kept who safe."

"Fuck you," Remington growled. "I'll get myself back to DOCO and you can forget getting back in the organization because if I have anything to say about it, there's no way you'll ever work for us again." Shaking from anger, Remington turned away and was almost out of the room when she heard Parker cry out. The sound reminded her of a wounded animal struggling to stay alive. Anger gone, she turned and saw Parker doubling over-she quickly moved to where the woman was. "What's the matter?" she asked in earnest.

Parker lifted her head and tried to focus on and what the Wolf was saying. "I'm good, just moved to fast. I'll be good in a minute once I've taken my meds."

Remington looked at Parker suspiciously then shrugged. "Ok, I was just about to see what I can rustle up for breakfast. You interested?"

Managing to smile, Parker said, "Rustle up…an interesting choice of words…are you trying to be Annie Oakley?"

Remington looked at Parker and shook her head as a glimmer of a smile formed on her lips. "Smart ass." Not helping herself, she chuckled all the way to the kitchen.

Chapter Fourteen

Once Remington and Parker ate a breakfast of powdered eggs and crackers they went about the task of making passports and driver's licenses. Remington was somewhat surprised when Parker produced blanks of passports and Texas driver's licenses. From the intel on Parker Davis, Remington understood that in her prime she was one of DOCO's most resourceful and prolific agents. She recalled reading-we can always rely on Davis to complete her assignments-and wondered why her path took her down the road of a rouge agent. When headquarters told her they were sending Parker for the kill, she questioned the wisdom of that decision…


It had taken some doing but Remington was finally able to convince Olivia's partner, Amelia West, that she only wanted to visit her old friend. As they walked together, Amelia, cautioned her not to upset Olivia. "She's very fragile right now. If you upset her, I will ask you to leave."

"I have no intention of doing anything to upset or harm Olivia," Remington countered.

As they neared the door, Amelia whispered, "She doesn't know Parker is still alive-in her present condition having that knowledge might do more harm than good to her fragile ego. I must warn you, she isn't woman you once knew."

"I understand. I'll respect your wishes on all counts," Remington said as she opened the door. When she saw Olivia, she had to school her features to stop from gasping. The beautiful woman she once knew had sallow skin with sunken eyes. "Hey, Olivia, how are you doing?" she asked in an upbeat voice.

Olivia let out a low chuckle. "What's with your eyesight, Wolf? I look like hell. You, on the other hand, are as ravishing as ever. What brings you here?" Olivia looked at Amelia in the doorway and winked. "More importantly, how did you get by my ferocious guard dog?"

Remington swung around and gave a half smile as Amelia closed the door on them. "I heard on the grapevine something bad went down, what happened and how can I help?" Remington moved closer to her friend.

"Parker," Olivia replied flatly, "do you know her?"

"Not personally. I only know her by reputation-she's one of our top agents."

Olivia nodded. "That she was…we were partners at one time," Olivia said in a whimsical voice. "She was my first love. Some first love huh…she almost killed me."

Feigning ignorance, Remington said, "I didn't know that."

"She's dead…Amelia killed her." Olivia closed her eyes and sucked in a breath. "She didn't want to, of course, but she had no choice. I brought down the one true good person in my life to my level and all because of someone who I thought loved me." Lifting her eyes, she curled her lips sardonically and shrugged. "I don't think Parker ever got over me and that's why she…"

"She what," Remington urged.

"Kidnapped me, drugged me, and…," she sighed before she spoke again, "I really don't remember much of what happened but if the look of my body was anything to go by, she raped me. I have flashbacks of Parker being there with me and…how much I wanted her." She shrugged. "Amelia said it was because I thought I was back in the early days of our relationship…it was always very physical." Her eyes became distant, as she seemed to struggle with whether to continue. "Amelia told me that when she found us I fucked Parker in front of her."

Remington watched various emotions flit across Olivia's face. "Unbelievable. Is that when Parker was shot?"

Olivia shrugged again. "I don't know…I have no recollection of what happened during that time. I can rely on what Amelia and the DOCO people told me…I believe what Amelia said. As for DOCO, I don't have much confidence in what they tell me. Amelia's love is too precious to squander on someone like me. I guess that's what my drugged body thought."

Remington could see the deep pain and hurt. The more she listened to what her old friend endured the more rage she felt toward the woman responsible-Parker Davis.

"I'm glad Parker's dead," Olivia said softly. "At least now she can't hurt Amelia again. I wouldn't want that." Olivia's tears began to fall. "I'd gladly murder her in cold blood and spend the rest of my life in prison if it meant I could spare Amelia the pain she feels for what she did."

Remington moved closer and put an arm around Olivia-she felt so small and vulnerable. She held Olivia as she cried. "Let it and her go, Olivia. She's dead and can't harm you or Amelia ever again," she whispered knowing it was a lie.

"I told you I would not allow you to upset her," Amelia said opening the door and hurrying to Olivia's side.

"She didn't," sobbed Olivia as Amelia placed a hand on her shoulder.

Amelia glared at Remington. "It's time you left."

Remington shrugged and patted Olivia's shoulder. "I promise you that I won't ever let someone like Parker in your life again…I'll see to it my friend," she said before she crossed the floor to the door.


With her eyes fixed on Parker, Remington's brow furrowed as she tried to make a connection between the woman she saw and the one that abducted her friend. If she was honest, she saw none-she had come to her conclusion about Parker through innuendo and speculation. She deserves better. Except I made a promise and if Parker ever tries to see Olivia, I will make good on it.

"What's got you so deep in concentration," Parker asked as she handed the Wolf her passport.

Remington's eyes opened wide. "When did you take this picture?"

Parker turned away. "When we were up on that hill."

"I don't recall you having a camera."

"In the binoculars…got them from DOCO." Parker sniffed. "I was coming back to the camp after repositioning one of the monitors and scanned the area for any sign of intruders. It was then that I saw you…it was a good shot and I knew we'd need one for your new passport."

Green eyes looked at the picture again as Remington recalled that moment-she was contemplating if the plan they set in motion would cause either of their deaths. She remembered thinking if Parker died it would be a good thing followed by the hollow feeling of great loss. I wish I could make sense of my conflicting emotions. She allowed her shield of indifference to color her voice. "Good thinking." There was no way she was going to let her emerging feelings for the woman to show.

By the middle of the afternoon, all the documents they would need to cross the border were completed. They had passports, driver's licenses, vehicle title, vehicle registration, insurance verification, along with a sticker that they would have gotten had they entered Mexico from the border. Remington had emptied the Hummer of all the equipment they used for the mission and stored it the safe room. The weapons they used, including the prototype sniper rifle were secure in the gun safe.

"Why don't we go back the way we came," Remington asked as she closed the gun safe. "That way we could take the prototype with us. I don't imagine DOCO will be thrilled we left it behind."

Parker gave the Wolf a weary smile. "The border will be crawling with Federalis-we can't risk it. The safest way is out in the open at the border crossing." She heaved a sigh that seemed to come from deep inside. "Right now my main objective is to get back to Texas and then go home. DOCO may not like their prototype in Mexico but, at this point, we have no other choice. If they want it they can come get it."

"They won't be happy and it will taint your chances with them," Remington pointed out.

She looked squarely into the Wolf's eyes. "I believe your exact words were, there is no way you'll ever work for us again so it would seem that I have no future with DOCO."

"Listen," Remington began, "you saved my life…I will make sure they know that…" Remington stopped in midsentence when she saw Parker's hand flatten on a table before she doubled over. "Are you ok?" she asked before the woman collapsed onto the floor.

Chapter Fifteen

Remington drummed her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited in a long line at the Juarez border crossing. The foot traffic was light as she watched the people on both the walkway and those who were moving between the vehicles hoping for a hand out. She glanced at Parker who was semiconscious in the seat next to her.

"Parker, you need to open your eyes and look alert when we get to the border."

"I know," slurred Parker as she tried to lift her head and open her eyes-she couldn't.

Looking at Parker Remington shook her head. She looks like hell. She focused fifty yards ahead of the car and noted that several vehicles were off to the side as inspectors, with dogs, checked them out. Sitting up and squaring her shoulders she readied herself for the possible encounter with the border patrol. Over the years, she honed her abilities to remain cool and aloof regardless of the situation. Both she and Parker took great care in getting the Hummer ready for a possible inspection. They sprayed the entire vehicle with a chemical that neutralized any scent or sign of the firearms and bombs that once were there. The required documents were nearby and when she thought of them, she smiled. Parker attended to every detail with the documents down to making sure they looked and felt used. The devil is in the detail, Parker said as she muddied the Hummer. It was then that she knew why Parker was at one time the top DOCO agent.

Again, she looked at Parker. "Once we get across the border, what am I going to do with you?" she whispered. The woman had saved her life then risked her own to neutralize the cartel's ability to carry out their planned hit.

As if she were reading Remington's mind, Parker mumbled, "I need to go home."

"Once we're in El Paso tell me where your home is and I'll take you there," Remington said-it was the least she could do. I'll drop her off and then get back to my life.

When the Hummer finally reached the booth, a tall, dark man wearing a border patrol uniform looked into the vehicle. "What's wrong with her?"

Remington laughed. "Too much tequila."

The uniformed man was not amused. "Are you American citizens?"

"Yes," Remington said as she held their passports out.

Once the man looked at the documentation he gazed at Parker again and then his eyes scanned the inside of the Hummer. Someone said, we found something in that old Toyota and he turned his attention from Remington for a moment. He turned back to Remington and gave her the passports. "Move on."

"You hungry," Remington asked when she spotted a Short Stop. When Parker didn't reply she pulled into the parking lot then drove to the order window. A short time later, with a bag of burgers and fries along with two diet cokes, Remington eased the vehicle into a parking spot. "Come on, Parker, you need to eat something."

Parker opened her eyes and yawned. "I don't know what's wrong with me," she whispered. She looked at the offered burger and smiled. "Thanks this is one of my favorite burger joints."

"Eat up and let's talk about getting you home while we do." Remington took a sip of her soda and eyed Parker-she was eating and that was a good sign.

A full two minutes passed before Parker spoke. "I don't need your help I can make it on my own." She took a bite of her burger and chewed slowly before she said, "I'll take you back to Austin, get my car, and be on my way." Her dark eyes glared at the Wolf. "You'll be done with me-that should make you very happy."

Remington put on her face of cool indifference before her green eyes pierced Parker. "You're in no shape to drive anywhere. We'll get a flight out of El Paso International to your home. I will have your vehicle shipped to you there-that's easy enough to do with a train or a semi."

Parker gritted her teeth and was about to reply when pain slashed through her head. "Fuck," she screamed as she put the heel of her hand against her head. Her eyes narrowed as the pain intensified. "I don't need your help," she said in spite of the pain.

There was something about how Parker reacted with determination while in pain that made Remington's face soften. "Please, let me help you," she said before reaching across the console and touching Parker's arm. "You saved my life…let me help you now."

Closing her eyes, Parker wiped her hand across her face. "I'm too tired and in too much pain to argue with you." She opened her eyes and looked at the Wolf. With her voice laced with exhaustion and pain, Parker whispered, "What do I have to show for my life, Wolf?" She touched the scar on her head. "I need to go home."

"I will take you there," Remington said softly. "Finish eating then we can find hotel near the airport. You need to get some rest before we leave. I'll take care of all the details and get you home tomorrow…I promise."

Parker nodded then put her burger down. "I'm not very hungry. I think you are right about needing some sleep."

Remington quietly closed the door to the bedroom of the suite where they were staying. Parker fell asleep almost as soon as she crawled onto the bed. She had lingered at the door and watched while Parker tossed and turned. It was clear that the woman was failing and that thought made her sad.

Picking up the phone, she called DOCO. "This is Wolf, I am back in country."

"Excellent outcome to your last endeavor. Any casualties?" her handler said.

"No, both Davis and I are alive and well."


Remington opened her mouth and was about to start rattling off all the pertinent information regarding the demise of the cartel's bosses but stopped in midsentence-something didn't feel right. When she began to speak again her voice took on a cold impersonal tone. "All the top people in the cartel along with a civilian, Javier Lumbardo-he most likely was there to take on Castellan's position. Each person taken down was positively identified before the kill."

"Where are you now?"

Again, Remington hesitated before speaking. "We are on the road heading west."

"Is Davis with you?"

"Yes," Remington answered as eyebrows creased and she rubbed behind her ear. "Davis did an exemplary job not only at the first target but in working with me to design a plan for the elimination of problem we encountered as a result of the first target." Her eyes traveled to the closed door. "I strongly recommend her reinstatement."

"We will take that under advisement." The man cleared his throat. "Is that all you have to report?"

"Yes, I will give you all the details when I return."

Ending the call, Remington couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't as it should be. She looked at the closed bedroom door and wondered if what she was feeling for Parker Davis was the reason for the unsettling feeling she had. In the past, she never had time to delve into what she felt for a lover-she took what she wanted with little regard for what the other person felt. Her only goal was sexual relief. But somewhere along the way, Parker had gotten to her and made her care and that mystified her. Her cool uncaring façade was crumbling even as she was fighting to keep it intact. Yet, she knew that wasn't the reason for her disconcerting feelings.

She walked across the room and looked out the window at the planes taking off and landing as thoughts of Parker clouded her thinking. "There's no way I will let her get to me. I know what she did to Olivia and I will not let that happen to me." Yet, she could not reconcile the Parker she knew and the one that terrorized Olivia. Her mind flashed back to her old friend and the promise she made. "If she tries to see or get near Olivia I will have to kill Davis." She felt butterflies in her stomach. "I will have no other choice." Then as she rubbed behind her ear, it struck her-DOCO knew exactly where they were.

Parker slowly opened her eyes conscious of the fact that she was pain free. Cautiously she lifted her head then sat up. She looked around the room, which had all the amenities that a suite costing two hundred dollars a night would have. She recalled the house in Austin and shook her head. "The Wolf certainly knows how to live well." She swung her legs off the bed, stood up, and listened-not a sound. "Wonder where she is?" Parker snorted a laugh. "Probably took off and left me here to pay for this place. No matter, I don't need her." She shrugged off the pang of sadness she felt and moved to the closed door-it flung open.

"We need to get out of here fast," Remington said as she pushed clothes toward Parker. "But first we have to get rid of the chips."

Confused, Parker took the clothes and started to put them on. "What's going on?"

"My gut tells me that we're in big trouble."

Parker routed in a small black bag that she had taken from the safe house in Mexico. Every DOCO operative had a chip, similar to what pet owners have injected in their animals, embedded under their skin. It acted as a locator so DOCO could find their agents. The scanner would locate those chips.

After she pulled out a small device, she fixed her eyes on the Wolf. "You know once we take the chips out there will be no going back."

Remington hesitated then said, "I know. We don't have a choice."

"How many chips?"

"One. Why would you think there would be more?"

Parker snickered. "I know I have two for sure."

"How did you know there were two?" Remington asked as she dropped a chip into a bowl.

"When Olivia wanted to leave the company, they injected another chip into her-questionable agents get two." She ran the small device over the Wolf's body. "They don't trust us," she said solemnly. "Looks like you have only one." She reached in her bag, took out a scalpel, and made a small incision behind the Wolf's left hear. With tweezers, she gently pulled out the tracking chip. "Get me a glass from the bath room."

Fifteen minutes later, they had all their belongings in the Hummer and headed out of town. When they got to the outskirts of El Paso, they stopped at the first truck stop they saw.

"Why are you stopping?" Remington asked.

"I'll be right back," Parker said as she got out and sprinted for the convenience store. Moments later, she returned to the Hummer, started it up, and moved slowly around the building to where the semi-trucks parked. "This will buy us some time." She held up a roll of duct tape before she picked up the glass containing the small chips.

Remington smiled. "Brilliant move."

Once the tape with the chips was secure on the underside of a west bound truck, Parker got in the Hummer and laughed. "That should keep them guessing." She looked at the Wolf. "Where to now?"

"Your safe house."

Chapter Sixteen

They had driven for three hours when Parker gripped the wheel hard as she groaned loudly as the Hummer swerved on the road. Pressing hard on the break, she managed to get the heavy vehicle to the shoulder. Resting her hand on her head, she cried out in pain. "God, I can't believe the pain."

Remington released her grip on the oh shit handle and reached out to Parker. "Let me drive," she said softly.

With eyes filled with pain, Parker raised her head. "It's the motion that seems to make it worse this time…everything seems to be rolling."

Opening a road map, Remington looked to see where they were. "I see Fort Stockton is coming up let's stop there for the night." She shrugged. "For now DOCO thinks we are heading west so we'll be safe."

Parker undid her seatbelt and reached for the door handle. "I'm in too much pain to argue." She got out of the vehicle and went around to the other side.

Remington gently squeezed Parker's shoulder as they passed in front of the Hummer. Once inside she looked at Parker whose eyes were squeezed shut in pain. She picked up a bottle of water and handed it to Parker. "Here take one of your pills."

Opening her eyes, Parker gave the Wolf a small smile, took the water, before she shook two Norco's out of a pill bottle. "Thanks," she whispered. "There's a decent Hampton Inn up ahead."

"Close your eyes I'll tell you when we get there." Seeing Parker comply, Remington smiled before she narrowed her eyes. We need to get a handle on her pain or we're both dead.

Parker opened her eyes, looked around the room, and frowned. "Where am I?" As her eyes focused on the paintings on the wall and the curtains covering the window, she knew she was in a hotel room. Her fingers touched the scar on her head that felt like a hot poker was searing her brain. She closed her eyes the opened them as she swung her legs off the bed and made her way to the closed door. When she stepped into the outer room, Parker was surprised to see the Wolf sitting at a table typing on a laptop. She frowned then looked around the room- packages were on the couch.

"How are you feeling?" Remington asked as she watched Parker's expressive face.

Parker's eyes fell back on the packages. "What's that?"

Remington's eyebrows lifted. "Are you feeling any feeling better?" The look on Parker's face was her answer-she was still in pain. "I thought we'd like some clean clothes. I also picked up a few toiletries to use until we get to your safe house." Her eyes fell on Parker's face. "Did you take more pain pills?."

Parker turned her head and gazed in the mirror above a dresser next to her. If she was honest-she looked like death warmed over. "I don't want to take too many...I told you they make my mind fuzzy. Until we get to the house we both need to be on the top of our game."

"You hungry?" Remington asked as she pushed back from the desk.

With eyes narrowing at the bright light in the room, Parker nodded. "Not really…I'm really thirsty." She shrugged. "A side effect of the drugs."

Remington moved closer to Parker. "You need something to eat."

Parker's forehead creased and her dark eyes narrowed as she stood almost toe to toe with the Wolf. "I don't need you to tell me what to do. You're not my mother," she bit out as the pain escalated.

Remington inched closer and let a small growl escape from her throat. "I don't need a liability. If you're in pain then your reactions are slower and that is a liability."

Parker smirked. "I've made it so far without a problem…I've got it under control so back off."

Standing so close that she could feel Parker's breath on her face, Remington said in a low ominous voice, "As long as you're working with me..."

For Parker, who prided herself on reading people and their body language, found the expression on the Wolf's face was unreadable. "What will happen to me?" she asked in a cool even tone.

Remington's eyebrow lifted. "I'll simply leave you here and go out on my own." She shrugged then inched forward so she was completely in Parker's personal space. "Is that what you want, Parker, to be left behind?"

Parker refused to let the Wolf intimidate her and moved so they were nose to nose. "I won't let you boss me around, Wolf."

A feral smile crossed Remington's face. "Don't take too long to figure out what you want to do."

After their standoff stretched to a minute, Parker blinked as she relaxed her shoulders and said, "Damn," before she pulled the Wolf close and gently kissed her. When she didn't feel resistance she encircled the Wolf in her arms and pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Her tongue ran over the Wolf's pliant lips and they opened readily. At first, their kisses were unhurried until Parker's mouth and hands became increasingly insistent demanding and wanting more.

Remington pulled away, stepped back, and said. "This needs to stop right now."

Stepping forward, Parker reached for the Wolf but was pushed away. "Why are you doing that? I can tell you want me…you've always wanted me."

A humorless laugh filled the room. "You really are something else. Are you always this full of yourself?"

Parker grinned and moved in again. "Maybe you think you can hide your feelings but your kiss said you want more."

Remington shook her head and growled, "After what you did to Olivia there's no way I'd get involved with you."

With a snicker, Parker said, "There are always two sides to a story…maybe you should get them both before you make a judgment."

"Get over yourself, Parker, rape is rape."

Parker slipped her boots on before her eyes fixed on the Wolf. "Ask your pals at DOCO what went down…you might find it enlightening." Then she turned, went to the door, opened it, and walked out leaving the Wolf behind with her mouth opened.

Remington stared at the closed door for several minutes before she touched her lips-she could still feel Parker's lips on hers. She had wanted more from Parker but she refused to let those emotions rule her judgment. Parker Davis was a she-devil who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted-except for now. "There's no way." Yet, something in Parker's voice that rang true. What was DOCO's role and why did they save her?

Sitting in front of her computer, Remington quickly made several key strokes then smiled. Part of her success within DOCO was her ability to hack into any computer, particularly the database, and extract information. She found the backdoor into DOCO's mainframe and navigated to the section she was looking for-Parker's file. Most of what she saw was about missions, psych evaluations, and other pertinent information-she downloaded the entire file then quickly back out without detection.

I should have done this before I ever agreed to let her on my team. She quickly scanned through the missions Parker worked on until she came to the one involving Olivia Santos. Just as Parker said, she was in Texas integrating herself into the cartel until ordered to bring Santos back into the fold. Remington's eyes read the mission's objective. It is to the company's advantage and best interest to have Olivia Santos return to her status as a DOCO operative. The primary mission is to break the hold Dr. Amelia West has on Santos, with any means available. As long as that relationship continues, we cannot bring Santos back into the company. She frowned then read the passage again and the words, with any means available, screamed at her. She continued reading. The plan to infiltrate Dr. West's practice and lay the foundation for suspicion is a sound, well thought out strategy. In addition, Davis is to abduct Santos and do whatever is necessary to persuade her to return to DOCO. If necessary, Davis will terminate Dr. West.

Blue eyes looked away from the monitor as Remington digested the information. "Was Parker driven by her fascination with Olivia or was she carrying out her orders." Her eyes tracked back to the monitor. Her eyes widened when she read, Estevez has compromised the operation and we've ordered his termination. At the bottom of the page she read, Operation failed when Dr. West intervened and shot Davis. We have Davis in a private facility-status questionable. Remington had worked for DOCO long enough to realize that there was the definite possibility that Parker was carrying out orders in her dealings with Olivia. The question-did she have an ulterior motive?

The psych evaluation of Parker fascinated Remington. Parker Davis is highly intelligent and excels in her thought process to recognize a situation, evaluate various scenarios, and have a viable solution. She is a narcissist driven by her need to excel and will do whatever is necessary to achieve that end. She will compromise her self-imposed set of rules if it is to her advantage. Davis does not seem to recognize that she has boundaries and that those around her are merely extensions of herself. That makes it easy for her to assimilate into a group and become one of them while she remains unique. It is my determination that this quality alone will make her an excellent candidate along with her unrivaled ability as a problem solver, will make Davis an outstanding DOCO agent. The last psych eval had her reeling. Due to the head injury, subsequent amnesia, and recovery, the qualities that made Davis an excellent agent have diminished to such a degree that it is doubtful she will ever be effective again. It is my determination that she can no longer function at her previous level. Terminate.

"Why did they send her to me? Why hasn't she been terminated?" Remington felt a shiver run up her spine. She always thoroughly vetted everyone who joined her team but for some reason she hadn't done that in Parker's case. That is so unlike me but everything was escalating to the point that I needed her expertise as soon as she got there. She shrugged as she considered the effect of her assumptions had on her feelings toward the woman. If she was truthful, what she heard from Olivia had colored everything she thought about Parker. From what she'd heard from other agents, the assessment wasn't too far off the mark.

The word terminate floated into her consciousness and she trembled.

Going back to her computer, she retraced her steps back into the DOCO mainframe. Her fingers hesitantly typed, Ava Dupree followed by Peter McCrea, and Tom Edwards-all had terminate by their names. Then she typed Remington Wolf and gulped down fear as she waited for her file to appear. She held her breath as the cursor moved down the document until she came to the last entry. Although the successfully elimination of Carlos Castellan, the mission is deemed a failure. It brought Wolf to the forefront of assassins thereby creating the need to eliminate all the heads of the various divisions of the cartel. Now, we have to restart the mission reinstating our agents within the crime family. Recommendation: Terminate. Remington's mouth opened then closed as she looked around the room-she knew what she had to do.

Parker walked for almost an hour in a light mist that covered her but did not quench her anger. She was attracted from the first time she saw her and she their shared kisses said the Wolf was into her too. The confusing thing-why the negative response from the woman. Once she learned that Olivia and the Wolf were friends-perhaps more-she understood some of the suspicions. "If she read the file on the mission involving Olivia, surely she would believe what she read there." Finding a bench by a bus stop she sat down then scratched her head. "She doesn't have to know everything just the surface stuff in the report." Rubbing the scar on her head, she felt the pain gnawing for recognition.

Her thoughts turned to a time weeks earlier when she watched Olivia and that bitch Amelia West as they played in a park with two young children…


She knew who the girls were-Dan Estevez's kids. For a long time she watched the scene unfold paying particular attention to Olivia's interaction with the girls. She couldn't deny the difference she saw in her ex-lover-Olivia was happy and relaxed. "Why couldn't you have that with me, O?" she whispered as she swung her binoculars to the other woman there. As pain, the result of the bullet that the woman inflicted on her, escalated she snarled. "Why O, why her?" In the lucidity that her pain often caused, Parker knew that she'd never be with Olivia again.


Parker stood up and cast her eyes back to the direction she came from. "It's time I moved on." Nodding her head, she began to walk quickly toward to the hotel before she took off in an all out run.

When Remington heard the keycard in the door, she picked up the hand gun she purchased earlier that day and held it in her lap. She watched as the door swung open and Parker Davis appeared in the doorframe. Once the woman was inside the room with the door closed, Remington pointed the gun at her.

"What's that about?" Parker stopped her forward motion as her eyes searched for safety.

"I won't let you terminate me, Davis. I'll kill you first."

Parker held up both hands. "If I wanted to terminate you, Wolf, don't you think I would have done it by now?" The Wolf's eyes were cold and her expression unreadable-Parker took a step backward as she saw a finger tighten on the trigger. "Wait, Wolf, stop and think about it…I saved you. Why would I do that if I was ordered to terminate you?"

Remington's lip lifted in a sneer. "So you knew about the termination orders?"

"NO, all I was told was to take out Castellan. What's going on, Wolf?"

Since Parker had already voiced what she was thinking, Remington lowered the gun and let it and her hand rest in her lap. "Come and look at this."

Parker cautiously made her way to the Wolf. Her eyes looked at the laptop monitor where the Wolf was pointing.

"Read this." Remington watched the expression on Parker's face while she read and once the woman lifted her eyes she clicked to another page. "And this."

After reading all the reports, Parker said, "Jesus, what the hell is going on? Who is making all these decisions?" She shook her head and captured the Wolf's eyes. "I can see them wanting to terminate me. I fucked up big time on my job to bring Olivia back to DOCO, but you…I've heard only praise about your prowess from everyone including the higher ups."

For several minutes, Remington studied Parker before she pushed back from the desk and stood up. "We need to get out of here and get to your safe house."

Continued in Part 4

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