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September 13, 2000

Chapter 1: The First Hurdle

"C'mon Marcy, there's no reason you can't do this; you're just being stubborn." Marcy didn't like to admit the possibility of fear or trepidation when starting a new endeavor. But in this case, she wasn't so sure. She'd been riding all her life, but 5'jumps, with a 5' spread was a daunting task indeed. Even more importantly, Marcy Daniels didn't want to disappoint her friend.

Katrina 'Kat' Maria Andreas and she had been friends most of their adult lives. Physically, they were about as different as any two people could possibly be. Where Kat was tall, dark and had a lean, muscular, athletic physic, Marcy was short, with a compact muscular body. Her blonde hair, green eyes, and cherubic face belied her twenty-nine years. Kat, the older of the two by six years, was stoic, like her horses, and most times spoke very little; to anyone else except Marcy. The two women had forged a friendship over the years, and Marcy was one of the few people Kat would confide in. For that reason alone, their friendship was the one thing, in her life, Marcy would fight for.

"Listen, remember you're one with the horse. Just before take-off, elevate yourself up out of the saddle and lean forward up on his neck. This will get your weight off his butt, and enable him to have the proper impulsion to get over the jump." Marcy knew everything Kat was telling her was correct, and she chastised herself for her lack of courage. C'mon, you can do this, she told herself. "Okay, I can do this." The sound of her own voice didn't sound very reassuring. "Of course you can; let's try a couple of practice jumps with the low cavalettis before you go on to the big ones. Remember to hold your position." Marcy took the big, twelve-year-old, bay gelding around the perimeter of the ring to warm him up. This exercise was more for her benefit that his.

Marcy came around the end of the practice ring and lined up to jump the first of the two cavalettis. She aligned her horse, Spanky, precisely and jumped the first obstacle perfectly. The second of the two, she misjudged the distance a smidgen, but Spanky cleared the jump easily. Kat always the demanding perfectionist let Marcy know her error immediately. "Hey Marce, the first jump was perfect, but you didn't gauge the distance correctly on the second and were late. Your position in the saddle was okay, so Spanky was able to make the correction. On the higher, more difficult jumps, you may not be as lucky. Let's try it again, 'K?"


Chapter 2: The Layout

Marce knew her friend was right; Kat was an excellent teacher and trainer. She had won the American Grand Prix Association Rider of the Year Award six times in the last ten years. Her skills were in great demand and the riding stable was always filled to capacity with both her own horses, as well as, those horses she trained and showed for her clients. Her business had grown over the years, and it was quite profitable for both she and the stable owner.

The facilities at Argonaut Farms were the best in Upperville, Virginia. The amenities for both horse and rider included 2 barns with 100, 14x14' stalls, one barn with twenty-five 15x15' stalls which housed Kat's horses, 10 tack rooms with adjoining wash racks, five vet exam rooms, all of which were well stocked with a variety of needed veterinarian supplies. There were also three utility rooms with washers and dryers to clean saddle blankets, pads, towels, and such. Also included was a men and women's locker room equipped with toilets and showers.

The training facilities were equally impressive. There were five arenas in all. Two indoor practice rings, with lights, both 150x200', two larger outdoor practice rings measuring 200x250', and one large show ring 250x300'. Several United States EquestrianTeam qualifying shows were held there each year. In addition to the Grand Prix facilities, there were four dressage rings: one 20x40 metre practice ring for lower level training, and one 20x60 metre practice ring for medium and advanced levels. Also, one 20x60 metre ring was reserved for Federation Equestre International (FEI) sanctioned dressage shows. There were three dressage shows, held at the farm annually, sanctioned by the United States Dressage Federation.

The Argonaut Staff included personnel to feed and clean stalls. Also, if the clients wished, personnel were available to exercise their horses as well. Of course Kat had final approval of those personnel who worked with her horses, and she hired someone to oversee their care. That wasn't to say Kat wasn't aware of how her horses were handled. She knew every horse so well a mere glance was all she needed to know if the horse was in optimum condition; if not, heads would roll. She demanded the very best, both from herself and her staff.

Many Grand Prix Jumpers sported Kat's insignia, Pegasus Enterprises, and Kate could well afford her own barn. But the advantages of leasing stall space here far outweighed the headaches of maintaining her own place. This way, she could concentrate on riding, teaching and training rather than be distracted by the day to day operations of a 225-stall barn and all that entailed. No this arrangement suited Kat just fine. She had everything she needed here and her partnership with Marcy worked very well.

Chapter 3: Partners

Marcy had been Kat's partner for the past five years. She graduated from Harvard with an MBA and could have gone to work for any number of Fortune 500 Companies. But her love of horses and friendship with Kat cinched the deal when it came time to make a decision for whom she'd work. Marcy used her computer, accounting, and management skills to streamline Kat's business. Her knowledge of horses enabled her to write a computer program for the business. Virtually every aspect needed to operate Pegasus Enterprises was computerized. Everything from billing clients for board and training, ordering vet, tack and grooming supplies to vet care and exams was contained in the program. It was so successful, Kat encouraged Marcy to market and sell the program to horsemen, and people who had horse related businesses. In addition to those skills, Kat utilized Marcy's talents to keep track of show dates and booked transportation for both she and her horses. Oftentimes, Kat traveled on the same transport plane as they did, not too overprotective huh? All in all the partnership was very successful and satisfying for both parties involved.


Chapter 4: Fear of Flying

"Hey earth to Marce; are you going to join me anytime soon? You've been riding around in circles for five minutes. Spanky is starting to get dizzy." Marcy and Kat's bantering was an ongoing affair. Although Kat could be a hard taskmaster, and hell on wheels, when the mood struck her, Marce brought out the kinder, gentler, teasing side of Kat. "Hardy har har; aren't we the comedian today? Maybe you've missed your calling. Sorry I zoned out; I was just thinking." Kat's eyebrow disappeared into dark bangs. "And just what were you thinking about so intently?" Me I hope; if only you felt for me the way I felt for you. Eyebrows quirked suggestively and a wicked gleam appeared in blue eyes. "It wasn't me was it?" C'mon please say yes. "In your dreams Andreas, in your dreams." Ya think? If you only knew what my fantasies were all about you'd run off screaming into the night. "Okay fantasy time is over, let's get back to the task at hand. Now remember your position. Post up on your legs. Don't balance on Spanky's mouth, and just before you leave the ground, give him his head so he can stretch out his neck. Got all that? Okay let's try."

Marcy gulped audibly, took a deep breath, and squeezed Spanky up into a gentle canter. "Take the 4' single bar first, then we'll move up," Kate called from her position in the center of the ring. Marcy carefully chose her line; she had the correct number of strides, dead bang accurate, and Spanky sprung into the air, landing gracefully on the other side of the bar. "Good job Marce, you okay; ya look a little pale." A little pale; you have no idea. "No I'm fine. That felt really good, y'know correct, almost like flying." Humph we'll see. "You'll think flying if you lose your seat. Now, let's go on to the 5' bar. Do the 4' first to set up a rhythm for the taller one. We'll do this a couple of times, ready?" Marcy's confidence was beginning to grow with every powerful stride the gelding took. As she approached the first obstacle, Marcy was a little off line. She made the minor adjustment with her left knee and right rein, and Spanky moved over instantly. Spank, the old pro he was, easily cleared the vertical, and Marcy prepared for the 5' bar. Marcy had to make a slight correction in the huge gelding's stride at the last moment to nail the take off point. The second jump was cleared: technically. Artistically there was a tiny problem. The landing was noticeably rough, and Marce was nearly unseated, pilot error. "Hey Marce, tell me what you did wrong on that one.


Chapter 5: If at First You Don't Succeed...

Marcy felt like a small child who had been brought before the principal. "I shifted my weight to the left and threw Spanky's balance off. He had to adjust his position to compensate for my improper seat. That caused him to miss the landing." Kat merely nodded. "All right let's try again. This time, don't make the same mistake!" Once again, Marcy positioned her horse for the two obstacles. This time she was determined to do everything correctly; just as much for Kat as for herself. She took the practice lap around the perimeter to settle her nerves. Kat could sense her uneasiness. "Relax babe, remember to stay one with the horse; focus on the obstacle, one at a time, and let the tension go. What you feel, the horse feels."

That's right, focus Marcy, relax and breathe. Focus right; but Kat's firm, tight ass looks so fine encased in those tight riding breeches, and the black boots accentuate her long powerful legs. Oh how I would love to feel those strong thighs wrapped around my waist as our centers connect...and her breasts. How I would love to taste those delicious buds. Damn is it getting hot or what? Even in a simple polo shirt, they look sooo, sooo... Marcy's fantasies were starting to get out of hand. I may have to get off this horse... "Marcy, where is your head girl? Don't tell me you're thinking about me again?" That comment was accompanied by a wicked grin and waggling eyebrows. Oh damn, Gods give me strength. "Okay, you really have an overinflated opinion of yourself, don'tcha Andreas? Have you ever thought of seeking therapy for your problem?" Yeah right. Patient heal thyself.

Again Marce set Spanky up for the two verticals. Kat watched her move effortlessly in the saddle. For someone of such short stature, Marcy still looked good on a horse, her legs wrapped naturally around the horse's barrel. How I wish I was that horse, Kat thought? How I'd love to feel her beautiful sexy, naked body rubbing sensually against mine...our sex joined tightly together. Oh yeah, writhing, sweating, grunting... By the Gods... Oh Andreas, you are pathetic; Marcy would no more want you like that than she would want old man Caster at Johnson's Farm. C'mon get your mind back on the business at hand. Still in all...

Marcy executed the first single bar flawlessly. With all the concentration she could muster, the small woman guided the huge animal effortlessly over the higher obstacle. The landing was a little rough, but not as rough as the previous attempt. All in all for a first try, Marcy did quite well, and Kat was quick to acknowledge that fact. "Great job Marce; see I told you, you could do this!" Marcy's chest puffed out with pride at her best friend's praise. "Yeah, I did didn't I? Way cool!" The look that passed between the two friends was, for an instant, more than just friendly, if only... "Don't get carried away with yourself; it's only your first lesson ya know. Let's go cool your buddy out." The horse nickered his agreement and off they went.


Chapter 6: Water Games...

Marcy swung her leg over Spanky's withers and slid to the ground. She turned to slip the reins over the horse's head, and stopped short. Kat couldn't suppress the chuckle building deep in her gut. Smartass, Marcy thought; I'll show you. "Spanky, head." Obediently, Spanky dropped his head within easy reach of Marcy's grasp. She took the reins away from the withers and slipped them over the large, gentle giant's head. "Humph, looks like you've been teaching Ol' Spank a few tricks. Understandable though under the circumstances." Marcy's head snapped up and she whirled on her friend. Jabs about her height inflamed her instantaneously. "Well not all of us are 6' Amazons with long arms and legs that go on forever y'know." Duly reprimanded, Kat begged for forgiveness. "Sorry Marce, I know you're sensitive about your height. I should be more in tune to your feelings. Forgive me?" Marcy always felt bad after she lost her temper like that, but...oh damn; this is her best friend and partner. She knew she shouldn't overreact. "Oh of course I forgive you, ya big oaf. I should realize that high up in the atmosphere you'd be suffering from oxygen deprivation." With that jibe, Marcy took off as fast as she could with Spanky trotting along behind. "C'mon Spank, I'm toast." Kat gave her friend and steed a good head start and then followed, her long loping strides chewing up the turf with every step. "You're toast anyway, squirt."

The two friends reached the barn doors, near the outside washrack, and Kat couldn't resist the urge to pull a prank. Nearby a hose was coiled up neatly, and still hooked up to the hydrant. The spray nozzle was conveniently attached as well. This is just too good. After Marcy took Spanky inside to untack him, Kat turned on the faucet and crept slowly toward the door, ready to spring her surprise on her unsuspecting business partner. Marcy, wasn't idle either; she knew her friend all too well. She knew Kat was up to something and serious trouble would follow if she wasn't prepared. She too had access to a nozzle equipped hose. Fully armed, Marce moved silently to the door, while her partner was doing the same...


Chapter 7: The Mentor

At the same instant, the friends sprung on each other. Rounding the corner, the two women engaged in a full frontal assault and drenched each other thoroughly. They screamed, with shock, when the cold spray hit their bodies at the height of the midday Virginia heat. Still, neither wanted to be the one who would back down first. The ruckus, the two women were causing, the screams and laughter attracted the attention of the other boarders and barn staff. The friend's reputation for practical jokes was well known, and the entire barn population, horses included, seemed to enjoy the antics of the two. Before long the group, watching the display was increased by two.

One, was a silver haired man, in his mid-sixties, well over 6' tall, and weighing more than 200 pounds, loomed over the small crowd. While definitely retirement age, Travis Worthington was nowhere ready to quit working. Worthington, of Worthington Textiles, people said, had more money than good sense. He had lost his beloved wife some seventeen years earlier, and with no children,Travis spent his money on his passion: horses. The textile mills were in the hands of a CEO and Board of Directors, but he still held controlling stock, and therefore, the pursestrings. Nothing was done without his knowledge and approval, belief to the contrary notwithstanding.

Argonaut Farms was named for his biggest and most beloved passion, his palomino mare Argo. Kat had been his trainer for the past eighteen years. Travis could see a great deal of talent and potential in the angry seventeen-year-old kid, but it was Travis's wife Eleanor, who actually convinced Travis to give Kat a home. The first six months were pretty rocky, but eventually, things evened out a little. And, when Eleanor died, both Worth and Kat, needed comfort from the other. And so, they moved on from a damaged past, and built a strong bond that has endured all these years. They had seen each other through the most traumatic time of their adult lives, and were stronger for having survived it.

Kat obviously had a way with horses, and an affinity for communicating with them. Worth, talked Kat into training his horses for him in return for room and board. Worth provided Kat with a loft apartment in the barn, which served her purposes quite well. After that time, he threw all his energies into running the farm. Kat's talents blossomed, and she became a world-renowned trainer, and branched out on her own, but never forgot her loyalty for Travis. Training his horses always came first, even before her own. It took a little talking, but Travis talked Kat into bringing her horses here ten years previously. Travis and Kat had a good working relationship, but he acted more like the father she had lost, and she acted more like the daughter he never had.

In addition to room and board for she and her horses, Worthington paid Kat a healthy retainer to train his horses, for which he was rewarded with numerous Grand Prix Championships, and several horses were named AGA Horse of the Year. Argo was the most famous horse Kate had trained and showed for Travis. In fact, she won the gold medal at both the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and the Pan Am Games prior to the '96 Olympics. The golden palomino held a special place in both their hearts, and had been retired after the Olympics. Now Argo raises babies for the farm, and is taken out occasionally for a pleasure ride around the farm, or a cross-country jaunt. Kat still was the only person, aside from Travis, who was allowed on her back, and for Kat's thirty-second birthday, Travis presented Kat with Argo's first colt, appropriately enough named Argo the Second. Already, the three-year-old filly was showing the potential to be as good as her mother.


Chapter 8: Water Games...cont.

Travis decided the antics of the two women had gone on long enough, and the woman who stood next to him seemed rather put out from the whole thing. "Y'know, you two must think I have all the water in the world to waste. I otta add the wasted water to your board bill, Andreas." At the mention of Kat's last name, the woman next to Travis quirked an eyebrow slightly. Without looking, Kat turned, hose in hand, and fired in the direction of Travis's voice, only she must have miscalculated slightly. "Ya think so, huh Worth? If I gotta pay for this, I may as well make it worth..." Instead of hitting Travis, her intended target, the spray hit the woman next to him squarely in the face. "Oops," Marcy mouthed, and moved directly behind Kat. "I think ya missed." No shit Sherlock! The shocked, sputtering woman nearly had apoplexy. "Why I have never been so humiliated in all my life. Travis I demand satisfaction!" Travis stood there aghast, an expression of utter disbelief on his face. "Well, I would certainly say you're entitled. What did you have in mind?"

The woman strode purposefully toward Marcy and held out her hand. "May I?" she asked casually looking at the hose. Marcy didn't know what to do. She looked first at the lady and then at Kat, who only shrugged. "Well, I---I---I guess..." The woman took the hose and turned on Kat. "Aahh Lady, I don't think you want to do this," Kat growled menacingly. The woman was undaunted. "Ya think?" Kat backed up a step or two to give herself more room to maneuver. "All right, if you're sure, give it your best shot." Simultaneously, both women fired their "weapons" drenching the other, neither one backing down one bit. Finally, they stopped, stared angrily, and advanced one trying to intimidate the other. They stood nose to nose, or more like nose to chest, but the smaller woman was not showing any signs of fear whatsoever. The tension was palpable, and if the other two weren't sweating, Travis and Marcy certainly were.

Just as Travis moved forward to separate the combatants, Kat moved; her reflexes lightning quick. She threw her arms around the smaller woman, lifted her up, and twirled her around in the air. "Nikki, how in the hell have you been? My God, it's been ten years. Where have you been keeping yourself?" Nikki held on tightly, wrapping strong, muscular arms around Kat. While watching this reunion, Marcy felt a sudden twinge of unreasonable jealousy run through her. Lighten up, Daniels, you don't own the woman, yet. "Katrina Maria Andreas! You haven't changed a bit, still as charming as ever. I've been here and there, Australia, New Zealand, mostly Europe." Kat studied her old friend carefully before she spoke. "Home?" It seemed to Marcy, the single word, spoken softly, took the joy out of the reunion. "Yeah, you know I missed the Aegean too much." Again Kat spoke softly, slowly. "My mamma, is she okay?" Nikki swallowed noticeably, tears forming in her dark brown eyes. "Mamma passed over two months ago; I wanted to let you know, but Stavros vetoed that idea. He said you were no longer a member of the family. I'm so sorry Kat, honestly I am. I stayed for a couple months to get things in order, and then came to find you. Mamma wrote you a letter."


Chapter 9: Changes

Nikki handed her the envelope. Kat held it tightly in shaking hands, Nikki moved away from Kat, and motioned with her head for the other two to follow her. She knew instinctively Kat would want and need some privacy to read her mother's last words. Once outside the barn, she spoke. "I don't know exactly what's in the letter, but Kat's mamma wrote it just before she died. I don't know what you know about Kat's relationship with her mother and stepfather, but it wasn't too good. I can't really say more, if she wants you to know it's her place to tell you herself. Oh, my name is Nicolina Helena Niarcos, ‘Nikki’ to my friends. Kat and I grew up together."

Kat moved over to the steps leading into her tack room/office, and sat down. Sebastian, one of the many barn cats, sauntered over and rubbed all around Kat's legs. He was a pretty affectionate animal, on his own terms of course, but he seemed to like Kat especially. Evidently, he sensed her anxiety, and hopped up onto her lap. Purring loudly, his own catlike way of reassuring and comforting her, he settled in for the duration. "What do you think 'Bas' ol' boy; should I open this can of worms or let it pass?" Mow, Mow. Wonderful, now I'm asking for advice from a cat. If I ignore this, it still won't go 'way, so…

My Dearest Katrina,

I have asked little Nikki to find you and deliver my

last words to you, and so if you are reading this, then, I have

passed over. I can't put into words the number of times I have

mourned the loss of my little girl, my little one. You were my

light after your papa was taken from me. You were the one who

gave me strength to go on; I regret now I never told you so, my child.

Then, you too went away...Stavros drove you away, and I let him.

I am so sorry, my Katrina, you deserved better from your own mamma.

I know I can never expect this, but please forgive me...I have always

loved you my little one...

Kat couldn't keep the tears that fell onto the fine parchment she held in her hand. Even in her advanced age, and state of health, her mother's delicate, precise script hadn't diminished. Was this letter all she would have left of her beloved mother? Her life was full of regrets, but the way she left her home near Athens was one of the biggest. She'd live with the guilt and shame all this time. Pride, anger, hate...


"...tell me you aren't serious. Mamma, you're

not going to marry that bastard. Miklos, can't you

talk some sense into her. By the Gods, have you all

lost your minds?"

The argument had been heated to say the least, angry words spoken on both sides...

"There really isn't anything I can do now is there?

Not if she's made up her mind."

Damn coward, or has Stavros bought you off too.

"What's the real reason you're going along with

this Miklos; how much are you getting out of this?

And you mamma, you'd forsake papa's memory

for a lousy fuck..."

The pain caused by the hand that slapped Kat's face, didn't hurt nearly as much as the thought of who it was that had delivered the blow. Never before had her mamma raised a hand in anger to her.

"How dare you say such things to me. The decision is

made; it is our way you know…"

Maybe it’s your way, but not mine.

"Fine, do what you will, but don't expect me

to stay around and watch you destroy papa's


That was eighteen years ago, and Kat had never returned to Greece in all those years to see her mother. As far as she knew, her mother hated her and never wanted to see her again. Her stupid pride and anger had gotten in the way. Her fingers felt something solid inside the envelope. She dug around and retrieved a small golden cross on a simple golden chain. This belonged to her mother and had been in the family for as long as anyone could ever remember. Tradition held this simple emblem be passed down to the eldest child, in each succeeding generation, at their mother's death. Since Kat was the eldest, she would have received the object and her mother's blessing. She ran her fingers reverently over the religious relic. "Oh mamma, I'm so sorry; I've missed you so much. I love you." She wrapped her arms around Bas, rocked back and forth and wept silently for the mother she lost so long ago.

The three friends stood silently outside in the courtyard that separated the barn from the house and grounds. Marcy was noticeably worried. "Worth, don’t you think maybe you should go in and see how Kat is? She's been in there an awfully long time." Worth thought for a minute, and replied. "What about you; you're her best friend?" Marce gently laid her hand on Worth's arm. "I don't think she needs a best friend at the moment; right now she needs her papa." Travis took a tentative step or two before he turned back to the two women. They both nodded, and he continued on his mission.

Travis's mind was going a mile a minute. Why am I doing this? I can handle a boardroom full of pompous old farts, but sensitive chats, that's a little out of my line. Well, maybe I won't have to say too much; maybe she'll do all the talking. Oh yeah, like that's going to happen anytime soon. As soon as he walked into the barn, Worth could see Kat's form curled around Sebastian, who was purring contentedly. He knew he was way in over his head here, but he pressed on. Travis sat down next to Kat on the steps. "Hey 'Legs', ya feel like talking?" Since no response was forthcoming, he tried again. "That damned ol' furball is getting hair all over you." The Siamese opened one blue eye and glared at Travis, but there was till no response from Kat. What did he do when El was like this? Oh yeah, try the gentle approach. "Sweetheart, I can't help if I don't know what's wrong." Kat lifted her head and turned tear-filled eyes to the older gentleman. "Oh Worth, mamma's gone and I never got to say how sorry I was for all the horrible, terrible things I said. I never got to tell her how much I loved her, and I never got to say goodbye. I never got a chance to say all those things, and now I never will." Worthington pulled the sobbing, pain filled woman into his arms, and rocked her the way a father would to comfort a small, hurting child. And at this moment, that's exactly what Kat was, a fragile, broken spirit needing desperately to be healed. They sat that way for some minutes, Kat's tears finally subsiding. "Hey kid, you okay for a minute? I have to make a call." Kat nodded, and Travis extricated himself from the woman, and jerked his head toward Marcy and Nikki directing them to come into the barn. "See if you can get Kat to talk a little bit. She's pretty broken up over her mom's letter. I'm going to make a call or two, be right back."

"Kat, would you mind if we sat down?" Marce asked quietly. Kat looked up into her best friend's expectant face, and tried to smile. "Yeah, sure. I'm sorry I freaked out there for a bit." The look on Kat's face literally tore the heart from Marcy's chest. She wanted so much to take this incredible woman into her arms, hold her, kiss her, and tell just how much she loved her, but was too afraid. "Oh Kat, you have nothing to be sorry for, so don't even try to apologize. I just feel so helpless because I can't take all your pain away. I miss your beautiful smile." Oh my God, I can't believe I said that. She immediately dropped her head at the same time the blush crawled up her neck. Kat's head snapped up and around, so quickly she about gave herself whiplash. Did my brain register what my heart and ears just heard? Gently, Kat tilted Macry's chin up until their eyes met. Then blue met green and in that one look, more was said than a thousand words ever could. "Marce, my friend, you never should feel helpless. Just your presence makes me feel better. You mean the world to me, I hope you know that." Oh man, I hope I didn't say too much. If she knew how I truly felt, she'd probably go screaming from me like I had a disease. "Thanks Kat, you mean so much to me too; more than you could ever imagine." Marcy put her arms around her best bud, and rubbed her back and shoulders gently, bringing what comfort she could to the distraught woman. Nikki stood listening to the exchange between the two, and nearly lost her cookies. I have never seen two people more right for each other, and yet try so hard not to let the other know. I'll have to see if I can't do something about that. I'll just recruit a little help, and I think I know just the right person. Whooo Haaa!

About that time, Travis came back to where Kat and Marce were talking. He crouched down to be at eye level with Kat. "Hey 'Legs', you feel a little better?" Kat nodded slightly as she drew a finger along the cross, and burrowed herself deeper into Marcy's embrace. She knew she was playing with fire, but it just felt too good to move.

Sebastian had about enough of getting squished between the two women's bodies. With a low disgruntled growl, the aloof feline hopped down and walked regally away, never once looking back. Everyone watched the cat's departure with a certain amount of mirth. "Humph!" Travis snorted, "Damn cat thinks he owns the joint. I guess he doesn't like being a body pillow." That lightened the mood somewhat, so Travis continued. "Listen, I've got to take a little trip to Europe, and I was wondering if you and squirt would like to come along with me. Actually, Nikki, we’d love it, if you'd like to come as well, I'm sure we'd all be happy to have you." Kat looked at Worth like he'd lost his mind. "Worth, I can't take off at the drop of a hat; I have responsibilities here. Besides, this trip is a little sudden isn't it?" Think fast old boy. "No actually, if you'll remember, the Nations Cup World Final is coming up in the Piazza di Seina in Rome. What'dya think; cool huh?" Both Nikki and Marce could see what was going on, and if they could, Kat certainly could too. Rome and Athens are relatively in close proximity to each other, and with Kat's mamma's recent death, this was a little too coincidental. "Worth, you've got your wires crossed, the finals aren't until next month. I could better use that time to stay home and prepare Panache, (Kat's Appaloosa Sport Horse) not go gallivanting all over Europe. I think I'll just stick to my original plan, stay home, and leave on October 5th; cooler yet, huh? Unless of course there is some other reason important enough for me to disrupt Pan's system, not to mention his training schedule, to go sooner. Wanna 'fess up ol' boy?" This woman knew Worth way too well.

"Okay, I have an ulterior motive. I was thinking about what you said earlier, you know, about never getting the chance to talk to your mamma, tell her goodbye and such. Well you have a chance, if you come to Europe with me early. Darlin', I'm worried about you. You've never let go of all the hurt and anger from all those long years ago. If you don't, sooner or later, all that pain will eat at you until it destroys you. You know I'm making sense." Kat was about to lose her temper. "Worth mamma's dead; it's too late. How can I say goodbye to a dead woman." Now Marcy spoke up. "Kat," she said softly, "There's an old Greek saying, 'the dead can hear your thoughts...' Maybe you could go visit your mamma's grave, and talk to her there. Oh please Kat; listen to Worth. I hate seeing you like this. We'll all be with you, if you want. Please, baby?" Baby, what's that all about? Kat knew she might as well give in, 'cause they would never let this rest anyway. Nikki came all this way to give her mamma's message; it was time to end it all. It was time to confront the past and put it to rest, once and for all. So quietly, softly, she responded, "K." Hot damn! Now we're getting somewhere! Travis and Nikki exchanged knowing glances not missed by Kat either. Their devious little matchmaking plan was now set in motion.

Kat and Marcy returned to Spanky, who had been standing patiently through this whole business, to finish brushing him down and get him put away. Those two are up to something, Kat thought, I just know it; I'd better watch my back.

Marcy stood there grinning as well. "Why do you look like the cat that swallowed the canary?" Marcy tried to put on her most unassuming and innocent look. "Why lil' ol' me; whatsoever are you implying?" Shit, I'm toast! Look out Rome, here we come!


Chapter 10: Soaring

True to his word, Travis had taken care of all the arrangements to get everyone safely to Rome. Kat and Marcy, with their rather large entourage, consisting of trucks, horse trailers, veterinarian, and grooms arrived separately from Worth. He and Nikki arrived in his limousine to Washington International Airport. Of course, Kat was more concerned with getting the horses settled on the huge private transport plane. Actually, the logistics of getting two seventeen hand, 1400 pound stallions on board the transport was quite impressive. The horses were unloaded from their trailers, wearing blankets, shipping boots, to protect their legs, and specially padded headgear, in case they might rear up. Next they and their handlers were loaded into a box stall-like elevator that lifted them to the plane's cargo doors. From there, they were led to their individual stalls for the duration of the flight to Rome. During the flight, the horses had access to hay and water. The farm's vet, Dr. Michael Case traveled in the cargo hold with the horses to monitor their condition.

Of course, Kat was never too far away, and generally stayed with her 'babies', as well, usually until well into the flight before Marcy would drag her back to the forward compartments to eat and rest. And sure enough, the plane had barely left the ground before Kat was in the hold with her horses. "Kat, you know these horses are less problem travelers than you are. Why don't you go up front, before Marce comes back here, and drags you forward." An eyebrow arched, disappeared into dark bangs, and pinned Dr. Case. "Do you actually think I'll let than little slip of a thing intimidate me? If you do, think again! Not likely!" Dr. Case's gaze traveled over Kat's shoulder to the young woman standing by the cargo door. "I don't know, but now's your chance to prove it." Kat turned around to see what had Michael's rapt attention. Kat would have loved to slap the smirk off the vet's face, but restrained herself. Really all she could do was try to swallow the lump in her throat, audibly, and try to dampen the raging fire burning in her center. Dampen? Poor word choice. "Don't you dare say a word," she hissed at Michael.

"I thought I'd find you back here. I brought us something to eat." Marcy stood with a tray of assorted fruits, cheeses, and meats, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Oh, Michael, Travis would like to talk to you about the horses. There's also something for you to eat in the forward cabin. Oh by the way, did you know Nikki is studying Veterinary Science at Tufts University?" How obvious is that Marce.

Marcy was disarmingly beautiful, and Kat was having a really tough time keeping her growing libido in check. There was no secret, among the horse loving community, about Kat's sexual preferences. Well maybe one person hadn't bought a clue yet, or had she? If Kat didn't know better, she'd say Marce was actually flirting with her. Naw, that's just my sex starved brain talking. I can't remember when the last time... Marcy walked, so slunk toward a long couch and small table lining the wall opposite the stalls. She sat the tray down and moved over to where Kat was and linked her arm in Kat's. The other hand drew tantalizing lines up and down her arm. She leaned in close and whispered, no purred, in the ear closest to her. "I took the liberty of preparing something for us to eat, if you're so inclined. I was so hoping we could eat together. Hummm?" What have I been missing here?

Marcy leaned closer still and ran her tongue all along the outside of Kat's ear and nibbled and licked the lobe. Then without warning, she took the lobe into her warm soft mouth and sucked gently. She continued to tantalize Kat with her treatment of her neck and throat next, eliciting almost painful sounding little whimpers from Kat. Soft butterfly kisses and nips traversed her skin until Marce had reached Kat's neck and pulse point, which she attacked like a limpet, refusing to let go. Kat's senses were on overload, and the resulting shockwaves settled directly in her groin. She could feel the wetness seeping from her center, soaking her panties and jeans. Kat, regretfully, pulled Marcy away from her neck and when blue met green the world melted away, as did all the doubts and fears of a lifetime. Still, Kat had to know, for sure, before she let this go any further. "Marcy what are you doing? You have no idea where this will lead do you?" Marcy studied Kat's beautiful face. "Yes, I do," she said simply, and pulled Kat's lips toward her's for their first kiss.

Their lips met softly, at first, but in short order the passion escalated. Marcy opened her mouth and ran her tongue tentatively, but gradually more forcefully, over and between Kat's lips. The sensation was at once sweet and arousing. "Open up for me baby; let me in, please." Kat couldn't resist and opened her mouth and literally sucked her soon to be lover's tongue inside her warm oral cave. Tongues battled for control in an age-old dance of love. Knees and legs became weak, no longer able to hold bodies up. Moans of ecstasy came from deep down in their throats. No longer could the kiss continue without air, so the two broke apart reluctantly. "WOW!! I had no idea kissing you would be this good." Marcy's natural exuberance poured forth, and she again dived in for another passionate kiss. Kat, always ready to indulge her friend, accepted the heated passion of her new lover. Again tongues explored caverns and teeth gently bit and pulled lips sensuously. Marcy broke away, and whispered. "By the Gods, I want more. I want all of you, everything. I want to see you, feel you, touch you, taste you...but I don't know how. Teach me please." Kat would like nothing better than to just rip Marcy's clothes from her body and ravage her until the plane touched down in Rome, but she couldn't, wouldn't.

"I can't." To say Marcy was in shock would certainly be true. "I don't understand...I... oh god, I feel like..." Kat stopped her with a sweet, loving kiss. "I mean, I can't, not here, like this. Baby we'll be in Rome soon. Please, let me wine and dine, and seduce you properly. I want to make love to you in a huge soft bed with silk sheets caressing our bodies. I want soft pillows for you to lie against while I lay between your legs and feast on your ambrosia. Honey will you let me do that, please?" It was more than difficult not to continue with their loving after the sweet romantic description of what Kat wanted to share with her. "That sounds wonderful, I guess I can wait for something that good." Kat took her friend's face in both hands and placed soft sweet, almost chaste kisses over the entire surface. "I promise it will be even better. Now, ya s'pose we better eat this feast you brought back her for us? I am a little hungry." Marcy kissed her lover gently on the nose, and then poured the wine into the two glasses. "Here ya go, I hope you like it." Kat smiled, her heart full of love. "I'm sure I will." Kat tipped the glass toward Marcy's and clinked the two together. "To us, my love." Marcy replied in kind, "Yes, to us, for always."

The two new lovers finished the delicacies, which they took turns feeding to each other. More than once they had to back off, in order to calm their rising libidos from reaching the boiling point. They lay cuddled on the couch listening to the occasional nickering from their two 'roomies' and the continuous humming of the jet engines. Between those sounds and the wine, the two women felt Morpheus calling to them. "Marce," Kat whispered sleepily, "why did you set this up now; what prompted you to do it?" Marcy snuggled down deeper into Kat's warm body. "Do what?" Kat repeated her question. "Why did you make a move on me; tell me you loved me." Marce chuckled. "Cause you're so damn sexy; I couldn't resist you." Kat tightened her embrace. "Ha ha. What was the real reason?" The MBA just burrowed deeper into Kat's arms. "Really, because I couldn't live wothout you in my life completely in every way any longer. I was afraid I'd lose you if I didn't do something. It was pretty obvious you weren't going to make the first move." Kat kissed her baby on the head, and quietly answered. "I was afraid I'd lose you if you knew how I really felt about you. I couldn't risk losing you altogether, so I kept silent. I figured your friendship was better than not having you in my life at all. Dumb huh? Oh incidently, just how involved are Travis and Nikki in all this? Hummm?" Damn, I'm busted. " see...Travis thought I could use..." Kat stopped her stuttering speech. "Listen baby, I'm not angry, I'll leave a few body parts in tact; I'm not sure just yet which ones. 'Sides, I owe him big time, forever, for what he's done for me, for us." Kat lifted Marcy's chin from its resting-place on Kat's chest and kissed her passionately trying to convey all her love in that one kiss. "I love you so very much, my darling. Now let's see if we can get some sleep. We'll have a long day ahead of us." Marcy return the passionate kiss with the same intensity and replied. "Yes, my love, and I love you too. Sweet dreams." The two lovers immediately fell into the waiting arms of Morpheus content in their love.


Chapter 11: The Contessa

The two lovers had slept the entire night wrapped in each other's arms. Kat was enjoying the comforting weight of her lover against her body. Yup, I can deal with this; I'm not moving an inch, ever, period. A gentle touch and shake of her shoulder brought her reluctantly into wakefulness. "Hey Kat, we're going to be landing in about an hour, you better get up. Breakfast is ready." The mere mention of food brought Marcy's senses to full alert. "Did someone say something about breakfast?" A sleepy voice asked expectantly. Kat chuckled, "Y'know Nikki, one thing you'd better get used to about my Marcy; she loves food more than anything else in the world." Marce snuggled deeper into the warm cocoon she was nestled in. Hummm, she said my Marcy; love is so cool. "Oh I wouldn't say that. There is one thing, I do love more than anything else in the world, and it isn't food!" Kat gripped Marcy tightly and nearly hugged the stuffin' out of the woman. She laughed heartily, a laugh full of wonder and joy, and one Marcy would later say she didn't believe she'd ever heard from her calcitrant lover before. "Okay, I stand duly corrected. But the fact of the matter is, we will be landing soon, and we have lots to do. We do need to eat, the horses need tending, and we need to get showered and spit polished to meet 'The Contessa'." The last part of Kat's little speech caught Marcy's attention. " The Contessa. who's the contessa..." The last part of the little blonde's remark was received by Kat's back as she entered the forward compartment. "Wait, wait, know a Contessa...dumb ...of course you know a contessa; you know everybody. So tell me; who is 'The Contessa', and don't leave anything out." Then the blonde dynamo attacked her breakfast with great relish.

The beautiful brunette shook her head at the little blonde who had changed her world in less than twenty-four hours. The joy and enthusiasm, with which Marcy attacked each new day, was a total wonderment. The little bundle of energy didn't have a mean bone in her body, and delighted in seeing only the good in people. But maybe the most amazing thing to Kat was the total unshakable faith her friend had in her. Most times she was positive she didn't deserve that trust. But take it she would and try in every way possible to live up to that faith. Where to begin...

The Contessa Lucia Maria Antonia de Medici. Yes de Medici, from the famous Renaissance Florentine family. Lucci wasn't born into the famous family; she married into it. Some would say, she calculated, seduced, bedded The Count, and the rest was history. The truth is actually quite different. You see, it was The Count who calculated, seduced, and bedded Lucci for her fortune, which he didn't get.

Lucci had her own claim to fame, and didn't need the man or the de Medici name. Lucia Maria Antonia was the founder, designer, and driving force behind one of the most famous haute couture houses in the world. Antonia was simply the be all and end all in fine fashion. Her fashions rivaled the best of the best: Armani Christin Dior, Chanel; you name them she'll beat them. Her reputation for being a genius in design, and ruthless in her climb to the top, and the ability to stay there over the years, is legendary. At fifty-five, she had risen to the top in the fashion world, from beginnings in abject poverty. Born at the end of the Second World War, she never knew her father; her mother was a prostitute, and Lucci was on her own from the very start. Lucci worked, scratched and clawed her way until she had amassed a fortune that would rival an Arab Sheik.

Kat had met the beautiful designer twelve years ago, well after her renown as a Grand Prix rider and trainer had been established. Travis and the designer had a long-standing business arrangement; Lucci buys all her fabrics from Worthington Textiles. Worth introduced the designer to the trainer, and they had, an albeit brief, but discreet affair. Fortunately their friendship survived the affair, and they had been friends since. Kat had even got the designer interested in the horse business and found and trained several show jumpers for Lucci. The Villa de Antonia, just outside Rome, where they would be staying, has a complete, up to date, training facility, including barns and riding rings. Kat designed the horse set-up, of course.

All throughout Kat's narrative, Marcy listened with baited breath. "Hold it, wait just a minute. Is this woman beautiful?" Where did that come from? "Yeah, I guess. Why?" Ooohhh, now the light is beginning to dawn. "You had an affair with this woman? I'm not sure I like that." Kat couldn't believe Marcy might be even the least bit jealous. "Honey, that was a long time ago; I was very young; she was older, more sophisticated than me. It didn't really mean anything. None of my affairs at that time of my life did." The little blonde cocked her head and studied her raven-haired lover. I gotta get this woman in my bed soon, very soon. "Okay, I believe you. Kat, was she your first...wo...wom...woman?" So this was what this was about. "Yes baby she was. Actually you owe her a great deal. She taught me about Sapphic Love; everything I know about making love to a woman, I learned from her." Marcy looked at Kat seriously, and reached over and took the taller woman in her arms, and looked directly into cerulean pools. "Just don't get any ideas about taking a refresher course. Got that?" Kat kissed Marcy's pert little nose, and relied. "Yes ma'am; believe me, I have no desire for a refresher course, unless it's from you. You can teach me everything I need to know, okay?" At that moment, the stewardess came by and told the two women the plane was about to land and they needed to get strapped into their seats. The women complied, each lost in their own thoughts, but instinctively reached out to hold the other's hand.


Chapter 12: The Adventure Begins

The wheels had barely hit the tarmac before Kat was up and through the cargo hold doors to supervise the deplaning of her equine charges. The miracles of modern technology had made the process much easier, but when dealing with very large, very powerful animals was factored in, anything could happen. A fractious horse could do a great deal of damage to equipment, handlers, and himself in very short order. Fortunately, Joker's Panache and Kings Command were seasoned show horses, and used to traveling, in all sorts of accommodations, and took in the goings on with the same stoic attitude the species is noted for. That isn't to say horses don't get bored, and when Pan's mischievous streak surfaced, anything was fair game. But evidently, Pan decided to behave himself, and the unloading concluded without incident. Satisfied her charges were in safe hands, and since they had been quarantined, in preparation for the impending trip to Europe, the customs personnel completed the necessary vet check in short order. The horses were loaded into a luxurious van Lucci had provided. If nothing else, Lucci's horses traveled in style.

When Kat came around the plane's fuselage, to join her lover, she was engulfed in by a pair of delicate, but strong arms, and sucked in by a passionate kiss. The designer was still a very beautiful woman. Her shoulder length red hair framed a lovely face. The woman's high cheekbones, dark brown eyes, and olive skin tone, typical of Mediterranean people, made quite an impression. Her 5'7" frame was voluptuous, and all the right body parts were accentuated nicely by the skintight black leather jacket, pants, and boots, that finished off the ensemble. Naturally, the greeting Lucci heaped upon her surprised Kat, but not nearly as amazed by as the chain of events, which followed. Marcy sprung into action like a lioness protecting her cub. The Italian femme fatal was forcibly torn from her passionate embrace, and the usually mild mannered accountant was all over the designer. Kat, in a state of total shock, could only stand there with a stupid look on her face.

"Listen, barracuda. You--keep--your--lips--off--my w-o-m-a-n!" A finger sharply jabbing into to the red haired Italian bombshell’s chest punctuated each word. The forward movement of the angry little woman accompanied the jabs, and all Lucci could do was back up under the onslaught. But Marce was far from finished. "I know all about you and your escapades, and if you think I'm going to stand by and let you move in to my territory, you have another think coming, little missy!" The last was punctuated by a particularly forceful jab that pushed the backpedaling women's momentum over the edge and she landed with an undignified thump onto the tarmac. Marcy towered over the babbling, cursing, but duly chastised woman, ready to pounce given the slightest provocation. The commotion encouraged a small crowd to gather, and of course Michael had to put in his two cents. "Oh goody, a cat fight." The lascivious remark earned 'the look' from the dark haired Amazon, so the good doctor found somewhere else to be. "Shouldn't you be with Pan and King. Equine veterinary medicine is your specialty after all, not felines." Dr. Case took the advice to heart, and disappeared into the horse van, and Kat took the opportunity to move forward to extricate the two would-be combatants.

Marcy felt two strong, muscular arms grip her securely around her waist, and pulled her away from the prone woman. "Marcy! What's gotten into you; c'mon cool your jets." Kat could have imagined several scenarios, but the one that played out, was the last thing she would have thought to happen. Marcy rounded on her, and unleashed a tirade that would have made a sailor blush. "What's gotten into me?! Are you serious? We spent the night in the cargo hold of a jet airplane! The only thing that kept me from burying my face between your legs and fu...Oh my God..." The crowd that had gathered, including Travis and Nikki, were all but gut rolling, on the tarmac, in raucous laughter. An icy glare from Kat stopped that display, sort of. She turned to the now mortified blonde and said, "Yes?..."

Marcy couldn't speak; she wanted to run away and hide, but her feet wouldn't move. Fortunately Kat's could; she moved forward and pulled her soulmate into her arms in a comforting embrace, while the blonde burst into tears. She had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. "Hey it's okay baby, I was wondering how I was going to break this to Lucci, and now I don't have to wonder anymore. I may not have been quite so vocal, but perhaps this is best. A sharp knife, plunged in quickly, hurts the least and leaves the least jagged scar. I love you, and I'm proud to know you would fight for me." Kat loosened the embrace and raised Marcy's chin to look into tear-filled emerald eyes. "Do you know how that makes me feel?" A gentle shake if the head was her only answer. "No one has ever fought for me before, but to have you fight for me makes me feel very, very, proud." Having said that, Kat brought her world close to her and kissed the lips she loved so much, gently at first, then more passionately as the kiss escalated. A cough and throat clearing behind her broke the kiss. "Go away!" Then, the kiss continued.

Travis had gone over to help the disgruntled Italian designer up off her duff. "Well, looks like you'll just have to settle for an old Southern Gentleman, darlin'." Lucci gave him a dour look, as she dusted off her derriere. "I wouldn't exactly call that 'settling' my darling." She threw her arms around the tycoon, and kissed him soundly. "It's good to see you my friend." She cocked her head to the two women still locked in a passionate embrace. "Does Katrina have any idea what she has gotten herself into?" Travis had a grin plastered from one side of his face to the other. "Not the slightest sweetheart, but she better learn quick, or Marcy will sure 'nough take her to task. Hey, y'all gonna stand there all day, or are y'all comin' with us?"

Both Kat and Marcy broke their kiss with a groan. "How can I face her; I can't believe I did that. That's just not like me. She must think I'm a crazy woman!" Kat wrapped her arm around her partner's shoulders and pulled her along. "Listen, what you did pales in comparison to some of the things she's done in public." Marcy wasn't so sure. "Really?" Kat just grunted. "Trust me, I'll tell you all about her proclivities later. The trick is don't let her think what you did bothers you; stand tall, as ya can anyway." That little dig earned Kat a swat in the belly. "Ow, that hurt!" Marce puckered her lips, and made little kissing noises. "Oh, poor baby." I really think I'm overmatched here. "The point is, make no apologies. K?"

In short order, the two lover's had caught up with their three friends. Kat watched the interaction between Nikki and Lucci with wry humor. "Hey how much ya wanna bet Nikki and Lucci make it to bed before we do tonight?" Marcy's conservative upbringing forced an astonished look to appear on her face. "You've got to be kidding! They just met; ya can't just jump into bed with someone!" Kat snorted loudly. "Why not? There's something to be said for not waiting, wasting precious time when two people could be together." The last part of Kat's statement wasn't lost on Marcy. "Ya think? I guess you're right; not everyone is as slow as we are." No doubt. "Methuselah’s got nothin' on us. So ya wanna bet or not?" Oh yeah; I can think of a lot of things I want for a prize when I win. "Why not. What do we play for?" A delightfully wicked leer appeared on Marce's face. Careful Andreas you're treading on some really thin ice here. "Hummm let's see. Oh, I know. If you win, you have to fetch and carry for me for a week. You know, draw my bath, wash my back and...lay out my clothes; stuff like that." Oh please, punish me. Why do I get the feeling those things are as much for my pleasure as hers. "Okay, and if I win, you have to...make those little pastries things, with the red gooey stuff in the center. Deal?" Kat spit in her hand and extended it to Marcy, who tentatively reached out her hand in return. "Okay," She wiped her hand on her pants,"Yuck; did you have to do that?" Kat looked up to see Nikki and Lucci walking hand in hand. Nikki baby, you're toast, and Marce darlin' get on the apron; my mouth is watering for pastry now, and other delicacies.

Lucci navigated their way through the airport to the exit designated for private planes landing and departing almost continuously. Customs personnel checked the Americans luggage and personal belongings in a perfunctory, cursory way, and the travelers emerged to the street and the sparkling white stretch limo awaiting them. Lucci was nothing if she wasn't flamboyant, and making spectacular entrances and exits was very important to her career and reputation. Her life style fit her natural hedonistic tendencies, and she lavished herself in creature comforts. And she made no apologies for her rather conspicuous consumption.

While Marcy was far from destitute, she was in no way accustomed to this kind of decadence. When she and Kat traveled, they traveled quite comfortably, but not to this extent. Kat, on the other hand, was used to hard work, but also enjoyed the creature comforts too, but not the attention that usually accompanied celebrity, and she was a celebrity in her own right, more so here than in the states. Show jumping and dressage were far more popular, by the general public, in Europe than it was in the states, and the riders were looked to like Michael Jordan or Dion Sanders were back home. So, while in Europe, it was easy for Kat to fall back into a way of life that was engrained in her from birth.

The thirty-minute drive to Lucci's home was a pleasant one. the limo’s wide tinted windows afforded a panoramic view outside, without allowing prying eyes to spy on the car's occupants. The beautiful Italian countryside spread out before her eyes was wonderfully varied. They passed vineyards and estates, as well as small farms where Italian farmers tended their crops and livestock. The car had to stop for a short time, while a farmer and his dogs herded a flock of sheep crossing the narrow highway. Lucci noticed the younger woman's rapt attention on the pastoral scene passing before her eyes. "So, Marcy is this your first trip to Europe?" Lucci inquired. "Oh no, Kat and I have traveled quite extensively throughout Europe to horse shows, but generally, we have been so busy with the shows and the horses, that we don't have a lot of time to sightsee. This is a real treat, and your country is fantastic. I can't wait to see your home; I'm sure is it quite beautiful. Thank you for inviting us, and I can't say how..." The rest of her statement was cut off by Kat's elbow jabbing into her ribs. Kat leaned over and whispered. "No apologies, remember?" The statement was reinforced with a gentle nibble and kiss, on said ear. "Ah ummm, well thank you for your hospitality."

The blush that slowly crept up Marcy's face was a clear sign of her uneasiness with blatant PDA's. "My darling, don't trouble yourself, it is, of course, my pleasure. And I think you are very good for my tall, dark beautiful goddess. No? Don't you agree Worth." Travis was trying really hard not to swallow his tongue at Kat's discomfort over Lucci's last statement, and he decided to add further to the Greek woman's distress. "Oh absolutely, and it's 'bout damn time too. I've been watchin' these two for the last ten years, a tryin' to avoid the inevitable, and I'm sure as hell glad they did the right thing." Nikki couldn't resist the urge to jump into the fray as well. "For sure! I've known Kat since we were kids growing up on the hillsides near Athens, and I didn't think she'd ever be tamed, but I guess I was wrong. And to think a little blonde nymph did the trick, it's just amazing." I will get you all for this; paybacks are hell you know. Mercifully, for both women, the limo approached the turn onto Lucci's estate. "This is the entrance to your estate. My gosh! It is absolutely fabulous!" Marcy gushed. Aaahhh, the wonderment of youth, Lucci thought. Katrina Maria Andreas, you have no idea what is in store for you. I'll bet you've never had a ride quite like this before, but it will be well worth the effort.


Chapter 13: The Villa de Antonia

The long driveway leading up to the villa was lined on either side by tall poplar trees, and ended in a circular drive in front of the impressive home. The architecture was definitely influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman designed, with huge columns and wide, open verandahs running the length of front portico. The ornately, carved door was opened by a butler dressed formally in black suit and waistcoat. The man was very prime and proper, right down to the white gloves on his hands and spit polished shoes on his feet. He was very British indeed. "Charles, please see that our guests are shown to their rooms and made comfortable. We'll have dinner on the patio, at 7:00, I think." The butler nodded, "Very good mum." As if on cue, two young men promptly stepped forward, and collected their bags.

Lucci motioned Travis and Nikki to follow her up the long wide staircase, to the second floor. Worth was deposited at his room first, and Nikki followed Lucci and Carlos, who carried the bags, on to another room several doors down and to the right. When Lucci opened the door, she said, "I hope you will be comfortable here. This is one of my most favorite rooms in the entire house." She directed Carlos to set the bags down at the foot of the bed, he nodded and left. "Oh Lucci, this room is really phenomenal." She moved to a set of double glass doors leading out to the balcony, and stepped outside to take in the view of the fountain, pool, and surrounding grounds below. When she turned around, Lucci was taking in her compact, muscular frame with obvious lust. "Tell me Nikki, do you ride? The villa consists of several hundred acres, and I have a rather nice stable of horses. I'd love to show you around, if you'd like." Nikki moved toward the redhead and stopped only when the two were but a breath apart. "I've been known to go for a good ride every now and then. I would love you to show me what you have here." Lucci walked over to the phone near the nightstand, picked it up, and spoke, "Charles, delay dinner; I'll call you when I'm ready. Oh, and Charles, I want no interruptions. Do you understand?" A slight pause, "Good, see to it then." The Italian beauty turned to find Nikki already lying nude on the bed. "Now, are you ready to show me what you have?" Nikki growled seductively.

In the meantime, Charles led Marcy and Kat down a long hallway on the main floor. The vestibule so was impressive, Marcy couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the house must be like. She had never even imagined living in a place like this, and she couldn't help but wonder how all the little curly cues high up on the walls got dusted. Finally, Charles stopped as the downstairs maid opened a door and led the two women inside. A young man put the bags down on a chest at the foot of the bed, and both he and the maid left. Charles turned to leave, and once near the door, he said, "I hope you find these rooms suitable; if you need anything don't hesitate to ring. Dinner will be promptly at 7:00pm." He bowed stiffly and left. Kat flopped down on the bed. "Y'know, I'll bet if it wasn't for the stick shoved up ol' Charlies' ass, he couldn't stand up." Marcy turned, and she too bounced down on the bed. She playfully slapped Kat on the arm. "Gee, thank you for sharing that visual."

Just as quickly as she got down, the blonde sprite jumped up again and went to the patio doors, and flung them wide. A warm late summer breeze blew in from outside, and ruffled the sheer curtains as the air lifted them up. "Kat have you ever seen anything so glorious in all your life?" Suddenly, Marcy felt incredibly foolish. Of course she had, not only been her before, she had an affair with the woman, maybe even in this very room. A pang of jealousy reared its ugly head. Not to mention the fact that she lived in a home probably very much like this in Athens with her family. A soft timid voice barely audible continued. "Sure you have. You lived in an atmosphere of wealth and power all your life and you've probably been here a lot too, huh. I mean you and Lu..." Instantly, Kat was on her feet and had her arms wrapped securely around her insecure lover. "Listen to me. Yes, I've been in this house, but believe me Lucci and I never had sex here. She had an apartment in Rome and that's where we' And as for the wealth and power, I'd give it all up in a heartbeat to be with you, to have you in my life. I love you; don't ever believe otherwise, ‘kay?" After that profession, soft, warm lips met and reaffirmed their strengthening, growing bond. "I love you too, so very much." Marce whispered in between kisses, "I do."

Reluctantly, the two separated. "Y'know we probably should take a bath, and get ready for dinner." The beautiful blonde looked around, until she found another set of large mahogany doors. She pointed. "There. I'll bet that's the bathroom." She moved toward the doors, and Kat, laid down on the bed, enjoying the view of the undulating hips as they moved away. "Why don't you go first, and I'll take mine after you're done." There's no way we could bathe together, I'm sure my bodies' resulting reactions would defeat the purpose. Oh by the gods, give me strength. "Kat, my God, will you look at this?!" Kat was up off the bed like she had been launched from a catapult. "Baby, what's wrong? Honey are you all right? Baby wh..." The sight that met the rider's eyes was unbelievable. There in the huge sunken tub, was Marcy, fully clothed lying back luxuriantly, her head resting on the edge of the tub. "Would you mind telling me just what you're doing? The way you yelled, you nearly scared me to death. I thought something was really seriously wrong!" Marce had no idea. "Sweetheart, I’m sorry; I just didn't think. But have you ever seen anything like this? This bathroom is bigger than my whole apartment, and this jacuzzi is more like a swimming pool than a tub. Amazing!"

Kat had to shake her head and try very hard not to laugh at Marcy's reactions to all this 'stuff'. Her baby just wasn't used to such opulence; when they traveled together, Marcy took care of all the finical arrangements for booking tickets, making hotel and dinner reservations, etc. Marcy certainly didn't have the typical 'bean counter' mentality; she wasn't the least bit tight fisted, but she was very careful how she spent Kat's money. She didn't spend her own any more extravagantly either. And in a deal! Wow she was really something. The woman loved to shop and always got the most ‘bang for the buck’. Kat had always had money, and while she didn't flaunt her wealth, she didn't worry about money either. It was a tool to her, every bit as much as a saddle or bridle. Marcy's wide eyed wonderment made her think a little more about what she had, and she promised herself she'd learn to appreciate it more.

"Hey woman, you’d better get your clothes off if you plan on taking an effective bath. I’m going to go check on King and Pan to make sure they’re settled in okay. I might even check on Lucci and Nikki, just to see how my bet’s coming along." A shirt flying through the air narrowly missing Kat’s head was Marcy’s response, Then she added. "You just never can tell what might happen. I may decide to tackle you and ravage you on the spot, if you don’t get out of here now!" That might even be worth sticking around for. Another piece of clothing followed; this one was a shoe. Or maybe not. As Kat walked out of the house, and under Lucci’s window, she could hear the sound of the two women’s passion. Hooo Weee, someone won’t be able to move tomorrow, let alone ride. Sweet pastries here I come, not to mention other tasty delights.

Kat stepped into the barn, and was greeted by the soft knickers from King and Pan. "Hey guys, how ya doin’, get all settled in, and feeling good. Well you better get some rest, ‘cause in a couple of days, we’re going to work." The horses gently nuzzled Kat’s chest looking for their horse treats. "Yeah, you two can’t fool me. The only reason you like me is ‘cause I give you treats." A gentle nudge from the two stallions produced the desired result. "Here ya go; now don’t say I didn’t give you anything." The huge equines took the apple, flavored treats gently from the palm of Kat’s hand, their cotton soft muzzles tickling her skin. Lucci’s horse facilities were really top notch; after all they should be, Kat designed them. Being in the barn, after all these years brought memories, both painful and happy, flooding back to the rider.

Lucci and Kat had met in a time in the trainer’s life when she was wandering aimlessly from one show to another, amassing all kinds of trophies and accolades, but no one to share them with. While Lucci was by no means a saint, and Kat knew their affair would never last very long, she did at least teach the lonely, lost woman one thing: not everyone was out to hurt her and take only what they wanted and then leave. More than that, Lucci taught Kat how to control her emotions and her affairs. Kat vowed she’d never be hurt again, and she learned the power she had over her own life and the direction it would take. Lucci taught Kat many things: her sense of style, what clothes to wear, and how, to leave just the right impression. She learned how to style her hair and apply her make up to create just the right affect. After Lucci was through, her creation was not only stunning, but also deadly. When they ended their passionate, tumultuous affair, they did so on a happy note. There were no recriminations or hard feelings, and through the years a strong, lasting friendship remained. Still, even with everything Kat had learned from Lucci, it took a certain small, blonde caring, loving, and understanding woman to come into her life, and before this night was over, Kat was determined to show her just how much she loved her.


Chapter 14: From Friends to Lovers

I could really get used to this, Marcy thought as she lay in the spacious tub. The aromatherapy candles filled the air with the scent of vanilla and spice, tantalizing her senses. Her thoughts strayed to the raven-haired beauty, who had captured her heart and soul. I am so lucky to have her in my life; I just wish she’d let go of all the stuff from the past, and move on. I’m afraid it will always be there and keep us from truly being one. Marcy’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her lover’s deep contralto voice.

"Marce, babe; I’m back. Where are you?" Gods that’s lame; you know exactly where she is. Marcy appeared in the bathroom doorway wrapped only in a towel, her short hair still wet, and spiked all around her head in disarray. Water droplets ran down her chest and disappeared in the cleavage barely covered by the towel. Kat’s mouth and throat were so dry she couldn’t swallow. Marcy was fully aware of Kat’s discomfort, and didn’t help any by rubbing her wet body sensuously against her tall lover. "You better hurry with your shower; it’s nearly 7:00 and dinner will be ready, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving." Yeah, I’ll just bet; I know I am. "Okay, I’ll just be a minute," Kat said as she kissed you lover, nibbling and sucking her lover’s lower lip into her mouth. The blonde and brunette were having a difficult time keeping their hands off each other. Each wanting the other to have their first time together something special, not just answering a call to animal lust. Although…animal lust is good… Both women’s thoughts were mirror images. "Go honey; we don’t want Charles to freak. We may miss dinner altogether if we mess up his schedule." Kat laughed out loud. "Like you’re so concerned with Charlie’s schedule; you’re just afraid YOU’LL miss a meal." The blonde imp removed her towel, and used it to pop Kate’s butt. If Kat hadn’t nearly fainted from the bold actions of her nude women, she’d had retaliated. As it was, she was extremely lucky her wobbly legs kept her upright, let alone have the capability of doing any retaliating. With one last longing look, Kat headed in to shower----a cold shower.

Marcy moved toward the closet to choose something to wear for the evening. She wanted her appearance to be perfect. She wanted Kat to be able to see nothing but her. From the closet, she chose a spaghetti strap emerald green knee length dress. The bodice was tight fitting and showed just a tantalizing bit of breast. This will do quite nicely I think. To complete the look, Marcy chose her emerald necklace with matching emerald studs, and bracelet. The jewelry had been in her family for generations, and had been passed down to her from her grandmother on her twenty-first birthday. Green strap pumps finished the ensemble. Marce went to her underwear drawer and nixed that idea. I don’t think so, not this night. The MBA walked over to the floor length mirror and studied the image reflected back. She had applied just a small about of eye make-up to highlight her already translucent orbs. Perfect, or about as perfect as she could get. Marce moved next to the bathroom door where she no longer heard the shower running. "Babe I’m going to go on out. Dinner will be served on the patio; I’ll see you in a bit." Kat sighed; secretly relieved she would have a few more minutes to calm down her raging hormones before seeing her lover. "Okay sweet cheeks, see ya in a few."

Okay, what to wear? I should put on a dress, not. We’re not going out, and since it will just be the two of us, I can go as extreme as I want. Maybe I’ll drive my baby so nuts, she’ll forget about food---wonder if that’s possible. Kat walked into the huge closet and came out with a pair of black leather pants, her black riding boots, and a sapphire Antonia designed silk blouse. Around her neck, Kat fastened the gold cross and chain that belonged to her mother, and sapphire studs in her ears. The only other jewelry she wore was her gold Rolex, which graced her left wrist. She too went sans underwear, and left her blouse unbuttoned below her breasts. She checked out her appearance, and shrugged. Anyway, after dinner, it’s all gonna come off rather quickly, I hope. With that, Kat made her way to dinner, and her destiny.

The early September Rome evening was glorious. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the late Mediterranean summer made the temperature just right. Kat found her soon to be lover leaning against an ornately carved cement railing. In the gold of the setting sun, Marcy’s silhouette cast an aura of sheer beauty around her. The gorgeous blonde simply glowed. There couldn’t be any more lovely a portrait anywhere else in the world. Kat advanced to her lover quietly. She stood behind her, taking in the scent of vanilla and lavender. She just simply inhaled the smell until it filled all her senses. As she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman, she whispered. "By the Gods I love you so much. You are so beautiful. Tell me it will always be this way." Marcy rested her hands over the arms that encircled her. "No lover, it will only get better. After we make love, we will be one. Our souls will connect even more, and we will never be parted. I love you my darling."

Marcy turned in her lover’s arms to find tears filling her tall soul mate’s eyes. "Honey, what’s the matter, did I say or do something wrong?" Damn, I did. I should never have said all that; how do I even know if this is what Kat wants. "How could you ever think that? What you said just now was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I can’t explain myself well with words. I’m better at acting things out, but I need you so much. And I want you to know you are the most precious thing in the world to me. The wonder and joy you see in the world simply amazes me. While I grouse and grump my way through each day, you laugh and sing your way along. You’re the light to my dark, the joy to my cynicism. And yes my darling, after we make love, we will always be together. Once we make love, I will never be able to let you go. Are you sure that’s what you want; I only want you to be happy, and if that is with someone else…" Marcy stopped the raven haired woman with fingers to her lips. "There will never be anyone else for me, ever. You’re the only one I ever want."

Marce rested her head against Kat’s chest, and noticed the gold cross. She ran her fingers over its surface reverently. "You’re wearing your mamma’s cross; I’m glad. Do you think you might want to go visit her grave?" Marce asked timidly. "Yes I think I would. You and Travis are right; I must put an end to the pain before it destroys me. Will you go with me? Please?" There was a sense of relief coursing through Marcy’s body. "Yes I will. I’ll be with you every step of the way." The relief Kat felt was just as strong. "Thank you." Slowly, gently, the two women’s lips came together searching for more than just passion and lust. They wanted and needed safety, security; they wanted home, and they found it.

The kiss gradually became more heated and passionate, the passion and fire that was always present in the two, was ready to erupt. The sexual tension one partner brought out in the other was ready to boil over because of the close proximity of their two bodies. Things probably would have pro-gressed to where Kat would just lift Marcy up on the railing if Charles hadn’t interrupted them to begin dinner. Charlie you have no idea how close you came to being skinned alive just now. "Babe, we better eat. Believe me when I say, you will need all the strength you can muster tonight. You’ll need proper nourishment for your endeavors." Blonde eyebrows waggled seductively, and Kat could only groan.

Dinner was a fabulous affair consisting of all kinds of delicacies prepared to delight the palate. It was really too bad to waste such fare on Kat because she was aware of nothing on her plate, she had eyes only her dinner partner. If it was possible to make love to food, Marcy did so. Every tidbit was enjoyed to the fullest, every flavor fully savored. Marcy carried on the conversation single-handedly, gesturing for emphasis here and there. All Kat could do was gulp her food and wash it down, with large amounts of wine, and nod or shake her head in the appropriate place. When a piece of squab went down the wrong way, Kat nearly choked. Instantly, Macry was on her feet next to the trainer. "My God baby are you okay? Jeez, slow down, the night will be long enough believe me, you don’t need to wolf your meal down."

Charles came and went with each course, and in due time, the dessert was served, and Kat began to sweat even more now than she had all night. My God, get a grip; your acting like a hormonal teenager. You’ve been with hundreds of people. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of performing? This is Marcy we’re talking about, c’mon, shape up. "Hon are you okay? You haven’t heard a word I’ve said." Kat looked into concerned emerald eyes, and knew she was being foolish. "No sweetheart, I’m fine, really." There was soft music playing in the background, the kind where two people could really get close and enjoy each other’s bodies. "If you’re finished with your meal, I’d like to dance with you; if you want, that is." Marcy was in shock. "You want to dance? I didn’t know that was one of your many skills." Kat growled suggestively into her lover’s ear. "You have no idea about all the skills I have. You’ve merely scratched the surface. Now do you want to dance or not?" Marcy never hesitated. "I’d love to."

The music was a little surprising. Country and Western usually wasn’t the music of choice for Lucci. Marcy was beginning to think she was being set-up. "Oh Kat, I love this song." Heh, heh, heh, gotcha. "Well my love, would you care to dance?" Well Charlie ya done good. I guess I won’t have to hurt you after all. This song says everything I can’t. I hope my sweetheart gets the message. Kat took the world into her arms and molded the smaller body to hers. It was amazing how well they fit together despite their size difference. The music played softly in the background, Ty Herndon’s deep voice serenading the two lovers.


They say for everyone, there’s

that certain one

Out there, somewhere

I’d been looking hard,

searching every heart

Getting nowhere.

Didn’t know I was making

my way to you.


Now I know how the river feels

When it reaches the sea

And finally finds a place

It was always meant to be

Holding fast, home at last

Knowing the journey’s through

Lying here with you

I know how the river feels.


Miles of lonliness, now

make perfect sense

Here beside you

Tears like water falls, they

were worth them all

Just to find you

And these are the last arms

I’ll run to


I know how the river feels

When it reaches the sea

And finally finds a place

It was always meant to be

Holding fast, home at last

Knowing the journey’s through

Lying here with you

I know how the river feels.


"Kat I don’t know what to say to you. That is such a beautiful song; you chose it didn’t you?" Kat knew she was busted, there was no sense in trying to hide it any longer. "Yes my love, I did. That song says exactly how I feel with you, you’re my home. The only place I ever want to be." Marcy knew it was finally time to consummate their love. "Please Kat, I want to go home too, take me and make love to me." Without hesitation, Kat lifted her lover in her arms and carried her to their room. "Oh yes."

Kat lowered her cherished burden to the floor, and began to slowly sensuously disrobe her beloved. Her long arms enabled her to reach around behind Marcy and unzip the dress and watch it fall soundlessly to the floor. The vision before her was breathtaking, and Kat savored every inch of the beautiful form. Her heavy-lided eyes began with the lovely face framed by short blonde hair, then to the face itself: the lush well formed red lips, pert nose, and strong chin. Her eyes lowered to take in the beautiful breasts she’d dreamed about, and couldn’t wait any longer. She lowered her lips to the firm luscious globes and sucked the small nipple inside. It wasn’t long before the little nub hardened and grew erect from Kat’s ministrations. Kat lowered herself down onto her knees; placing sweet delicate kisses and bites on Marcy’s skin. Tight abs rippled at the sensations Kat was causing, and when a pink tongue reached out to thoroughly explore her navel, Marcy nearly collapsed. Desire filled emerald eyes looked down at her lover and begged, "Please lover, I need to lie down."

Kat had only begun tasting every portion of her beloved's body, but she reluctantly stopped and lowered her lady to the bed. Kat murmured, "I want you so much. I’ll want you for a lifetime and beyond; I'll never let you go." Marcy was never surer of anything in her life than she was about this. "I'll settle for nothing less. I love you." Kat had been with many partners over the years, both men and women, but she had never made love before, and she felt the need to tell her beloved. "Babe, I think you should know something; I've never done this either." Marcy was dumbstruck. "Kat I don't know what you mean. You're a vir..." The trainer stopped Marcy with a soft touch and a chuckle. "Hardly. What I meant is I've never made love before. I've been with lots of people; something of which, I'm not particularly proud. None of them meant anything to me, not like you do. What I'm trying to say is, I want this to be special, I love you so very much. I wanted our first time together to be something you'll always remember fondly."

Kat lowered her face to her lover's breasts and rubbed her face all over the soft, but firm globes. The sensual touch caused Marce to moan her need evident by the lustful sound. Kat next brought her tongue into play and licked the pink aereolas until they pebbled and the nipples hardened noticeably. B y this time Marce was begging, and arching her back encouraging Kat to take her whole breast into her mouth and suck. "Oh Gods, that feel so good. You are driving me nuts. Please more, I need more. Suck me hard baby, please suck my tits. I love that." Never one to deny her friend anything, Kat amplified her ministrations. She took the turgid nub into her mouth; Marcy’s skin tasted so good. As much as she wanted to take her lover gently, lovingly this first time, her rising need to have this woman was taking control of her softer side. She began to ravage the breast, fiercely shaking her head back and forth. Evidently, Marcy wasn’t interested in gentle love making either. Her moans of pleasure were growing louder with each suck and nip of Kat’s lips and teeth. So Kat bit and sucked the nipple, and as much of the breast as she could. With her tongue, She circled the bit of flesh leaving a wet trail of goosebumps everywhere she touched. Kat continued to make love to one breast while her hand ministered to the other. Her finger and thumb manipulated the nipple until it too was hard and erect. Marcy was beside herself.

"Yes, baby you're so fierce. Oh I love this; God bite me, suck me. Oh that feels so good, but I need to feel more.

"Tell me what you want baby. How do you want me to please you?" Kat asked breathlessly. Marce sat up, pulling at Kat's clothes.

"Off, clothes, want you naked, now!" Kat rose off the bed and slowly sensually began a delightful strip in front of her lover. From reflex, Marcy closed her eyes.

"NO!" Kat commanded, "WATCH! I want you to see everything." Kat began to disrobe by unbuttoning her shirt and discarding it carelessly to the floor. She stood braless, her long raven hair draped over her shoulders and down her back. The cool air causing her nipples to stand at attention. Her generous, full mounds were golden brown; her large aereolas were even darker, from hours of nude sunbathing. Casually, deliberately, Kat removed her leather pants and boots. Marcy was mesmerized by the goddess before her. Her body was magnificent. In addition to the gorgeous breasts, the goddess possessed a flat, well-muscled abdomen. Her beautiful long legs went on forever. But what drew her eyes, and made her mouth water, was the dark patch of curly hair at the juncture of her thighs. She could see the evidence of Kat's arousal glistening in the neatly trimmed pubis. God how she wanted to bury her face in her lover's hot, wet pussy.

"C'mere," she groaned. Kat just shook her head; she wanted Marcy's obvious discomfort to last a little longer. "Not just yet, I want to see you too. Spread your legs, and open yourself to me. I want to see your hot, wet, dripping cunt. Use your fingers on your pussy; separate your cunt lips. I wanna see your little pink honey hole." Kat’s forceful, commanding voice was turning Marcy on. She began stroking and fingering her sex, occasionally dipping her fingers inside herself to draw out the thick, creamy fluid. Marcy loved playing with her pussy while Kat watched, and so she decided to play along with Kat’s game. "Is this what you wanted to see? Huh baby; you want to see my sopping fuck hole, my puffy swollen lips. Well here I am baby. Come take what you want; come taste my creamy juice. It’s all yours." Marcy was so wet, so hot, she needed to be fucked; that much was obvious. Kat crawled up onto the bed and settled herself between Marcy’s bent, spread legs. She wanted to take this woman, do a little muff diving. Oh yeah, she was going to fuck Marcy senseless, but on her terms.

Kat sat back on her haunches and began caressing Marcy’s thighs sensually. When she spoke, the deep desire laden contralto voice sent chills all over Marcy’s body. "Is that what you want darlin’? You want my mouth fastened to your pussy, sucking your clit, and fucking your hole with my tongue. Or do you want me to use my fingers. How about that baby? Do you want a good finger fucking? There is so much I can do to you, and I’ll do it all, but you’ll have to tell me how you want me to start. Talk to me baby."

All through Kat’s narration, Marcy’s frantic moans were almost non- stop. She was so close to cumming, if Kat didn’t get moving, she wouldn’t get any, although watching the blonde fuck herself could be worthwhile. Kat decided a change of tactics was in order. She lowered herself to a prone position and spread her legs wider to allow herself better access to her own throbbing center. "Keep your eyes open baby and watch. But keep stroking yourself." Kat began to stroke herself from her asshole her clit. She was so wet, she could feel her juices running down her crack and onto the bed. "I’m going to fuck myself, and I want you to fuck yourself too, but don’t take your eyes off my pussy. Don’t you dare close your eyes either. I want us to cum together." Marcy was nearly delirious with need. No one had ever talked to her this way. By the Gods this felt so good. The sexy desire filled voice continued. "Oh yeah this feels good doesn’t it baby. These are your fingers stroking me, using me. I love the way it feels to be fucked like this. Go inside now. I wanna cum. Oh yeah…so close…feels…so…good. Can …you feel…your pussy…so tight…Ungh Ungh Ungh!!! Ye---ss!! Marcy!! I’m cummmiiiinnnggg!!!" Marcy wasn’t far behind, and she too called Kat’s name at the height of passion. "Kat!!! Oh Kaaaattttt!! YYYeeesss!!!"

The two lover’s spent bodies sprawled over the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Kat was the first to speak. "Marcy baby are you okay? C’mere, let me hold you." Marcy, with the help of Kat’s strong arms, lay entwined with her lover. "God I’ve never felt anything like that before. It was so intense. I wonder what I’ll do when the two of us make love? I wonder whether I’ll be able to stand it." Kat kissed the top of her lover’s blonde locks. "Would you like to find out?" Kat flipped Marcy neatly on her back, and lowered herself between Marcy’s muscular thighs. "By the Gods you are so beautiful. I’m going to satisfy my hunger for you now. I’m going to taste every bit if you." The larger woman took Marcy’s face in her hands and brought her lips down to those of the blonde’s. Their lips joined in a passionate kiss, and Kat took control of Marcy mouth. She didn’t ask for entrance, she merely drove her tongue inside the warm moist cavern and began a thorough examination of the inner surface. Her hands began to roam and fastened onto two firm breasts massaging and stimulating them until the nipples were hard and erect.

When they broke away from the kiss, Kat’s mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue began a gentle exploration of Marcy’s neck. She licked and sucked on the pulse point at the base of her throat and left a love bruise in their wake. She moved lower still and began sucking and biting at turgid nipples.

"Oh baby, I love that. It feels so good. I love it when you suck me like that. Do it yeah, harder, I want, need more." Marcy’s whole body was on fire with need.

"I’ll give you what you want baby; trust me." Kat moved lower, down over tight, firm abdominal muscles until she reached her goal. Her nose brushed soft curly blonde hair, and a low growl was emitted from Kat’s throat. "Gods, you smell so good. Do you know how much your scent drives me wild?" Kat rubbed her face all over Marcy’s mons, smearing her creamy sweet juices all over her face. She needed to taste her beloved, claim her as her own. She’d mark her very soul forever. "Marcy, I’m going to take you now, love you with my mouth. I’m going to suck your clit and plunge my tongue deep inside you until you scream my name, and then I’ll drink your juices until my thirst for you is quenched." Marcy was tired of all the talking. "Yes, by the Gods, do it! Suck my clit, and fuck me with your tongue." Marcy grabbed two handfuls of black hair and forced the woman’s head into her crotch. For her part, Kat dove in happily. She lifted Marcy’s thighs over her shoulders and began to feast. "Hummmm, oh you taste delicious. I love your cum; c’mon baby give it to me. I want it all!"

Kat began in earnest to make her lover cum. She alternately sucked, licked, and nipped at her lover’s cunt lips, clit, and hole. Marcy was insatiable. She loved what her lover was doing to her and how she made her feel. "Yes baby! Eat me, lick my pussy, suck my clit. Mmmmmm, it feels so good. Oh yeah, fuck me baby! DO IT!! I’m cummmiiinnnggg. Lick my cunt, lick it yeah!! Kat was ravenous; she couldn’t get enough of her lover, and the fact that Marcy was begging her to fuck her was driving her on. "You’re ready baby, that’s it cum for me." With the final command, Kat drove three fingers deep into her lover’s steaming hole and set up a fierce, hard driving rhythm. Kat sucked her lover’s throbbing, erect clit into her mouth. "Aaaaahhhhh, Aaaaahhhhh, Oh Kaaattt Goooodddd, I’m cummmiinngg!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!" The force of Marcy’s climax literally knocked her out, and the intensity of it made Kat cum as well. Both women collapsed onto the bed and didn’t move for some time.

When Marcy came back to herself, she gently pulled he tall dark lover into her arms. "You were right. It did get a whole lot better. Thank you, I love you." Kat could barely move, so she didn’t even try, nor did she want to. She was happy to stay right where she was nestled in her lover’s warm embrace. "I told ya, and baby, I love you too. Sweet dreams darling." Sweet dreams indeed. "Sweet dreams, I love you too." Morpheus took the two women into his arms and cradled them gently throughout the night, granting their wish.

Stop! Cease! Desist! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need a time out! Part Two will follow as soon as I get control of myself.

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