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***** THE NEXT DAY *****

Jack rummaged in the drawers of his desk in his office. "Damn it! Just where the hell is it?"

Taylor entered, holding a paper box in her hands. "Knock, knock, can I come in?"

"Hey, there you are," Jack exclaimed happily and looked up from his task. "How are you doing and how is it going?" he wanted to know.

The girl grinned. "Oh, at the moment everything is just great."

"I guess that means you have accepted it." At Taylor's questioning look, he added, "I mean that your brother is married to Sara."

"Did nobody tell you?" she asked, surprised.


"The wedding didn't take place."

His eyebrows rose in astonishment. "Seriously?"

"Yes. Chris finally realized that Karen is the one and only for him."

Jack rubbed his chin. "Interesting. What about Sara? How did she react?"

"I don't know. I have not seen her after the fiasco at the wedding chapel. I guess, she is back home in Australia. I don't know how she's doing."

"So, why don't you call her and ask her?"

Taylor shrugged her shoulders. "I don't think that she would like to talk with me after I treated her so badly. I wish I wouldn't have listened to Vicky. But now it's too late anyway. How is Dani doing?"

"She is coming to terms with everything. Her therapist is really amazing. Her memories are slowly coming back also."

She smiled. "That's cool. " The girl presented him the box. "Here, I've got something for you."

Jack opened it. "Oh wow! Donuts!"

"They are home-made. Norman did them."

He looked at her in disbelief. "You mean the homeless guy that saved your brother's life?"

Taylor nodded.

"What kinda guy is he?"

"Quiet and silent. Actually, you barely notice that he is around. But, as you can see and taste, he is a genius in the kitchen. He is cooking or baking for us every day. Ever since Billy Chambers worked on him, he is also not that creepy-looking anymore."

Jack took a bite off a donut and his eyes rolled back in obvious pleasure. "Mmmh, oh boy, now these are yummy," he moaned.

Taylor grinned and then asked, "What was it you've been searching for so hard when I first came in?"

"My Lara Croft game. Alex had my office while I was gone and now everything is in a different place."

The teenager wrinkled her forehead. "Alex had your office?"


"Now everything becomes so much clearer."

"What are you talking about?" he wanted to know.

She exhaled sharply. "Alex found my sister."

"Well, that's great, right?"

"Sure. When they come home tomorrow, he will expect to be celebrated like a big hero."

Jack was searching for the right words. "You know, I don't want to hurt your feelings and I also know we don't like him, but if he did find her then he deserves to be celebrated."

Taylor glared at him. "Right. Of course, he will forget to mention that he got the coordinates from my email I sent to you."

It took a moment until his mind had processed what she had just told him. "Peter's program worked?"

She nodded and crossed her arms. "Obviously. We did all the work but he boasts."

Jack rolled in his chair over to his computer, clicking away on the keyboard. After a while he turned to the girl. "You are right! Here is an email from you that got deleted but I can get it back. That will only take a second... Bingo! There it is."

"Didn't I tell you? He is such a bastard!" Taylor exclaimed.


A loud knocking on the door woke Liz up.

"Hey girls!" Alexander called from outside. "Room service! Are you awake yet?"

Liz got out of bed and opened. "Shhh! Be quiet!" she hissed. "Sam is still asleep."

"May I come in, please?" he whispered and looked at her innocently.

She was still mad at him. "Actually, no! Your behavior from yesterday was really enough for me. What do you want? To insult Sam some more?"

He looked at his feet. "No... I wanted... I wanted to apologize."

The blonde let him in and they went to the living room. "Now that's something new," she commented. "Usually, you are never sorry for anything you did."

Alex sighed and rubbed his beard. "Listen, I have not been sleeping all night but I was thinking."

Her eyebrows rose in astonishment.

"I really don't want to fight with you. I want you to be happy. And if helping Sam makes you happy... then... I will accept it."

Liz looked at him, utterly confused. "Are you serious?"

"I'm completely serious. I see now that I was a bit quick with my judgment concerning Samantha. Will you please forgive me?"

Liz sighed. "Do I have another choice? But, I'm telling you one thing, Alex. You better not be mean like that ever again, okay?"

"I promise," he agreed and hugged her tightly. Then he gave her his credit card. "I thought maybe you can go shopping with your friend a little bit."

"Shopping? For what? Alex, we are on a real tiny island at the end of the world. I doubt that there is anything around here."

He grinned. "Yeah, I know. But maybe you'll find some souvenirs for your brother and sister. And something to wear for your friend so that she can stop having to borrow my clothes."

"That's very nice of you. Thanks Alex. Maybe we will really find something."

"Good. I will make sure that everything else gets prepared for our departure in a few hours." He kissed her very gently. "Awww, now that is much better than fighting." Alexander's grin became even wider and he left the suite.


The door bell rang and Michiru opened.

Her best friend Bill Chambers stood there, grinning widely and holding up a paper bag. "Hey sweetheart, how about breakfast?"

Michiru let him enter. "It'll be fine if you eat something but I won't."

"Why? Did nobody ever tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?"

She sighed. "I just wanted to have some tea but alone the scent of it made me throw up. That's probably due to the shrimp with honey I had for dinner."

Billy wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Yuck. You sure eat weird combinations."

They went to the living room and Michiru sat down on the couch. She rubbed her temples tiredly. "I don't know what's wrong with me. One moment I get hungry for the weirdest things and eat everything as it comes... then this sickness in the mornings... I probably have too much stress or so. I think I need to go on vacation and relax."

Billy looked at her. "You know, if I didn't know better I'd say you are pregnant."

For a moment deadly silence ruled and then Michiru burst into loud laughter. "That was a great joke, Billy. Thanks. I think I needed that."

"I do think you should go to a doctor and have this checked, because it sure as hell is not normal."

Michiru rolled her eyes. "Why? It's nothing serious, really. Just too much stress, that's all."

"And if it's not? What if it is something serious?"

She saw the concern on his face and gave in. "Okay. I will wait at least till the end of the week and if it's not better by then I'll go see a doctor. Satisfied?"

He sighed. "I really wish you wouldn't wait any longer."

"Billy, please, stop it."

"I'm just worried about your health," he responded and pouted a bit.

"I know, Billy. That's really very sweet of you, but can we please change the subject now?"

"Okay. But still..."

Michiru cut him off. "Billy! Stop it!"

"Okay, okay, don't get upset. Have I told you yet where I will be tomorrow?"

She shook her head, glad that he finally let her off the hook. "No, you didn't? Something interesting?"

He grinned from one ear to the other. "Oh yeah. I'll be responsible for hair and make-up of Juan Rodriguez."

"The Latino popstar?"

"Yes, I'm so excited," Billy gushed. "They will be shooting his newest music video and I will turn him into Cupid, the God of love." He said the sentence in such a breathless tone that Michiru could tell he had a crush on the singer. "You better be careful that he won't aim his bow at you, shooting you with an arrow of love."

"Oh, who knows," he replied, waggling his eyebrows. "Anything is possible."

Michiru chuckled. "You truly are incorrigible."

Billy gasped and held a hand to his chest. "Was that a compliment or an insult?"

She just smirked. "Whatever you want it to be."

***** THE NEXT DAY *****

Sara sat on the swing on the huge porch of the ranch house. Lost in thought, she stroked the soft fur of her tomcat, who relished it visibly and purred loudly.

Richard joined her. "Hey, how are you doing?"

Sara looked up and smiled. "As you can see I'm just sitting here, enjoying the day. It's great to be back home."

"Usually, you are not like that," he mentioned matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean?"

"Just hanging around and doing nothing is just not your style," Richard said. "You always were a bundle of energy."

Sara's face darkened. "If you have not noticed it by now, I'm not a little child anymore.

Besides, I'm here to relax."

"It's not only that," he pointed out. "You are so quiet and kinda wrapped up in yourself. You are barely laughing."

"Tell me a good joke, maybe I'll laugh then," she grumbled.

"Did you learn to be so damn sarcastic in L.A. ? Just what is wrong with you? You are completely different from the person I know."

"People change."

"Is that what the city did to you? Damn it, Sara! Your Dad, Rose and I are worried about you. But, we can only help you if you finally tell us what happened."

"I told you, I don't want to talk about it!" she yelled back, angered. "Can't you just accept it and leave me alone?" Sara got up, lifting Tugger into her arms. "I hope you are satisfied now, Ray," she hissed, venomously. "You spoiled my wonderful, good mood! I will go to my room now. This discussion is over!"

Richard watched her stomping back inside the house. Then he hit the wooden porch with his fist. "Damn spoiled brat," he muttered under his breath and went back to work.


At the set of Juan's newest music video 'Call for the God of love' everybody was busy with the final preparations.

Billy was waiting in the dressing room for the singer's arrival. "I'm really looking forward to see what he is like."

The producer opened the door and pushed Juan inside the room, who was a bit late.

Billy let his eyes wander over Juan's body, starting at the feet, over the tight leather pants, up to the naked, well-muscled chest, and then to the face where he was hypnotized by two dark brown eyes. 'Oh my God, I've never seen such fiery eyes,' Billy thought to himself.

The producer cleared his throat. "May I introduce? Juan, this is your stylist Bill Chambers. He will make sure that you'll look like Cupid himself.

Juan shook Billy's hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Chambers." Then he sat down on the chair in front of the big mirror.

"You can call me Billy."

"Okay," the singer replied, indifferently.


Matthew was sitting in his study, completely engrossed in some business papers. The telephone rang and he picked up. "Hello?"

"Hello Matthew. It's Catherine."

"Oh. Hi Cathy. It's nice to hear from you. Is everything alright at your end of the world?"

"I have fabulous news," she responded excited. "Imagine that. Alex finally found his fiancée."

"That's great," he answered. "I guess the wedding bells will be ringing soon then?"

She laughed. "But of course. I'm on my way to the airport soon to welcome them home. Actually the reason why I called is Sara. How is she doing?"

A heavy sigh escaped him. "Well, physically she is in good shape. I'm just not sure about mentally. The life in the big city has changed her so much. She is very quiet and reserved, I'm not used to that from her. She also doesn't want to talk about what happened that evening in Alexander's room."

"I know about that," Catherine said.

"You know it? You know what's laying so heavily on the mind of my little girl?"

"Yes, Vicky told me everything."

Matthew jumped up and demanded, "Tell me!"

Catherine hesitated a second before she said, "Matt, maybe you should think about going with Sara to a therapist."

"Why? Cathy, please, tell me what was going on!"

"Sara tried to kill herself."

"WHAAAAAT???" Matthew was shocked. He had known that something was wrong but this was a lot to take in. "My precious child tried to kill herself? That... that... I can't believe that..."

"I'm really sorry, Matt. Who knows what else would have happened if Vicky had not interfered so bravely and selflessly. This whole mess is the fault of Christopher Stuart! I'm telling you, we have to think of something. There has to be a way to get back at him for that!"

Quickly, Matthew cut off her ranting and raving. "Catherine, I really don't want to be impolite but I can't talk with you about this now."

"I do understand that. It's quite a shock to hear something like that, I'm sure. Please, call me if either of you needs help, okay?"

"Yes, thank you. Until soon." He hung up. "No. That can't be true. I can't believe that!" His eyes fell on a framed picture of Sara that stood on his desk. "Oh God, my poor sweetheart. Did you really have thoughts of ending your life?"


Karen sat on a bench at the airport. She was observing Taylor, who was pacing restlessly. Chris had left them a moment ago to get something to drink. Finally, Karen had enough. She grabbed Taylor's arm and dragged her to the bench to sit down beside her. "You are making me nervous with your constant pacing."

"I'm sorry," the teenager apologized. "I'm so excited. I just can't sit still."

Christopher returned. He gave Karen a Pepsi and Taylor a Sprite. "Hey, where is my Pepsi?" she complained.

"You are already excited enough," her brother answered. "If caffeine gets into your blood then you will probably start climbing the walls." He smiled and patted her head.

Taylor smiled back. "Finally Liz will be home again. Man, I've been praying and wishing so much for this day."

"We all did, little one," Chris said. "This nightmare finally is over."

"Talking about nightmares," Karen chimed in. "Look, there comes a real nightmare on 4 legs."

"Ah shit!"

"Catherine and Victoria Parker. Great," Taylor muttered.

"Just don't get upset," Karen mumbled to both of the Stuarts.

With fake smiles on their faces, Catherine and Victoria joined them.

"Hi Taylor," Vicky greeted the teenager, who just glared at her. "It's been a long time since we hung out together. Maybe soon we could go to see a movie or so?"

"No thanks," Taylor retorted strongly. "I don't like being in your presence longer than I have to."

Over the speakers it was announced that two flights had landed. Tons of people made their way through the airport.

Taylor climbed up on the bench and made herself as tall as she could.

Chris, Catherine, Karen and Victoria were exchanging evil glares but nobody said anything. The tension grew and grew.

Suddenly, Taylor jumped off the bench and stormed beaming happily towards her sister, whom she had found in the crowd. "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ!!!"

The business woman let go of her new hand bag and jacket as she became aware of her little sister moving closer to her. She hugged her tightly as she had reached her. "Oh God, Taylor. I've got you back, sweetie." Liz covered the girl's face with little kisses and buried her face in Taylor's hair.

"I missed you so much," the teenager sobbed.

Christopher too had forced his way through the people, looked at Liz with a huge grin on his face and declared, "I missed you more, Lizzy."

Liz laughed as she and Taylor were wrapped up in a group hug and said, "Is that so? Well, I missed you two the most."


Excited, Billy clapped his hands once. "Alright, let's start then with my masterpiece. First the make-up and hair and at last your beautiful white wings." He sighed happily.

Juan just shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever you say. You are the pro in this."

"You got that right," Billy agreed. Humming softly, he began his work.

After a while Juan said, "Hey, that's an old song of mine, isn't it?"

Billy sent him an adoring glance. "Of course! You are my star on the dark night sky."

The singer was very flattered. "Well, I guess for some people I'm an idol."

They were looking at each other via the mirror while the stylist was busy dyeing Juan's hair blonde.

"Oh, I've got all your CDs. I do believe I'm your biggest fan. Your voice is giving me goose bumps... well, and there certainly are no words to describe the beauty of your wonderful, muscled body. It is just a dream."

Juan smirked. "Yes, lots of men are envious of my body."

"I wouldn't want to have one like that myself... I like my softer forms. My mother always said that I have a delicate body and I'm very sensitive."

"Oh. I'm a Latino macho and I like to take control."

Dreamy-eyed, Billy pursed his lips and gave Juan a smoldering look. "Ooooh, the dominant one, I think I'm about to melt."

The singers eyes widened and he stuttered, "W-what d-did you s-say? You are not trying to make a move on me, are you?"

Bill pointed innocently at himself. "Well, I wouldn't say it like that. I'm sorry."

Juan relaxed somewhat.

"I know, you as the dominant one would have liked to take the first step. There really is something about you." Billy leaned closer until his lips were only half an inch away from the singer's ear. "To me you are the sexiest man alive and I couldn't restrain myself anymore," he whispered.

Shocked, Juan jumped off the chair and pressed himself tightly against the big wardrobe.


Liz smiled at her brother and sister, who were looking at her with matching grins on their faces. "You two really managed to survive without me, huh?"

Chris made a hand motion. "Well, I guess."

"We are a dream team," Taylor announced proudly.

"I know," Liz replied and then hugged Karen tightly. "My strongest force of the whole family. You were bravely fighting for the company and also taking care of these two chaotic people."

Karen was about to respond but got interrupted as Catherine and Victoria stepped closer.

Liz smiled at them friendly. "Hello Catherine. It's great to see you two again. Vicky, you are looking as fabulous as always."

To everybody's dismay the blonde model burst into tears. "Ohh, I knew it!" she whined. "It's my huge scar, isn't it? You saw it right away!" Sobbing and covering her cheek with one hand, Vicky ran off to the limousine.

Confused, Liz looked to Catherine. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend her..."

The red-haired woman just declined. "Don't ask." She held the blonde at the arms. "Let me have a look at you, Elizabeth. You are looking great. Everything will be okay now that Alexander rescued you and your wedding will be soon."

Taylor was about to say something, but Christopher quickly covered her mouth with one hand. The girl had to resign herself to just throw an evil glare in Catherine's direction.

"Speaking of him. Where is my precious son?"

"Oh, Alex is taking care of the luggage and customs. But for now I can introduce you to Samantha." Searching, Liz scanned her surroundings. "Oh no, I think I lost her in the crowd." Frightened, she turned to the others. "You have to help me search for her. She's never been around that many people."

"Calm down, Lizzy," Christopher said. "We will find her."

"I hope she is not cowering scared in some corner."

Once more, Taylor climbed up on the bench and saw a cluster of people that had formed in the airport's foyer. "Uh, Liz?"


"Is Samantha tall, slender, has long black hair and wears a short, blue dress with spaghetti straps?" Taylor asked, dryly.

Liz nodded wildly. "Yes!"

The girl smirked. "Well, then I guess she is that happily grinning lady, who is using the baggage claim as merry-go-around."


"Yes, over there. Come on, let's go."

Liz yelled at the top of her lungs as she saw the young woman riding on the baggage claim. "SAAAAAAM!"

The brunette turned around and waved at her, shouting for joy.

At the same time as Sam turned around and Catherine saw her face, she was as if struck by lightning. "Kayla..." The name escaped her without intention.

"Did you say something?" Liz asked her.

Panting for breath, Catherine held a hand to her chest where her heart was pounding out of control.

Quickly, Liz reached for her and supported her to keep her from falling. "Are you not well, Catherine?"

The other woman gasped, "I'll be fine in a second. I just have to go and sit down a bit. Go and get your friend, she'll be needing your help more than I do. I'll follow later."

"Okay, whatever you want."

"Yes, go. I'll be fine, I promise."

'Oh God, for a second there I thought I saw Kayla. It could only be some hallucination. It's impossible that...' Catherine's thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of her son.

Meanwhile, Chris, Liz, Karen and Taylor were trying to get through the sea of human bodies to reach Samantha. Liz was very embarrassed and apologized a lot for Sam's unusual behavior. She reached her arms out towards Sam, who took them and jumped off the baggage claim.

Finally the cluster of staring people dissolved and Liz introduced Samantha to her family.

Bashfully, the jungle woman held on to the blonde's hand, eyeing those she only knew from the pictures Liz had once shown her on the laptop.

Taylor was the first to say something. "Wow... I think Sam is pretty cool."

At that, a brief smile flickered over Samantha's features.


Juan was still tightly pressed against the wardrobe. Trying to sound as forceful as possible, he said, "I'm not gay."

A little bit offended, Billy smoothed the feathers of Juan's wings. "If you are not then who is?"

Juan's eyes widened in shock. "What?"

"We all worship you," Billy purred.

"We?" the singer asked, haltingly.

"The whole gay community, of course. We all know that you are one of us. Open your heart and accept the truth."

Juan became a bit dizzy and the stylist helped him back to the chair, where he sat down heavily. He crossed his arms and hung his head, shaking it.

Understanding, Billy stroked his back. "It's okay, let it all out. Sometimes it can take a while to admit and accept it. I for my part have known it since I was a teenager and now my mother is very happy about all my self-tailored costumes and dresses." Smiling and lost in thought he looked at the ceiling. With a happy sigh the stylist brought himself back to the matter at hand. "Don't take it so hard," Billy said while fastening the wings to Juan's back. "Free your mind and free yourself, just accept it."

The producer stuck his head through the door. "5 more minutes, then we'll start."

Finally looking as Cupid himself, Juan got up and marched to the door. He turned around with his head held high and declared in a firm voice, "I am NOT gay!"

Bill just waggled his eyebrows and growled, "Rrrrrr, you're such a tiger."


Chris unlocked the big entrance door and sighed, "Boy, I'm completely exhausted. How long did it take?"

"Three endless long hours," Taylor replied, tired. "I think Karen got off better because she had to get into the city."

Christopher mumbled quietly, "At least we got rid of the Parkers pretty quick."

At last Liz entered the house, followed closely by Sam. A huge grin appeared on her face as she saw the big, painted sign in the living room, stating, 'Welcome home Liz and Sam'. "Oh... that is so cute... I still can't believe it that I'm finally home... in our house..."

Taylor leaned smiling against the door frame. "Yes, and the best thing is that the house is still standing."

Liz chuckled and then motioned for Sam, who was keeping to the background, to come closer. "It's alright Sam, come in. You could say that this is my tree house... and now it is yours too. A place to call home."

Hesitatingly, the brunette entered the living room and quickly hid behind Liz' back as Norman came out of the kitchen to greet the new arrivals. "Hello and welcome. For this special day I made some chocolate chip muffins." He was about to say more, but Tasilo chose that moment to race past him.

Excited the big dog pranced around Liz feet, wagging his tail. "Oh, Tasilo, my good boy," the blonde said, bending down to pat him. "You've been taking good care of everything while I was gone, didn't you?" She noticed Sam's questioning gaze and explained, "That is our German shepherd, Tasilo. Don't worry. He is very nice and would never do anything to anyone. You can stroke him, I think he'd like that."

Carefully, Sam placed a hand on the dog's back and patted him gently. He really liked it because he started to lick her hand.

Norman cleared his throat to get everybody's attention. "Would you please come into the garden? I set up a table there."

"Yes, that's a great idea," Liz chimed in. "And while we rest and eat, you can tell me all the things that happened while I was gone."

Taylor and Chris looked at each other and the girl mumbled, "You really don't want to know everything."


At the same time, in the house of the Parker family, Vicky was still devastated. "I will go to my room and think about how cruel life is to me at the moment."

"Yeah, do that," Alexander responded, sneering. "At least then we don't have to listen to your crap anymore."

"Alex, please have a little sympathy for your sister," Catherine warned her son.

"Yes, Mom," he retorted indifferently, rolling his eyes.

"What are you planning to do until it's time for the party this evening? Remember, the media will be present too."

Alex looked around. "The catering and stressed people who will set up everything will drive me crazy. So, I will go to the city and relax some in the wellness center."

Catherine nodded. "A wonderful idea. Do that. I will take care of some papers that your father needs. It's a pity he had to work this morning and couldn't be with us at the airport."

He was already at the door. "Yeah, everything is like always. Until later then. Bye."

Catherine went to Jonathan's study and sat down at his huge desk. She was just about to start working as a shrill beeping noise rang out. "Jonathan left his pager again, great." It beeped again and Catherine became annoyed. "I need to find that thing and switch it off or I will never get anything done." Another beep sounded.

Catherine looked everywhere all over the desk, into each drawer and finally found it among some files. It beeped again. "Just who is trying to reach him. That sound is really annoying. Could it be an important customer?" She looked at the small display where the number flashed. "Mmmh... I don't recognize this number..."

Catherine took the phone and punched in the number for information. "It's only a matter of seconds and I will know to whom this number belongs..."


Liz joined the others again. "I brought some muffins and blankets to Sam in your old tree house, Taylor."

"Why doesn't she want to be with us?" the teenager asked.

"Sam needs to be alone for a bit. She is bombarded by so many impressions that she will need some time to herself to process all that," Liz explained. "Besides... how shall I put this... Sam doesn't like men... or better she is afraid of them. She is scared of Chris and Norman. Don't worry though, I'm sure it's only a matter of time until she has come to terms with everything. Just give her a little time. Everything that's normal for us is very strange and new to her. Okay, now tell me everything that went on here. From your email I got in the jungle I only know that Chris and Karen are on their way to get together once more. But from what I saw today their interaction seemed quite cold to me. So, tell me."

Taylor took a deep breath, but Chris interrupted her by placing a hand on her arm. "Please, just give her the shortest and most painless version, okay?"

The girl rubbed her chin. "Ok. Hm... where to start..." She inhaled once more and then blurted whatever came to her mind. "Alright... Due to a misunderstanding Jack broke Christopher's nose... Catherine tried to use Karen to get her greedy paws on our movie company... my new coach is the greatest ever... Uncle William was living with us for a while... Alex had an accident because he was driving drunk... Jack and his buddy Peter found the computer program that was used to find you... Alex stole that later... Dani was in New York for some time, awoke from the coma and Jack was there with her... Chris asked Sara to marry him... I became friends with Vicky, of course I'm regretting that fiercely... Chris sold all his paintings to Sara and her money was invested into the company... in front of the wedding altar Chris finally realized what we all knew for a long time, that he only loves Karen... Sara tried to kill herself after that... that's why Vicky has a tiny little scar on her face... Karen doesn't want to have anything to do with Chris... Sara is back in Australia... Jack came back with Dani, who is fighting to get her memories back... well, and last but not least you returned to us with Samantha. That was the short version... did I miss anything?"

Liz looked at her little sister wide-eyed and her mouth agape. Then her gaze traveled from Taylor to Chris and back. "I think I need a break or else I will flee back to the jungle of Vanuatu."

Unnoticed by everyone, Norman stiffened as he heard the name of the island. "Uh, I guess I will retreat to the pool house. It was such a stressful day I will go to sleep early today. Bye." He hurried away.

Chris leaned towards Liz. "Don't let your break be too long. We still have to go to that creepy welcome home party of the Parkers."

While her brother chuckled, Taylor's face darkened and she crossed her arms. "I won't go," she declared firmly.

Liz patted her knee and smiled. "Okay, sweetie."

The teenager looked at her dumbfounded. "What? Just like that? You are not making me go?"

"Chris and I can do it. I would really like for you to stay here and have an eye on Sam."

A smile appeared on Taylor's face. "Sure, you can count on me. Maybe I can show her my Playstation games."

Christopher and Liz rose from the table and the blonde announced, "We will talk later again about each and every occurrence here... most of all, who is Sara?"


Back in Australia, a depressed Sara entered the kitchen and sat down on a chair at the table. As she looked up, she saw into the concerned faces of Matthew and Rose. "Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked, hostile. "I already had an argument with Richard, that's enough for a day. But, upstairs in my room I feel like a prisoner."

"You never had a fight with him, " Matthew exclaimed, worried.

"I guess there is a first time for everything," she mumbled.

"Sweetheart, I have to talk with you about something," her father began. "Cathy just called."

Indifferently, Sara was playing around with the silver utensils, which Rose was in the process of cleaning. Frightened, the housekeeper quickly took the fork and knife out of Sara's hands.

The young woman grew suspicious. "What's wrong with you?" she asked, looking frowning from one to the other.

Carefully, Matthew continued. "Catherine told me what happened... that night in Alexander's room..."

Tense, they waited for her reaction.

"WHAT?" Sara jumped off the chair. "That won't change anything."

"How can you say that?" Rose gasped with tears in her eyes.

"Sara, my little one, it's so horrible."

"Why does Aunt Cathy have to stick her nose into everything?" the photographer muttered darkly.

Her father looked at her in dismay. "Due to the call everything becomes so much clearer. All this extreme stress you had in L.A. is weighing heavily on you and that's why you are acting like you do."


"You need help, sweetheart."


Matthew nodded. "Yes. After the call with Cathy I was talking to a therapist. I explained to him the situation and asked for his advice. He said your reactions are based on repression."

Sara looked at her father in disbelief. "Therapist?"

"Tomorrow he will come by to pay us a visit."

"You are going to send a shrink after me? They are more crazy than their patients!" she raved and frustrated tears appeared in her eyes. "Daddy?!"

"I just want that my little girl can be as carefree as before," Matthew explained, his voice trembling slightly. "And I don't want you to have to endure anything again like what happened in Alexander's room."

"I came home so that I can forget everything," Sara shouted. "But you are reminding me of the most horrible hours of my life every damn day! Thanks, Dad!" Crying and sobbing, she raced out of the house.

"I did everything wrong," Matthew said quietly to Rose. "My precious girl needs a mother after all."

The house keeper gently patted his hand. "It's not your fault."

"I just don't want Sara to suffer anymore. Who knows if she won't try again to kill herself?"

"I know that you love your daughter like nothing else. Just be there for her and everything is going to be fine."





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