This story is loosely based on the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" in one of its oldest versions, which was done by the French writer Charles Perrault, in the year 1697.

The idea, characters and story itself belong to Fiur and Vlamme. One morning, Fiur woke up with this story in her head and she wrote it down, even though it was quite different from the way it was originally planned. This time, Vlamme only did the translations and adds these words of warning: graphic love scenes are ahead... *blush*




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Red As Blood


Once upon a time... a fairy tale for adults...


Deeply hidden in the dark forest was a lonely hunter's cabin. Inside, a merry fire was burning, its light keeping the cold darkness of the wood outside.

The hut's interior was sparse. There was only an old oven, a chest, a table and a bed. The chest was also used as sitting accommodation. Just then, two young women were sitting on it. The smaller of them had placed her leg on the lap of the other, her face a mask of pain.

"The bandage has to come off. Pull yourself together, Lyn," the dark-haired woman said, her long hair hiding her face as she bent forward.

Ennelyn liked it when Osanna used her nickname. A smile flitted over her face and all the pain was forgotten. She loved watching Sanna's beautiful face, even though she only did it secretly.

Carefully, the brunette loosened the bandage and checked the wound, highly concentrated. From a bowl on the table, she took a wet cloth and thoroughly cleaned the mark. "Thankfully it didn't fester. It is slowly healing." The dark-haired woman looked up.

Lyn felt caught and blushed embarrassed. Quickly casting her eyes to the floor, she avoided Sanna's questioning gaze.

"So, I am not well." Sharply exhaling, she ran a hand through her short-cut, blonde hair, giving voice to her annoyance. "And that means I am not fit for tonight."

"I can take care of this matter alone," Sanna said matter-of-factly while wrapping the leg anew.

"That is out of the question!" Lyn erupted, her voice shaking. "It is too dangerous." Just thinking about Sanna's intention frightened her. The blonde sat up. "It is too much of a risk." Slightly grousing, she added, "I would not be there to back you up."

A roughish grin appeared on Sanna's lips. Using one hand, she gently patted the heated cheek of the other. "Do not worry."

Reluctantly, the blonde lifted her head, gazing directly into the sky-blue eyes.

"We cannot wait for the next full moon." Her friend's velvety voice finally broke through Lyn's resistance.

Petulant, the blonde crossed her arms in front of her chest. "What did the cleric tell you?" She muttered the question in agreement. "Which secret are we supposed to solve? And what will our reward be?"

While helping the hurt woman to the bed, the brunette told her about the encounter. "When I met the man, he assured me that the whole town will collect money. Our reward shall be royal."

The blonde sighed, thinking about golden coins. Slowly relaxing, she sank onto the soft bed.

Sanna's voice took on a serious tone as she continued, "If there is a young woman going alone to the washing place on the day of a full moon, strange things are said to occur there." She went to the chest and opened it. "He said that the girls do not want to talk about what happened." In her hands she was holding a silvery sword, the blade about 30 inches long.

Lyn wrinkled her forehead. "Yes, that really sounds strange to me."

The brunette shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "I will be a nice decoy, sitting all alone beside the creek."

With a deeply concerned expression the blonde observed the preparations for the other woman's departure. "Did you pack the basket with the warm bread and the milk? Do not forget it. It is cold outside and you have to keep your strength."

Answering the question with yes, the brunette belted the sword around her hips. "You always take such good care of me." Calmly, she placed the covered basket on the table.

Frightened, Lyn looked at her. "I still do not like letting you go all alone. Promise me that you will be really careful."

"Even more than usual," Sanna breathed, wanting to give her a kiss in farewell. Unsure, she hesitated. With an embarrassed chuckle, she wrapped herself in a long cloak, which was made of red velvet. "Like this, I will not be overseen."

'You are so beautiful,' Lyn thought longingly. Turning to Sanna, she could only force a small smile on her face to gather courage.




Osanna followed the narrow path from the remote cabin to the outskirts of the woods. She walked light and silent on the dry fir tree needles, which covered it. The icy breath of winter didn't reach far into the forest. While Sanna carried the basket in one hand, the other rested on the hilt of the sword at her belt. It was calming to know that she had it with her. Intently, she listened to her surroundings, though there was hardly any sound to hear. From time to time, she caught the flitting shadow of an animal from the corner of her eyes.

Eventually, Sanna reached the creek at the edge of the woods. At the place where the women were usually washing clothes, a small bridge stretched across the softly gurgling water.

The flat stones at the washing place were covered with ice and lay there untouched. Since the occurrences, nobody let their daughters go to this place anymore.

She set down the basket and stepped on the wooden gangplank. The gurgling of water was louder and ice had formed at the shores. Supported by the balustrade, the brunette looked down. Her reflection returned the gaze crystal-clear. It looked sad. Using the tip of her boot, she kicked a pebble into the water. Her reflection changed to a picture of Lyn. The brunette thought about how difficult it was getting to make up excuses to accidently touch her. Sighing, Sanna placed her chin on top of her folded hands.

In the distance, she saw the little town that lay in a snow-covered valley. Well-kept half-timber houses sat side by side, their chimneys smoking and over their roofs the giant bell tower of a church was clearly visible. The scene was peaceful. Everything was in order and as it should be.

Dusk fell.

Sanna began to pace between the trees. The cold air held her in an iron grip, and she wrapped the cloak tighter around herself. She picked at the frozen grass, lost in her thoughts. But she banished one thought from her head; that of Lyn.

Slowly, Sanna was overcome by exhaustion and just as she was about to eat something, she heard the drawn out howl of a wolf. Goosebumps covered her skin at the sound. She walked into the direction of the animal call. Straining her ears, she listened intently if there would be an answering howl, but none came. The forest was silent and dark. Instinctively, she reached for the sword and pulled it from the scabbard. Nothing happened.

Sanna stopped at an old oak on a clearing, her body slowly relaxing. Again, she was overcome by exhaustion. Leaning against the massive trunk of the old tree, her eyes closed on their own volition.

A deep, vibrant voice spoke to her.

Sanna jerked, because she could feel this voice reverberating in every cell of her body. She jumped to her feet, but nobody could be seen. The sun had disappeared, making way for the bright full moon that hung above the clearing.

"Where are you going?" she was asked. Once more, she could feel the voice deep inside her.

Sanna's heartbeat picked up speed. "Who is there?" she demanded.

"A friend." There was something dangerous lurking behind these simple words.

The voice attached itself to her head, conquering her thoughts and wishes. She couldn't fight the sound. Or maybe Sanna had to admit to herself that she didn't want to fight it?

"All alone in the forest, my beauty?" the voice bayed for her, flattering, coaxing.

Sanna ran to the middle of the clearing, the sword held in a tight grip. Threatening, she lifted it, ready to strike the unknown opponent. Breathlessly, she turned and whirled around, searching for a trace of the enemy, but only the dark woods surrounded her. The hood slipped off her head and her long, ebony hair tumbled around her shoulders.

"Do not be afraid," the voice ordered, its sound like honey, seducing and lulling.

Sanna struggled hard to resist the voice and to get it out of her head. She also hated having to admit to herself that she liked its sound.

Slowly, the siren's call of it pushed her against the oak's trunk.

Finally, the body belonging to the voice was revealed in the moon's silvery glow.

Sanna shuddered as he stepped from behind the tree.

The man had a commanding figure and was tall. Thick, dark hair fell on his shoulders. His face was hidden in shadows.

She didn't dare look at him.

His fingers traced her features. "The moonlight gives your face a silvery hue." His hands felt unusually rough, but at the same time strangely pleasant. She shuddered again. "What a tender creature," he whispered. One of his hands slid into her hair, pulling her head back gently.

Shyly, her gaze met his. A golden gleam was visibly in his eyes. And Sanna saw something else. Something dangerous.

"These have got to be the most beautiful blue eyes I ever had the pleasure of submerging myself in. They shine mysteriously, like the night of a full moon." There was a trace of melancholy in his voice.

He was so close to her that Sanna could smell the leather of his clothes, which mixed with his own unique scent. Her mind grew fuzzy.

His body pressed against her.

She swallowed.

He gently brushed her hair back, and Sanna felt his demanding hands against her slender throat. "What big hands you have," she gasped, her body shaking.

"To better grab you with," he answered, and his hands did just that.

Sanna jerked, but gave in to his animal attraction. She didn't want to know who he was or where he came from. Only this moment counted.

His hands moved to her bosom and she let it happen. Dexterously, they opened the ties, which held her red cloak closed. "You do not need this anymore," he murmured, roguishly charming. Quickly, he brushed the velvety fabric off her shoulders and it fell to the ground.

One thumb stroked Sanna's cleavage.

Her breathing quickened.

His other hand went to hers that was still holding the sword. Sanna had not noticed that by now it was dangling uselessly at her side. At his touch, her fingers opened and the blade clattered next to her feet. Using gentle force, his knee worked its way between her legs. Eagerly, he lifted her skirts, his eyes locked on hers, devouring her. Their golden gleam fascinated Sanna. She couldn't withstand their seduction. His hand fumbled at her belt, loosening it, until it joined cloak and sword on the ground.

Her heartbeat raced and she gasped, as she felt his hand reaching its destination, stimulating her pearl. Sanna moaned.

Soon after, his fingers were covered in silky gleaming fluid. His tongue played at the corners of her open mouth. White teeth flashed. A wolfish grin appeared on his face.

"What sharp teeth you have," she gasped, her tone a mixture of fear and lust.

Nipping at her ear, he breathed, "To better eat you with." His voice had her totally captivated.

She closed her eyes in order to give herself to him completely. Her arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, searching for something to hold on as he lifted her. One leg went around his hips, while he held the other in a tight grip and entered her. Joined like that, they took each other to the heights of passion.

Then he bit her, unexpected and sudden. Sanna moaned lustfully. The sharp pain faded quickly. Blood trickled from the wound, turning her lips a dark red. His mouth covered the mark, tasting her blood. Sanna threw back her head. Caught in ecstasy, she didn't feel any pain. Her fingers clawed at his hair. A deep, dark moan answered her. Their bodies moved in unison, his thrusts quickening and more forceful. The rapture, to which she had so willingly submitted, peaked in a wave of euphoria that flushed through her body. Overcome by lust, Sanna screamed.

Slowly, the arousal faded.

Exhausted, the dark-haired beauty sagged in his arms and he lowered her to the grass. Wrapped into her red cloak, she fell asleep.




Lyn awoke. Darkness surrounded her, the fire was almost extinguished. Pale moonlight fell through the windows.

Shocked, she became aware that her wrists were held above her head. A strange weight rested on her body. She was completely nude and felt vulnerable. Never before had she been as exposed as in this moment in front of anybody. "Where are my clothes?"

"You do not need anything that covers you," he whispered, his breath warm against Lyn's ear. The stranger let go of her hands and slid off her. "Your eyes are of the most beautiful green I have ever seen, sparkling, like gems in the sunshine."

Lyn lifted her head and saw his dark hair between her legs, where he openly regarded her body.

Surprised by his sudden appearance and the strangeness of his eyes, she wanted to push him back immediately, but found herself unable to do so. His eyes had captivated her, the golden gleam in them trapped her.

"I am hungry," he said, his voice husky, the tone like velvet. It reverberated inside her body, filling her completely. "Mysterious things happen in the night of a full moon," he murmured and Lyn relented.

Lowering his head, the tip of his tongue stimulated her pearl. Once and again his tongue circled it tenderly, then his lips sucked on it.

Moaning, she threw her head back, her pelvis moving in rhythm with his mouth. Never before had she felt such bliss. Her body had never known such arousal. Caught in a passionate haze, her hand slid into his hair, and she realized that she wanted more.

His tongue licked at her, painting a wet line across her body.

Her skin seemed to burn under his touches. Unrestrained kisses covered her breasts, their tender buds rising towards him. His warm hands squeezed them longingly.

A lustful groan escaped Lyn's throat as he lifted her onto his lap and took her. His sharp nails dug into her back, revealing his animal temper.

The blonde clung to him, pressing her hips harder against him to feel him deeper inside her.

His thrusts were ever changing, fast, slow, hard, gentle. Totally lost in passion, she flung her arms around him, riding him to the heights of ecstasy. Feeling his lips on hers, she could taste herself in his greedy kiss. She moaned. His sharp teeth bit her lower lip. She felt the brief pain and blood trickled from her lip. Tenderly, he kissed the red fluid from her skin. Another wave of delight flushed through her. She cried out as she reached the peak of her passion. Exhausted and breathing hard, she sank back into the sheets. Lyn relished the moment of satisfaction and the fading arousal. Fatigue took hold of her and she fell asleep.




The first rays of the morning sun tickled Lyn awake. Her eyes flew open immediately.

Sanna lay next to her, peacefully slumbering. The occurrences of last night took over her thoughts, senses and feelings.

Was it a dream?

Was it reality?

She remembered the rapture she had felt, and how unrestrained she had given in. It must have been a dream.

Sanna awoke and sat up. She was wrapped in her red cloak. Her disheveled, dark hair cascaded over her alabaster white shoulders.

Lyn swallowed hard at the sight. Her heartbeat picked up speed at Sanna's mysterious, questioning gaze.

Both were searching for words.

Sanna also remembered the overwhelming feelings of the nightly encounter. Lost in thought, her fingertips danced along her slightly open lips, stopping at the healing wound.

Their eyes locked, knowingly.

Lyn shuddered, realizing that she was completely naked. But she didn't feel ashamed in front of Sanna. Without hesitation she climbed out of bed and lit the fire anew.

The brunette watched her every move from the bed. There she was, at the fireplace, nude, fascinated by the flames, her hair like spun gold from the sun itself, skin like milk and honey. The curves of her hips, as well as her breasts with the protruding buds was clearly visible in front of the fire. In this moment Sanna knew that to her Lyn was the most beautiful being in the world. She longed for her warmth.

As if the blonde had heard her thoughts, she turned towards her, looking deeply into her eyes. Her gaze was intense, reaching out to touch Sanna's soul. Not leaving her out of her sight, Lyn returned to the bed.

The brunette gasped, as a golden gleam flashed in the well-known green eyes. She was burning up inside, but her newly found courage made it easy. Sanna's arms went around the blonde's body, pulling her close, feeling strong muscles move under soft skin. Her longing hands desired to touch her everywhere. She pressed her nose into the blonde hair, breathing in the scent of dawn. A happy sigh escaped her.

Lyn freed herself from the wanton embrace, their eyes once more locking. Their gazes were full of passionate love for each other. She brushed off the red cloak, which hid Sanna's body. Her fingers slid into the dark hair, feeling its silky smoothness. Tenderly, Lyn pulled the dark head towards her, until their lips touched. Both could feel the slight wound of the other as the kiss turned into the most intense one they had had in their lives.

Together they sank to onto the blood-red velvet.

Sanna bent over the blonde, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders. Her buds brushed against Lyn skin, causing the woman to shudder in delight.

"Are you cold?" the brunette asked, concerned.

The blonde just shook her head. Her fingertips gently touched Sanna's full lips. "I am no longer afraid," she answered quietly.

Sanna smiled, because she felt the same.

Lyn hands began to wander, her fingertips dancing across her back. She was amazed at how soft and smooth the skin was, and how she had longed to touch her.

Sanna's head lowered.

A quiet moan escaped Lyn's throat as the brunette's tongue played with her buds.

Sanna's lips traveled along the blonde's throat and up to her earlobe, gently nibbling on it.

Lyn relished the feeling of hot lips and tongue on her skin, her hands lovingly touching Sanna's full breasts. Her gentle fingers traced the contours of the beautifully shaped curves, before they slid over shoulders and nape of the neck. She wanted to touch every inch of her.

The brunette buried her face into Lyn's blonde hair, as she felt the other's lips suck on her hard buds. Sanna moaned in arousal and Lyn took the lead. Using gentle force, she lowered Sanna to the pillows and sat on top of her.

The brunette looked at her with glowing passion, shuddering as once more she saw a golden gleam flash in Lyn's eyes.

The blonde bent forward, whispering into her ear, "I want you, only you." After that, their lips locked in a fiery kiss of unbridled desire. Lyn sat up again. Their fingers intertwined, giving each other an anchor. Sanna's arousal grew as she saw the blonde sitting on her lap and her hips began to move. The sight of Lyn's softly bobbing breasts enflamed her further. Her fingers dug into Lyn's buttocks, feeling their firm, perfect shape.

The blonde noticed Sanna's growing excitement and increasing wetness. Lyn slightly adjusted her position, now sitting in between the dark-haired woman's bent legs.

Sanna turned her hips a bit, reaching for Lyn's, who set the rhythm. Their pelvises met, thrusting against each other, moving back and forward. The blonde could feel Sanna's center pulse between her own legs, her lust increasing as she watched her ecstatic movements. She couldn't restrain herself any longer. Her hands searched for something to hold on and found Sanna's legs. Swept away by uncontrolled passion, she bit the brunette's knee.

Sanna's back arched under the thrusts, her fingers clawing at the red velvet under her body. Her moans added to Lyn's excitement, who threw her head back and cupped her own breasts.

Eyes closed, groaning, mouth open, throat dry, she gently pinched her buds, her thrusts now powerful against Sanna's hips. Their centers rubbed against each other.

The tingling wave of rapture started in Sanna and joined with the one of Lyn. They climaxed together, crying out in joy.

Exhausted, they lay next to each other.

"Oh my God," Sanna gasped.

Lyn smiled satisfied, unable to speak just then.

"Oh my God," the brunette repeated again and again in happiness.

After a brief moment of recovery, Sanna began anew. She couldn't get enough of Lyn. Admiring the incredibly soft and full breasts of her lover, she gently pinched Lyn's buds until they rose and hardened. Then she covered them with her lips.

Lyn moaned while Sanna suckled them.

The brunette's right hand slowly slid down her body, tracing Lyn's well-developed abs, wandering lower and lower over her mount, reaching the blonde's pleasure center, which was warm, wet and welcoming.

Their eyes locked.

Lyn's breath caught in her throat as she become aware of a golden gleam in Sanna's eyes.

Sanna thrust her index finger inside Lyn, her thumb stimulating the pearl.

The blonde groaned. Squeezing her eyes shut, her hands searched for something to hold on and wrapped around the bedpost above her head.

Sanna's fingers never stopped, coaxing whimpers of bliss from her beloved. She added a second finger, moving them back and forward. Her own excitement grew as she felt Lyn's hips answering the thrusts. Knowing that she was the one to give her such pleasure made her happy and increased her wetness. She moaned, her thumb continuingly circling the other woman's pearl.

The climax hit Lyn with unexpected intensity. Her whole body arched as she exploded, a drawn out cry of pleasure leaving her lips.

Smiling, Sanna licked her fingers, savoring Lyn's sweet taste.

Tears ran down the blonde's face. Her breathing returned to normal and the intense pulsing between her legs faded to a tingling sensation. Tired, she placed her head against her beloved's bosom. Their naked, sweat-glistening bodies embraced.

Lyn looked at the woman, who had provided her such overwhelming pleasure.

Laughing sky-blue eyes returned her gaze before the blonde was lost in an eager kiss. "I have seen heaven," Lyn whispered breathlessly.

After making love, they lay silently next to each other. Eyes closed, each woman was lost in her own thoughts. Both of them were free of all constrains. They no longer were ashamed for the feelings they harbored. The best thing was, they didn't need any words. Sanna and Lyn were in love with each other.


The End


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