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"Xena...?" Gabrielle's emerald eyes shone in the fire light: a cheeky twinkle that the hardened warrior could never resist. Defence broken in one moment, Xena grinned devilishly and rolled over, pretending to resist the younger woman's charms.

Feeling a wandering hand move from behind her back, over her waist and snake down towards her thighs, Xena's stomach fluttered and she decided she had teased her companion for long enough. If she didn't give in tonight she would not hear the end of it until they left Potidaea in a few weeks time. Plus her own needs were definitely overwhelming the fun of playing with Gabrielle's libido. And a frustrated bard was not pleasant company, as she'd found out when they'd finally admitted their love for each other. Xena had thought she'd been the only one who had had to sneak off every now and again. How wrong she'd been.

"You're too damn beautiful for your own good, bard!" She chuckled at the memory of her lovers face that night as she moved her arm around Gabrielle's hips and brought the woman's face level with her own. Seeing Gabrielle blush slightly at her comment, she smiled inwardly. The smile was visible in her eyes, and seeing this, Gabrielle seized her moment. Eye contact maintained she leaned slowly in for a kiss. Lips brushed slowly and sensually as both women felt their heads rush at the contact. No matter how many times they kissed, it was always as if it was the first time they had explored each other's lips. Xena's sharp intake of breath as she was lost in the kiss made Gabrielle pull back a little, scared she'd done something to hurt her lover, but she soon settled back into the muscular arms when she saw the unharmed, devoted look in the warrior's eyes.

The emerald twinkle reappeared and Gabrielle pushed Xena onto her back, deepening the kiss with her newly expert tongue. As she tasted the warrior's mouth with hers, her delicate fingers moved deftly down Xena's soft neck to her strong yet relaxed shoulders, where she unfastened the armour that protected them. She lifted it with ease, not realising Xena was helping her. Smiling to herself proudly at the accomplishment, she bowed her head to kiss the bare skin where the armour had covered.

Moving slowly down to Xena's chest, which was now heaving with the elder woman's fast breathing, she began removing the familiar brown leather from the perfection that was Xena's body. Never ceasing to amaze her, she gasped as the warrior's full breasts were revealed to her.

"Hello ladies!" she whispered lovingly into to the soft skin that covered the wonderful sights as she flicked her tongue over an exposed and quickly hardening nipple, causing Xena to snort in amusement and accidentally bump the bard in the face with her chest.

"Hey Gabrielle!" she laughed playfully as Gabrielle rubbed her nose for a second then turned a serious look on the laughing warrior "You're ruining the moment princess."

"I do love it when you call me that, queenie!" Xena mocked.

She received a playful punch in the arm as they both giggled uncontrollably.

Sensing things might not go as she had planned, Gabrielle dipped her head and kissed the warrior passionately, eradicating the giggles and bringing back the elder woman's fast breathing in a heartbeat.

Pulling away so she could take in some oxygen, Xena breathed "You get better at that every time you do it, you amaze me Gabrielle."

Blushing profusely at Xena's rare openness but with a satisfied smirk playing dangerously on her lips, Gabrielle took the compliment in her stride and continued to work her way down Xena's body, kissing every bit of exposed flesh possible. Pulling the last of the leather outfit down over the warrior's toned legs; she paused to admire the power of the thighs she was knelt between. She loved every single thing about Xena, but she had to admit those thighs were a beauty in their own right. Feeling a heat build between her own legs, she slowly parted the powerful limbs and worked her lips slowly, teasing the warrior princess with lingering kisses up the inside of her legs, alternating between left and right and with the occasional glance up into beautiful ice blue eyes that were watching her so intently.

Xena was having trouble breathing. She'd never felt anything like the love Gabrielle gave to her, it was exceptional. Before she'd met this little blonde bard from Potidaea, she'd used sex as a weapon to gain what she needed in battle. Even the women she'd slept with in the past had never taken the time and care and love that Gabrielle poured into her. She was used to being in control, she dictated when sex happened and how, making sure she got the release she needed and then it was back to business. But with Gabrielle it was different. She had changed so much because of this beautiful young woman. It wasn't just sex, it was making love. She relished giving all the control to the young bard, knowing she would enjoy every moment of it and more. Considering how inexperienced the young girl was, having only spent one night with her late husband, she was an exceptional lover. If Xena hadn't known about the girls limited knowledge of intimacy she would never have guessed she'd only slept with one person. And that person being a man too, Xena had no idea how Gabrielle was such an amazing lover to a woman. Some people were just naturals, she guessed. And she's my natural, she thought, smiling.

A wave of pleasure brought Xena back to reality as she felt Gabrielle's hot tongue slide between her legs into the wet folds, deliciously near where Xena ached for her lovers touch most.

"Gods Xena, you're so wet!" Gabrielle exclaimed. She looked up into piercing eyes and smiled happily. Moving her tongue in circles she touched the core of Xena's pleasure lightly, causing an eruption of light moans from the dark haired woman, ever increasing in volume.

"Gods, Gabrielle..!! Ohhh... that feels... so good!"

Moving her right arm from around Xena's thigh, Gabrielle brought it up in between the warrior's legs where she stroked her fingers through the juices that flowed from Xena's entrance.

Feeling her lover buck and cry out for more, the bard pressed the tip of her tongue to Xena's clit with a small amount of pressure then lifted her face away to see the warrior's reaction. Xena moved her hips up so as not to lose contact with the muscle that was giving her such pleasure. Smiling back into the warrior's folds, Gabrielle moved with her, teasing the woman, making her moan louder. Xena's hips settled on the bedroll again, realising she had to be patient for what she wanted. Just to make sure she wouldn't have to stop again, Gabrielle draped her free left arm across Xena's hips, making it clear where they were to remain. Xena raised an eyebrow at the dominance her lover had just shown. That's definitely welcome she thought keenly, Gabrielle's confidence has gone through the roof!

As if testing the unheard theory, the fair haired woman teased her fingertips around Xena's entrance, extracting several more moans from the dark haired woman before pushing her hot wet tongue hard against Xena's clit and driving two fingers inside her at the same time.

Xena erupted, she was sure her moaning could be heard in the next village along but she really didn't care. This was the most intense pleasure she'd felt and she didn't care who knew it.

Thrusting her hips up and down to meet Gabrielle's pumping hand; she easily shifted the bard's arm that held them down with her natural strength. With each thrust her stomach tightened and she felt warmth moving from between her legs up into her body. This was pure ecstasy.

"Don't stop... Gab... Gabrielle!!"

Xena was finding it difficult to string a sentence together, so she let herself get lost in the pleasure instead. She cried out for more as she could feel the intensity burn higher inside her.

"Please... don't... stop! Faster, GABRIELLE!"

Sensing Xena was close to orgasm and feeling like nothing she'd ever felt at hearing her lover scream for more, Gabrielle slipped another finger in on the next thrust, filling Xena more wholly and tipping her writhing lover over the edge. Her body shook uncontrollably and Gabrielle felt inner muscles tighten around the fingers still thrusting deep inside. Curling her finger tips she touched the part she was aiming for inside her lover, sending the warrior into a second wave of pure pleasure. Jerking her hips up involuntarily, Xena cried out Gabrielle's name several times, while ripping two fist shaped holes out of the bedroll beneath her, before settling back on to the furs and relaxing in a sweaty yet somehow still graceful heap.

Gabrielle removed her fingers gently from the warmth of Xena's body and pulled herself up to snuggle into the sweating warrior.

"Thank you Gabrielle. You don't know how much you mean to me." She smiled as she kissed the top of the bards head and wrapped strong arms around the smaller body.

"No problem, Princess, it was my pleasure..."

"Ah-a, the pleasure was all mine, believe me! Gimme a chance to regain muscle control and then it will definitely be your pleasure... You're everything to me Gabrielle, I really do love you."

Grinning happily at the warrior's moment of softness which only came at times of vulnerability like these, Gabrielle replied "I love you too, you big softy! Who are you and what have you done with Xena?!" She laughed at her own joke and waited for a guarded, defensive reply from her lover.

"Son of a Bacchae! You caught me! It's Meg, stupid! Never could resist a bit of girl on girl action!" Xena winked as Gabrielle shoved her playfully.

"Funny one, warrior princess. Trust you to lower the tone!" She kissed Xena's nose lovingly and settled back into her arms, pulling the bedroll over them as she did so.

Xena frowned at the action. "What about you?"

"It's ok; I think I'll wait till we've got a proper bed." The bard flashed a dangerous smile into the warrior's chest, waiting for the elder woman to understand what she meant.

"But we won't have one until we reach Potidaea..." A sudden realisation flowed over Xena and she made the bard sit up so they were face to face. Xena narrowed her eyes and set her jaw, showing Gabrielle the moment of weakness had most definitely passed and the warriors guard had gone back up in a flash.

"No! We are not doing that while we're in the same house as your parents! They hate me enough as it is, imagine if they walked in on us. Or worse! If they heard us!"

"How is hearing us worse than seeing us?!" Gabrielle looked up, confused.

"It just is, alright? Did you like hearing your parents do it when you were a kid? No!" Xena answered before Gabrielle could think of a way around the question.

"We can be quiet you know. Just because it's my parents doesn't mean we can't behave how we normally do around each other. I'm not gonna hide how I feel about you Xena. Not from anyone. I might not be who they wish I was but I'm still their daughter; they will learn to accept it. To accept us."

Sighing heavily Xena kissed Gabrielle's temple and pulled her back down onto the bedroll, where they lay still in each other's arms for a while. Breaking the silence before it got tense; Xena whispered into the bard's soft hair "I don't think they will, Gabrielle. But if you want to be honest with them I'm not going to stop you, they're your parents after all."

"Thank you Xena, you should know by now, by the Gods half the known world does, how much you mean to me. My parents know it already, I can tell they do. Maybe seeing us together as a couple will help them realise who I am and who I'm not."

"I hope so. But you shouldn't do this for me. To them, I'm the worst person in the world for taking you with me in the first place."

"Well that settles it then, because if you're already the worst person in the world to them, it can only get better."

Xena smiled at the young bard's optimism but recognised the sinking feeling in her chest she got when her soul mate was separated from her. She'd had this feeling when she'd watched Gabrielle marry Perdicas. The bards parents would certainly not give their daughter up to the warrior princess easily again.

Gabrielle nuzzled into Xena's neck, knowing how nervous the warrior was around her partner's parents. She knew as well as Xena how the bard's parents felt about the warriors influence over their innocent daughter. She just hoped they would see how much she'd grown since she last saw them and that they would see what Gabrielle saw in Xena. Well, maybe not exactly what I see in her she thought devilishly with a hidden smile. The two women fell asleep in each other's arms, content that they had a couple more nights together to relax before reaching Gabrielle's home village.


Xena had been silent for a long time now and it was starting to worry her chatty companion. The closer they got to Potidaea, the less she said altogether. The warrior had never been one for words, but this silence was unbearable.

"Are you Dagnan?" Gabrielle asked in a mock cheerful tone.

"I didn't realise we were playing, Gabrielle."

"We didn't finish yesterday's game. I thought we could carry on, to pass some time."

"Uhm, I can't remember who I was, sorry."

"That's ok; we can start a new game. I'm getting real good at it now; we'll be done by the time we reach home. Are you male or female?"

Gabrielle glanced up at the taller woman, nervously trying to analyse what she was thinking. It was impossible. The warrior had her guard high again.

Xena had not paid attention to what her partner had just said at all. She hadn't meant to ignore her but she was too busy thinking of how to avoid conversation with Gabrielle's father when they reached his home.


Realising Gabrielle had carried on speaking; Xena glanced down quickly in an attempt to feign that she'd been following the bard's conversation. Unfortunately for the hardened warrior, she glanced down so quickly she didn't hide her true feelings as adequately as she wanted, and Gabrielle saw the raw emotion in her eyes as ice blue met emerald green. It was gone in a flash, but the younger woman had already seen it.

"You don't have to worry you know, he's not an axe wielding maniac. He's not gonna try to kill you while you sleep. And even if he did try that, you'd never let him get close to you. I don't understand why you get so tense when we come home."

"It's not my home Gabrielle. It's your home. And you're right; he'd never even get close to me."

Gabrielle sighed loudly, exasperated. "Your home is where I am and my home is where you are. We're soul mates Xena, wake up. Stop being so moody, we're only here for two weeks and then we don't have to come back for a while. I don't like being here either, but they are my family none the less."

Xena swallowed the lump in her throat that had accumulated at hearing the breaking tone in Gabrielle's voice.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm not good with words so I don't know how to tell you in a fancy way with fancy words, but I'm scared to lose you again. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you now and your family are the only people in the world I can't keep from taking you away."

Softening at Xena's heartfelt words, Gabrielle gently touched the warriors arm, establishing a physical route for their emotional connection.

"No one is taking me away from you Xena, we're meant to be together and we will always be together."

Smiling weakly to show she accepted the words, Xena wrapped an arm loosely around Gabrielle's slender waist.

Moving at a steady pace with Argo walking contently alongside them, the two women reached a road where a wooden sign baring the Greek letters for Potidaea was crudely hammered into the dirt.

Sensing Xena pause, Gabrielle touched the woman's arm again and looked up with smiling green eyes. "Come on warrior princess; let's get this show on the road!"


"Gabrielle!!" the bards name was shrieked out before either traveller could see another human being. Before she could ready herself Gabrielle was jumped on by her sister, Lila, who hugged her so tightly the small blonde woman thought she might pop.

"Lila! It's so good to see you sister! Get off me!" Gabrielle untangled herself from her sister's arms and took a step backwards to take a breath.

"You haven't been back for ages Gabrielle, you've missed so much! Mother will be so pleased you're here! And you Xena, hello again! How are you?"

Xena moved away from Argo to return Lila's quick and awkward hug in welcome. "Just fine thanks Lila, nice to see you again." The warrior moved back behind Gabrielle and pretended to adjust one of Argo's saddle bags. Knowing how uncomfortable Xena was, Gabrielle took hold of her sister's arm and steered her towards the village.

"Come on, take me to mother then!"

"What about Xena? Isn't she staying?" Lila looked disappointed and confused.

"Yes, she's staying Lila don't worry, but Argo needs to be put in a stable and fed before she can join us, isn't that right Xena?" Gabrielle looked sweetly towards her partner, who looked up to meet the emerald eyes with a grateful nod, knowing the bard was giving her a chance to settle her nerves before she had to face Gabrielle's parents.

"Argo needs seeing to before I can relax; she's had a long journey too." Xena smiled briefly to reassure her partner's sister that she wasn't going to ride away as soon as they turned their backs.

"Alright, don't be long though, mother will have the food ready soon and she'll be offended if she knew you were here and missed her cooking."

Xena watched as Gabrielle and Lila walked away arm in arm, talking each other to death. The warrior smiled at Argo as she led her to the stables, glad that at least for two weeks, Gabrielle had someone to talk to who could give as good as she got!


Xena knocked on the door she remembered was the entrance to Gabrielle's home. She could smell the divine aromas from down the street and wondered how many of the women in this village wished they could produce food as good as Hecuba's. The warrior opened the door without waiting for an answer; still thinking about how glad she was Gabrielle had inherited her mother's culinary skills and not her father's pig ignorance.

"Let yourself in, why don't you?" was the grumbled not-welcome from Gabrielle's father, who was sat at the table waiting for his food to be brought to him. Hecuba sighed at his rudeness, left what she was preparing and walked over to Xena, who bent down so that she could receive a welcoming kiss on her cheek.

"Hello dear, lovely to see you again, thank you for bringing my daughter home-"

"She took her away in the first place woman! You should not be thanking her!"

Gabrielle's mother rolled her eyes at Xena so that her husband could not see her. Grabbing hold of Xena's wrist, she gently pulled her into the adjoining room, away from Herodotus.

"Gabrielle said to send you to her room with your bag, I said I would make up an extra bed for you but she insisted you sleep in with her for the duration of your stay. Is that ok?"

There was a slight glint in Hecuba's eyes as she spoke, though Xena couldn't quite work out if it was suspicion, understanding or if she was just imagining it out of paranoia.

"That's fine, we sleep together every night anyway-" Xena choked on her words and how they sounded. Hecuba giggled silently at the warrior's embarrassment, an amused look in her eyes.

"I mean we sleep next to each other, you know, on separate bedrolls..." Xena mumbled the last part of the sentence before staring at her feet and appearing to find something interesting on her right boot.

"I know what you mean Xena, no need to be embarrassed with me. You and my daughter appear to be a lot closer than you were last time I saw you both. And Gabrielle usually gets her own way, or else, so hop to it woman, she's waiting for you!" Hecuba laughed one short laugh before slapping the warrior lightly on the shoulder with her dish rag and exiting the room for the kitchen, where Gabrielle's father was still waiting impatiently for his food.

Xena couldn't move. Had Gabrielle's mother just hinted she knew about their relationship? Or was the warrior so overcome with paranoia that she was misinterpreting all words spoken to her?

You're going mad Xena! Get a grip, of course she doesn't know, Gabrielle would want me there to restrain her father's anger or catch Hecuba as she faints in disappointment when she decides to tell them about us.

She blinked twice then walked towards Gabrielle's bedroom.

"There you are! You've been ages Xena; so long I got bored telling Lila about our adventures."

Gabrielle looked annoyed, which was not a helpful addition to the evening, but something in Xena's icy blue eyes replaced her annoyance with worry almost immediately.

"What's wrong? Xena?"

The warrior felt her younger lovers hands wrap around her forearm and pull her down to sit on the edge of Gabrielle's disused bed from her youth in Potidaea.

"Your mother...have you told her?" Xena looked dazed, as if she was in some far off land. Gabrielle couldn't tell if she was smiling or grimacing.

The bard snorted gently as she realised the concern she had for Xena's behaviour was not needed, the warrior princess was fretting over two old people and their opinions again.

"Gods Xena, is that why you look like you've just seen Ares give up his god hood to help run an orphanage?" She laughed at her own joke as she left the bed to unpack their bags.

"Have you?" Xena was whispering now, and looked even more distant as the blue of her eyes went from clear ice to sheet glacier.

Gabrielle caught the laugh that was rumbling in her chest before it erupted. Definitely not a good idea she thought to herself as she walked slowly back to Xena and bent down so their eyes were level. Emerald bore into the glacier and the blue began to melt.

"No, I thought I'd leave it a few days, you know, give them a chance to get used to us being here and seeing us together. Although I do think Lila's already guessed. Did you notice how she reacted when she thought you weren't staying? Like she was confused about why you'd be leaving when we come as a package usually." She grinned stupidly at the warrior's face, which brought a slight smile out of the blankness.

"I think your mother knows too, Gabrielle. She hinted to it anyway. I thought I was being paranoid but it does fit if you think Lila's guessed." Xena was visibly calmer now, knowing Gabrielle hadn't been shunned when it was becoming apparent their relationship wasn't as inconspicuous as they had thought. Gabrielle, on the other hand, looked nervous suddenly.

"What did she say?" She whispered barely loud enough for anyone but the warrior princess to hear.

"That we seem a lot closer now and I shouldn't keep you waiting or something like that. She had this glint in her eye when I slipped up about sleeping in your room. You think she knows?"

"Only an idiot wouldn't realise!"

The two women's heads snapped to the door, where Lila and Hecuba were standing watching them, having heard their entire conversation.

"Now, now, Lila. You're father hasn't quite reached the right conclusion yet." Hecuba winked obviously, so all three other women could see.

"Like I said, only an idiot-"

"That's enough young lady, go set the table."

Lila grinned at the couple and bounded out of the doorway in excitement.

"Mother, uhm," Xena could practically hear Gabrielle's brain ticking as she thought of something appropriate to say. "XenaandIareloversandifyoudon'tlikeitthenwecanleavebutI'dpreferitifyouaccepteditandwecouldstillstaybecausewearefamilyandIdon'twanttoloseyou." The words came out in such a short time; both Xena and Hecuba laughed out loud.

"Gabrielle, my daughter, you're usually better with words. Would you like to try that again?"

"Not really." Came the weak reply from the increasingly shy blonde.

Xena took her hand and squeezed gently, showing Gabrielle she was there for support. The bard took a deep breath and started again.

"Mother, Xena and I-"

"Are a couple." Hecuba interrupted with a statement, not a question. She smiled when she saw the worried look on her daughters face.

"Gabrielle, Lila and I had a discussion about this the last time you and Xena were in Potidaea. I don't think you had shown each other your true feelings then, because you were marrying Perdicas, but I could see the hurt in Xena's eyes and the confusion in yours."

"And who in Tartarus asks their best friend if they can marry someone?!" came the loudly whispered addition from Lila as she hurried past the door frame with a tray in her arms.

"Lila! Shoo!" Hecuba smiled sympathetically at Gabrielle. "I don't doubt you loved Perdicas, Gabrielle, but it was not the same love that I see you have for Xena, not as strong. Am I right?"

Gabrielle glanced at Xena, who was visibly relaxed and looking rather cheerful after hearing what Hecuba had seen on Gabrielle's wedding day. The bard narrowed her eyes. She's enjoying this now. No good Bacchae bitten pig! Inhaling deeply and trying not to think of ways to get Xena back for this apparent self confidence boost, she answered.

"Yes, mother, you're right. I do love Xena and I have done for a very long time. I never dreamt she would feel the same way about me and that we'd be together. Do you resent me because she's not a man? I know you want me to settle down and have children."

Xena glared at Gabrielle for her question, it had been a positive conversation until she'd brought up the lack of testosterone in their relationship. The bard shrugged and looked at her mother for the answer.

"How could I resent my child being happy? Of course I want grandchildren and I'd love you to give me some, but as far as I'm aware Lila's got every intention of staying put and getting married, so all is not lost, my daughter. Xena is more suited to you than anyone in the known world and she's done a good job making you into the woman you are now. I have to thank her for making you happy." She turned and smiled at Xena, who returned the gesture with a warm glow in her eyes.

"Right then, now that's sorted, shall we eat?" Hecuba turned and left the room humming a soft tune to herself, heading back to the kitchen to put the food out.

Xena wrapped an arm around Gabrielle's waist and pulled her into a loving embrace. She held the bards head to her breast and gently stroked her golden hair. Gabrielle smiled and relaxed into the moment.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it? I don't know why you were worrying about telling them!"

Gabrielle's eyes flew open and her body stiffened at Xena's words.

"Excuse me? You were the one who was worried!" She looked furious.

Xena laughed and moved off the bed. Standing in the doorway, she turned and smiled sweetly at her love.

"Gabrielle, you wanna get that head checked out! Xena: Warrior Princess, worried about this? No more henbane for you!" She laughed again, seeing Gabrielle's frustration build up.

"Come on, little bard, dinner's ready. Or are you worried about that too?" She teased playfully, her blue eyes now more liquid than solid as they warmed.

"Xena, you're lucky I'm too hungry for this. You're a chicken! But if you want to pretend the warrior princess wasn't scared of the big bad bard parents from Potidaea, you do that." She pushed past the warrior, who was doubled up laughing now, and playfully slapped her on the forehead.

"Hey! Nasty!" Xena looked up, in mock shock. She turned and followed Gabrielle to the kitchen, pinching her on the backside just as they entered, so that Gabrielle jumped and then had to find a valid excuse for it. Lila laughed, realising what had happened. Xena laughed at Lila's laugh, which reminded her of Gabrielle's. Herodotus glared at the sound of the warrior woman being happy in his house. He was going to find a way to get rid of her and make Gabrielle stay in Potidaea this time. It was his own personal mission.

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