Trip of a Lifetime

by Foxfire




Disclaimers: This is an original piece of writing and any resemblance to fictional characters is not intended. All characters in this story belong to me.
Subtext: It's pretty much maintext, this story contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature between two women. All consensual and all legal, so if that isn't your thing then this isn't the story for you.

This is my first piece of original fiction so any comments would be gratefully accepted, email me at foxfire64@hotmail. . This is hopefully the first of a series about Alex's continued travels so look out for the sequal :)

I'd decided I needed a break from England. I was almost 19 years old and completely fed up with living my life how everyone else wants me to, so I worked my ass off all summer and saved up enough money to go travelling in Australia and New Zealand for 6 months. My parents weren't happy that I was going alone but I explained that I needed the space and I'd rather not worry about pleasing another person's plans.


As I sat on the plane to Auckland for my first three months in New Zealand, I thought about all the places I wanted to see and all the new things I wanted to experience. I had no plans, no accommodation booked and no idea where to start; all I knew was that I had plenty of money, a big shiny rented Kawasaki waiting for me and an amazing sense of adventure.


When I touched down in Auckland it was 5 o'clock in the morning and after spending hours sleeping on the plane, I wasn't tired enough to find a place to sleep. I wanted to begin exploring the area I was in straight away, so I filled up my shiny new toy and drove around the streets until it became light enough to see without the street lights.


At 9 o'clock some coffee shops had opened and were attracting large numbers of people who all looked as if they needed a caffeine injection as much as I did. I found a friendly looking coffee house on a corner, called Kiwi Sam's, and ordered a large cappuccino to sit in. The woman behind the counter smiled quirkily at my accent as she made my drink. She made me smile in return, because I realised I must have sounded quite strange in comparison with her Australasian tone. Noticing that there was only one table free, I thanked the woman quickly and headed straight to it before I was left stranded standing up with a mug of coffee and nowhere to go.


Relaxing into one of the two chairs available, I sipped my coffee slowly and watched as people walked past the window, consumed in their daily lives and totally amusing me without even realising I existed. I began to daydream about what it would have been like to grow up here, in comparison to the fairly mundane existence of being a British born child. I thought it must be wonderful to be proud of where you're from.


“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” A silky female voice cut into my world, making me jump and spill a small amount of coffee on the table in the process.

“Shit!” I mumbled without thinking, then I looked up into the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, two icy pools of crystal blue stared at me in amusement, complimented by the corners of her shapely lips curling upwards as she stifled a smile. She was breathtaking and I couldn't help smiling insanely back.

“Err, no.” I choked out. “All yours.”

I felt the heat rising in my face as I stumbled over my words. Great first impression, you're managing to look like you have the mental age of a ten year old with learning difficulties!

“Thanks, I'm Kelly.” She smiled again and held her hand out for me to take. I blinked a couple of times before reaching out and accepting the greeting, blushing as she raised an eyebrow in question, a knowing smile spreading across her lips. She leaned closer to me, drawing me unconsciously with her.

“This is the part where you tell me your name.” She whispered, before moving back and smirking at my open mouth and probably completely incoherent face. Wake up you moron, or she's gonna think you really are a mong!

“I'm Alex,” I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry as a bone. “Nice to meet you.” I smiled at her shyly and mumbled an apology for acting strangely. She laughed. God, she had an amazing laugh! We chatted for what seemed like hours while we drank our coffee, my insane shyness quickly ebbed away as she questioned me with genuine interest about my travels and my life in England. She told me she was born and bred in this town and after living in America for most of her adult life, she had moved back to her roots because she'd missed it too much.


I listened to her eagerly, her accent had my ears in some kind of orgasmic meltdown, her dazzling white smile made me feel uncontrollably dizzy and those out of this world eyes had me completely mesmerised. I had not been this attracted to someone for a very, very long time. I secretly thanked a God I did not believe in that I had chosen, this country, this town, this coffee house at this exact time, just to say I had layed eyes on such a beautiful woman.

“Do you usually stare blankly when you're in mid conversation?”

I was brought back to reality with a bang and I felt my face burn up again.

“No! I'm sorry. I just... I mean... Err... you probably get this a lot but you have the most amazing eyes I've ever seen, I... I can't stop staring at them.” I blushed again and looked away, terrified that she'd see the truth of my attraction. I didn't usually try to hide how I felt about women but I had no idea how this woman felt about homosexuality. I supposed she must get quite a lot of female attention, looking the way she did, but I still couldn't be sure how she'd react. I wondered why I cared so much. I was here for six months and I'd met this woman on my first day. I was surely not going to see her again, so why was I so worried about her recoiling from me?


I looked back up to see her smiling slightly, patiently waiting for me to come back to earth. When she saw me smile back, she spoke softly, leaning forward again.

“You're right, I do get that a lot, but it sounded nice coming from a pretty girl like you.” She grinned as curiosity washed over my face and I tried to figure out what the hell was going on.

“I have to go now,” She said as she glanced down at her watch. “Thanks for letting me sit here. It was lovely to meet you Alex.”

She leant towards me again and brushed her lips lightly across my cheek, sending shivers down my spine and making butterflies erupt in my stomach.

When she moved away she produced a small card and handed it to me, then she disappeared out of the door with a friendly smile and a quick wave in my direction.

I looked down into my hand and my heart skipped a beat when I realised she'd given me her business card. It read ‘Kelly Ryan, actress and public speaker' and it had her mobile and home numbers, email address and agents details printed on the reverse. I'd get to see this woman again if I called her. I felt my stomach tighten at the thought.




Not wanting to appear over eager and needed to put my personal health, hygiene and accommodation first, I didn't call her for a couple of days, though I thought about little else. When I eventually did pluck up the courage to phone Kelly, she sounded genuinely pleased to hear my voice, which I found strangely enticing, if not a little arousing. I believe it had something to do with a dream I'd had about her the night before which had me needing an extremely cold shower as soon as I woke up. Jesus Christ, those eyes had me under some kind of spell.


Kelly invited me to hers for lunch the next day, asking me to bring nothing but myself when I offered to buy some wine or beer. She told me she was looking forward to seeing me again, said goodbye and we hung up. Now I'm not usually one for delusion, and I was more than aware of just how out of my league this woman actually was, but she wanted to have lunch with me tomorrow and in my eyes, that could only be a good thing.


I arrived at Kelly's house fifteen minutes early, after finding her directions easier than I'd thought I would. When I knocked on the door, I had the familiar feeling that my teeth were going to fall out, a feeling I always got when I was insanely nervous about doing something new. I waited for about a minute, taking in the front of the huge house I was standing in front of. It was beautiful and rather expensive looking, made from massive naturally shaped granite blocks with tresses of red and white roses climbing up both sides of the ornate wooden door. When Kelly answered, she smiled warmly, said hello and gestured for me to come inside. She kissed my cheek again, which sent more shockwaves down my spine. I handed her the bottle of rosé wine I had brought, cheekily hoping she would feel the need to punish me for disobeying her request. When she spoke to me, I was subject to a fresh assault of desire that I suppressed immediately, yet somewhat painfully, as she was wearing a tight red t-shirt that clearly revealed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her endless legs were on show too, as the slit up the side of her black satin skirt almost reached the top of her thighs, which I might add, looked absolutely incredible. An image of licking those tanned and muscular thighs passed through my head and I shuddered in delight at the thought, before catching myself and remembering who was watching me.


“I told you to just bring yourself, lunch is my treat.” She smiled though, and took the bottle from me.

“It's nothing special; I just didn't want to come empty handed.” Her eyes lit up at my accidental innuendo and she laughed deliciously, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

Her long dark hair was flowing freely down her back today, silkily cascading, looking like she should be in a hair product advert, hell, she probably was. I remember thinking how much I wanted to run my fingers through it.


We sat outside in her back garden to eat, surrounded by hundreds of exotic flowery smells and the relaxing sound of a stream flowing nearby. We sat out there for hours, talking and laughing, it was so peaceful, yet I could feel the tension building between us with every second that passed. I wasn't sure whether it was just me who noticed it, or even if it was just wishful thinking on my part. Unfortunately I'd noticed something which severely damaged my chances of making this woman cry out in pleasure. She wore a ring on her wedding finger.


“So,” she began, pausing almost dramatically before smiling, cocking an eyebrow then turning to look out at the setting sun. “What about relationships? Is there anybody special in your life Al?”

I couldn't tell what her intentions were by her asking me this, but it made me smile that she'd begun shortening my name already, so I decided to be honest with her, after all, why lie? If she wasn't going to be more, I sure as hell was going to keep this goddess in my life as a friend; a girl needed eye candy. Taking a deep breath, I steadied myself.

“I'm not seeing anyone, no. I got out of a serious relationship about a year ago and I haven't seen anyone since. What about you?”

I couldn't tell the expression on her face, it was a mixture of too many emotions that I just couldn't read.

“Why haven't you? Seen anyone since, I mean.”

I sighed, noticing how she avoided my question but deciding to continue with the honesty theme. Here goes, I thought.

“I'm scared of being hurt again, I guess. My ex meant the world to me and she broke my heart, I'm over her, but I'm not over it.”

I couldn't be sure, but I swear I saw a glint in her eye when I confessed my ex was a female. Maybe I imagined it, because it definitely wasn't there a second later. I realised I had made the mistake of staring into her eyes and now I was lost, I'd forgotten the conversation in seconds. It took Kelly waving dramatically in front of my face to bring my attention back.

“She was a fool to break your heart, Al. Believe me, you'll find someone you can trust to make you happy again, who knows, maybe you already know her?” She smiled with an innocence I could see through like a glass door, which made me stifle a grin and just nod in agreement, worried if I spoke too soon, I'd say something stupid.

“So what about you then,” I asked after taking a deep breath and pushing the thoughts of Kelly naked beneath me to the back of my mind, where they started causing trouble but could at least be contained. “Are you with anyone?” I tried to keep my voice casual, polite even, though I'm pretty sure I had now become the glass door.

Kelly held up her hand and then slapped it back down on her leg dramatically, showing me the ring on her finger that I'd already noticed.

“I'm married,” she said it like she regretting the fact and as she continued, I began to understand why.

“We were too young, really. It seemed like a good idea at the time. He works abroad most of the year so I hardly ever see him, even when he comes home it feels like he shouldn't be here. We argue a lot and I'm not sure I love him anymore. I'm definitely not in love with him.” I could hear the sadness and confusion leak from her voice and I had an overwhelming urge to put my arms around her and hold her tight.

“If you don't mind me asking, why are you still with him?” I spoke carefully, not wanting to speak out of turn; I'd only known this woman a few days after all.

“It's better for the boys that we stay together, they love their dad and he's never put a foot wrong with them, I just don't want to upset them.” She paused, seeing a look pass over my face that must have shown clearly how shocked I was. It must have also been clear how irritated I was there were yet more reasons why this woman was ridiculously unobtainable.

“Jack's ten and Cody is six,” she explained. “They are at their Nan's tonight.”

It was now clear from the look on her face that the one on mine hadn't changed.

“Why did you invite me here for lunch?” I demanded, rather more rudely than I had anticipated, though the anger I was feeling towards that God I didn't believe in was now coursing through my veins at high speed. I stood up and stared at her intently.

“I...We got on so well in the coffee shop, I thought it would be nice... is there a problem Alex?” she looked genuinely worried and confused, and I was beginning to regret snapping at something that really shouldn't have bothered me. This woman wanted nothing but friendship, why was I acting like some jealous child that she had a husband and kids? I was angrier at myself than her. I felt my face burn and I sat back down, trying to calm my breathing.

“No, I'm sorry; I just let myself get carried away. I didn't mean to snap, honestly. So,” I looked up and caught her looking at my heaving chest with that glint in her eye. I nearly choked; there goes the infamous Alex Mayer imagination again. Or was it? “Err, Kelly?” her head snapped up and I could see in her now hooded eyes exactly why she'd invited me over and my reaction to her being married had shown her exactly why I had accepted. The cool blue of her eyes had turned to an almost indigo shade, her pupils were dilated and her nostrils flared when she looked into my eyes. The space between us crackled with electricity. I was now under no illusions that she wanted me as much as I wanted her, and that thought scared the shit out of me. She wasn't just the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen anymore, she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen who was married with children. I was a lot of stupid things, but I was not a home wrecker.


I stood up to leave, wanting nothing more than to rip her clothes off and kiss every inch of skin underneath.

“I should go,” I choked out, looking anywhere but directly at her. “I'm sorry...” my voice trailed off as I headed back into the house, leaving her still sitting frozen on her chair. I needed to clear my head, I wanted this woman more than I'd wanted anything in my entire life and that want and desire had been intensified by the knowledge that she wanted me just as much, but I couldn't have her, not while she was married. I had to get away so I could try to forget about her. I started planning the route to the next city as I grabbed my jacket off the hook and reached for the door handle.

“Please, wait.”

Her voice stopped me in my tracks, with my hand already halfway opening the door. I turned slowly, knowing I would not be able to control myself if she so much as touched me.

“Alex, I think it's pretty obvious why I wanted to see you again and I thought you wanted it too, I don't understand why you're leaving.” She had a point. She wasn't happy in her relationship, she wanted me. Why was I leaving?

I turned around and started towards her, but she was quicker than me and before I'd even taken a step I was slammed harshly against the door with a confused and angry looking woman an inch from my face, breathing heavily. She had both hands on the front of my shirt, screwed up and clenched in fists, pulling tight on the material. The electricity I'd felt in the garden had turned into bolts of lightning passing unseen between us. I opened my mouth to speak but she shoved me harder against the door, stared angrily into my eyes and then crushed her lips roughly against mine. I gasped and felt the bolts of lightning shoot from our lips down to my groin.

Her tongue entered my mouth and I made no move to stop it, it was the most amazing kiss I'd ever experienced. We melted into each other and I fought for the control I knew I'd never get with this woman, she dominated the kiss totally. Her hands unscrewed themselves, leaving my shirt crumpled ridiculously down the front. Well, I can't leave the house with a creased shirt... what a shame.

“What are you smiling at?” Kelly demanded, pulling away from me, a smile beginning to show through her quickly ebbing anger.

“Nothing,” I replied mock defensively, before grabbing her t-shirt and pulling her back into another smouldering kiss, this time much less aggressive.

Her hands moved down my back and over my ass, then cupped the back of a thigh each and tugged, silently showing me what to do. I jumped slightly and wrapped my legs around her waist, immediately starting to grind my hips against her and realising, not for the first time, just how much this woman aroused me.

She moaned at the rhythm as she carried me to her bedroom. My heart started beating double time as I realised where we were, and as she placed me gently down onto the sheets I swear it stopped for a second. She was on top of me, still in the same position as when she'd carried me, with my legs around her. She started thrusting into me with her hips now, in a soft rhythm that drove me absolutely wild.

I reached up and pulled her t-shirt above her head, revealing two of the most breathtaking breasts I'd ever seen. I could feel the look of desire I had in my eyes, and Kelly could see it. She moved closer to me, making me reach for them with my mouth, then just as I was about to close my lips over one of her hardening nipples, she moved away, the objects of my desire moving freely from my grasp. She was teasing me and I loved it. I decided to let her have her fun a few more times, before I threaded my fingers through the hair at the back of her head and pulled her down into another passionate kiss, to show her what she was missing by teasing me so much. She giggled at me and then gasped into my mouth as my thumbs circled her nipples, causing them to tighten and ache for something more. Now she knew what teasing really was, I thought with a devilish smile.

Pushing her gently over onto her back, I straddled her hips and began my grinding again, seeing the pleasure build up in her eyes. I took her wrists and placed both her hands above her head, holding them there with my left hand as I trailed my right down her arm and across both breasts, before taking her right nipple in my mouth and sucking gently. She pushed upwards into my touch and moaned loudly.

I worked my way down her body, kissing and licking every bit of skin I could see. I knew exactly what she wanted and I had every intention of giving it to her. I pulled her pants down slowly, making us both wait; I'd waited too long for the moment I'd want to do this again to rush it and I knew teasing her would drive her wild. I brushed my lips across the inside of her thighs as her legs opened subconsciously, showing me her most intimate parts and just how aroused and ready she was. I ran my tongue slowly and lightly between her lips, purposely avoiding her clit, causing her to make a sexy frustrated noise and push upwards again, trying to push my tongue deeper into her. I moved my left hand slowly up her stomach and pressed down gently, showing her that she was to stay where she was. She tried to protest but soon obeyed when she felt my tongue re-enter her, a little deeper, so that I tasted her for the first time. Now it was my turn to moan, she tasted more delicious than anything I'd ever put in my mouth in my entire life.

Suddenly, I could not control myself anymore and I thrust my tongue deeper, washing over her clit and down to her entrance, moving in and out of her with a rhythm that drove us both insane. Her body heaved and she massaged her own breasts as I worked her to the verge of climax. Her body began to tense around me and I could tell that she was close to release, so I moved my right hand up between her legs and replaced my tongue's action with two of my fingers; pumping furiously inside of her, while circling her clit with my tongue.

She was screaming with pleasure as I felt her inner muscles close around my fingers and her thighs pressed together on both sides of my head. Her hands grasped my hair tightly as she reached the peak of her climax and she shuddered slightly before laying still, her chest heaving.

I kept still and didn't move from within her until she relaxed her legs, then I kissed lightly up her body, trailing my lips across her soft, tanned skin. When I reached her face she had her eyes closed, so I kissed her eyelids gently, then her nose, and her lips, before smiling down at her as her eyes fluttered open. When she smiled back, I knew my life was never going to be the same.


“Alex,” she stroked my face and moved a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear before continuing. “That was amazing, I... just... Thank you.” She smiled shyly and closed her eyes again. I grinned smugly; extremely pleased with myself.

“Ow!” I whined defensively as a hand made contact with the elbow on the arm I'd been using to prop myself up, causing me to fall over on to my right side. “Is that how you treat amazingness?!” I demanded playfully.

“Don't let your head get big Al, I saw you grinning.” Kelly smirked as she rolled over to face me.

“How did you?! You had your eyes closed!” I mock pouted.

She giggled lightly as I poked her in the stomach and cuddled up to her, pulling the duvet up to our shoulders.


I fell asleep smiling into Kelly's shoulder, feeling happier than I had felt in a long time.




“Mmmm, that's so good...” I whispered, feeling soft fingers trace shapes across my bare back. I'd forgotten where I was when I'd woken up, until I'd realised I was completely naked and half on top of another naked woman, then the evening before had come flooding back in a warm feeling that shot straight to my groin. The woman beneath me had invited me to lunch, our intentions had been revealed in a rather heated moment and she had kissed me. I smiled as I remembered vividly making love to her until she'd screamed my name and then I'd fallen asleep in her arms. However terrified I felt I should be at opening myself up to the feelings I was developing, I just didn't care. She wanted me here, or I wouldn't have been allowed to fall asleep and she wouldn't be caressing my back like she was. Oh God, that feels so good.


I felt a soft kissing begin on my neck, which began to grow more persistent. Her hands began wandering and soon I was wide awake and unbelievably turned on. I hadn't come last night, I'd been so caught up in her beauty and evident need for release that I'd just wanted to give her what she needed, but now she was touching me and my body began to ache for release, and quick. There was plenty of time for slow and gentle later, I needed her inside me and she seemed to sense my new found urgency because she removed the pressure of her hands on my body and silently willed me to show her how I wanted it to be. I was now far too turned on to play about as her fingers moved agonisingly slowly over my clit and entrance, so I took advantage of her silent submission and straddled her hips. I held onto the metal frame of the head board with my right hand and steadied myself with my left, on the pillow next to her head. I had already begun grinding my hips into her and as I lifted myself off her stomach slightly, her hand slid back between my legs and she rubbed long hard strokes with two fingers, giving me even more to move against. I couldn't help but moan and push myself down onto her, hard.


“Please, Kelly...” I gasped, pleading into the crystal blue that was gazing up at me.

“What do you want baby?” she practically purred into my ear, “Tell me what you want me to do.” She added pressure as her fingers glided over my entrance, then moved them away before I could take them in. I cried out in frustration, the teasing was killing me!


“I... need... you...” I breathed out. “Please... just...” I couldn't string my words together, every time I tried to speak she pressed harder against my clit. I was beginning to lose control of my speech and she wasn't even halfway done with me yet! I took a deep breath, thinking of the words that would stop her teasing me.


“Kelly... please...” I moaned as she rubbed harder circles. “Please... inside me... NOW!” I practically shouted at her, but she just grinned devilishly as I lifted myself up off her, holding the headboard for support as her fingers finally thrust into me, and out again, and back in. The noises I was making were completely detached from my brain, all I could think about was that Kelly was filling me up, completing me, making me whole. She carried on thrusting, harder, faster, until my body began to tense, then she pressed her thumb against my clit every time she moved inside me. I opened my eyes and saw my knuckles were white from grasping the bed so hard, then my legs began to shudder uncontrollably and I cried out, swearing profusely and calling Kelly's name so loudly it was probably breaking some kind of sound barrier. The orgasm shot through my body from the bottom of my stomach to the tips of my fingers and toes in a deliciously warm sensation. Kelly slowed down her strokes but to my evident surprise, she carried on going, gently and slowly, still working her thumb against my clit and I found that even though I had just come, my body was extremely keen to carry on. I began to move on her fingers again, pushing forward as well as down, so that she could touch the velvety spot inside me that would send me into the sky. Within a minute she had me falling over the edge again and I was coming even louder than before, if that was even possible.


I lifted myself off her and collapsed on to the bed, pulling the duvet over my head, suddenly embarrassed of how noisy I had been and how much of myself I had revealed to this woman.

“Well, that was one way to wake up.” I whispered, smiling into the material covering my face.

“Mmmm.” I heard the beautiful woman next to me agree as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed the top of my head. “Definitely.”


To be continued in part 2


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