Warrior and Bard

by GabGal


General : The characters of Xena, Gabrielle and others belong to Universal, and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended.

Subtext : This story is based on the premise of two women very much in love with each other. While there are no graphic scenes involved, the theme runs through the story, and if this bothers you, click BACK PAGE and go read something else.

Synopsis This story takes place near the end of season five. Both, Xena and Gabrielle know something is wrong between them, but they've been afraid to face what it is. Finally Xena and Gabrielle decide to talk about their relationship and try to find our what's really inside their hearts.

Although this is an independent story, it is very much related to I'm Gabrielle, Bard of Poteidia? and I'm Xena, Warrior Princess? , which deal with each other thoughts previously the conversation that takes place in this story.

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- Xena, I need to talk to you -Gabrielle says to a distracted Xena who looks at her with questioning eyes. Both of them know things haven't been the same between them lately, but none of them had decided to make the first move and confront things, though they both feel they are getting apart more and more day after day. They really loved each other, more than any other couple in the whole world, they had go through a lot during their lifetime together, maybe too much. They had laughed, but they had also cried and hurt each other. But their love was stronger and it survived all the tests, one after one, they knew they belong each other, they knew they would be together for eternity, 'cause not even death would break their bond. But they wondered why, now that they knew all of this, they felt like something got lost, like they're living their lives side by side, but not together. Yes, they're certainly not the same persons they used to be, their experiences have shaped their lives and souls into these new selves, and though they should be closer than ever before they feel they're losing each other, but they're afraid to talk What happened to us Gabrielle? Why can't we talk? Xena thinks as she looks at her friend in front of her. Gabrielle looks determined looking at her eyes, What does she want to talk to me about? Please, don't say your leaving I couldn't resist that.

  • Xena, did you hear me? are you ok? "Gabrielle asks seeing she's not getting any answer.
  • Yeah, I heard you. Sorry, I was just thinking.
  • What?
  • Eh well, things but I want to hear you first, ok? Let me give Eve to Aris.

Xena knows Eve will be in good hands. Aris is a young amazon who has gotten really attached with the little girl, and Eve seems to enjoy her company as well. Xena gets ups and says to Gabrielle:

  • Wait for me here, ok? I'll be right back.
  • Ok.

What "things" is she thinking? Could it be possible she is going to talk to me? I mean, she's been so distant lately Hmm Oh I feel my stomach is feeling weird, gee Gabrielle, just calm down, ok? It's Xena we're talking about; it's your best friend, right? So, just relax and speak your mind this is gonna be a hard one

  • All right Gabrielle, let's go.
  • Go? Where?
  • Didn't you say you want to talk?
  • Yeah, but-
  • I thought it would be better to leave the village for a while, I mean, so we can talk quietly and without interruptions, what do you think?
  • Well, ok just let me go for the horses.
  • Gabrielle "Xena says and holds her hand shyly, very softly, but then she takes it away "I want you to ride with me, on Argo
  • Ok -she answers and Xena goes to look for Argo. Gabrielle follows her and waits for her not far away. What was that all about? She touched my hand Gods, I felt I was going to fade It was so strange, now I know how much I've really missed that, her hands, her touching it was only a hand and she left me almost shaking here

- Gabrielle, let's go "Xena says up there on Argo. Gabrielle looks at her and feels she has been transported to her past, years ago, when she was just a village girl looking for adventures and lessons to learn. Xena offers her hand and helps her get on Argo, as she had done so many times in the past, when things seemed less complex. Gabrielle is ready, and she places her arms around Xena's waist, being careful not to press her that much. She barely touches her. Just when Gabrielle puts her arms around Xena, the warrior feels her pulse getting faster and faster. It was so long since the last time they were like that, with Gabrielle behind her back, feeling her closeness, knowing they were made for each other, knowing they were the happiest persons in the world. Gabrielle, this is who you are. Why have we lost all this time? I want you like this always, riding next to me but I'm afraid I've done too much wrong to you, I'm afraid I've destroyed the most precious part of your soul

It was late afternoon, but the sun would be still their companion. They were riding with no direction. Actually, Xena didn't know what they were going to, but she just needed a little time to think about what she would say to Gabrielle. She said she needs to talk, and the least I can do is talk to her too, open my heart I guess it's time, I can't live like this anymore, I owe it to her. No matter what she wants to say, I'm not gonna let her walk away without knowing how I feel, what is it that torments me

  • Xena, when will we stop? " Suddenly Gabrielle takes Xena out of her thoughts.
  • It would be soon now
  • It's just that I don't want night to fall on us "she says kind of worried.
  • Don't worry about that, trust me, ok?
  • Ok...

Yeah, I trust you Xena. It's just that this is getting too strange for me. It's already late and we're going nowhere, or is it you're too afraid to talk to me that you'll ride all night long?

  • Ok. Guess this is fine "said the warrior as she stops Argo.

Then she jumps to the ground, and tries to help Gabrielle.

- That's all right Xena. I can do it "Gabrielle says in an almost rude tone. I'm not a kid anymore, you know?

Xena looks at her, Sorry, she thinks, without stopping looking at her bard. The sight is beautiful. Xena knew Gabrielle would enjoy it, you could see the greenest hills shaping their way gracefully, the red-blue sky and a sun that was starting to say good bye.

  • It's beautiful, huh? "Xena asks.
  • Yes, it is. But Xena, this is not what I came here for, you know that, right?
  • I know it. But Gabrielle, you used to enjoy watching the sunsets, I didn't mean-
  • Yes, I used to enjoy lots of things, but now I have something more important to worry about. " She says in an almost rude way.

Xena turns away her face, looking at the view. Is this possible? Where is the Gabrielle I knew? And why the heck I feel so hurt? Why am I such a softy? Damn

What did I do? What is going on with me? Why did I answer like that?, I don't have any tact. And Xena, she seems she's about to cry. Gee, I should have known, she seems so sensitive lately, and I've gotten harder than ever.

  • Xena, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. It's just that I can't sit to enjoy the view, when there are important things I wanna say to you. " She says walking towards Xena.
  • I know, I know. Guess I overreacted, you know how wacky I've been these months. I don't know what's going on Gabrielle, but I can't seem to be in control of myself, and I hate it.
  • Xena, don't be so hard on you, it was the pregnancy and everything
  • Yeah, I know. But even now that Eve is born I feel strange. I'm not the same person I used to be, and I know I've made you go trough it as well
  • Xena, none of us are the same persons we used to be we've gone through too much to still be the same, it would be silly to think we would be the same till the day we die. We had to grow; we had to get up and rise above all, above all the hurt, the pain, thinking that the future would bring us new chances, for both of us.
  • And it did. It brought us Eve, and with her the chance to start all over again. Not only to redeem myself for Solan, but also because of you and Hope
  • Hope? "Gabrielle's eyes gloom, sadness in them facing the memory of her child.
  • Yes, Hope. Gabrielle, I know you still think about her. You don't have to tell me, I'm a mother. And I know you love Eve as much as I do, but the thing is sometimes I don't know why I was given this opportunity, and not you, who really deserve it. Why it wasn't you the one who carried this child inside you. Gabrielle I can't tell you I would chose to reject Eve, but I can tell you, I would chose for you to be her mother, for you to carry her in your womb.
  • Xena, believe me. I couldn't love Eve more if she were my own child. For me, there's no difference. And I know there's a reason why it was you the chosen one to carry her, and I accept that 'cause I love you more than myself.
  • Gabrielle
  • And Hope-
  • Gabrielle, I'm sorry I didn't give her a chance. Xena says with tears in her eyes. I know you just wanted to do what any other mother would have done.
  • Xena, I know I loved Hope with all my heart, but I also know that wouldn't be enough to make her change. And I don't think it's because evil was a stronger force, but because it just wasn't meant to be. It hurts my soul, but it's the truth, I just hope wherever she is, she has found peace. Hope hurt us both the same, but you know what?, I think I've succeed, I've forgiven her and myself for all the things that happened between us
  • Gabrielle, come here "Xena says while she reaches for Gabrielle's hands. She takes in her arms and holds her there. "Gabrielle, I know I've made you go through so many things, and I know now you've had to put up with enough
  • Xena, what happened to us? Ok, hang on "while she breaks the hug. "Listen, I think I heard you, now I want to ask you something. Is this the reason why you've acted so strangely with me all this months, or is it something else?
  • Gabrielle
  • Xena, if you just don't want me to be near you just say it, ok? It's just that I can't live like this anymore. Wondering what I have done wrong? wondering what else I have to do to show you how much I love you and Eve. By the Gods Xena, can't you see that? can't you see I'm dying every day a little more? I'm lost without you. "and she can't help a tear to come out of her eyes.
  • Gabrielle, I'm so sorry. But don't you ever think I stopped loving you, you live inside my heart and you always will. It's just that I couldn't help thinking I made you leave your own way by letting you to stay here with Eve and me and help us against humans and Gods. I know how you feel about killing, and I was so ashamed to look at your eyes and not seeing the light I once knew, you seemed you missed something, and I knew it was that, you couldn't stand killing.
  • Yes, I couldn't stand killing, and I never could. And yes, guess you're right and I've been acting strangely lately with you. But you see? it wasn't because of the killing, I mean, it wasn't the main reason, the main reason was you, who seemed to forget about me Xena, I can't deny this is a great responsibility, and it hurts me, but it was my choice, I couldn't let anything bad to happen to you or Eve, and I would do anything, listen to me, anything to protect you.
  • But destroying your soul in the process? Gabrielle, I can't ask you that. That's too much
  • Too much? who says what's too much or too less Xena? "And she gently takes Xena's face in her hands. "Look at me. Xena I love you, and because of that I'm willing to do that sacrifice for you, you understand? I couldn't just stay there not helping you the way you need me, and you don't have to feel any guilt about it, ok?

The warrior can't believe how lucky she is, having Gabrielle next to her. Gabrielle has given herself completely for her. She had made so many mistakes in the past, but she wasn't gonna let herself do anymore.

  • Gabrielle I love you "and she moves slowly towards the green eyes in front of her.

Soon her lips meet, softly, gently, like discovering for the first time the taste of love. Two souls who meet again under the red blue sky, knowing a new age has began, and willing to face the future with hope in their hearts.

  • Gabrielle, I don't know what I did to get the biggest gift in the world, your love. But I promise you something. I don't want you to feel I don't love you never again, for the rest of your life. You know how I am, it's hard for me to say what I feel, but I promise I'm gonna try to say it out loud, to say that you're the most amazing person I've ever met, and that I love you as I never loved someone before and as I never will. You are my life Gabrielle, now and always
  • Xena, no matter what I have to face in the future, what proofs I'll have to live, but I know if you're next to me, I'll handle it.
  • Gabrielle, I'm nothing without you, you know that? don't you?
  • I do

And they kiss again. This time stronger and then they held into a warm hug. They stay like that for a while, just holding each other, feeling each other. Now things could be different, they knew that, they just had to give themselves a chance. After a while

- Xena...sun is almost gone -Gabrielle suddenly says.

  • So?
  • So? We have to go back if we don't want to arrive at nighttime.
  • Who said that? "Xena asks with a grin in her face
  • Xena, what do you have in mind?
  • Hold on.

And she goes to Argo and looks for something inside the saddlebag. She returns to Gabrielle with a couple of blankets.

  • We could spend the night out here. We just need to find a place to camp. What do you think? I know Eve will be in good hands.
  • But they might think something happened to us
  • Don't worry about that. I told Aris we would come back tomorrow. I figured we would need a time just for ourselves.
  • So, you got it all planned out, huh? What made you so sure? "she says with a serious face.
  • I didn't know it, but I wanted it to be like this
  • Me too
  • Ok, so let's find a place to camp.
  • Fine, but first, let's watch the sunset, shall we? "Gabrielle says.
  • Of course

They stayed there for a while, watching the sun disappeared. They were holding hands thinking tomorrow would be a wonderful day, no matter what it brought, now they were together again, and stronger than ever.

Later, they got on Argo. This time Gabrielle gets closer to Xena, she put her arms around her again, but this time without the fear she felt before. She places her face on Xena's hair, breathing, inhaling. The scent that felt so familiar, but so new at the same time.

Xena felt Gabrielle's body and she knew that was the best sensation in the world. Knowing they were still the best friends in the world and soulmates. She loved the bard more than her own life, and nothing would ever change that.

- I think this is a good place. "Xena says

  • Yes, it is. Xena, why don't you go to look for some wood while I set up the camp?
  • All right. I'll be back soon, ok? "and she gets closer to Gabrielle- wait for me.
  • Always.

And their lips find each other again, the sweetest sensation filling every part of their bodies.

  • Ok, I better go soon. It's getting colder here. "Xena says.
  • You think so? "Gabrielle asks with a grin.
  • Well ha, I mean outside here. Just wait ok?
  • Ok

As soon as Xena leaves Gabrielle goes to Argo's saddlebag. The thing is she managed to place her scroll, the one she was writing before she decided to talk to Xena inside Argo's saddlebag without Xena noticing it. She knows she doesn't have too much time, so she quickly throws the blankets on the ground and sets a hole to prepare the fire. Then she opens her scrolls and takes her quill, and in a few moments she seems she's done. Then she hides it under one of the blankets and waits for Xena.

  • I'm back! "Xena says.
  • Yeah, I can see.
  • Sorry it took me longer than I thought. It's just I had some troubles to find some dry wood.
  • That's ok, actually I didn't notice you took that long.
  • Oh, thank you! "Xena says with a ironic smile.
  • Xena, that's not what I meant.
  • I know. I'm just kidding, you know?

So quickly a fire is ready. Both women sit next to it, warming their hands and thinking about all they had lived.

  • Xena, do you think we're safe now? I mean, with the Gods and everything behind our back.
  • We will never be safe again Gabrielle. But we'll find a way to keep Eve far away from their claws.
  • Yes, we will


  • Xena, I want to show you something
  • What is it?
  • Just close your eyes, and promise you won't open them till I tell you to, ok?
  • Ok, promise.

Gabrielle searches with her hand behind the blanket, and finds the scroll she had hidden a while ago.

  • Ok, ready "Gabrielle says. "See!
  • Gabrielle, it's a scroll! Did you finally write anything? but hey where did that come from?, I mean, I didn't notice any scroll on your hands when we left.
  • Ha, you're not the only one with skills, you know?
  • Yeah, I can see that. But when?
  • Before I went to you to ask you to talk. And now, I just wrote something that I want you to hear
  • Go ahead, I'm getting impatient already.
  • Ok, so, here it goes...

I know we both come from different places

I know we're two different souls

But time has taught us both

To trade places to make us grow

In the beginning we were teacher and student

Later we were dark and light

Then you were the light and I was the dark

But now, we're just us Xena and Gabrielle

Warrior and Bard

  • I love you Xena.
  • Love you too Gabrielle.

And they kiss, with passion, strength, but most of all with love. And they're lying on the blankets, under the soft light, kissing, holding, breathing, and sighing, under the stars. As they find each other again, they find their way, now they know all along it was in front of them. They're their way each other for eternity

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