Jane faces a matter from she cannot escape and finds an unexpected answer to the problem with a very helpful servant.


This story is a complete work of fiction inspired by the characters and situations in The Tudor's television series and books that I've read over the years and contains no historical fact what so ever about anyone mentioned.
The fictional Blackthorn family I mention in the story never existed and all are created by me for the purpose of this story. 
I just write to enjoy myself and if other people enjoy it too then fantastic.
If they don't then I love a bit of criticism so write me all you like.
Good or bad. I don't mind.



I am Jane Elizabeth Blackthorn.

Common mistress of Blackthorn House in South Wales and all it's estates beyond.

You will not of heard of me before.

Nor will you hear of me again

But my story and the people in it is an important one that needs to be told.

I could be damned for it.

But, tell you I will.

I have nothing to lose now.

Even my name is gone...


I was born on a beautiful summers day fourteen years ago to a great Lady named Annabelle Harte and her husband, a man of business  Richard Blackthorn.

The result of a true love match. 

But my poor Mother tragically died bringing me into the world and I never knew her or that she loved me. 

I had still had a happy and privileged childhood because although, my family have money, connections, more then one home and loyally serve the King, we have no titles in our family nor ever have need of them.

My Father, Henry Blackthorn, once a brave and honest man of low standing and little fortune had worked his way up from nothing to earn everyone's admiration and respect at the royal court.

As a consequence I was often left alone with only the people of the household to care for me but he often wrote to me and visited when he could.

Today was just such a day. 

I'd had my favourite horse, a white mare saddled and been out riding most of the morning when I was told that my Father had come to visit me.

I made sure the horse was taken care of and rushed inside still in my riding clothes to see the warm, loving man I knew only too well.

"My Jane." He said happily taking me my hands and drawing me into loving embrace before pulling back to look at me.

"Papa." I said affectionately kissing both his hands and curtsying to him respectfully when he stood back and bowed to me. 

"Now, let me look at you." He said suddenly examining me closely as someone would a fine piece of jewellery and making me feel very awkward. 

"What a beautiful young woman you have become. Your Mother would be very proud of you. As I am." He said proudly with great affection nodding his approval and fixed his eyes upon the portrait on the poor young woman who had given up her life to save mine.

Now she was a great beauty, with blue eyes and long blonde hair, the perfect Tudor Maiden, but I saw nothing of myself in her.

"Thank you." I said with all the sweetness I could muster because I knew my hair was dark and black like my Father's and I had inherited his green eyes too.

I knew that in a court that admired fair and pretty women I would be very lucky to gain a husband at all.

But with the new Queen being dark and by all accounts plain, maybe I would have more of a chance then I thought.

I watched Papa with great affection as he walked over and continued to examine the portrait.

He had never taken another wife nor entertained another woman according to servants who'd cared for me while he was away he had loved my Mother so much that he never took another woman in her place.

I could only hope that as a woman, my future husband, whoever or wherever he may be would love me half as much as he did her.    

"Have you ever seen the Queen Anne's Ladies in Waiting? How plain they are next to her?" He suddenly asked startling me from my thoughts and tearing his eyes from Mother's portrait waiting impatiently for an answer.

"No Papa." I answered quickly, for he when had taken me to court a few ago to meet the King and his former Queen Catherine, when I was still a little girl, she seemed so strong and beautiful next to him that I could not imagine anyone ever taking her place upon the throne.

But still it happened and while England did nothing but pray for her salvation I wrote to her often pledging my continued loyalty and devotion to her cause.

Being a nobody, no one thought to stop or chastise me for writing to who I saw as the True Queen of England and sometimes she wrote back to me and asked me to come visit her.

One day I may take her up on her offer if the plans of her supporters suddenly decide to bear fruit and not just sit upon their hands as they seem to be doing now.  

"It is so she will not be tempted to ever be unfaithful to his Majesty." Papa continued after a few moments had passed when he saw a smile form upon my lips and judged that I was vain.

"What are you saying? Are you asking me to give up my virginity to the Queen of England simply to further the interests of our family?" I asked shocked and confused growing pale as he nodded and knowing that I had no choice but to obey his wishes if that's what he asked of me.

My first loyalty was to my family and my Father, as head of the Household had total control over me until I was married and my future husband got children upon me. 

But the very thought of lying with a woman, even one as powerful as the Queen or anyone else, brought no joy to my heart and for a moment I wished I could refuse. 

But as a loving daughter I had to do my duty for my family.

Whatever it may be. 

But as my Father said no more just kissing me upon the cheek and wishing me every success in our new venture I wished to be as far away from him and family duties as I could get.


The night that followed our conversation I couldn't sleep through realizing that I had no clue of what it was to seduce anyone, let alone a woman so I sent for Hope, my new personal Maid who I knew was not without experience in such matters after overhearing the other servants talking about what she had gotten up before she'd come to us, to ask her advice on what I should do.

She came to me in her night clothes and was only a few years older then I, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a great beauty in every way you could think of.

It was not hard to believe that a number of woman had fallen for her and she for them.

At least, until their husbands found out and moved her on.

"Is everything all right Mistress?" She asked concerned as I beckoned to her to come sit beside me and shyly moved away from her.

"Yes. I just have a question. If that's okay?" I asked nervously, trying not to stutter or blush and she nodded her agreement and smiled.

"What do I do to seduce someone? A woman?" I ask truly in all innocence.

"You don't know?" She asks blushing.

"I confess that in this matter I know nothing." I answer honestly and notice that she is unable to look at me.

"Well, you...You..." She stutters nervously after a few moments of awkward silence passed.

"Show me." I commanded showing none of the fear I felt inside and the disgust ay myself for my using this young girl for my own purpose.

"Mistress?" She says confused then moves to put a hand up my nightdress looking shocked when i suddenly hit her hand away.

"No. Remove your clothes, lie down upon the floor beside the bed and show me on yourself. I must remain intact." I commanded coldly and she willingly removed her clothes and lay down to do as I asked.

I watched as she used both her hands to run them over her supple breasts, using her fingers to make her nipples go instantly hard.

Then she moved one hand down into the soft hair that covered the entrance to her womanhood gasping as she did so.

I'm entranced as her hips begin moving against her hand, slowly at first then harder and faster as she begins moaning with pleasure.

As I continued watching her pleasure herself my heart began to race and the area between my thighs felt like it was filled with fire.

I part my thighs and run a hand against the core of my womanhood making my self shiver.

Seeing this, she offers her free hand to me and I join her upon the floor.

She removes her hand from herself offering me a taste which I shyly decline then brings it to her own mouth cleaning it like a cat with her own tongue before gently using it to pull my night dress up over my thighs.

Moving her body over mine, she parts my thighs and fits her body to mine making me gasp with the pleasurable feeling of her wet, hard flesh against my own.

Then she raises herself up on her hands and begins to move against me as I had seen her move against her hand.

Moving gently at first and encouraging me to move my own body against hers she makes the fire I feel inside me increase tenfold into an inferno.

I become lost in the pleasure she brings me until she suddenly begins moving against me harder and faster encouraging me to do the same against her.

Suddenly I am overwhelmed and try to cry out only to find myself muffled by her kisses. 

I close my eyes feeling a great release come over me as my body suddenly begins shaking and trembling with such pleasure that I believe I have touched Heaven itself.

"I love you Mistress." Hope says shyly, laying upon me and resting her head upon my shoulder closing her eyes.

I open my eyes and smile to myself triumphantly.

If it was this easy to seduce a maid to sin then the new Queen of England should be no problem at all.



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