With vengence firmly in mind Valeria sets about changing the Conqueror's circle of friends and begins making peace throughout the Empire.

Contains some strong scenes of sex and violence.

This story is based on the Xena timeline set up in the Hercules episode Armageddon Now part 2

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In order to protect myself i became as cold and ruthless as those i despised.

But I stopped the crucifictions and gave the people a chance to bury their dead instead choosing to meat out punishment within.

The Conqueror did nothing to stop me having those who organised them executed including Alti.

To tell you the truth i actually think she was pleased that i had taken the initiative.

Some kind of peace rained over the Empire after that and Xena and i grew closer than ever before.

But I had not forgotten Gabrielle or the time we shared somekind of freedom in the Amazon lands but this time it was different with the Conqueror.

With the removal of the High Priestess she had changed from being driven to sitting back and enjoying the fruits of her labours.

We had recently completed a successful tour of the Empire and there i got to know the real Xena.

She told me everything about her life as if relieved to unburden herself and i listened with interest as the real woman inside came out.

Her childhood in Amphipolis.

How she had fought the warlord Cortese and was crucified by Caesar only to return the same favour to him a few years later when she had conquered Rome.

As i told her my story i was surprised to find that she already knew most of it and she explained that she had been watching me secretly my whole life.

That my strength and courage gave her hope.


"You seem troubled tonight." Xena said worriedly one night as we lay in bed together in her quarters exhausted by our mutual passion.

"The meetings with the council have tired me." I lied smoothly. No matter what i did my feelings for Gabrielle would not die and as the peace talks dragged on so did my heart.

"If you are unwell we can postpone tomorrow." She offered taking one of my hands in hers and stroking it gently.

"No, i should be there with you but if i feel unwell i will leave." I answered turning towards her with a smile placing my free hand on our intertwined ones.

"A few days from now we will be travelling to Rome. My man Darius has organised some gladiatorial games in our honour at the Arena there and a big celebration has been planned." She said proudly after a few moments of silence and i shuddered inwards and out.

Immediately i realized that she has sensed that something was wrong and thinking quickly with hands and lips slowly ignited her flame of passion once again.

"So beautiful..." She gasped as i increased my movements against her and thrust her body upwards as a sudden completion came upon her.

"What has gotten into you tonight?" She asked surprised as i kissed her passionately once again and pulled her down on top of me.

"Fire." I answered with a lustful smile moving one of her hands inbetween my thighs and smiled when she groaned in response.

I realized that i had finally discovered a way to conquer the Conqueror...



Darius, Xena's Governor was younger and more athletic than i expected with a mass of short curly brown hair and resembled the incredibly lifelike statues i has seen on display in Athens when he greeted us at the gates of Rome at daybreak.

He and Xena seemed all too familiar for my liking glancing at one another when they thought i wasn't looking with undisguised desire in their eyes when we had breakfast together in his home. 

I had been all too eager when his second in command Danaus offered me a tour of the great city on the way in but now was on the verge of changing my mind when the young man walked in to collect me.

He was pleasant enough and very attentive as we walked through the city pointing out the landmarks and telling the story of how it fell with bardic prose.

"What's down there?" I asked stopping to listen to the clashing of swords as we passed an alleyway.

"That's where the Gladiator's are trained. It is no place for you my Lady." He answered nervously taking my arm as i began to make my way down.

I praised the Gods that i had been born with the ability to defend myself and he soon found himself with his head in the dirt on the side of the road as i quickly made my way down there.

The gladiators were caged behind bars like animals at market.

They were many from nations across the known world.

A sudden flash of long blonde hair and the swinging of a staff soon caught my attention.

It was Gabrielle fighting a man in training and smiling when she knocked him to the ground.

As her gaze suddenly turned my way my breath caught in my throat and i couldn't move.

"There you are my Lady. By the gods i thought something terrible had happened to you." Danaus said putting his arm around me and quickly escorting me away.

"I'd like to go back to the house now please." I asked and he nodded in agreement taking my arm and leading me back through the streets


I arrived back at Darius's house to the sound of passionate moans.

His and Xena's.

At first I'd been surprised that our rooms were within walking distance of his and now i knew why.

As i passed by the door he looked up and smiled at me whispering something to Xena and they quickly shuddered to completion.

I quickly ran to my room and bolted the door behind me seeking salvation upon the four poster bed there and closing my eyes.

It was night when i rose again to answer a soft knocking upon the door and was surprised to see Darius framed in the torchlight in a sleeping robe.

"The Empress thought that you'd enjoy something different tonight." He said with a lustful grin looking me up and down and i realized that with the torchlight shining upon my white sleeping robe i might as well have answered the door naked and half hid behind it.

I had learnt long ago that it was not wise to refuse anything from the Conqueror and let him inside.

It had been many years since a man had touched me and though unwilling lifted off his robe and then my own kissing him passionately while reaching one hand down to ignite his passion.

He soon quickened to my touch so i maneuvered him over the bed and gently pushed him down onto it before mounting him roughly.

I had learnt in battle to take pleasure without passion, desire or love to satisfy myself and used them to the fullest here wrenching completion after completion out of him until he had no more left to give and staggered with the last of his strength back to his room.

Then i lay down to a dreamless sleep after bolting the door to avoid any other intrusions hoping there were no other surprises to follow...


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