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This takes place right after "One Against An Army", or it can be done as a part 2 episode. Same as always Xena and Gabrielle are soul mates so yes sex between two beautiful adult women happens here if you are offended in any way or narrow minded on such issues then you might want to stop, but it's a good story....any suggestions or advice can be emailed to this email address remeber be nice...4hobbitsroo@gmail.com



One Against An Army part 2

After Effects




Xena and Gabrielle were still up on the loft sleeping, winds outside have kicked up and a big gust of wind blew hard enough to wake the warrior. She sat up on her elbows looking around getting to regain her barring's. She moved to be on her side so she can check on Gabrielle who is now looking a little better once after getting the antidote for the poisoned arrow she was shot with. Xena tried to gently lifted the bandages to see how her wounds were healing. Just as she touched the bandaged area Gabrielle awoke startled but was relieved it was only Xena. She sighs, and closes her eyes again.


Xena says as she finishes checking the wound and puts the bandage back in place. Gabrielle grimaces a little, still very sore wound even though the poison is slowly getting out of her system. Gabrielle while grimaces getting on her side to face Xena.

"Hey, it looks like we over slept."

Xena gets up and walks over to the other side of Gabrielle to check out her back wound. Gabrielle grimaces again.

"Looks like we did."

Xena walks back over and sits back down and examines Gabrielle. She looks at her face,

"Do you feel better?."

Gabrielle brushes her hand against Xena.

"I do feel better but.....{pauses}"

Just then another big gust of wind blows through and the sky's open up and it begins to rain and right were they were at the roof is leaking right on them. Gabrielle looks up and rain drips right on her forehead.


Xena starts tossing blankets and supplies back down on the dirt floor.

"Come on, can you make it back down?"

Gabrielle nods her head yes and through down her blankets that she was using so they wouldn't get wet she threw it though but not very well still not having enough strength. Xena climbs down the latter first then Gabrielle came down. Gabrielle gets down about half way off the latter but her strength gave out and started slipping down the latter rungs. She yells out,

"Xe.......whoa, heads up!!"

Xena looks up and catches her but only enough to break her fall they both landed on the dirt floor and they land with Gabrielle just about on Xena's lap.

"Ouch, sorry."

Gabrielle said to Xena.

"Nice landing."

Xena says,

Gabrielle chuckled

"Nice catch."

The two chuckled a little and both started to stare at each other Gabrielle brushes some long hairs that fell in front of Xena's face when they fell she while not taking her eyes off of Xena brushes her hair back.


While starring deep into Xena's deep blue eye's.


Gabrielle strokes Xena's arm and grimaces with pain her wound was still quite bothersome but she needed to try and get some attention on Xena's arm.

"Your wound I better....."

Xena takes Gabrielle hand down from where here wound was Xena caresses Gabrielle's jaw line and cups her and tugs her ear. Xena brings her in closer just then a loud crack of thunder sounded and startled Gabrielle if the storms get bad enough Gabrielle still gets a little afraid of them.

"Hey it's ok. I think we better stay the night to get over the storm and you can rest more."

As Xena rubs Gabrielle shoulders

"Good call,"

As Gabrielle gives her a little smile and knowing she does not have to travel in another storm just then another loud thunder sounds and Gabrielle cuddles right up into Xena's chest.

"Hey it's okay. I'm here"

"Sorry, I get to be such a baby some times."

Xena and Gabrielle's eyes met again, Xena leans into her to give her a soft kiss. There lips met and when they meet it feels like home, it feels as if this was always the way it was suppose to be the souls meeting connecting life, reigniting love, giving into one another again like no other love. Gabrielle brought in Xena closer and kissed her passionately only to be stopped by her wound.

Gabrielle winces in pain and had to stop Xena pulls back and winces with her she could tell it was very painful.

"I guess it's a little to soon to be doing this huh?"

Gabrielle places her hand on her wound wincing with pain and the wound started to bleed again.

"Damn it,"

Gabrielle rolls her eyes and sighed Xena starts to get up to lay Gabrielle back down again to be able to attend to her wound. As Xena helps Gabrielle over to her bed roll,

"Xena I'm sorry this is all my fault."

"Your fault, why do you say that?"

As Xena lays down Gabrielle and Gabrielle repositions her self more comfortable.

"If I hadn't of done that stupid flip none of this would have happened at least not ended up the way it's happened."

"No one knows that for sure Gabrielle, they call it fate."

While adjusting again on her bedroll not finding a very comfortable spot which is making her wound bleed more, she sighs again,

"I know Xena it just doesn't make it any better and harder for you having to take care of me."

While doing another fire pit and more medicine to put on to her wound,

"It's what families do for each other Gabrielle, I'm just glad your still alive."

Just as Xena got the fire going really good again the storm was really coming down hard and with it hail and a lot of lighting and thunder which seemed to be a little extra loud for Gabrielle. Each time it thundered Gabrielle had to cover her ears for the thunder seemed to echo in her head.

Xena got more medicine made up and some more rags to put on so she went over to Gabrielle's side and sat down to check her wound. Gabrielle would watch her look at her wound and carefully remove the old rags tossed them aside and gently placed the new ones on her back and then her front. Gabrielle looks at Xena.

"Well,,, how does it look? Can you tell if all the poison got out yet?"

All of a sudden a really loud crack of thunder sounded Gabrielle just about jumped out of her skin it was a good thing Xena was sitting right by her for Gabrielle pulled her in closer for comfort. Xena held on to her putting her arms around her, Gabrielle covering her ears.

"Feel like such a damn baby when it comes to storms."

As she puts her hands down and goes to put her arms now around Xena.

"Have you always been this way with storms?"

As Xena brings in Gabrielle a little closer she could feel her shaking a little.

"Ya ever since I was a kid I had to go be with mother during a storm if it was bad enough, Lilla and father would sleep through an explosion nothing would wake them up so me and mom supported each others fears of the storms."

Gabrielle yawned the same time just a little sound of thunder came through Xena checks her handy work and the wounds seem to better. Xena got up and got a mug and poured some more of the antidote and some powder for pain. She mixes it and hands it to her,

"Do I have to take that stuff taste terrible."

Xena forcibly hands her the mug in her hand,

"Yea you do, no arguments here, this should be the last one you need to take."

Gabrielle kind of sniffs at it and sees the white powder.

"What's the white stuff?"

"It's for the pain it will help you sleep."

Xena stretches on the bedroll next to Gabreille, Gabrielle just starring at the mug.

"Go on drink it."

Xena says in a yawn.

With a wrinkled up nose and shaking her head and blows air between her lips making her lips flapping in a disgusting smack.

"Xe....My stomach isn't in to this.

She sighs,

"Hold your nose then when you drink it."

She gives Xena a funny look,

"Hold my nose?"

"If you hold your nose while eating or drinking something you can't taste it until after you unplug your nose."

Gabreille again blew air between her lips with a sigh and with uncertainty goes and dose it. She plugs her nose and now sounding a little funny with her nose plugged,

"Ok here it goes."

Gabrielle goes and swallows it but not with out getting some of it on her chin and chest. She gets it all down as best she could after all it wasn't easy drinking something with your nose plugged. She releases her plugged nose and wipes off her chin and where it dripped on her chest.

"Oh yuck oh gods that is awful."

As she spits out and got the water skin and gargled and spat that out and took a few more sips of water.

"That's just gross."

Gabrielle tries to shake that off and Xena is just shaking her head and chuckles a little to her self. Xena then pats the side of the bedroll next to her and holds out her arm for a invite to cuddle up to her. Gabrielle gives Xena a smirk and a twinkle in her eyes that she knows this is what Xena brings out in her.

Gabrielle gently slides over to her and slides right into her arm and Xena gently rubs Gabrielle's side of her arm.

They both try and rest a few moments went by.


Gabrielle speaks in a yawn.


Xena replied

"Thank you for saving my life again."

Xena says with a smile,

"Any time."

Xena continues to message her arm. A few more moments go by. Again Gabrielle.



She says annoyingly

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Again a few more moments went by,


"Ya,what is it?"

"You still owe me a new pair of boots."


Xena says and looks over with one eye open then closes it again.

As Gabrielle snuggles, sleep was starting to take over and with the storm passing the thunder is less and less sounding in the far distance, she is no longer having to jump outta her skin because of it she was quite relived for this storm to be over with.

Soft whispers of Gabrielle's snoring was filling the cool night air Xena changes positions and brings her in closer to her for it was the only way to keep her from snoring. Xena leans down to Gabrielle's ear and whispers,

"I think you snore just for me to get close to you."

A smug smile came over Gabrielle's lips but she didn't say anything. She repositions her head and as she is feeling Xena's body right up against hers she was to just continue to sleep and feel the warmth and comfort that she provides.


Trying To Get Home

Gabrielle stirred a bit and her eye's fluttered opened she sighed and took a few breaths she was really pretty thirsty so she carefully reached for the water skin she didn't want to wake up Xena she was sleeping really heavy and deep and after working and fighting so hard she really needed the rest too although she would never admit it.

She took a few sips of water then placed the water skin down by her side, she gently snuggled back into Xena, Xena snuggled into her as well raps her arm around her. Gabrielle brought Xena's arm into her intertwining her fingers in with Xena's, lightly kisses a few of Xena's fingers and holding her hand to her forehead,she sighs closes her eye's and thanks her again for saving her life. Xena could feel movement and was curious to know what Gabrielle was up too so she sneaked a squinty peek and was touched by what she saw she quickly closed her eye so Gabrielle wouldn't know what she saw although she didn't think it would have mattered much either way. Xena was proud of her how she came through and of course she was right about the greater good.

Xena a woke and gently moving out of her spot she didn't want to wake up Gabrielle just yet. When Xena got up she got the fire going again and got her saddle bag out to see if she could find anything to make some kind of breakfast. She was able to find some left over rice she had gotten another pot to cook it in. The rice was almost ready so she went over to Gabrielle to wake her. Xena knelt down beside her to see how she was doing and felt her forehead to make sure she didn't have any kind of a fever as she was touching her forehead she called out her name,


A soft murmur came threw from the soft touch on her forehead had a woke her, she opened her eyes but then closed them again.

"Gabrielle, hey."

She shook her shoulder a little bit. Gabreille was finally coming a wake she went to sit up a little bit. Gabrielle took a deep sigh and opened her eyes,


She replied back to Xena as she rubbed her eyes trying to get things into focus.

"I got some rice you think you can try and eat something?"

Gabrielle looked at Xena and laid back down on her side on her elbow.

"Ya I'm starving."

"What else is new."

Xena said with a smirk and Gabrielle smirked right back at her. Xena went and got a cup of rice and handed to Gabreille, she sat up and took it she stirred it around and got a spoonful of it blew on it to cool it off then she shoveled it in her mouth relishing it even though it was only rice. Xena watched her devour it,

"Feeling better are we?"

With a mouth full she answered back.

"Yes, it's getting there so far anyway,"

She said as she swallowed her mouth full she took in bite after bite until it was all gone where Xena had barely started to eat hers. Gabrielle got the water skin and took a few sips of water feeling about half way normal.

Xena takes a few bites of rice and gives the rest to Gabrielle and goes and grabs a apple out of her saddle bag and walks towards the door.

"Where ya goin?"

Gabreille asks as she finishes the rice that Xena gave her.

"Gonna call for Argo."

As she tosses the apple up in the air and catches it and takes a bite of it. Xena walks out to the open field and starts calling for Argo.

"Argo,,,,, here girl I got a apple for ya."

She puts her two fingers in and around the lips to whistle for her, she did it a few times.

"I'm gonna eat your apple if you don't get over here, it's delicious ."

She takes another bite. The wind was whipping around pretty good so she may not hear the calling to well. She then cupped her hands to her mouth to call her out really loud. She heard a whinny and she called out again and whistled.

"Come on girl, it's okay, it's time to go."

Argo trots up and whinny and grunts at Xena and nudges her hand that has the apple in it. Xena hugs her and pats her head and scratches her nose. Argo nods her head at Xena and whinny's some more.

"Hey girl, you gotta help me get Gabreille home okay, alright?"

Again Argo whinny's and finishes off the apple. Xena walks back to the armory with Argo following right behind her. Just as they were entering in the building Gabrielle was trying to get up on her own. Argo whinnied and nudged Xena.

"What is it girl?"

As Xena scratched Argo's nose Argo nodded her head towards Gabreille and Xena saw what she was trying to do Argo whinnied again.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Xena got angry at her for trying to get up with out help first, Xena ran over to her to help her get up. Gabrielle looked up at Xena then gave the evil eye to Argo.

"Tattle tail,"

Again Argo whinnied, it was like she was almost laughing at her. Gabrielle shook her head then giving a smirk to Argo and a reach out to Xena for help she was putting all the weight on her good foot and the staff now the rest of it on Xena's arm.

"I really don't think you should try it."

As Gabreille braces her self mostly leaning all on Xena.

"I got to find out how bad it is don't I?"

Xena winces on the prospect but agrees.

"Okay then you ready to try?"

With an uncertainty on her face she nods her head,

"On three okay?"


She braces herself and Xena begins to count.


Gabrielle put pressure on her bad foot and collapse screaming in pain bringing tears to her eyes it hurt so bad. Xena drops down to get Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle you okay?"

Catching her breath and reaches for her foot, she shakes her head no,

"Well I think we know what the answer is now don't ya?"

Xena places her hand on Gabrielle shoulder to comfort her. Gabrielle wipes the tears out of her eyes. Xena goes over to Argo and whispers in Argo's ear.

"Be nice."

Argo grunts and nods her head in agreement and they walk over to Gabrielle. Xena kneels down next to Gabrielle and grabs her staff for her.

"Now what Xena?"

As Gabrielle tries to message her ankle and try and make the hurt go away.

"Looks like we both ride Argo,"

Gabrielle looks at Xena and smiles,

"Oh ya, that's fine by me."

Xena reaches her hand out for Gabrielle to take to help her up again, now standing on her on good foot she leans into hug her.

"What's this for?"

As Xena returns the hug,


As Xena asks as she accepts her hug. Before she answered while placing her hands on Xena's arms and balancing on one foot, she sees her wound again.

"Xe...your wound,"

Xena pauses Gabrielle's thought. While helping her on Argo first.

"It'll keep."

While Xena gets on Argo behind Gabrielle which is a rarity.

"Be sure and keep your foot elevated."

Xena quickly puts the fire out and grabs the water skin and hands it to Gabrielle and tosses the saddle bag on to Argo. Xena then hopped on Argo behind Gabrielle which Gabrielle loved because she loved leaning up again her while they rode.


A Change Of Plans

It's been a few marks now while riding so far has been quiet even for Gabrielle. Gabrielle had different thoughts and questions running through her mind.

"So, why are you so quiet?"

As Xena whispers the question in her ear.

"Just thinking about stuff."

As she turns her head to see her blue eye's.

"What kind of stuff?"

"Nothing in general."

She replied,

"Oh come it's gotta be something in there?."

Xena pulled Gabrielle into her by her shoulders.

"Well I was just wondering, it's silly but it's been...."

Gabrielle paused,


Xena said impatiently. Gabrielle bit her lower lip and sighed,


Xena impatiently asked,

"Have you ever had sex on a horse?"

Gabrielle got a little pitchy in her voice and clearing her throat after wards, asking the question real fast being kind of imbarrassed of the question but have thought about doing it with Xena. Xena rolled her eyes,

"Out of all those thoughts you have you ask me that? You must feel better we know what your on mind."

As Xena gives a devilish look and smirk to match.

"Well have you and with who?"

Xena sighed and rolled here ocean blue eye's and grunted,

"Yea I did and it was with Borias and probably a few others I can't recall there names at the moment. That was the bad old days."


Gabreille wasn't really sure what to say after that but the image is still in her system. Xena changed her path and had Argo move over to the stream to rest Argo and to test Gabrielle out to see if her wounds would even let be in that way.

"Where are we going?"

As Gabrielle noticed the change of direction,

"Give Argo a little breather and a drink of water."

Xena rode her right by the stream it was flowing fairly strong from last nights rain. Gabrielle let her guard down for just a second watching Argo enjoying the nice cool water and gives her neck a few pats. Xena taps Gabrielle's shoulder to get her attention back she looked over to Xena and Xena tapped her good leg and helps her move it to the other side of the saddle and Xena holds out her hand for support.


Xena motioned her to take her hand,

"Let me show you."

With a questionable look on her face,

"Show me? Show me what?"

Xena helped her sit differently and adjust the right way on the saddle still being careful of her injured ankle, she is now facing Xena. Xena brought Gabrielle into her, Gabrielle's excitement level was instantly raised and her eye's widened as she is hypnotized by Xena's piercing blue eyes and Xena is as well starring into her green orbs. The world around them has disappeared as they connect, they both studied each other and even Xena was in unfamiliar territory for her feelings for Gabrielle have gotten stronger, stronger than the rivers and not being able to stop it.

They were exploring each others lips softly kissing each other and in between kisses, Xena asks,

"Is this what you had in mind?"

Xena asked as she would gently kiss and caress her lips with hers moist tender soft lips.

"uh huh."

Gabrielle replied as her senses was going into over load, Gabrielle was getting the idea on having sex on the horse was a pretty erotic idea but only if you in good condition and as good as Xena felt the pain of her foot and of her shoulder wound was starting to peek back up which she felt as she brought Xena in closer to her she had to stop, wincing in pain grabbing her wounded shoulder.

"Owe. damn it!"

Xena stopped and placed her hands on her shoulders, with a concern sounding voice, wincing,


As Xena caresses Gabrielle's cheek and cups and tugs her ear and looks at her shoulder wound.

"Is it bad still?"

Xena asks as she examines her shoulder, Gabrielle shakes her head,

"It's about the same, but the pain feels sharper and deeper, comes and goes."

As Gabreille holds on to Xena's arm with one hand and her wounded shoulder with the other. Again wincing in pain,

"Can you take deep breathes?"

Xena asks,

"I'll try."

As Gabrielle braces herself and gets more steady on the saddle, she tries a deep breathe, her deep breathe was cut short by a sharp pain and she leans forward holding on to Xena's chest, she started to cough. Xena got her back on the saddle the right way.

"Sorry Xe......I can't."

With a very concern look on her face.

"Come on I think a change of direction is in order."

"Why what is it?"

Gabrielle asks as Xena turned Argo around and made her pick up her pace.

"Need a second opinion."

Xena said in a dry voice.

"Second opinion of what?"

Xena just kept on riding not saying anything to Gabrielle, Gabrielle grabs a reign of Arog's which she takes from Xena's hand to slow Argo down. Gabrielle glances over to Xena.

" Come on Xena sencond opinion for what, what is this about?"

Xena stopped Argo she places her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder and leans over to look at her.

"Look it might not be nothing but we need to go to the Amazons and see Sheba she will be able to know for sure."

Gabrielle looking into Xena's blue eye's and can see concern all the way through to her very soul. With not really wanting to know but needing she needs to ask what is she expecting.

"Xe,,,, what do you suspect?"

Xena takes a deep breathe,

"At the better out come just some broken ribs,"

Gabrielle bites her lower lip on the and part,

"And on the worst case scenario?"

Gabrielle says questionably with a bit of a broken up voice.

"The worst case?"

Xena continued riding even though Gabrielle could guess what the out come could end up being.

"Hate it when your cryptic."

Gabrielle says under her breathe.

It's been a few marks riding and Gabrielle wasn't feeling so good she was placing most of her weight up against Xena Gabreille wished they were there already. Xena slowed up a bit to give Argo a little break. Gabrielle sat up more leaning hard now on Xena.

"Xena need water."

Xena stopped Argo and reached over for the water skin, she had to lean a little more over but lost Gabrielle's arm she was holding on to and Gabrielle leaned over the other way and fell off. A thud made Argo jump a little Xena quickly got the water skin and jumped off of Argo and ran over to Gabrielle.


Gabrielle was totally out of it Xena got her up slowly and her up propping her up against her front. Xena check her wound and it had gotten inflamed. Gabrielle was starting to come to wincing in pain.

"Here drink a sip of water, just a sip now."

Gabrielle took the sip but coughed with it came up with a little bit of blood in the mix. Xena had her in her arms she wiped the blood off of her lips that she was kissing just a while ago. Gabrielle coughed a little more she was she passes out again. Xena caresses her cheek and cups and tugs her ear. She tries to wake her up.


Gabrielle with eyes closed but being a little a wake held Xena's hands cups her hands up to her cheek.

Xena got Gabrielle up and had her brace herself up against Argo. Xena got up on Argo first then she held out her hand to pull her up with a few moans and groans Gabrielle manages to get on Argo. Gabrielle had to catch her self her balance was getting worse. Xena rode as fast as she as fast as Gabrielle would let her.


Right Of Caste Thing

Xena got to the Amazon village and rode right past the guard yelling out orders. The Amazon guard came running after Xena she helped her by holding on to Argo while Xena got Gabrielle off of Argo.

"Get Sheba out here your queen is injured."

A young amazon went running over to the healers hut where Sheba was at she ran into her hut telling her that Xena brought Gabrielle and is injured. Sheba grabs her bag and they both run out of her hut and right to Xena as she was getting Gabrielle off of Argo. Xena had Gabrielle in her arms.

"Over here set here down."

Sheba said directing her to the lento that was shaded from the sun. Xena laid her down gently as Gabrielle moaned.

"What happened Xena?"

Cyane asked Xena following her to were Gabrielle is. Cyane stands between Xena and Sheba, Cyane softly puts her hand on Xena's shoulder Xena glances over to Cyane making eye contact.

Xena reached for the near by water skin and too a few swigs and to try and catch her breath. She stands next to Gabrielle everyone was gathering around to see what had happened to there queen. Xena leaned over to her whispered in her ear to let her know that they with the Amazons.

"Gabrielle were here now,"

Xena kisses her forehead and Gabrielle tried to sit up on her elbows she was able to open her eyes and could see Sheba, Cyane and the rest of the tribe there. She winced out a half smile but had to lie back down.

Again Sheba asks Xena what happened to Gabrielle. Xena looked at all the tribe with the concern looks on all there faces.

"A Persian spy jumped us and when I was fighting a small advanced group one shot Gabrielle with a poisoned arrow I finally got her antidote but she isn't responding very well to it. The arrow did graze her lung but I don't know how bad. You can be very proud of your queen she got wounded while saving the spies life but she didn't know he was a spy the time.

Sheba places her hand on Xena's shoulder for moral support. Sheba looked at Gabrielle, just then a gusts of winds where starting to blow. Weather was starting to change again.

"Come Xena carry her to my hut she will be better inside."

Xena picked up Gabrielle and carried her into Sheba's hut. Xena laid her out on big sized bed it was a whole lot more comfortable for her to be on. Gabrielle again moaned with being moved around so much. She calls out for Xena.


Gabrielle reaches her hand out waiting for Xena to take it.

"I'm right here Gabrielle."

Xena takes her hand and kisses her hand and caresses her forehead. Sheba got more blankets to keep Gabrielle warm and Sheba went over to Xena and placed her hand on her shoulder. Xena looks over to Sheba with looks of concern.

"Xena do you have any of the antidote with you?"

"Yes I do in my saddle bag."

"May I go get it?"

As Sheba goes to the door,

"Ya sure."

Sheba walks out to get the saddle bag everyone was still outside waiting for word on how Gabrielle is doing. A young Amazon asks Sheba.

"How is she doing?"

As Sheba was going through the bag to get the bottle of the antidote she turned and looked at everyone.

"She is very ill but I believe with Xena's help we can pull her through, everyone give us some space go about your duties I promise to keep everyone informed."

The crowd disburses slowly and Sheba makes her way through back to her hut. She enters the hut she sees that Xena was comforting Gabrielle she could see on how much Xena loves her. Sheba sits on the bench next to Xena. Sheba examines the bottle, uncorks it and sniffs the liquid. She sips it to see what it takes liked then spat it out.

"Nasty. Definitely Persian."

Xena watched Sheba and gave a little chuckle and she places her hand on Sheba's shoulder.

"Gabrielle would agree with your diagnoses on that one."

Sheba was smacking her lips still tasting the vile medicine.

"Xena I think it's a either a weaker or a old medication. I think she's just going to have to take more of it to compensate it's weakness."

With a look of relief and sighed,

"I was thinking that too but I needed your opinion on this one."

Xena extended her hand for a hand shake but instead of that Sheba placed her hand on Xena's shoulder then extends her fisted arm and made Xena do the same.

"To a strong Amazon Nation."

Sheba said and looked right at Xena,

"To a strong Amazon Nation."

Xena replied, she gives Sheba a half smile just then Gabrielle wakes up coughing she sits up and leans over to her side more blood drips out of her mouth. Xena and Sheba dash to her side Xena calls out her name.


Gabrielle continues to cough up blood but it's not very much but still enough to worry about it.


Gabrielle says in between coughs but is now catching her breath and is able to sit up a little bit. Sheba gets some more pillows and puts them behind Gabrielle's back and head to keep her elevated a little bit. Xena sits next to her and puts her arm around to comfort her.

"Sshhh, don't talk be still."

Xena was wanting to keep Gabrielle still and quiet which was never a easy task to do whether she was sick or not. Gabrielle got her breathing back down to some what normal and she sighed. She took Xena's hand and made Xena look at her. Sheba was seeing this was a private moment so she started to get up and leave. Gabrielle grabbed Sheba hand before she got to far off.

Gabrielle looked up at Sheba and pulled her back down to where she was sitting at.

"Sheba, sit back down."

Again Gabrielle had to clear her throat but coughed again and again blood was coming out. Sheba handed her a rag to wipe her mouth off and then showed the blooded rag to Xena."

"This is why I need you to except my right of caste Xena."

Xena eyes got big and sat back away from Gabrielle,

"Xena please, I don't understand why you keep resisting it?"

Xena stood up looking stern and stoic,

"If you don't know by now...."

Xena pauses and continues to stare down Gabrielle, Gabrielle glances over to Sheba,

"Xena, I'm not excepting defeat for you to except my right of caste it's for the greater good for my tribe they need the best leader possible and I believe that to be you..{pause}.. Please Xena!"

Xena sits back down looking at Gabrielle she could really tell it meant a lot to her, Xena places her hand on her shoulder and rubs it and gives her a smile.

"Okay, I'll take it."

Gabrielle smiled the big smile possible,

"Really? Your not just saying that just to say it are you?"

Xena sat right next to her, and put her arm around her,

"No, I really mean it I know how much this right of caste means to you."

In a sigh of relief Gabrielle laid back down and felt better being able to be sitting up from the pillows that Sheba gave her. Sheba grabbed the bottle of antidote and poured some in a cup for Gabrielle to take. She hands it out to her but Gabrielle is reluctant in to taking it.

"Sorry to interrupt this little chit chat but it's time for your medicine,"

Sheba says as she tries to hand it to Gabrielle, Gabrielle wrinkled up her nose and looked at Xena,

"To bad one of your duties isn't taking this medicine for me."

As Gabrielle takes the cup from Sheba and has a disgusting look on her face. Both Xena and Sheba were kind of smirking under there breath. Gabrielle notices them of course and gives them a wry look.

"I'm glad your both are enjoying my misery."

Xena and Sheba looks at each other smiled and laughed a little, Gabrielle sighs and rolls her eyes plugs her nose and drinks it as fast as possible she waited for a minuet to let all the liquid get down her throat before letting her nose go. Unfortunately that didn't make any difference once she unplugged her nose it was that disgusting taste all over again and as hard as she tried spitting what was left in her mouth. She grabbed the water skin and took a lot of sips from it still making a funny face from the nasty tasting medicine.

"Give me an apple or something any thing to get this taste out."

As she says with a sour look. Xena reached over to the fruit bowl and got an apple and tossed it to her.

"Think fast."

Xena says with a chuckle as she tosses a apple right to her. Gabrielle quickly as she could looks up and sees it coming to her.

"Nice catch."

Xena said as she got up to get the water skin to take a few swigs from it.

"Good toss."

As Gabrielle quickly takes a bit of the apple. First one bit and then another juice was dribbling down her chin.

Xena came over and sat by Gabrielle, reached her hand out to get the rest of the apple. She took one more bit of it then handed it her. Xena tossed the apple to Sheba. Xena places her hand on her shoulder Gabrielle looks down at her and Gabrielle then took her hand and place it over Xena's hand. Xena patted her shoulder,

"Come on now I want you to lie back down and get some sleep."

Gabrielle leaned and turned on her back side and Xena fluffed up her pillows making sure everything was set the way she liked it.

"I will be back."

Gabrielle leaned over and grabbed Xena's arm.

"Please don't go,"

Xena sat back down by her side she placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Hey it's gonna be ok, I have to check on Argo."

Xena pats her shoulder again and she heads for the door and motions Sheba to come with her.

"I'll be right back besides you will need more medication. Sorry but with it being such a week strength it will take several more dosage."

Gabrielle wincing in pain as she fell back on her pillows.

"Oh no,"

As Gabrielle places her hand over her mouth her stomach is already starting to turn. Xena opens the door and lets Sheba leave first and she turns back before leaving the hut.

"I promise I will be right back,"

Xena made sure in making eye connection to her soulmate, she nods her head telling Xena she will be ok. Hesitantly Xena leaves she doesn't like to be away to long or to far from her soulmate especially when she is injured, after Xena left and closed the door Gabrielle sighed and covered her face with her hands then uncovering her eyes and bringing her hands down to her mouth. She dropped her hands and arms down by her side and closes her eyes and she thought to her self, "shit" she tried concentrating on her breathing she felt her breathing working making her more relaxed and feeling a little more comfortable but still waiting for Xena to return.


Getting The Boot

Xena walks over to where Argo was and took her into the barn. A few of the young amazons came over to see if they could help Xena she appreciated the offer but needed to take care of her herself. Xena got her some fresh apples to nibble on and water and filled up the barrel with grain. She took her saddle and harness off and at least brushed her topside off a little bit. She gave Argo another apple she petted and scratched her nose and rubbed between her ears and hugged her she was explaining to Argo how Gabrielle is.

"Hey girl, I promise to be back to give you a full cleaning but I needed to make sure you were okay and fed."

Argo seems like she knew what she was telling her and gave Xena a low whinny.

"Gabrielle is really sick girl,"

Argo whinnies again. She continues to scratch between her ears and under her chin.

"She'll be okay but her getting wounded did something to me I thought would never happen to me."

Argo whined again as if he was saying talking back to her in the conversation.

"Scared me terribly, I thought I was going to loose her."

She hugs Argo again and heads out of the barn and stands at the door way facing the village just watching the amazons making a village making life.

The little ones where running around playing games and chasing each other and having fun. She saw the tannery and she thought she would go and check it out. It was just a few yards from where she was at and good see different furs and leathers that the amazons had hunted.

A younger amazon was working the leathers and carried out quite a collection of leathers. She saw Xena looking around,

"Hey, how's our queen doing?"

Xena looked up,

"Hey, she's about the same but she will be all right."


She replied she extended her hand out to Xena

"Hi I'm Zoey."

"Hi nice to meet you."

Xena continues to look through the leathers.

"Do you see anything you like?"

Zoey asking the warrior women.

"Ya, can make a pair of boots for Gabrielle? I owe her a pair."

As Xena hands her the piece of leather hide.

Zoey took the leather that she picked out and examined it more carefully.

"Ya it would be an honor making a pair of boots for our queen."

Xena placed her hand on Zoey's shoulder making clear on what is to be done with them and not to tell any one and that it was to be a surprise for her.

"Ya sure."

Zoey agreed and Xena gave her another detail.

"On each outside of the sides of her boots place a good scab board so she can place knives and a sie on each outside and be able to carry them that way but make it all blend it into the boot? I don't need her legs getting cut."

Zoey shakes her head,

"Ya no problem with that. When do you want them?"

Xena stood and thought there for a minuet.

"How soon can you make them?"

Zoey looking over the leathers again.

"If I start right now? Probably early afternoon tomorrow."

Xena patted her on the shoulder,

"Great now remember now not a word it's a secret."

Zoey nodded Xena started to head out but for got something she turned around,

"Hey Zoey I for got how much is it going to be?"

Zoey walked over to Xena place her hand on her shoulder.

"Xena, no charge okay this is my contribution to the queen I really want to do it,"

Xena looks down and nods her head in agreement.

"Thank you from both of us really appreciate it."

"Any time Xena."

They parted company and Zoey went right to work on her boots she was so happy to do this for her queen. She was to be certain to give it every detail that Xena asked for and hope that she, they will be pleased.

Xena walked back over to the healers hut to see Gabrielle. She quietly opened the door as best as she could and she saw her bard her queen sleeping soundly. She quietly tipped toed over to her bed and sat on the bench seat that was next to her bed. She got the water skin and took a few sips from it and feeling pretty pleased with herself on getting Gabrielle's new boots being hand made by her own people it will mean that much more to Gabrielle.

Xena sat there a minuet just gazing at her soulmate so thankful that the love of her life is going to be okay she wasn't sure how fast or slow this will heal but she will be with her all the way.

Moments pass Gabrielle is sensing a familiar presence she knew that Xena was watching her. Gabrielle's eyes started blinking awake and she sighed and opened her eyes seeing Xena there she reached out her hand for Xena. Xena takes her hand and kisses it and brings it in to her face and hugs her hand then sits over to the side of her bed. Xena caresses her forehead kisses her forehead and goes and gives a little tug on her ear.


Gabrielle opened eyes and looked into the deepest blue orbs ever seen. Gabrielle takes her other and places and cups Xena's side of her face.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

She sniffles a little and wrinkles her little nose.

"A little better but pretty tired, exhausted is more like it."

Xena leaned over to look at her wound which seems to be healing a lot better she motioned Gabrielle to sit up so she can check her back wound and Xena healed her hands out so she can use them to help pull her up. She moan as she uses that wounded muscle.

"Gods is that's sore and stiff."

As Gabrielle remarks as she is feeling it as she sits up. Xena brings her into her and leans over a little bit more so she can check her back wound as well. Xena goes to lay her back down but Gabrielle has full grip now with both arms around her not wanting to lay back down. Xena looks down and sighs and sees that she wasn't going to let go unless she returned the hug.

"Love you Xena."

Gabrielle starts kissing Xena's neck. Xena forces to break her hold on her.

"Okay,,,, okay,,,, your not strong enough for that yet."

As Xena holds her arms and try's to lay her back Gabrielle gets one arm to let go she grabbed her neck and pulled her in so she could kiss her. As much as Xena wanted it she still wasn't strong enough for it so she though.

"Come on lay back down."

She got Gabrielle back down and took a breath she sighed and then leaned down and gave Gabrielle a good long kiss. She places her hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry love time for more medication."

Gabrielle rubs her face and wrinkles her and does a big sighs.

"Oh gods isn't there anything else that will work?"

Xena rubs her arm in sympathy and a sympathetic look and shook her head no.

"No, with out knowing what kind of poison it is this is it. I will ad in some more powder for the pain."

Gabrielle with a face of disgust,

"Anything you can do to about the taste?"

Again she shook her head no.

"Is no all you can say?"

As Xena walked over to get the bottle of the antidote and a cup then pouring in the substance then getting powder out of her saddle bag and mixing it up for her to drink. Gabrielle sits up a little as Xena hands her the cup. Gabrielle thought to herself if she'd just swig it down really fast she thought maybe she wouldn't taste as much

Xena hands her the cup and then sits on the bench and crosses her legs and leans back putting one elbow on the table Gabrielle sighs looking at the cup Xena's trying her best not to be smug for she really did feel bad having to take that nasty stuff. Gabrielle takes a breath, then rolls her eyes then swiftly swigs it down. Xena was surprised that she would just swig it down that it made her uncrossed her leg and sit right up with her hands on her knees. Gabrielle coughed a little bit and winced at the taste of it again and made a funny face. She hands the cup back to Xena she noticed a different look on her face which she questioned.

"Wh...??? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Xena takes the cup and puts it on the table and holds Gabrielle's hand with one and rubs her cheek and tugs and cups her ear with the other.

"I didn't expect that."

"Didn't expect what?"

As Gabreille looked to her soulmate and acknowledged the hand on the ear feeling her she just loved it when Xena did that and feeling her soft touch on her skin.

"Taking that stuff like that just swigin it down didn't think you could do it."

Gabrielle gave a little smile and placed her hand on Xena's arm.

"I figured just swig it can't be any worse so I tried it, it's still nasty crap but it's a better way to take it."

Gabrielle laid back down and got the water skin and took a few sips of it. Xena sits back on the edge of the Gabrielle's bed facing her and holding her hand. They kind of played with each others hands and intertwine there fingers together. Gabrielle looks at Xena and gives her a impish look. Xena notices it she sighs and nibbles her lower lip.

"Okay what is it,,?? Your think about something on me aren't you I recognize the look."

"I was just noticing and can't still can't get over on how blue your eyes are, they are so piercing."

Xena rolls her eyes and changes the subject as quick as she can.

"Uh huh,,,, say are you hungry you think you can try and eat something?"

It didn't take her long at all to reply her question. She gave it a one second thought.

"Come to think about I'm starved."

Xena pats her and stands up.

"As usual will go and see what I can rustle up you rest."

Gabrielle looks up to Xena and gives her a smile. Xena walks over to the door and gives one more look then opens the door and goes to see what kind of food she can come up with. Gabrielle felt still a little tired and she closed her eyes to rest a minuet but it lasted when Xena came back with the food.

After giving Cyane and Sheba a update on there queen, Xena came in the hut with food in hand and placed the plate of food on the table then she walked over to Gabrielle and saw that she was asleep. She sat on the edge of her bed and watched her. She may have thought that she had piercing blue eyes but Xena loved her soulmates green eyes and her long red hair and her sweet smiles that she freely gives that come straight from her heart, know one has done that just for her.

Xena leaned over got the plate of mixed food some chicken carrots and potatoes and rice, Gabrielle's nose was the first to wake up with the delicious aroma of the food her nose flexing smelling aroma. Her eyes blinking and Xena tapped her arm to wake her up so she can eat. Gabrielle still half asleep licking her lips trying to get some moister in her mouth for her mouth was dry. She got her eyes all the way open and saw Xena holding the plate of food. She sat up more propping her back up against all the pillows. Xena hands her the plate of food.

"How does that look?"

Gabrielle looked at Xena blinking them into focus she leans over and takes the plate from Xena and then takes her hand and kisses her hand.

"Mmmm,,,Thank you Xe this looks great."

The bard offered some to Xena, Xena took the water skin took some sips of it and crossed her legs sitting on the bench and leans on the table with her left elbow.

"No thanks I've eaten already it's all yours."

Starting digging in on the chicken leg it didn't stand a chance in Tartarus against the bards appetite, at least she had one and it was a good sign that she was on the right road for recovery.

Before Xena knew it Gabrielle finished her food and was handing back the empty bare boned chicken carcass on the plate, Xena whistles.

"I hope I don't ever come back as a chicken in my next life I wont stand a chance."

Gabrielle chuckled and slapped her knee.

"Ha ha Xena very funny, I would know it would be you so your safe from this kind of demise."

Xena smirked at that reply Gabrielle lied more back down on the pillow remarking on how delicious it was licking her fingers and feeling a lot better. She got some water from the water skin and took some good deep swigs. She put the water skin down.

"Xena can I have some wine?"

Xena got up and got the dreaded cup and the antidote bottle and walked it over to Gabrielle. Gabrielle blew air between her lips flapping them seeing what was coming,

"I guess this mean no wine?"

Xena chuckles while she sits the bottle on the table and as Gabrielle glares at the cup she wishes she could burn it to Tartarus, before Xena hands her the cup.

"How's is your pain you need me to ad the powder?"

Gabrielle rolls a little bit on to her side resting on her elbow and sighs.

"No I think the pain has gone down a lot."

Xena adjusted her self on her seat and leans over to hand her the cup.

"Are you ready to swig it down again?"

Gabrielle rolls her eyes and blows out air again between her lips really making her lips flapping and a big sighs to follow. She reached over for the cup rolls her eyes again and....

"Here it goes."

She quietly says to herself and then quickly swigs the medicine really fast tosses the cup real fast to Xena with Xena barely catching the cup juggling it she wasn't expecting to have her throw the cup like that, then Gabrielle falls back on her pillows covering her face with her hands muffling a few choiced well placed swear words.

"That stuff,,,,sorry to say it this tastes like shit! No more Xena I'd rather be dead."

Xena placing the cup on the table goes and sits by her on the edge of her bed.

"Hey you don't want to say that, but if your feeling just as good tomorrow I think were at the turning point, you will still have to take it easy for a little bit but I think light duties will be okay."

Gabrielle sighs and places her hand on her chest for she is relieved to hear that.

"Sorry I threw the cup at you, that stuff just gets worse and worse on the taste of it, it's so gross."

Xena checks her wound making sure it's still healing okay. Looking into her green shinning eyes.

"I know,,,, sorry I don't mean to laugh at your misery but you make the funniest and cutest faces."

Gabrielle smirks and looks into Xena's piercing blue orbs and gives Xena a reassuring smile then yawns still feeling full from the wonder dinner and that nasty shit medicine making her sleepy. Xena caresses her cheek and tugs and cups her little ear.

"You think you can sleep tonight?"

"I think so but only if you sleep with me?"

"It's a deal I'm pretty tired myself."

Xena got up and took her weapons off and puts them right next to the bed and took off her leathers down to her shift. She was in total relief on getting that stuff off her body for a while and being on a bed will be more comfortable than the cold hard ground and being by her soulmate is well,,,, it's just time that she looks forward too. She motions Gabrielle to move over.

"Move over munchkin."

With moans in trying to slide her self over to make room for her it was going to be a tight fit. Gabrielle gingerly placed her sore arm across Xena's waist it was nice to feel the under shift instead of the leather she was a step closer to her tan taught firm body. Gabrielle put in a tight well a fairly tight hold on Xena at least it's as tight as her sore arm would allow it. Xena went to turn her head and say good night to her soulmate with having Xena right up to her body she was already asleep except for a few twinges her arm would do she was fast asleep. Xena says good night to her anyway.

"Good night love."

It had been a few marks of sleeping Xena had to get up to get her new boots she could hardly wait to give them to her she for no uncertain terms that she had owed her a new pair of boots even though it was her fault for sprainging her ankle from trying her flip that she warned her not to do at least with out assistance with the staff. Telling her I told you so was sweet revenge that irritated the red head more than anything else.

Xena moved extremely slow so she wouldn't wake Gabrielle up she needed to see Zoey and get her boots. She managed to get outta bed and went to Zoey.

Zoey was hearing a faint rap on the door, she got up to go answer it. She knew it would be Xena at this time of the morning she was just putting the finally touches on her work.

"Xena, hi come in."

Zoey let Xena in and took her to the boots that were all made sitting on the table. Zoey picked them up to show them to her and hoped that they were made to her satisfaction. Xena gave both boots a good look over making sure what she had wanted done to her soulmates boots was in fact done. Xena looked at Zoey and was walking to her, Zoey was very hesitant she was not sure if she was coming to hug her or slap her she was hoping for the ladder and thankfully it was Xena hugs her and thanks her.

"Zoey she is gonna flip over these they are gorgeous makes me wish I had a pair."

Compliments like that coming from Xena were rare to say the least and a look of total relief, she was so pleased that her queen will like them she felt great pride and that Xena approved.

"Xena I'm so happy that queen Gabrielle will like them, if you like I can make you a pair?"

As flattered as she was she did like to impose at all.

" Ah..No thanks but thank you for the offer maybe next time we come around perhaps. Again thanks, As Xena leaves to go to the door,

"if you hear a squeal of Joy don't be alarmed it will just be Gabrielle freakin out."

Xena quietly enters her hut and sees Gabrielle still in a deep sleep at least she hopes any way. Xena tips toes and places her new boots facing the bed so she will see them when she wakes up. Xena as gently as she could slid back into bed feeling Gabrielle's warm body felt so good and secure to her soul.


If The Boot Fits

The color of the sky was just starting to change with rising of the sun. The warrior was still asleep but there was slight movement next to her she laid more on her back she reached over for the water skin and then she puts it back. She gets back on her side to look over at Xena but just as she lifted her head her eyes caught what was on the table and her eyes widen and mouth dropped open. She shook her head and couldn't believe that she really had gotten her new boots. She looked down at Xena watching her sleeping face looking so peaceful. She had to thank her for getting her the boots but how can she. Ah, but then a thought crossed her mind. She was able to move a little more back so she can get Xena more on her back she rubs her shoulder and along her neck and jaw line. She laid as close as she could to her with out hurting her shoulder too much. She brushes her hair off of her neck and lightly kisses her neck then up to her ear lob. She kisses her cheek and then lightly brushes her lips on to hers. It startled Xena awake she opens her eyes and sees her soulmate.


Gabrielle shushes Xena and caresses her lips with hers and passionately kisses Xena. Xena reluctantly breaks it off for a second.

"Did you just shush me?"

Gabrielle nods her head and shushes her again Gabrielle directs her eyes looking over at the direction of the table and Xena looked over there too then looked back at Gabrielle. She kisses her again and goes to her neck then to her ear lob again and whispers to her a very low sexy voice,

"Thank you the boots they're beautiful."

Xena gets Gabrielle on her back.

"The pleasure is all mine."

As she adjusts herself on to her Gabrielle places her hand on her lovers shoulder Xena acknowledges her placement.


She was getting ready to kiss her but then backed off a bit.

"I'm sorry."

With a questionable look in her eyes.

"For what?"

She bites her lower lip and sighs.

"Again,for everything." Xena leaned down to give her a kisses for reassuring her. "Hey it's going to be okay really, were through it already." Xena goes to caresses her forehead then rubs the outline of her jaw line and cups and tugs her ear.

"But Xena if I hadn't of twisted my ankle I would have been able to help you fight those guys and not become a target for that damned poison arrow". She looks away not wanting to hurt the blue eyes that she cares for and feeling guilty that she turned into being a liability not an asset for her.

"You had no way of knowing that, your not an oracle ya know." She sighs and acknowledges her lovers playful little ear tug that she loves so much, "there are consequences on everything we do every day but there is no fault here for you it is what it is." Gabrielle looks back into her lovers blue orbs and caresses her fore arm and thinks about what she just said. With a thoughtful look. "I never thought of it way. It's just.....{pause}" Xena kisses her again softly, "It's just what?" As Xena looks into the sea green eyes, "I just want to be so much like you and know and do the things you do,,,,I don't want to be a disappointment to you."

"Your kidding me right? You can never disappointment me, I have seen great change and growth in you your fighting abilities have gone way beyond my expectations and you've grown up so much I'm very proud of you."

Gabrielle was actually speechless all she could do was to stare into Xena's eyes Xena took the opportunity and kisses her passionately which Gabrielle openly took. Xena kisses her then kisses down to her neck by here ear. Gabrielle nudges and shivers start creeping up her spine. With baited breath she whispers in Xena's ear. "Xe...?" Xena pulls up and rubs nose to nose, "Ya." There lips brush softly together and they connect with there eyes. "I love you." Xena swallows with a lump in her throat, "I love you too."

The End

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