Disclaimer: Borrowing Xena and Gabrielle for a story they belong to Universal NBC and who ever else I promise to bring them back safely. They are soul mates so same sex does apply here if that's not your cup of tea well you've been warned.
Synopsis: A hot days travel on a hot dusty road just trying to find ways to stay cool with a little fun.


Tag Your It





Two figures walking on a piece of dirt road leading to know where going to know where in particular. It was a blustery hot day the two figures walking weren't talking much, yeah just too hot. The blonde figure wiping off her forehead for what seems like for the 100th time. She looks over to her companion her companion looks back.

"Hey Xena?"

"Yeeessss." She drawled out

"Are we going to be at a body of water any time soon?" she says in a exasperating irritating tone, as Gabrielle wipes the sweat off of her forehead and as she makes a face as she is rubbing the sweat off from her hand on to her skirt. "Ugh this sweating is getting gross."

Xena tosses her the water skin.

"This will have to do for now. Not much longer."

Gabrielle caught the water skin and took the stopper out and took a few sips of the water then looked at it then poured some of it over her head. She blew out the access water from her lips. Xena glances at her and chuckles.

"Better?" Xena smirked 

Gabrielle squinted at her and then looked at the water skin it seemed for a split second time stood still she couldn't resist it the temptation she got a little closer to Xena and squirted Xena in the face, "now its better," in a shock Xena stopped and paused wiped the water from her eyes.

"Gaaabbbrrille, you little....." She started to go after the bard, the bard walking backwards keeping Xena in front of her, 

"Xe...take it easy, tag your it! Yahoo!" 

   She could see it in Xena's eyes she was in big trouble so she started running as fast as she could down the road squealing. She looked behind her and Xena was right on her tail. She was telling her self that this was a very bad idea and not to do that again. She saw a pond up ahead and she doubled her effort and took a running flying leap into the body of water another splash followed her in. The bard surfaced and she started splashing around.

"Whoohoo yeah now that's better!"

   Xena came from behind the bard and dunked her, she came back up splashing.

"Xena!" The bard shouted out but before she could get a word out Xena pulled her in and gave her a kiss. "Gottcha" Gabrielle said her name again in a softer tone, "Xena," then the bard kisses her back. They floated around together kissing and hugging each other. They had there foreheads touching each other looking into each other's eyes.

"Sorry Xe," the bard kissed her again, "your not made at me are ya?"

The warrior kissed the bards nose,

"Na,,,," as Xena running her fingers through her hair feeling the water trickel down her back and swishing her long hair side to side she gets outta the water and sits on a medium size boulder and takes her boots off and drains the water out of them. 

"As much as I love being in the water now my boots and everything is soaked." After she pulls off her soaked boots and drops her boots in front of her and watches Gabrielle get out of the water, watching the water run down her muscular body, she glances up to the bard, Xena clears her throat,

"How about we stay here tonight how does that sound? I gotta dry out." 

As Gabrielle knelt down by Xena and helps her by taking off her braziers and her armor then places her hands on Xena's thighs giving them a rub down, Xena leans down and kisses the bard she then pulls the bard up closer, the bard leans in as well wrapping her arms around Xena's waist. Then the bard kisses Xena's neck then nibbles her ear.

"Well in this heat that shouldn't take to long." She whispers in her ear. 
   Xena lifted the bard up and laid her down on the ground and Xena covered her with her wet body on top of Gabrielle's wet body. Licking water droplets off of Gabrielle's skin she then places her leg between Gabrielle's and continues. She leaned down and soundly kisses the bard and moves her knee between the bards legs, skin on skin contact was a strong sensation there was just something about the warrior's touch that filled her in every part of her body her soul craved it she always wants it know matter how hot it got. 
    They found a shadier part to be in. There was finally a breese blowing although that it was a hot wind. The two laid in the shade in silence for a while it was just to hot to do anything else to hot to talk to hot to cook anything just to damn hot. 
    The bard was in a light doze but the heat kept waking her up Xena was tossing pebbles in the pond watching the ripples turn and expand and then disappear the bard woke up fully and got up next to her and watched her do that a few more times. "Dinar for your thoughts?" As she joined the warrior in a pebble tossing contest. 

"To hot to think so save your dinar for a cold rainy day okay?"

"Okay," She turned over on to her side, "I'm starved got anything to eat?"

   Xena tosses another pebble in the water,

   "Ya some fruit and nut bread in the saddle bag." Gabrielle smiled, 

   "Nut bread!" She leans into Xena's and kisses her soundly. 
    "I love you." Gives Xena another peck on the lips and got the saddle bag and got everything out, including a wine skin that was hiding in the bottom of the bag she pulled that out and Xena saw what she had and reached for it Gabrielle held it out of Xena's reach which was never easy given the different sizes of the two. 

   "Hey give It!" As Xena got up on her knee the bard backed away.

   "Ah,,ah,,,ah,,,Warrior Princess." Gabrielle stood up and jumped up on a near by bigger flat bolder. 

   "Gabrielle what do you think your doing? Come on down from there before you get hurt." 

   Gabrielle pulled the stopper out of the wine skin and sniffed it. Gave it a funny face to the smell of it but ignored it, which wasn't hard to do it stunk pretty bad.

   "Gabrielle? Don't do it!" Xena jestures her hand out 

    Gabrielle just starred at Xena and then looked at the wine skin and went a head and took a sip. She could feel the burning of the alcohol going down her throat making her choke and cough as well as it taking her breath away. It brought her down to her but and slid off the bolder. Xena ran to her with water skin told her to sip the water as she rubbed her back. 

   "I told you not to."

   Gabrielle inhaled awkwardly hacking cough then grabs the water skin and swills the water around in her mouth and spits it out and coughs some more.

   "By the gods Xe..(cough...cough)...what the hell! That's just gross!"

   Xena rubbed her back to help with her breathing which was easing up but she could still feel the burning of the alcohol down her throat. The bard messaged her throat around the neck area she and took some more water swilled around in her mouth again and spat it out then more water but swallowed it this time. In a little cough, 
   "Crap Xena what is in that stuff?" As Gabrielle handed her the wine skin,  Xena takes a sip of it as if it was like water, licking her lips after the sip, "it's better if you don't know what's in it."  Gabrielle drinks in some more water, "Ah, ignorance is bliss sometimes huh Xe...?"  Xena put the stopper back on the wine skin, "Yeah something like that, besides Pony made it and she wouldn't tell me what's in it, the little brat." Gabrielle laughs. "That figures, gods you warrior types must have iron guts, my stomach hurts already from that crap." Gabrielle pats her belly were the pain was and a little burp escaped. Xena went to her saddle bag and got out her medical kit, she pulled out a packet of some kind of herb took out a pinch of it with her finger and thumb leaned over to Gabrielle, "open up and give me your tongue."  Gabrielle looked at her, "then what?" Xena hands her the water skin, "drink it down with this it will help your stomach." Gabrielle takes the water skin but has hesitation behind her with a question, "what is it?" "It's mint, com,on give me your tongue." Xena said in a more demanding voice. The bard complies and watches her place the crushed up mint pinch on her tongue and drank it down with the water, she could taste the mintiness going down her throat with the cool spring water she thought it was refreshing even if it wasn't in the tea she usually has the mint in. "Next time when I say don't do it maybe you'll listen, huh?" Gabrielle glances over to Xena's disdain expression Gabrielle sat back a bit away from her. She licked her lips still tasting the mint, "feeling better?" The warrior asked in a more soothing voice. The bard nodded and picked up a little piece of leaf and began to shred it bits, "listen..... Xena I... I'm sorry I drank that stuff, it must have been this heat, it's making me kind of crazy." Xena slid over next to Gabrielle and put her arm around her shoulder and pulled her in for a hug, brought her face in closer nose to nose closer, "sorry I snapped at ya, your right I think it's the heat too, let's go cool off in the pond okay? Huh? Com,on." Xena nudges her a bit and Gabrielle pulled her in for a big hug, and pushed her down and gives her a very passionate kiss, she then looks deep into her blue liquid pools, kisses her nose, "tag your it," she pushes herself up then gets up and runs to the pond with Xena chasing behind her two big splashes followed each other coolness sets in on both bodies. Xena surfaced and tapped Gabrielle on the head, " tag now your it."  

                                               THE END

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